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No Security Threat or Cybercrime in Sharing These Trade Secrets


There's plenty to worry about sharing sensitive business secrets on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Evidence of that is our own Dell Secureworks finding that small and mid-sized businesses are losing as much as $1 billion per year to cybercrime.  And, Forbes recently reported the scary findings of security firm Cyberoam that targeted clients' employees online to find leaks.

But the good news is that there's nothing to fear sharing your secrets for office efficiency online. In fact, sharing could bring you an opportunity to win a new printer!

Our Trade Secrets program, first launched back in February, is entering its third phase igniting a new topic of conversation around office efficiency — cost efficiency, energy efficiency and overall business process efficiency – and the ways that Dell printers can help accomplish all of these. Anyone can join in the conversation on the Dell for Business page on Facebook or via the #PrintSecrets hashtag on Twitter.

To help us kickstart the sharing, several bloggers are working with us to conduct giveaways through their blogs, Twitter or other platforms. Last week Barry Moltz asked members of his email list to tweet their best answer to the question "What's the secret to improving cost efficiency while growing a small business?" using the hashtag #PrintSecrets. Business strategist and author Carol Roth blogged 95 Tips for Increasing Productivity Within Small and Medium Businesses and shared on Google+  how her commenters could win. Yesterday, America Recycles Day, Kevin Gulley [email protected] GreenCollarGuy asked his Twitter followers "How SMBs can be more environmentally efficient?"

The printers they each received to keep and use as prizes to their audience are engineered to reduce your total cost of print over time. Each model boasts multi-faceted and sustainable features, including EA eco-toner, and duplexers that aid in reducing energy consumption. Dell reduces the cost to procure and manage printers, increases total printer output, and backs its printers with one of the best standard warranties in the business.

Our aim is to talk less about the products, though, and more about the challenges small and medium businesses face as they try to make their businesses the most efficient it can be. By fostering and listening to this conversation, we can ensure the solutions we develop are best suited to help our customers meet those challenges.

So, visit the Dell for Business page on Facebook to see what tips your fellow business professionals are leaving and add your own. Or, keep an eye on the #PrintSecrets hashtag on Twitter. It's an easy way to do your own bit of cyber-sleuthing, without running afoul of any real trade secrets issues.

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