New Unlocked Streaks Will Come with Froyo; New Color Options and up to 32GB


Jenn K. Lee is right about this one too. As she said in her post on, we're now selling an unlocked version of the Dell Streak with Froyo (Android 2.2) to for $579 to customers in the United States via

Customers there can now purchase it in a couple of new colors: New Cherry Red and Pure White. As some of you may have read in sites like Android Central, we're offering the Pure White version to customers in the United States exclusively through Best Buy. Note that both the New Cherry Red and Pure White colors are running Android 1.6, but will be receiving the Froyo OTA upgrades like others (see the Froyo OTA update below).

Here is a picture of the New Cherry Red:

Dell Streak - New Cherry Red

And here is one of the Streak in Pure White:

Dell Streak - Pure White

Another new option: for an extra $99, you can have a 32GB microSD card in the New Cherry Red color or in Carbon Black.

About the Froyo OTA update

Everything I've said up to this point applies to customers who want to buy an unlocked version of a new Streak in the United States. I know there's a lot of existing customers out there who want to run Froyo too. In case you missed it, in her post, Amy mentioned that we're handling the OTA upgrade in two phases. Right now, we're still rolling it out in Phase I, which are customers who purchased unlocked Streaks outside the United States.

Phase II is when we will roll out to units that are SIM-locked to a carrier. All Streaks sold in the United States up to this point fall into that category. Bottom line, like Amy mentioned, we continue to work with carriers for technical approval and we expect to roll out the Froyo OTA upgrade to Phase II customers later in December.

Engadget's Richard Lai just published a really solid overview of what you can expect from the Dell Froyo update. In terms of Streak resources besides Direct2Dell, I also recommend the following:

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11 thoughts on “New Unlocked Streaks Will Come with Froyo; New Color Options and up to 32GB

  1. I purchased my streak only 5 days ago.  I think that at the very least they should offer a swap for one of these new ones.  All I want is an unlocked Streak with 2.2 is that really too much to ask.

  2. Ain't this nice!!! An untold amount of people are waiting for an update to 2.2 (at&t carriers like me especially) and thet are going to sell new ones with 2.2.Talk about a slap in the face!!! I recommend anyone who is in the same fix as me and is fed up contact the BBB. This is poor product support at best

  3. "New Cherry Red 16GB Memory AT&T Locked" and will have to wait for 2.2? when 2.3 is being released and 3.0 is on the way?……… Little behind the times…….

  4. @technicallyaverage you can send it back for a refund then order the unlocked one.  Thats what I had to do with mine that I got a week or so ago.

    Lionel what class rating is the 32gb card?

  5. Don't go on Dell Mobile Devices Forum if yiou're of a nervous disposition…It;'s getting nasty over there…

  6. Is this new version going to work on TMobie's 3G network? I was told by Dell Rep on chat that it has same hardware, so that means it will NOT work Tmobile's 3G netowkr because of the different bands.

  7. Unlocked version of the Dell Streak  means No contract, Unlocked carrier and Don't need unlocked code?

    Than I can used UMTS band that our carrier support.

  8. Hello again, Can someone @ Dell please answer this?

    Will this new unlocked Streak work on TMobile-US's 3G network?

  9. Care to comment on why the ship date for the unlocked Streaks has been pushed back again (this time to 1/21/11)?

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