Improving Battery Standards

In an earlier post, Lionel mentioned an organization called IPC, and asked me to share some details about the group, my role in it, and to discuss the upcoming tech summit, which happens next month in San Jose. I talked about this recently with eWEEK, but wanted to share more … READ MORE

Supplier Eng. & Quality August 31, 2006

XPS 700 International Customers; Custom Cable Inquiries

Some customers from Canada have pointed out that they were not given the option to upgrade their processor from a Pentium-D or choose a gift option like I had reported in an earlier post. My apologies to those people. Would recommend that you contact your sales representative directly to address … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca August 30, 2006

Green Recycling Options

As Dell’s head of Dell Sustainability, I’m focused on ways you can integrate environmental responsibility into the way you buy, use and dispose of your computer equipment. We offer customers two broad options: Donate it. When you are finished using your computer consider donating it to a non-profit organization. While … READ MORE

Tod Arbogast August 29, 2006

Rampant Speculation on the XPS 700

Several of you have been asking specifically about the NVIDIA 590 chipset and the XPS 700. Other recent forums entries like Tom’s Hardware and CNET contain some misinformation that needs to be cleared up. What’s driving some of this speculation? For starters, our chipset had been identified incorrectly by two … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca August 24, 2006

Apple’s Notebook Battery Recall

Many of you have probably already seen that Apple announced a battery recall for some of its notebook batteries. I wanted to take a moment to commend Apple for taking this action to protect customers. Our recall is proceeding well, based on the positive feedback we’re receiving from our customers … READ MORE

Alex Gruzen August 24, 2006

PC Magazine Reader Satisfaction Survey

This morning, PC Magazine posted the results of their annual Reader Satisfaction survey.  Last week’s ACSI results showed that we are making improvements; PC Magazine’s results show that while our customers still have high brand loyalty towards Dell, our tech support and repair satisfaction ratings have plenty of room for … READ MORE

WW Customer Experience August 22, 2006

Correction: Letter O vs. Number 0 for Battery Recall

Need to correct earlier statements I made on this blog regarding entering your battery serial number (PPID) on the battery recall site. My sincere apologies for the misinformation. Here’s what I can say: The first 15 characters your PPID only contains zeros. The last 5 characters may contain the number … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca August 18, 2006

XPS 700 + Conroe Now Shipping

Lots of you are asking about the status of XPS 700.  Thanks for your patience. Since last week, we continue to ship more XPS 700 units with Pentium D processors.  Today, we have begun shipping Core 2 Duo-based XPS 700 units to customers. We’re currently shipping these machines in the U.S., Europe, Canada … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca August 18, 2006

A Few Days into the Battery Recall

Wanted to take some time to answer a couple of specific customer questions, and to comment a bit on external reaction to the battery recall. Will work to address more of the blog comments directly moving forward. Some customers have asked whether they can return or exchange newer systems. The … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca August 17, 2006

Virtualization… What’s the Big Deal?

View VideoFormat: wmvDuration: Virtualization—it’s been around for years, so why is it suddenly so hot? Big changes are underway that will make it mainstream in servers and even client systems. What has changed? First, the industry has started a transition from single- to multi-core processors… and on the horizon are … READ MORE

First Replacement Batteries Shipped to Customers

Spent a few more minutes with J.B. this afternoon in the midst of a very busy day for her and the team. She wanted to share more information on the progress we’ve made, and I am passing it on. J.B. confirmed that we’re already shipping replacement batteries. The first battery … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca August 16, 2006
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