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New Group Look from LinkedIn, New LinkedIn Group from Dell


the world's largest professional network with over 70 million members, announced the roll out
of a new look for its Groups feature
Europe described it as a
"Facebook makeover."
But, Mashable noted
that with the new design "strong emphasis has been placed on starting

It's the
same emphasis we are placing on the launch of our first LinkedIn custom group,
providing business owners with a platform to network, discuss IT issues and
better understand how technology can help their businesses grow and thrive.
 We want to help connect business professionals with trusted Dell
contacts, while providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and

Dell is
one of five companies to launch a custom LinkedIn group, but we're the first to
offer video content.   In addition to video, the new group offers
discussion threads, white papers and articles related to technologies such as
data storage, virtualization, systems management, mobility, security and cloud

The group
supports our global Take Your Own Path
campaign, which celebrates the Dell customer as a hero and features
entrepreneurial personalities such as Reid Hoffman,
co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn and Warren Brown,
attorney-turned-celebrity-baker and owner of CakeLove.  Each month, the
LinkedIn group will showcase inspiring video testimonial from Dell heroes
regarding how technology has helped them achieve success in business. 

enhancements we're already working on include the launch of related subgroups
focused on issues specific to audiences such as "women in business," C-level
executives and industry verticals. 

vision is to eventually have thousands of members worldwide engaging in
technology-oriented conversations with each other. 

Come join the group
and join in the technology discussions!

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