New Inspiron 1525: Smaller, Thinner and Lighter than the 1520



Today, customers in the United States can order our new Inspiron 1525 notebook. More regions will be able to soon.

Starting at 5.9 pounds, the 1525 is about 25% smaller and thinner than the Inspiron 1520 and about a half pound lighter. Pricing starts at $499, and it can be ordered in any of the eight colors of its predecessor. Beyond that, we're introducing four new optional design patterns: Blossom, Chill, Commotion and Street. Click on the picture below to see Commotion in Jet Black in a bit more detail:


Initially, we will offer a 15.4" WXGA (1280 x800) display and an integrated Intel X3100 media graphics accelerator. The display can be ordered  with either the matte finish or high-gloss TrueLife one.

Customers can also purchase color-matched peripherals the pink notebook sleeve, mouse and external hard drive pictured with the Flamingo Pink 1525 below:

Like its predecessor, it features all kinds of connectivity options, including mobile broadband, 802.11a/g/n, and Bluetooth. It also features capacitive touch multimedia controls, integrated 1394, plus  options like the integrated 2 megapixel webcam and the Dell Travel Remote. Through Dell MediaDirect with Instant Office you have quick access to information like digital music, photos and meeting and contact information without having to boot up the operating system.

The Inspiron 1525 is also our first system to feature built-in Wireless USB. This new technology accesses an external hub that acts as centralized area for any USB-connected devices or accessories like MP3 players, digital cameras, etc. See above Wikipedia link for more information.

Something else that's new is our PC-to-PC Transfer service. With it, customers can easily and securely upload personal settings and files like E-mail contacts and accounts, Internet favorites & desktop wallpaper, geographic settings, mouse/touchpad settings and Start menu settings to their Dell DataSafe Online Backup storage location. This data migration service  also covers other file types you've uploaded as well—like digital music and photos. Dell will load all of those settings and files on your new Inspiron 1525 before we ship it to you. End result, when you receive the notebook, it will be customized the way you're used to.

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111 thoughts on “New Inspiron 1525: Smaller, Thinner and Lighter than the 1520

  1. More 15.4″ LCDs with the low, low resolution of 1280×800..  arguably this makes more sense for the Inspiron than it does for the XPS 15.4″ laptop, but it’s still pretty squib-like when you look at the 1440×900 that the 15.4″ macbook pro ships with, and the 1680×1050 that 15.4″ inspirons of 4 years ago had as an option.

  2. I think this is the computer I’ve been waiting for at the price I’ve been waiting for. 🙂  Though I think I might wait a few more months to see if graphic card and Blu-ray options show up (or maybe I should just get the XPS1530? 😉 ).

    BTW, would it be strange for a guy to be carrying around the Blossom one?  It’s my favorite design of the four for some reason. 

  3. Looking Good Dell! Keep up the great work!

     Just be certain to add discrete graphics and you’re all set! (I’m sure you are going to.)

  4. When will these slick new machines be available with Ubuntu preinstalled? We’re still stuck with the Inspiron 1420 N!

  5. Two steps foreward and one step back for Dell.  I like the fact that you made the new notebooks smaller and lighter but why no option to upgrade the graphics card?  You should at least offer a small upgrade for people who want more than integrated graphics.  Also when is Dell going to do something different with the areas inside the notebook.  I look at these and all I can see is the fact that the paint on the palm rest will wear down within a year.  Please do something to fix that in the future and maybe offer some color choices for inside the notebook.  What good is having a nice exterior when you open it up to a blah interior.

  6. a 1280 x 800 display is absolutely unacceptable, espically since Dell has been offering 1680 x 1050 displays on the 1501, 1505, 1520, etc for YEARS.

    It’s unfortunate that dell has to stumble over  and over again with these type of things. (example, the M1530 that dell did the same thing at product launch with the dumbed down screen.)

  7. This is all very well and fine realeasing a new model,

    But I ask will this one have a Sigmatel StereoMix enabled driver for Windows Vista (I persume Dell is going to put vista on it). . .

     Oh and how about instead of releasing this new model, fixing this stereomix issue on the ‘Not very old at all’ Vostro line, (amongst others)

    It would be nice if Dell could reply to this, either by blog or forum. . .

  8. Really nice addition to the Inspiron family. Is there any thought of offering it with Windows XP down the road?

  9. What?  No Ubuntu version?  Very disappointing.

    “A market exists when it is cheaper–in time or money–to purchase a thing than it is to DIY.  When you find a business that prospers despite this rule you can be assured that it is either going to die very soon or it is abusing a monopoly.”

  10. 2 major questions, when will it ship with XP as an option and when will it ship with a higher screen resolution. Thanks

  11. Is there any idea as to when you’ll offer a non-integrated graphics card in the 1525?  A few days ago I was all set to buy a 1520 with a NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M, but I’d like to get some of the new features in the 1525.

    Thanks in advance,



  12. I like the newer 1525 design, but what happened to the Nvidia 8600M GT offering from the 1520? Why are you now offering an inferior graphics card in the new model? Why are the XP OS’s unable to get the blue-tooth capability as the Vista OS?

     Anyways, thank you for finally offering a HDMI port.

  13. Nice job Dell, but i am interested with the Inspiron 14.1”. I hope to see new things to come for the Inspiron lineup.

  14. I second that:  Now it’s time for an Inspiron 1425!

    Please, please, please make non-glossy screens an option for all resolutions, not just 1280×800.

  15. My HP dv6500t only gets a 3.4 score for Aero graphics even with 8400M GS discrete graphics.  I can’t imagine running Vista with integrated graphics.  That’s a huge omission by Dell, IMO. 

  16. I am confused.  I could swear that when this showed up on the site that you also offered it at the 1440 x 900 resolution.  Where did it go?  If I look on Dell Australia (where the 1525 made its premiere for some reason) they still offer a 1440 x 900 resolution.

    Plus how does Vista look on integrated graphics?  Makes me nervous to buy one.

  17. I wish DELL release one all black Inspiron 15xx with any OS (XP/Vista/Ubuntu) and with integrated/dedicated GPU

  18. Chad Jordan, you’re right. I just can’t figure out what DEll has at teh back of their mind. The 1440 x 900 is offered on the Aus website bt not in the US.

    Dell 1520 came (still comes) with 1680 x 1050 and video card option (btw, checkingthe 1520 website it seem that the onboard Intel is no  longer offered it is only the 128 or 256 NVIDIA).

     The comment that teh new slim design cannot take separate graphics card doe not make sense as it seem to be the same chassis as the XPS 1530 and over there you do get separate graphics.

    By the way all that can be different from XPS and Inspiron is the design. It’s only the look, else they can be made identical when it comes to everything else. But Dell so far seem to make the INspiron a cheaper looking laptop as compared to the XPS.

     Hey why do we need the XPS to start with, go ahead and make good laptops, great design at a competitive price, instead of stealing those extra hundred buck from your customers. Commeon Dell, you are not that chaeap.

    Your competitors are able to make it, why can’t you with such a history behind.

     Btw, will we ever have the option of having fingerprint recognition on the inspiron. OR again it is reserved for your rich XPS customers.

    I wnat a Dell, but looking at what aHP is doing, I want t give them my money. Great design, not cheap looking on the interior, great glossy finish, fingerprint, and CHEAPER.

  19. Well, a week later but no response from Dell on the many questions that we’ve posted here.  Realistically, it’ll be months before the 1525 is ready for mass consumption.

    HP is running some really good deals right now, and there’s a new $300 off coupon.  I’m looking to pick up a dv6700t tonight.


  20. I have never understood the dell media direct. I have a dell system, but i have never bother using it. Does dell have any idea if user use it at all or not. It also take one primary partition on the HD so i end up taking it out since i cant do a dual boot.

  21. Mike: Here’s a link that explains Dell Media Direct—and no, it doesn’t share anyinformation with Dell. It’s just meant to give you easy access to digital media files like music, photos, and videos.

  22. WoW! So Dell people do look at the postings on this blog.

    Lionel, thanks, for replying to Mike. Can the other Dell bloggers please update us on what coming ont he 1525. Will we ever see 1680 x 1050 resoluiton and video card option being offered.

    Would the inspiron ever come with fingerprint? 

    It would help us in our choice of laptops. Thanks.

  23. Okay, so one question answered while the numerous ones about the resolution go unanswered, so I’ll ask again. 
    What happened to the 1440 x 900 resolution option?  It was offered initially, but then dropped.
    I’ve asked numerous Dell Sales Reps about it and they have no info whatsoever.
    Dell Australia still offers the higher resolution on the model, so why not everyone else?  Did Dell run out of LCD panels?  Are they trying to make those of us that want higher resolution buy XPS or are they trying to make us reduce the stock of 1520’s?
    The one thing I am trying to avoid is buying the 1525 at the current resolution and then a week later find that you are offering a higher one.
  24. Lionel Menchaca,

    Please respond to our requests on this blog. People keep on posting the same thing over and over again. I don't want this to be another ideastorm disaster.



  25. Well, typing these words by now seem to have no effect as definitive answers from Dell seem pretty rare.

    Will a 1440 x 900 resolution option ever again be offered for the Inspiron 1525?  It is currently being offered for the Inspiron 1525 in France, India, Australia, Spain, etc….yet for some reason not here in the US.

    If it is a simple matter of there not being enough screens currently then fine, but I don't understand why no one at Dell is able to tell me so.

    Everytime I ask Sales about it they try to sell me an XPS 1530 (more machine than I need…..I use my desktop for gaming) or a 1520 (not going to buy a system at the end of it's life).

    Since no one at Dell has any clue about better resolutions and I have a need for a laptop with them I will have to take my business elsewhere.

  26. I like the comment at the bottom of this page, "Conversation is encouraged and expected."  So far I've seen very little conversation, only lots of potential Dell customers looking for answers.

     Well it's too late for me at least.  Last night I just bought an HP dv9700t fully loaded for less than $1500.  Maybe I'll try Dell again in another 3 years.



  27. I bought an 1525 and I should receive it in about a week or so, I was just wondering how i can update my graphics card or put one into the express slot and where i can buy one?

  28.  Emma,

    Your are pretty much stuck with what you ordered from the Dell factory. There really isn't a way to change the GPU without destroying the motherboard. The Graphics card is hardwired into the system. Sorry for the bad news.;( 

  29. Still waiting for higher resolutions. Nothing yet, no answer from Dell.

    I guess they are busy finalizing their accounts, it's end of financial year I've been told.

    I was close to buying an XPS, it had a great deal laterly, and on Monday as I finally decide to part with $1,600 something, the deal is no longer there. It was pulled off at 6 in the morning. How am I suppose to know that.

    Now what do I do? Wait? A new deal on the XPS m1530 is out. Nothing as sweet as the previous one thought. If I have to configure it as the previous deal, it is $200 extra (100 for additional RAM, and 100 to upgrade the GPU).

    No I don't have that much money. Dell stop torturing me.

    Please start offering Penryn, the higher resolution screen on the 1525.

    Or please drop the price of the XPS m1530 to what it was in January.
    I shall finally get a laptop!

  30. You people are all freaks. It is what it is. Get over it. It's not the end of the world. Dell's got like xxxxxxx gazillion customers world-wide. If you think they're going to cater to your specific whims, I've got some property in Florida I'd like to sell you. Get a life!

  31. Hi , I have a Dell inspiron 1420 , but am unable to dual boot the system with Xp, its got windows vista pre-installed…i formatted it and tried to install xp alone I used the media direct to set up partitions and then put in my xp Cd which would not detect the harddrive and says " Setup cannot find harddrive and some manufacturer diagnostic or setup program may be required" . i tried with two xp cds but same error some help, thanks

  32. I bought one of these. Nice machine, seemed like specs were good enough for Vista…NO WAY.

    System hang-ups for up to a minute, as the OS thinks about what to do next.  Networking problems including: low WIFI detect range;  A requirements to disable/re-enable the ethernet adaptor  if you switch networks.  It's a laptop for gosh sake, this is vanillia network stuff.

    I don't think it's the machine, because I have installed Ubuntu as dual boot and it screams! No network issues, and no freeze-ups. Awesome for simulations.

    In short. Unless you're going to put  ubuntu on it, do not buy this machine until Dell publishes an XP driver set, or offers XP as an option.

    Trust me, I'm saving you a lot of headaches!

  33. i bought a inspiron 1525, but i need the Xp system because i use a lot of programs and they arent compatibles with vista.

    Dell must give me the xp drivers free.



  34.  I bought an inspiron 1525, and i need to use XP too. Why dosen't dell make the XP drivers available online. I hate vista. On one day i had to restart the system in safe mode about 10 times. It is extremely slow to respond. Dell has to realize that it will take time for vista to be popular. Please somebody at dell has to realize this.


  35. I, like others, looked at the xps 1530 but too much machine  – don't need it and can build 1525 to meet my needs.  I did find the 1440 X900 resolution today on the dell site and included it in my wish list…..

    Worried about the video card and vista….

    I wished Dell had a place where you can go for a test drive instead of relying on other peoples opinions….  Hopefully at WalMart soon…. 


  36. I second Ryan TV's comment (of Jan 3, 2008), the 1280×800 resolution display on the new 15** Inspirons is unacceptable.  I've owned Inspirons 8000 and 1505, both with high resolution screens.  In the future I will shop elsewhere when I upgrade if I can't get the higher resolution in the Inspiron.

    I would also suggest that Dell offer Linux or a system with no operating system installed so that customers are not forced to purchase Windows.


  37. I wana know the price of Dell Inspiron 1525 and i also want to know whether the price of all the Colour of the Inspiron 1525 is same or different.

  38. I bought a dell inspiron 1525, but i need the Xp system because i use a lot of programs and they arent compatibles with vista. Why dosen't dell make the XP drivers available online.

     Kindly provide me a good soultion?

  39. Let me just assure people here that Intel's integrated graphics work fine with Vista. Dell have given us a good configuration here; a well-priced unit that can run Vista and the rest no problem.

    Sure, the hard disk still gets hammered unneccessarily but that's the fault of Microsoft's OS, not Dell.

  40. hi,

     I bought a inspiron 1525 laptop with vista preloaded.but it makes my laptop very i am thinking to install windows xp.will the drivers are available in your site to download?

  41. Procedure to upgrade Dell Inspiron
    1525 to Windows XP.







    Windows XP Install CD (Home,
    Professional, Media Center)


    Drivers Downloaded


    Dell Support


    Just download the drivers for the
    Inspiron 1520:  




    There are basically 2 ways to do
    this, the ‘easy way’ which is actually Dell’s way of doing it at the factory to
    configure machines as an Inspiron 1520 with XP, or the “hard” way which gives
    you considerably better hard drive performance.   Since I am using a 200gb 7,200
    RPM drive, I went for the “hard” way.


    Easy Method:   Use the SATA drive in
    “compatibility” mode by switching it via BIOS.



    Go into BIOS by holding down F2
    immediately after turning the power on.

    Scroll down to Onboard Devices,
    expand it, select SATA

    Change the SATA setting from what it
    is (AHCI to ATA), exit to BIOS main menu

    Go to Boot Order and make sure
    CD-ROM is specified as a boot device

    Esc, save BIOS

    Put Windows XP disk in CD

    Restart and hit key when it ask you
    to boot from CD-ROM

    Install Windows XP normally, then
    add drivers (follow directions below).



    Hard Method:   Use SATA drive in
    AHCI mode.


    Repeat above actions except select
    AHCI rather than ATA.


    On a separate machine, you have to
    follow these directions using nlite to create a Windows XP Boot disk with the
    AHCI drivers in it:



    “2. Dowload all XP drivers from the Dell site by
    entering your product code or selecting the model. Save them on some external
    Another roadblock, Inspiron has a SATA hdd and the XP setup will not
    recognize the hdd, there are two options: disable AHCI and Flash cache from BIOS
    and enable ATA mode, XP will now recognize the hdd but this will probably give
    lower performance and if you switch to AHCI in the future windows will

    Better option is to
    slipstream AHCI drivers into XP setup
    , for this we will use a tool
    called nlite (nLite
    – Deployment Tool for the bootable Unattended Windows installation
    chk here for detailed instructions and screenshots) and the intel matrix storage
    manager drivers from the dell site.
    a. copy all files from the xp cd to a
    folder on your computer, extract the intel sata drivers to another folder
    click next>next, task selection window will come up, choose integrate drivers
    and create a bootable iso (you may also want to customize and tweak the
    installation by enabling other buttons)
    c. click next, on the integrate
    drivers dialog select insert, give the location of the extracted ahci drivers,
    the selected drivers will be shown in the window
    d. click next until you come
    to the create bootable iso window, it is recommended though not necessary to
    give the same label as your xp original cd
    e. done. Test it out by booting
    off it and verifying whether it recognizes the hdd in ahci bios





    Sources for


    Basically, get the drivers from the
    Dell Support site for the Inspiron 1520:




    The trick is to install the wireless
    card utility from Dell, and from that point onwards, you can download the
    drivers straight to the new machine.



    There are a few drivers which are on
    the website for the 1525 as Vista drivers but
    will work better than the 1520 drivers, notably the touchpad and the Dell
    QuickSet Utility.





    If you know what you are doing, the
    elapsed time to do this upgrade is about 5 hours.    Not bad, considering if
    Dell sent you an upgrade disk (which they wouldn’t), it still takes about 3






  42. Thanks a lot..
    I was confused whether go for inspiron 1525 due to Vista.
    But now that i got the trick on how to shift to win XP I changed my mind.
    I'm planning to order one this week. 🙂 let's hope for the best.

  43. When will Dell be releasing this model but in a 14" version?? I am starting school in the Fall and I want to carry a smaller notebook. I love this updated version from the older "chunky" Dell style. Great colors too!! 🙂



  44. what good is a blue ray player without a true high def screen and vid card to watch them with??!!! Very strange!

  45. I am very interested in purcahsing a 1525 but I am reticent because I need XP.
    Will the HDMI output and Blu-ray player be compatible if you downgrade to XP on the 1525?

  46. Can you use this laptop's webcam with an Apple webcam? Would I be able to use this with an iChat user?

  47. I have purcahsed dell inspiron 1525 for SAP purpose, the drivers are not supporting, i tried with XP drivers, but no use. if any one have any idea about 2003 drivers, please help me.

    I expect dell will resolve my issue, but they said we are not supporting windows server 2003.

  48. i have one of these!!! i'm typing on it right now. it is an awesome computer. if you don't have one, you need to get one. mine is the ruby red color. you can even get finishes on them. mine has a microsatin finish, which makes it feel really really soft. i got the matching wireless mouse too. it's easy to carry. i use it every single day.

  49. omg they come in PINK!! YEEY 😀


    Whooooooooooooooooooop Whooooooooooooooooop!  

  50. hi I I m intrested in buying dell inspiron 1525 , I Wonder if it supports windows server 2003.

  51. Dell Inspiron 1525 Is One of the best option in todays tech and competetive world of technology, but the 2 common problems that i figured with my, is Audio quality is not good, Second Win xp installation is a mess, because sata drivers are not present in Xp cd, so thers another path of doing this is :-> download a s/w called nlite and the driver for ur sata hdd, embedd the driver into ud xp installation cd with this nlite s/w, you can creat a new Xp instalation cd with sata driver.  

  52. Hi i bought Dell insprion 1525 laoded with winodows vista

    but i cant make partition and my dvd drive is not decteting some of the cd -r/w what to do i made 4 partitions and could not install webcam drivers, media direct drivers , and other drivers so pls suggest me and my dvd driver i make sound while rotating what to i in dilma what to do no hardware enigneer is coming fwd to solve the problem they are refusing to work on vista pls help……………….



  53. is this worth buying  now its 499.00 im turning 13 and might ask it for my birthday in sept. (which will probertly be more cheap)

  54. hi i ma getting aproblem vith knowels acoustic driver for win xp in my in spirion 1525 its showing that" the part of the setup fail to execute and their is a problem with the window installer package "

  55. i m having  DELL-XPS-M1530 with good config. but i m not able to install any of my graphic(3d) related software. i m sure it's because of VISTA only. now i want to use wondows-xp, but i didn't find xp drivers on DELL site…. 

  56. I am ordering an inspiron 1525 within a week.There are two things i want to clear.Firstly, if the integrated graphics card (I chose T8300 processor & 4 GB RAM ) would serve the purpose of using 3DS max or playing games like counterstrike. Secondly, I just want to know if the ruby red color is suitable for men (there is a rumour that it is prefered by ladies).

  57. I am planning to purchase an inspiron 1525 .My configuration would be T8300 processor(2.4 GHz,3MB cache,800…),5400 rpm  HD, 4GB  RAM, integrated graphic card (by default) etc.

    I would like to know the limitations of the integrated graphic card with respect to movies, softwares like 3DS max and games, when the cofiguration is the above mentioned one.

    Hoping for a helpful  reply,


  58. Dear sir/Madam,

    I am getting problem in new Dell inspiron 1525 , T7250 series

    i am unable to receive file from any mobile.via Bluetooth


    can u please advice me to slove this problem



    waiting for your reply

    Ahmed shareef


  59. it took a month for me to get mine. and the graphics card is far from the best. i have 4 gigs and core 2 t8300, and can hardly play halo combat evolved. so far the only game that works well on the dell inspiron 1525 is command and conquer first gen titles

  60. I bought a tricked up 1520 with an upgraded video so I could game at work….at the time XP wasn't an option. After it arrived with Vista I had several problems out of the box. To my dismay I found out my game COD doesn't work on Vista. Months after I bought the machine Dell decides to offer XP as an option (made me hyper hacked) cause I am one of the billions who hates Vista. I am still trying to install or slip XP on- just had the mother board and memory replaced on my 1520 cause I blue screened all the time. I can't understand why they're rolling the 1525 without an upgrade for the video card…why upgrade a processor and memory if the video card can't support it and what they offer is way to lean for a serious user.

  61. Bought this Inspiron 1525 a couple months ago from Best Buy for $499 and it's a great laptop. Vista is not as bad as people say it is. All you need to do is disable some programs in msconfig and services.msc then find the performance tab and set vista to maximum performance. Make sure you do research on what you can disable. I would recommend calling dell tech support for that info. I can play Diablo 2 and Counterstrike with decent frames per second. I tried playing Counterstrike Source but it was not playable lol. Would be nice to be able to upgrade to a better videocard in the future.

  62. Dear friends,

    I plan buy tomorrow Notebook Dell Inspiron 1525 Intel Dual Core 1,86 GHz T2390d.

    Could anyone advice me it will be helpfull for AUTOCAD 3D program as I am unsured about graphic card?

    Please furnish me your opinion as soon as possible,

    Many thanks,

    Best Regards,

    Roman Legierski


  63. Roman: Thanks for the inquiry. I went to the Inspiron 1525 configurator for Poland to see the details. The processor you mention is fine.

    Would recommend that you order the system with 3GB or 4GB RAM. With that, the integrated Intel graphics should be adequate.

    Thanks again.

  64. dear sir,

    pls let me now that the dell 1525  laptop will support windows xp professional. all the drivers we can get from internet or no pls tell me the path from website



  65. dear dell IF YOU HAVE A HEART plz manufacture an upgrade for this graphics card mine came with tons of upgrades that i cant use because the graphics card is too weak in short i wasted a cool 300$ on optimsing it for gaming but….. I realized i should have researched more but usualy thease things can be upgraded. I called dell and they said there is no upgrade internal or external in existance that is compatable with this computer. When you search the 1525 this is the type of post you get if u make an upgrade ppl will buy it TRUST ME.

  66. I am a medical transcriptionist and would like to order this model but want to know if it is possible to have windows xp installed instead of vista?  I am an IC and most of the companies that I want to work for have programs that aren't compatible with either vista or microsoft office 2007.

  67. Hi All

    I bought a Dell Inspiron 1525 couple of months back. On the display screen a Vertical line has started appearing. Can anyone tell me what the problem could be?



  68. I am using Dell (Inspiron 1420). Can I put one Graphic card so that I will be able to use photoshop and other graphic program faster.


    Mohammed Iqbal 

  69. Dell,

    Please find a way to upgrade the graphics card in the Inspiron 1525. I also have tons of upgrades but my laptop is limited because of this. I didn't do enough research before I purchased this model.


  70. im facing a problem with my woreless connection

    how can i update it or fix it myself

    thanks all

  71. hello all

    im having a problem with my

    inspiron 1525 wireless

    can u help me in finding a way to upgrade it or fix it myself

    thanks a million


  72. Hi iam recently purchase the dell inspiron 1525 model laptop.

    I need a driver software for bluetooth,cardreader and webcam.

    How can i download the driver through net and from which site.

     Where are the servicing centers available for dell laptops in india.

    reply to  my mail as soon as possible.

  73. Al salam alikom

    i bought dell inspiron 1525 laptop from few days and i'm facing a problem in installing the audio drive using the data that i got with the lab. in windows xp of course only the head phone works when i install that data but the outer speaker doesn't work but with windows vista everything is ok but i really prefer using XP so plz help

    and can i upgrade the graphics ?????

    lead me the way and i will search



  74. I want to install Linux (rhel 4) in my dell laptop inpiron 1525

    but i unable to install rhel 4 due  to Sata driver. which is not supported by rhel 4

    i have change ATA  to ACHI mode, that time rhel 4 installed

    but when i want to boot in rhel 4 that time one error message is show

    kernel panic stop booting

    help me !!!!

    then how could install rhel 4


  75. I need drivers for windows server 2003 to be installed on Inspiron 1525, but could not get from anywhere, can anybody help me with this.

  76. My Inspiron 1525 keepis shutting down by itself.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Dell can't seem to fix it or respond to my e-mails.  This computer is only 3 months old! Are these computers junk?  I'm going to call them again and hope they can fix this problem after 12 hours of trying the other day.  I got an e-mail and it said to reply if the problem was not fixed. I did that twice with no response.

    Should have bought a HP…

  77. hi,

            I wana to buy a dell 1525 .but I heard from other people the fan is a bit noisy  and  wireless connection problems in 1525.Is there any body help me which is the best inspiron1525 or 1420 if they come with same specification ?


  79. We are planning to use Mbox 2 with Inspiron 1525 for audio recording over ProTools. Mbox 2 requires 6-pin
    connection for power via FireWire. Does Inspiron 1525 have 4 or 6 via at the Firewire?

  80. I just bought this 1525. I thought long and hard and decided that I have a great desktop for gaming; so, I saved some money (which I didn't have anyway), by not getting one worth over $1000 with HD3400, Centrino 2, fingerprint reader and bluetooth (I'll add later).

    So far, this lappy is EASILY worth the money. It feels solid, has all kinds of bells and whistles, including HDMI.

    Anyone who tells you Vista is slow and not reliable – ignore them.

    Anyone dumb enough to believe the salesperson, that this or that laptop runs Vista, deserves what they get. The computer specs will tell you how well it will run Vista. Some lappys have Vista stickers, but can barely startup; let alone run your apps.

    Read the specs, do your research, then make a decision.

    My 1525 has ALL the connectors on the sides; so, you don't have to reach around the back of the computer for anything. 😉

    Battery life isn't great (as the Centrino 2 would be); but, as for the rest of it 10/10. They put a lot of thought into this particular lappy. 😉

  81. Hi… I have installed windows Xp Professional service pack 3 in my dell inspiron 1525 and the wifi driver is not supported by it. my system config is 1.73ghz, 1 gb ram, 160 hdd, wifi, bluetooth etcc… its made in poland. i tried all the drivers available on the website reffered in the forums but those still didnt help out ..I m very much disappointed about it. the wifi card is BCM4315 i gues so. please help me out in this issue if possible.. The vista available with the lappi is home edition 32 bit which was not supporting many of the softwares which i need so i reinstalled windows xp




  82. @ Jayan R

    You may want to repost your comments in the Dell Community Forums where the members there can give you suggestions to try to help.   You would probably receive quicker responses there than on the blogs.

    You can access the Dell forums here.

  83. touchpad problems on a lot of dell laptop
    overheating and turn crazy and almost unusable after fews hours.
    Can't find any solution. Forums are talking about this problems for months !!!

  84. I just got a 1525 today, been working on it for 9 straight hours! It's Great! (except 4 the vista, *cough* it blows) 😀

  85. I have the dell inspiron 1525 which cam withe ubuntu oparating system, I changed it to win problam ole drives for modems and base system device driver.can dell sapote me.all othe drives is fain

  86. dell,

    is dell 1525 inspiron consists of maximum features ?????

    i need

    3gb ram,

    250 hdd

    more graphics support

    core 2 duo (or) advanced than that

    should be more faster and reliable

    suggest the model and price

  87. Helloo Dell ..

    I Want That Pink Laptop For Christmas ..

    But Does It Have Bluetooth And Webcam Built In .. ??

    Write Back ..


  88. hiya , have got a dell inspiron 1520 which im havin probmlems with, its fine whern im just using the battery but when i plug it in to the mains the screen goes black but can still see the home page behind and still can use it !!! any ideas anyone please….. not gettin any help from dell thanks mandy

  89. @ Kim

    I would recommend that you check out our website, where you can configure a 1520 (or other models) to see if they are available in pink, and if they are configurable with bluetooth and webcams.

    The website will also have contact information for our sales reps and you can speak to any of them to have your questions answered.

    I hope this helps.


  90. the machine is good but i am facing a problem regarding hard disk space consumption, whenever i installed any software/application it consumes round abt minimum 1GB space…. also some times when i shutdown my system and start in the morning thn 5 – 6 GB space is gone and this happens to me 3-4 times…. even i had instled windows twice (VISTA) looks like ghost in my system…. can any one help me… w8in –

  91. @ nasHa

    It sounds like you may have something on your system that is duplicating or backing up data.  Or it could be some sort of virus.  You may want to repost your comments / questions to our Dell Community Forums where the members there will be able to help you.  The forums are a better place to get tech support help than the blogs.  If that doesn't help you may want to call into our Technical Support group for help.  You can find contact information for tech support on our pages.

    You can access the forums here.


  92. I've had my 1525 for about two months and I can't use the cd/dvd drive at all. No matter what disc I put in nothing happens. What do I do?

  93. @ Bill

    If you haven't contacted Technical Support yet then I recommend that you do.   You can contact support via phone, email, or online chat to get help with your system.  If you are outside the US you can find contact information on our support site,

    Or if you prefer you may want to go to our support forums at and you may be able to find information that will help you get your drive working.

    I hope this helps.

  94. I got my Inspiron 1525 at the end of February 2008 but about 4 months ago it started acting up, it randomly crashes to a blue screen with white writing which I can't read because it disappears and the laptop reboots. It says things like 'Page fault in non-paged area' and 'Memory management'. It keeps happening and I don't know what to do.

  95. Wow! This is like something I've been looking for. Wondering if the price has gone down a lot now? Even if this laptop is not included in Amazon's laptops-for-sale, I'll still get it immediately.

  96. My wife's Inspiron 1525 started shutting down from overheating (7 times last Friday) when doing processing intensive applications like Spore.  Saturday I removed the 8 screws on the module cover & the 5 screws on the Processor Thermal-Cooling Assembly & vacuumed off the thermal cooling assembly & around where it was in the laptop.  It had become clogged with dust in the year & 1/2 we had it.  Since then it's worked fine.  Getting to this is described in:


  97. So I have an Inspiron1525 and when typing the cursor jumps all over the place. It may jump to the beginning of the sentence or when i hit a letter it may read it as a tab or even as the enter command. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? How do I fix?

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