New “Social Media for Small Business” Facebook Page Connects SMBs with Customers


Bob Pearson Photo To help its small and medium business (SMB) customers fully harness the power of social media to reach and serve their customers, Dell today launched on Facebook an innovative community and guide series: “Social Media for Small Business.” Social media among SMBs is skyrocketing. Bob Pearson, Dell vice president of communities and conversations, today will discuss in his breakout session at the Inc. 500/5000 conference in Washington, D.C., that there are more than 885,000 small-business blogs worldwide, and 39 percent of the Inc. 500 are blogging– three times that of the Fortune 500. Yet, the mystery remains for many business owners about how social media works and drives business results.

Currently available in English as a Facebook Page, the community features:

· Guides on how to use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, “crowdsourcing” and other social media channels to cost-effectively reach and serve the “Connected Era;”

· “Screencast” introductions to social-media tools like Technorati, Netvibes and WordPress;

· A discussion board to spark conversation and idea sharing;

· A best-practice forum that features a different SMB weekly; and

· SMB deals and news from Dell Small and Medium Business.

Early Adopters Get $100 in Facebook Ads Credits

  • More than 100 million customers, prospects and employees are active on Facebook worldwide—presenting a significant opportunity for businesses to create brand loyalty and increase revenues.
  • To help get customers started, Dell also announced today it is giving away a combined $200,000 Facebook Ads credits to the first 2,000 U.S.-based SMBs that become fans of the “Social Media for Small Business” Facebook Page. Inc. 500/5000 conference attendees will be the first companies eligible for the $100 credits. Remaining advertising credits will be available in the coming weeks and actively promoted on Dell’s small-business blog, SB 360, and via email.
  • As explained in the Facebook guide, effective Facebook tools for business include using the News Feed to enable peer recommendations of products and services, building a company Facebook Page to be a part of people’s every day conversations, using the Facebook Platform to develop applications to meet your specific needs, and creating and buying Facebook Ads to target your business promotion to the exact audience you want.
  • Company advertising dollars go far on Facebook. With a minimum daily budget of $5 and eligibility for $100 in Facebook Ads credits from Dell, businesses can start running campaigns risk free while learning how to target the right audience and reach new customers.
  • Small and medium businesses are adapting to the “Connected Era” faster than large companies:

o According to a new study from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research,39 percent of the Inc. 500 are blogging, compared to just 11.6 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

o 77 percent of Inc. 500 survey respondents said social media is very or somewhat important to business and marketing strategies.

o Use of social networking sites like Facebook among respondents almost doubled since same period last year.

Wiggly Wigglers, the 2008 UK Small Business Excellence Award Winner, is a excellent example of how small businesses can use social media to communicate with their customers and help grow their business. The business’ award-winning gardening podcast and Facebook group, among many other social media activities, continue to set Wiggly Wigglers apart.

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  • Anonymous

    It's great that Dell are establishing this network to encourage small businesses to adopt social media strategies.

    A recent study in Ireland by O2 showed that only 5% of SME businesses adopt blogs and at a workshop I led for the Irish Internet Association about blogging, mucroblogging and podcasting just 6 percent of attendees had a Facebook profile.

    Heather Gorringe who you mention is also a member of 'The Podcast Sisters' where through a blog and podcast share information about how to adopt social media strategies to your small business (disclosure – I am also one of the Podcast Sisters).

    The one disappointment I have is that you mention that the Facebook Ads credits are only available to US companies given that Facebook itself is global and Heather who is featured is based in the UK.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and I look forward to exploring the new Facebook group.



  • Anonymous

    This will give more exposure to SMB, than just this site.

  • jj_davis

    Krishna De – Great point on the ad credits. The credits were launched as part of a campaign in the U.S., tied to but not directly a part of the new Facebook Page on social media. Based on the success of the U.S. campaign, other teams around the world will be looking at doing something similar. If you fan our Page or subscribe to our SB blog, we will be sure to keep you updated on the progress.



  • Anonymous

    I have been waiting for my laptop for a month and now they are saying its gone take another month HATE DELL will post on every website possible how horible of a service DELL provides on facebook, myspace, nasza-klasa, craiglist  and I am in process of writing a letter to the president of the company and letting him/her hear the experience i had with DELL comp. and how reps dont care about the customer service  they give customers.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting post! you mentioned adWords by google that made them make a lot of money.

  • Anonymous

    My firm is a recent honoree of the Inc 5000, and been advising companies on how to capitalize on social media from Wells Fargo, to Plantronics to Sutter Home and many others.

    To help other small & medium size businesses, can you share with us what kind of results Dell is getting from social media ads on their own and when they are targeted to run by your social media activities?

    A lot of companies (small and big) are wondering about the effectiveness of social media advertising.


    William Gaultier

  • Anonymous

    Kindly indicate your dealer network/showroom available in New Delhi or adjoining area so as to ensure the product before order/purchase and after sale service.

  • Anonymous

     i like to work in thisn company but i didnt get chance for that .

  • Anonymous

    its very nice





  • Anonymous

    credits were launched as part of a campaign in the U.S., tied to but
    not directly a part of the new Facebook Page on social media. Based on
    the success of the U.S. campaign, other teams around the world will be
    looking at doing something similar.


  • yoga dvds

    It is interesting how facebook advertising has grown.  It really works well.