NVIDIA GPU Update: NVIDIA Class Action Settlement and Limited Warranty Enhancement


This is my fifth post on the topic of the NVIDIA GPU issue. For those customers who are reading about this for the first time, please refer to my previous post from 2008 that ties each of the earlier posts together. I have closed the comment thread on those earlier posts, so if you have questions or comments, you can respond here.

Some of you may have read the recent news regarding the NVIDIA class action settlement in sites like CNETElectronista and Ubergizmo. This class action lawsuit covers systems purchased in the United States only. More information regarding the settlement can be obtained at www.nvidiasettlement.com. The complete list of affected systems from Dell and other manufacturers can be found here on the NVIDIA settlement site. Other information like Court Documents and Important Dates and Deadlines can be found there as well.

The last time I blogged about the global warranty enhancement policy regarding this issue back in September 2008, I explained that Dell offered customers a worldwide 12-month limited warranty enhancement specific to this NVIDIA GPU issue. The NVIDIA settlement does not change that policy.

Here's more of what I shared then:

"Again, the limited warranty enhancement is specific to this issue and will extend coverage by 12 months from the date the original warranty term for the laptop expires. For example, one-year warranties will be extended to 24 months for this issue only. The maximum combined period for the initial warranty and the limited-warranty enhancement is 60 months. Systems purchased with 60-month warranties will not be extended. Customers whose warranties have expired will be eligible for this limited warranty enhancement from the date the initial warranty expired."

This extra year is in addition to the date your default system warranty expired.

Here are the Dell systems that may experience the NVIDIA GPU issue over time:

Dell Product Name

Dell Precision M2300 Latitude D630 Vostro Notebook 1700
Dell Precision M4300 Latitude D630c Vostro Notebook 1710
Dell Precision M6300 Latitude D820 XPS M1210
Dell Precision M65 Latitude D830 XPS M1330
Inspiron 1420 Vostro Notebook 1310 XPS M1530
Inspiron E1705/ 9400 Vostro Notebook 1400 XPS M1710
Latitude D620 Vostro Notebook 1510 XPS M1730

Customers who have questions about the NVIDIA class action settlement can go to http://nvidiasettlement.com, call 1-877-440-7557, or write to the NVIDIA GPU Litigation Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 6177, Novato, CA 94948-6177.

Customers outside the United States who have one of the above systems that is exhibiting video failures, please contact Dell Technical Support. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to support.dell.com
  • At the very bottom of the page, select your country in the Choose a Country/Region field
  • Choose Contact Us on the left hand side
  • Click on the More Details link in the Contact Technical Support section
  • Click on the green Telephone button under the Call Tech Support section

If you are a US customer, here’s how to contact Dell in the United States:

  1. Phone: Customers in the United States can go to the Contact Technical Support page to choose from several options, including Call Technical Support.
  2. Twitter: Please follow and then reach out to @DellCares
  3. Facebook: Fill out the Dell Support for Facebook Fans form (this requires you to have a Facebook account)

I apologize for any frustration that this issue has caused any of you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dell in the ways I mention above, or share your thoughts below.

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165 thoughts on “NVIDIA GPU Update: NVIDIA Class Action Settlement and Limited Warranty Enhancement

  1. I have an XPS m1330 that I am pretty sure is affected by this lawsuit, but I am having problems finding the part number of the video card.  Where would I find the part number for the affected video card?

  2. belfort: It does matter that you are outside the United States in one sense–the NVIDIA settlement is specific to customers in the United States.

    Regarding your situation, if you are outside of the 1-year enhanced warranty that covers this issue, then buying the extended warranty is more cost-effective than paying for the motherboard itself.

  3. Hi Lionel,

    Glad to hear some follow up on this again.  I sold my M1330 to a friend shortly after which he had garbled video and problems but continued to use it in that state.  I had him update the bios which seemed to help.  I moved away and didn't talk to him for awhile, now he has contacted me and the laptop won't power on at all.  I had him send the notebook back to me so I could take a look.  I believe I have had the motherboard replaced once under warranty on this unit due to video problems.

    I contacted Dell support as you mentioned to see if anything can be done before the settlement in December.  They were very rude and told me they know nothing of a settlement and asked me to pay $59 for support.  Upon further arguing I was told he would transfer me to support but they would tell me to buy a replacement anyway. After finally being "transfered" to support which put me on hold for 3 minutes and then I was hung up on.

    I am a computer technician and helped friends, clients and family members buy 100s of computers from Dell over the years, unfortunately the video problem has affected a large handful of them.  I'm happy to see this will finally be resolved in one way or another.

    So my final question is, am I handling this wrong?  Is Dell unable or unwilling to help until the settlement has closed in December?  I would like to help my friend get his notebook repaired or replaced sooner if possible.

    Please let me know how to proceed from here!



  4. After more than a year of using my XPS M1330 as a $1200 paperweight, I learned from a friend earlier today that overheating and video/graphics problem is a well known issue with this model, and I should call Dell.

    The person from XPS Hardware Support I spoke with was very helpful and is sending me a box to ship the unit back to Dell. The unit is out of warranty now, but the one year limited warranty extension is in force,

    What will the fix be? Will it be a GPU replacement? Motherboard replacement? Just the dreaded BIOS "upgrade"? Two years ago, I understand there was confusion about this, but what is the accepted solution now?

    I suspect the overheating has caused other issues on my machine. For one, the chassis has bent slightly, and will not sit flat on a table or countertop. Will issues like this be fixed?

    I am furious that Dell did not recall the computers with this defect, even though they know perfectly well who bought these units, and have their addresses on file. Counting on some people to just give up rather than deal with Dell's support systems.

  5. Hey Lionel, I'm hoping you can answer me this on the extended warranty.

    I'm outside of the US, not that that should matter as far as i'm concerned, and I have a recently out of warranty D620 which is experiencing the described video problems. It's so bad I can't even see the POST or BIOS screen. Anyway, I've spoken to your colleagues at the Dell Out of warranty Services for Ireland and the UK. According to them, I can only get this fixed by purchasing an additional 1 or 2 year warranty from Dell, since the card is built onto the motherboard. Your posts don't mention the specifics on what Dell actually covers. Are they telling me the truth? Or am i being quietly taken for a ride by Out of warranty Services trying to make a quick sale? If Dell and NVIDIA are prepared to sell these items globally, then they should be prepared to fix it globally, and not just in the States. As far as i can tell, I'm still inside the 1 year warranty enhancement period.


  6. @Lionel;

    "if you are outside of the 1-year enhanced warranty that covers this issue, then buying the extended warranty is more cost-effective than paying for the motherboard itself."

    True, I know this. I don't have a problem with this. But if i'm inside the 1-year enhanced warranty? You've posted above that "Customers whose warranties have expired will be eligible for this limited warranty enhancement from the date the initial warranty expired." The warranty for this laptop expired on the 4/9/2010. I'm not trying to be a pain, just looking for clear answers. Is this whole extended warranty only available to the States? Am i wasting my time trying to follow up on this with Dell just because i live in Europe?


  7. OK. Well you guys all look like you have had your hands full with this video card thing. Let me add my anxiety to the mix. My original warranty ran out 1/29/10 and the card went to heck on 9/28/10. I called the support desk and wound up on hold till my phone battery died and I had to plug into a wall. I finally got to talk to a person who spoke with a very strong accent and after 30 min of hassle it was agreed that they would fix my problem for $200 which I do not think I had to pay but I was exhausted from all the arguing over the issue.

    OK now today I get a call from Dell and am told that the problem is that the card is on the mother board and I have to pay another $300 to get it fixed!!!! OMG What is with that? I argued with the lady that cant speak well enough for me to get through her accent so I can understand more than every 3rd word till she said they would fix it for the $200 I had already paid (I still don't think I should have had to pay that). And she would not let me talk to her supervisor.

    OK so now my laptop is being fixed for the original $200 that I should not have had to pay but atleast it is getting fixed, but I'm still mad I didn't get to talk to the supervisor so I called back and talked to a supervisor who told me that if  I wanted to get the work done under the extended warranty I had to register at some web site which when you go there, there is no link to register.  

    I have been dealing with this for the past 9 hrs just today!!! What does it take to get Dell to stand behind what it says? and can't you get people who speak English so that a person can understand them to handle the phone lines? I'm Sorry but this is way beyond ridiculous.

  8. Hello Lyonel, I'm from Spain and my xps1330 is out of warranty and out of a possible warranty enhancement. How is possible that Dell don't offer a special treatment to customers giving these issues just when its warranty is expired? They are demanding 70% of the xps price to fix the problems. It is unbelievable.

    Can you help me, please?    

  9. @belfort: If you are still within the additional 1 year warranty period, then we will fix your machine as part of that warranty.

    For the others who have recently added comments on this thread, please send me a private message with the following details:

    • Your service tag number
    • What country you reside in
    • The best way to contact you

    If you are from outside the United States and the additional 1-year warranty period has expired, you will need to pay to have your system repaired. 

  10. Hello,

    I've problems with Nvidia GPU vertical lines and laptop stops responding. I live and bought laptop INSPIRON 1520 in Latvia.

    Service tag <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>.

    Is there any way to rapair?

  11. Wow, OK, this is a lot to take so I am probably going to have a lot of questions so I'll try and make them as short as possible. I bought my Dell Studio XPS M1530 July 2008 and I've have been having video issues, it started off with games but now its started to affect the day to day use of the computer.

    First, I've been reading over the settlement and I've seen a lot of posts that have involved overheating issues but I haven't seen it under the symptoms is overheating/shutdown from the GPU classified as the "Intermittent video issues"  symptom or any of the others.

    Also how can we insure that any of the issues effecting the computer aren't effecting any of the other parts on the system? Until I actually had my system examined, I didn't know what was overheating, the other times it could have been the CPU, VDU, or the Motherboard. How do I know each time the computer is being effected its not hurting something else?

    Also about the warranty so i just call up and everything is automatic or do I have to fill/show proof to get this extended warranty?

    About the Settlement, I've also been to the website and I don't know how to find the GPU part number I know the Service number, but i don't know which one of the parts are the GPU bc I can't find it in the description.

    Finally I liked to input some of my two cents. First I'd like to say that I'm grateful that you have posted all this information on this website to keep everyone informed and that Dell is at least doing something to help fix Nvidia's issue. If Dell had done nothing about the issue I guarantee you that I would not be considering purchasing another dell in December, albeit a desktop of course.

    Although I am still slightly frustrated that no one informed the customer of this because I have found articles dating back to July 2008 about the bad GPU chips before I purchased my computer! I understand that Dell released another BIOS to resolve the issue but I find it hard to believe that Dell thought that this was any more than a quick fix.

    Honestly, I think that a recall of the GPU would have been best. I am a business major in college so I realize the short-term costs that are associated with recalls are outstanding but I think it would have been better for customer service. In the end though I think the extend warranty is a step in the right direction. Well I'll be anxiously awaiting your response I can't play Starcraft II or watch Southpark on my laptop so I have nothing better to do but study for school, oh well…..

  12. I am having difficulty seeing if my parts are affected, I defiantly have NVIDIA equipment running on my laptop, I have had minimal issues, however, have had some of the issues described in the settlement paperwork :

    I have a Dell XPSM1530,

    Service Tag <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> is there anyway

    Dell can assist me in figuring out if my laptop is included?

  13. The Laptop Dell Latitude D630 IBU Americas,with Service Tag

    <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> contains an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M.

    I've contacted Dell Technical Support,on 10th October.However I've updated to the latest BIOS,I experience video issues related to GPU.I've problems like intermittent video issues,Lines on the screen,and No Video.I've read about the problem in Dell Community under the link,en.community.dell.com/…/nvidia-gpu-update-nvidia-class-action-lawsuit-and-limited-warranty-enhancement.aspx,written by “Lionel Menchaca”on30thSep.2010.I've bought the laptop in USA,but alright I am in Iran.Please let me know what I should do to solve my problem.

  14. H…I just came across this blog.  Thank you for the information.  It's very informative.  I have a Latitude D820.  It has the affected NVIDIA card.  My card started running very hot about 5 months ago.  I always placed the laptop on a stand with slots for ventilation assuming this would help.  I also assumed the heat from the card was normal even though I hadn't noticed it before.  My video card failed last night.  I have contacted Dell Tech Support and they told me that with the one year extension to the warranty for these defective NVIDIA cards, I am now 2 months beyond my expiration date.  I am extremely angry and I cannot get to my critical information on my PC that I need.  My PC is backed up, but I don't own another P to load the backup.  In my corporate existience, my companies have always replaced defective components or service refunds without question.  It really is an issue of ethics and integrity, as well as possibly a legal issue.  Can anyone help me to try to get a better resolution on this?  Thanks in advance.

  15. For anyone interested, after a few calls back to Dell (and even NVIDIA), I was able to come to a successful resolution of my failed NVIDIA graphics adapter.  Thanks to the one customer support agent who did a great job to get this done.  Two points…Dell replaced the mother board with a refurbed mother board that has the same NVIDIA adapter.   This confuses me.  I thought these were defective and not to be used.  I called technical support at Dell and the agent told me not to worry.  What?  I guess the new boards must be adapted in some way to handle the bad adapter?  I have no idea.  Anyone know the answer why I would get a board with the same component?  Secondly, the third party installation tech was terrible.  He did not remove the modem from the old board to the new board.  He did not place the board so the wifi catcher switch on the left side was in the button.  And he missed a plastic insert under that switch.  He had to install the mother board twice after we caught these omissions.   I was lucky.  He also had no idea to check the date/time that needed to be set for certificate congruency on many websites.  He tried to use the laptop to log into his company website with no success.  I caught the date/time discrepency after he left.  Anyway….I am up and running fine.  Does anyone know why the same graphics card is being used on the new refurbed board?  Has something been done doifferent this time?  Thanks in advance.

  16. Oh…one other thing.  The laptop shut down initially three different times when I went into the BIOS settings.  The fan sped up and you could hear it spinning fast.  The machine then died.  I assume it was getting hot.  I then updated the BIOS and some other drivers,  I did not have the problem again the one time I was in the BIOS settings after that.  It did shut down on me again one time when I ran some video for a while.  My machine is on a well ventilated stand.  Hopefully my fan and heat sink are fine.  So far, this hasn't happened again.  Any thoughts on this intermittent behavior?  I hope the new refurbed mother board is fine.

  17. Hello,

    I have a Dell Vostro 1710 which contains a Nvidia GeForce 8600M GS GPU and I've problems with random characters, distorted and scrambled video. I reside in Mexico City, Am I entitled to the enhanced warranty?


  18. Hi

    My computer  (XPS M1530) is listed as an affected model and experiencing the listed symptoms "intermittent video" and as of 3 days ago "no video)". I contacted customer service this evening about the issue and was told by the representative that he could not help me since it was no longer in warranty (exp 11/23/2009).  Now I'm no math genius but add a year onto that for the enhanced warranty and I am still covered for this issue.

    If you could help me find who I need to contact that has an idea of what is going on and can help me to get this $1300 paperweight fixed I would be forever in your debt.   Thank you

  19. I called the NVIDIA Settlement hotline, and was advised my XPS M1530 was not included and doesn not have an NVIDIA chip installed…however, if I go to display adapters I have a NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT.

    When I had vista installed, I had numerous display issues, however, since installing WIndows 7 I have had limited issues…I just want to know if my computer is effected?  I can't get a straight answer from Dell or the Settlement people.


  20. I have an m1330 purchased feb 2008 & my video tanked in July – 5 mos past warranty.  I definitely have an nvidia m8400, but there is no part number listed for it on my system config.  I have tried the part # of the invidia mobo for my system but the lawsuit site does not accept that as verification of my system.  Anyone with an m1330 had any luck finding the right part #?  TIA

  21. Lionel. sent you a couple of PMs you can disregard.  After 2 days of digging I was able to bring up my original invoice on the dell site and it had the p/n I needed.  System configuration did not have it.

    Thanks for all your helpful posts.

  22. I have a Dell XPS M1530 that appears to be affected by this issue.

    Here is my question –according to the nVidia settlement, I am entitled to a new GPU.  I am not aware that there was ever a new Geforce 8400 mobile GPU (the graphics chip in this system) that did not have the potential to experience the issue.  If I go ahead and process a repair, or a claim, do I just end up with another Geforce 8400 graphics chip that could experience this same issue down the road?  Or do I get a new graphics processor of a different type without the issue?  Or do I get a replacement laptop with a new graphics processor that does not have the potential for this issue?

    I'd like to know that whichever path I take, it will result in a system that does not have the potential to experience the same issue again.

  23. I have a D630 with the Nvidia Quadro NVS 135M, shipped in July, 2008.  I am not the original owner, but bought this laptop from the original owner.  My D630 is still under the extended warranty until July 2012 – lucky me.  I guess with the warranty enhancement, my gpu should be covered until July 2013. I have not yet had the symptoms that are mentioned on the nvidiasettlement.com website, but my GPU seems to run at idle around 70C and much hotter under load (95C+).  I don't think it's reasonable to wait for the time-bomb to explode when I know it's only a matter of time before the GPU fries.  I have read about people performing the "Copper Mod" which can bring the temps down about 20C, but it voids the warranty.

    Do I have any options with regard to preventative measure that can be done without voiding my warranty?

  24. Just received notice of the pending potential lawsuit settlement today and went online and verified my computer and parts fell under the defined problem terms.  Sad part is this was the very first I had heard of the issue with any regards to Dell or an extended warranty for the problem.  Funny enough as I purchased my laptop in Aug of 2008 I am now past that extension.  Even more funny is the problem occurred in July and I had to pay out of my own pocket to have it fixed as no service rep. I spoke to (and their were many) had heard of the issue nor was there any association with my service number even though my computer has the bad parts and falls within the assembly timeframe for it's model.  To top it all off, I believe my repair consisted of replacing the affected parts with working versions of the same, as the exact same issue managed to reoccur TODAY right as I was trying to verify my eligibility for reimbursement.  Once again contacted Dell Tech support and customer service reps over phone and after an hour and not speaking to one person who was able to understand the problem and giving my service number a dozen times was simply left with the solution that I would have to front hundreds of my own money AGAIN for a mother board replacement by a person with a heavy accent who I directly heard saying to a coworker that he could not understand what I was referring to.

  25. Dear Lionel,

    I've got a Precision M65 with the known GPU problem. My 3-year professional support period ended in Dec. 2009, so there might be a chance that I could invoke the limited warranty enhancement.

    Unfortunately, here at Dell Switzerland it is impossible to get any contact to claim for that enhancement. Upon entering the service tag number, with the ended support period you won't get anything else but a phone number where you can buy additional services. For sure service is a cost factor, but cutting off any communication paths for customers right after the warranty is over leaves a really bad impression about Dell — quite the opposite of those very positive I had before with the quality of Dell laptops in general.

    As the last resort I followed your advise and contacted You personally three times during the past six weeks. I sent all the information you are requesting, but did not get any answer so far.

    Since the time is getting short for the warranty enhancement of my M65, I hope to hear soon from You or Dell.

    Cheers from Switzerland,


  26. Well If you can believe this. I finally got some one at Dell to fix my video problem but when I got the machine back the DVD drive did not work so the sent a tech out who said they had crimped the cable inside at the depot so I had to send it back to the depote for repairs. That same night the video went out again. What is with that!!! the fix lasted exactly 9 days and my machine came back in worse shape than when it went out!!!! I have to send it again. This is reallly messed up and if I could aford it I'd buy a different brand but it took forever to save up for this one so Dell has me stuck and aparently does not care enough to fix my problem properly. They have my money so now Im trash is the feeling I get from them

  27. Update on my xps m1330 problem. Well after sending my machine to the depot to have the video and dvd fixed for the second time I got it back and within 2 hrs of using the machine the video problem is back.  OMG what do we have to do to get satisfaction and working laptops! I called the phone number given and have to send it off again. The fist time I sent it the preson said the video card is on the mother board, this time the person said it is not on the mother board and that it had been replaced twice so far. Which ever the case cant't they fix the thing or give me my money back and I'll go buy an apple

  28. I believe ymac is right.  The settlement is a scam.  2 million to cover the problem?  that will barely cover anything at all, maybe my lunch.  Dell needs to own up to its responsibility and fix this problem.  The fact that other companies have extended their warranty to adequately adhere to the problem is a testament to Dell's horrible customer service. I dont know what will happen to my vostro (most likely sit and collect dust) but I will need to buy another machine.  Definitely not a Dell and I will remind everyone I know to not buy a Dell.  I have told that to Dell too and I think everyone should to remind them the injustice they have committed.  

  29. Hello Lionel,

    I hope you can help me. My warranty expired on 9/20/2010 and now the my Dell Inspiron 1420's problem has escalated to where the all I can see is scramble of coloration and a split screen. This problem has been occurring for several months now. I even talked to the Tech a while back in which the tech didn't believe me that there was something wrong with my NVidia video card. I knew that the video card was the problem. I went through Dell's procedure of diagnostics and at the end it was still no help. The tech would not agree with me at all.

    Now the warranty has expired but from my understanding the extended warranty on the issue is added on after my warranty expires? I am confused please enlighten me with the warranty extension. I bought a 3 year warranty in which I bought my laptop in September of 2007. I believe that I am still within the one year extension, is that correct? Thanks I would really appreciate your input on this matter.

    Thank you,


  30. I bought my XPS1530M (nVidia chip) in June 2008 with the two year warranty.  Shortly thereafter the nVidia failures were noticed. I got the fix for the BIOS and the machine has done reasonably well except for some video slowdowns after use even with a cooler under it.  I've gone through the Class action qualification and I qualify.  I had chat with a support person who assured me that he would make sure I received the extended warranty coverage and get back to me 24-48 hours to arange for shipping to a repair depot.  This was October 1,2010.  On October 14, 2010 he called and said he's still working on it.  

    Yesterday I got the runaround from 4 different Dell support groups and I'd really like to find out just who in Dell I can contact to get a precise answer as to whether Dell will replace the MB or do I have to wait on the Class Action timeline?

  31. I bought my XPS1530M (nVidia chip) in June 2008 with the two year warranty.  Shortly thereafter the nVidia failures were noticed. I got the fix for the BIOS and the machine has done reasonably well except for some video slowdowns after use even with a cooler under it.  I've gone through the Class action qualification and I qualify.  I had chat with a support person who assured me that he would make sure I received the extended warranty coverage and get back to me 24-48 hours to arange for shipping to a repair depot.  This was October 1,2010.  On October 14, 2010 he called and said he's still working on it.  

    Yesterday I got the runaround from 4 different Dell support groups and I'd really like to find out just who in Dell I can contact to get a precise answer as to whether Dell will replace the MB or do I have to wait on the Class Action timeline?

  32. I have a XPS m1730 bought in May '08 and have recently joined the class action suit (nvidiasettlement.com).  The computer lost all graphics back in June of this year and has been set aside while I tried to determine what to do. Should I send the laptop to Dell or a local repair shop and pay for the repair/replacement parts, then send all of the reimbursement paperwork to nvidia or wait until the settlement in December? I'm outside the extended warranty period and would like for my computer to be useful again. Thanks for all the information here and any future information you may send.

  33. If you are still within the additional 1 year warranty period, then we will fix your machine as part of that warranty.

    For the others who have recently added comments on this thread, please send me a private message with the following details:

    • Your service tag number
    • What country you reside in
    • The best way to contact you

    If you are from outside the United States and the additional 1-year warranty period has expired, you will need to pay to have your system repaired. 

  34. How is this even fair?  I bought my Dell D620 for grad school back in 7/2006 with a three year warranty.  Earlier this year, the screen all of a sudden went fuzzy.  Since it's my primary computer, I did what any engineer would do, and bought a new screen to fix the issue.  Clearly that didn't fix the problem.  I finally check google, and find out that Dell sold me a product that was known to be defective!.  I called tech support as the blog post told me to, and found out that my warranty expired (despite the fact that the information online told me that my warranty was still valid).  The only option they gave me was to buy a $200 mainboard (for a laptop only worth $400 now), and when I checked the settlement website; the only useful piece of information about this was that the attorneys representing me are charging a mere $13,000,000 in fees.  13 Million. Really? to help me not get any help on a defective product that was sold to me?

  35. Here is a follow up to my post of Oct. 14th on my experience with the mother board replacement due to the failed NVIDIA GPU.  I am pleased that Dell has replaced the motherboard.  It took a little work on the phone, but it was finally resolved…hopefully.  I am on the third motherboard replacement due to either technician error during motherboard installation or another bad motherboard.   The first repair technician did a bad job for many reasons as stated earlier.  It turns out the worse part was that he did not properly reinstall the heat sink and thermal pads.  Within a day, the machine was overheating anytime I ran any video or entered the BIOS settings.  It would simply turn off as soon as the fan revved up high due to the overheating components.  Dell agreed to replace the board a second time as we did not know the cause of this overheating of the new board.  When the second technician came out with the second replacement board, he confirmed the first technician’s failure on the heat sink.  The second technician did an excellent job.  However, after he left, the laptop would occasionally go to a blank screen on a restart or start on an intermittent basis.  I never had this problem before.  The machine would never go blank once I was in Windows.  However, if I calculated about 20 times that I started or restarted the PC, I’d say that 6 or 7 times I got a dull grayish-black blank screen even though Windows was going through the start up process.  I knew this because I simply shut it down, and on the next restart, Windows would tell me that it was interrupted and asked if I should boot normally or not.  Given that this intermittent behavior could get worse over time, I contacted Dell again.  They agreed this was unusual and they sent a third motherboard.  So far, I have not had the problem with the dull screen anymore.  The technician did a good job on the install, although he had a hard time applying the thin sticky thermal pads on the heat sink for the GPU and CPU areas.  So far the machine seems to be fine.  I notice it runs hot occasionally, so I don’t know if this is normal or given my new sensitivity to thermal problems with this machine.  When this happens, the CPU usage will rise to about 80%.  Sometimes even 100%.  I don’t see exactly what’s causing this.  As a kind of a weird twist to this, I find that this Community web page runs slow on my laptop and the CPU revs up to 65%.  When I type in the post section, the letters appear painfully slow.  It only happens on this site.  Is there a reason for this?  Also, do you guys recommend any software that displays component temps?  My hard drive also seems to run rather hot.  Sorry if this goes slightly off-topic and for the length of this.  I thought this experience could be useful for others with this NVIDIA/motherboard problem

  36. I have a  an XPS m1210 which I paid over $2000 for.  It admittadly has a defective graphics card in it but dell will not support it. I have to  wait until after the Dec 20 Nvidia court hearing  Ihave vertical lines across my screen and the card no longer works with linux.     Irely on my laptop every day.  My next computer will not be a dell!

    They wonder why they are having problems they sucki!

  37. I'm a college student, and my mother is still paying off the laptop we bought two years ago. I tried to contact Dell upwards of three weeks ago, and still no response. My laptop is displaying graphical errors representative of the Nvidia card failure. I feel pretty wronged here that Dell won't respond to me about a product that they sold me, a product that was guaranteed to fail. Is Dell just trying to sucker more people into paying for a warranty extension? Would love some support.

  38. Hey SSGJER can we include damages for my friends who had to take their machines in to be serviced after someone at the repair depot sent them viruses on my email account while they were supposed to be fixing my problem again

  39. I have sent you a private message prior to your last post asking people to do so.  Got nothing.  Been two weeks without a computer at home, and my wallet is still hurting.  After reading some of the latest comments I'm now considering trying to get some of the people on this thread together on a different lawsuit.  This one will be against a particular computer manufacturer that sold me and apparently many others computers with parts they had already identified as defective, did not notify anyone of the problem until the so called extended warranty for the problem had already expired for most of us, used refurbished parts that "supposedly" had the problem fixed (my broken for the second time in four months computer says otherwise) and still does not appear to have any EASILY accessible technical support personnel who even know what is going on in regards to this issue (of course that may be my fault for not being able to speak a south Asian language, since none of them actually understand American).  HP is fully replacing the entire laptop for all of their customers. . . wonder who I should go with for my next purchase.

  40. So the graphics on my m1330 laptop died about 2 weeks ago. Colored lines, same problem everyone else is having.

    I am a college student and have to use a relatives laptop to take my exams online at the library.

    I'm worried that the NVIDIA settlement will put some sort of limit on repairs, and I won't be able to get it fixed. But I don't want to spend money on fixing it because it says that you may or may not get the full refund for what you paid to fix it.

    So my question is, will Dell do anything to fix it if the NVIDIA settlement doesn't?

  41. Are you in the United States? If so, you can register at http://www.nvidiasettlement.com.

    If you are outside the United States and past the 1 year warranty enhancement period, I can have someone contact you to let you know how much the repair will cost.  Before I can do that, I need you to send me a private message with your service tag number and the best way to contact you.

  42. Are you in the United States? If so, you can register at http://www.nvidiasettlement.com.

    If you are outside the United States and past the 1 year warranty enhancement period, I can have someone contact you to let you know how much the repair will cost.  Before I can do that, I need you to send me a private message with your service tag number and the best way to contact you.

  43. Hi Lionel,

    Following your recommendations, I've sent you 2 private messages. The second with more details ( Nov 1st and Nov. 4th ).  I also included you in an email sent to another Dell department ( Nov. 6 ) .  I am a bit concerned because so far I received no feed back from you. I don't know if you read or even if you received them.

    Finally, I wrote twice the same message in this forum, but they both disapeared in less than 24 hours ( filtered by a moderator ? ? ? ) . If so, I can't figure out why.


  44. Question for Lionel:  My XPS M1210 has had serious video card issues.  I called today and the tech support guy said I couldn't have on site service, even though I believe the extended warranty should cover it since my original warranty covered it.  He is sending me a box to ship my computer away for 3 weeks, that will be a big problem for me.  Is there any possibility that a technician can fix it here on site?  If I ship it to Dell, I will not be charged, is that correct?  Thank you for your help with this matter.

  45. Trying to send you a private email, not having any luck though, coming back as invalid? I have a Vostro 1310 I was hoping you could help me out with.

     My service tag is <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy Policy>,  

    Australia & my email address is <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy Policy>,  .

    Many thanks Lionel

  46. By "extended warranty offered" I mean the extension to the warranty for the specific issue, not purchase an extended warranty.  Coincidentally the warranty on the laptops expired 31 Oct 2010, and I've had about 30 laptops have their motherboards replaced in the past 4 months.  I just wanted to know if I can continue to use Dell Warranty Support for a short while longer until we receive new laptops under a new contract.

  47. Thanks for all the wonderful information.  I have two questions:  On a previous post your table of affected models had a link to the BIOS for the system (D630 in my case), and the BIOS update was for an nVidia update.  Will this update help out?  Second, I have a lot (about 200) of these laptops from a bulk purchase under a government contract.  Would the extended warranty offered be included for my systems?


  48. Hi,

     I tried calling tech support today and they didn't know about any extended warranty.  I tried to explain but had no luck and they said that I would have to pay to extend my warranty.  I have a m1330 XPS that was ordered on 8/6/08 with 2 year limited warranty and Dell Hardware Warranty PlusOnsite Service.  It has a Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS.  How should I proceed to get my motherboard replaced with the worldwide 12-month limited warranty enhancement??

  49. Hello,

    My Latitude D820 was purchased 2/2007 with 3 years warranty.  About 6 months ago, the laptop's graphic was unstable and one day, it went black.  When I called Dell, the rep tried to sell me the $249.00 reactivation fee for Dell to work on the issue.  Even after I mentioned the nividia extended warranty, Dell representative still tried to sell me the $249.00 deal.  I got really mad and ended email a Dell person that help me with my laptop 2 years ago. He was apologetic and was able to ship me a box to mail in non-functional laptop.  Within 2 weeks, my laptop was working perfectly.  After using for 4 weeks, the graphic got really fuzzy and pixilated.  When I called Dell service, they gave me the same warranty pitch for $249.00 and said there is nothing they can do.  I have tried to email my previous Dell contact, but have not receive any response after 2 emails.  My 12 months extended will end in February of 2011 and I want to make sure I have it repair by Dell before the warranty expires. (if it is nvidia related issue).    I was so happy when it was repaired 2 months ago, but now, I am not sure.  Can you help?



  50. I just got a response from Dell Support, they are sending me a return box to ship my Dell D810 for review & repair for the video display issue.  

  51. Thank you for this valuable informational blog. I have a 2007 Inspiron 1420,  I had a new motherboard, touchpad and ac adapter replaced under warranty around July 2010. My 3-year extended warranty expired the end of August 2010. I am located in the US and I have received notice of the Nvidia class action suit.

    I tried to access Dell online support but am unable to without paying for after-warranty tech support. Every available support path leads to a paid support ticket or dead end since I am technically out of warranty. I find this Dell support process quite inhospitable. This experience is affecting my desire to ever purchase or even look at another Dell. Then, I found your blog and hope that you are able to provide assistance to obtain service under the Dell global enhancement policy,  and possibly redeem my faith in Dell in the process.

    Unbelievably, it appears as though my old defective parts were replaced with the same, but new defective parts, as my system is again, starting to exhibit many of the same troublesome symptoms. Errors such as “the AC adapter wattage and type cannot be determined … the battery may not charge … connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or greater.” When this error displays, the system slows to a crawl and is unable to share critical networked files and has to be rebooted. Diagnostics reflect the same errors and a fresh boot results in the same. This is the new adapter Dell replaced under warranty a few months ago, and yes, I checked the pins on the adapter and they are just fine. Other issues are starting to present including, but not limited to the fact that the DVD drive is unable to read/write or access disks but acknowledges the drive. At times, the system runs hot and experiences intermittent video display issues that crash IE and freeze other programs. This laptop serves a critical purpose in our business. The inconvenience and cost of taking it offline for the same duplicate repairs is more than frustrating. Please tell me you can help. Thank you in advance for your timely reply and consideration.

  52. Ugh well this just happened to 2 machines of mine, a Inspiron 1420 and an Inspiron E1705.  I'm in Canada so Dell is going to screw me on this.  This really sucks. 🙁

  53. I have bought my DELL D820 (NVidia Quadro NVS 120M, 512 MB ) from Estonia. 3-year warranty ended on May 2010. Now my laptop has also problem with nvidia chip and local reseller says, that 1-year limited warranty enhancement does not expand to our region. This post here says that warranty enhancement is worldwide.  Is local reseller correct or the info they have is aged?

  54. Dell Vostro 1400 shipped 15th June 2008 (when they were aware of all this, and Dell still shipped me one of these)…. Part # TT361 has been confirmed as an effected model.  My question is this:

    My screen blacks out, it is too hot to type on.  I need a new computer NOW.  If I buy a new laptop, will they reimburse me?  I need to buy it prior to the end of the year for tax reasons…. or do I have to wait and see if they recall and give a new laptop or just fix the part/  Any ideas or advice on what I should do?  THANK YOU!

  55. Hello,

    I purchased my XPS computer in the US and had a warranty. I am within the one-year limited warrant for the NVIDIA GPU Issue. My computer has not worked for more than 1 ½ months because of the NVIDIA issue and I’ve been battling Dell to try and help me fix the problem. I am researching outside the US in Macedonia. Dell’s only solutions are for me to pay a ridiculous amount to fix it here in Macedonia, travel 12 hours to Athens, or to wait 9 months until I return to the US to get it fixed. My issue is that this blog says that the extended warranty covers global customers, especially if the computer was purchased in the US. I can’t seem to get Dell to cover the costs to fix it here in Macedonia, and they won’t allow shipping to and from Macedonia and the US to get it fixed in the US.

  56. I got answer from dell:

    „Unfortunately <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

     does not havenvidia warranty extension”

    „Tag is not falling into the date when this was issued for nvidia problem”

    At least I know now, which computer manufacturer I will not buy and will not recommend to my friends. 3,5 year is not normal lifetime for business-class computer.

  57. Hi,

    I ordered my Dell Vostro 1400 from Dell (online) in 2008 first quarter from USA. Recently, about 3 weeks ago my laptop suddenly developed a problem. First time after starting it on that day, during the booting process, it showed some vertical dotted lines.

    After that everything is a chaos.

    1. The system doesn't boot at times.

    2. Else the display is very bad.

    3. The screen get's bisected (vertically/horizantally) and the same desktop display gets duplicated in both the bisected parts.

    4. Else the system doesn't even boot up.

    5. Or the system may boot but the screen is black and is illuminated

    These are some of the symptoms.

    When I contacted the dell support per the instructions mentioned in this thread, they asked me to keep the system switched on so that the tech team can remotely access it. However when I mentioned that the system is mostly down and no one can access it remotely, they asked me to ship it to Dell tech support to check it.

    I even tried connecting a CRT monitor to the laptop's VGA port, it's the same set of problems as discussed above. Is this problem associated with the discussion thread?



  58. Hello.

    My graphics card is crashed.

    I talk with dell Romania and they said do not change nothing because they know nothing of what was written in this post.

    What can i do ?

  59. well, I had an interesting time just speaking to Dell customer support who told me there is no known issue with the inspiron 9400 and this blog doesn't exist. I am extremely unhappy to say the least considering my GPU is exhibiting all the symptoms of this issue. I don't know where to go for help now, Dell's own customer service is swearing up and down there is no issue and yet it is all over the net (including this site). How am I supposed to get the warranty that is on my GPU honored? I am at a loss. Any help would be IMMENSELY appreciated. I am in Canada, btw.

  60. @ Dwight.h et al. – do not call Dell.  Google search 'Dell Hardware Chat' and once there type in your Service Tag and wait for the agents to talk to you. They're very courteous and patient, but you'll get the similar responses from all of them.

    Explain your issue about your computer, that the display isn't working or whatever it is in your case; they're going to say $59 for support, just ignore that since it doesn't apply to you because of this warranty enhancement. Ask if there are any more options, they will repeat themselves, and if they're informed, they'll talk about the Nvidia Settlement Site. So you should inform them it doesn't apply to you or that even though it applies, the limited warranty enhancement is still in effect; for instance I said "I've been advised by Dell that due to my model, chipset, and it's specific symptoms, that my warranty has been enhanced an additional 12 months beyond its original expiration date for this specific part and because of these specific symptoms via the official Dell blog Direct2Dell here: <link to here or, as I did, the post before this one by the same author that doesn't talk about the settlement as much as it talks about the warranty enhancement details>"

    Just be repetitive and say the same true thing in different ways being more specific each time, and they will eventually get a supervisor or you can ask them to do so.

    Then explain it all to the supervisor very courteously and they should say "I'll see what I can do" and should come back to say that within this case the warranty is extended, but only limited to cover the 8600 graphics issue, which is correct and fair. They should replace the part for free.

  61. Hi,

    I purchased an XPS M1530 in early 2008 for 1200 Euros; at the time was working on real-time 3D simulations hence the 8600M GT. I used it infrequently, mostly when traveling, since laptop lifespans are shorter than desktops (I owned a few).

    When it began heating up like mad I used it even less, mostly on AC. Then the barely-used battery died; Dell support said I'd have to buy a new one (120 Euros) since I could show no causal link. New battery, still running on AC, still way hot. I suspected the HDD which I swapped for an Intel X25-M G2 SSD (400 Euros); no dice, still a frying pan. I then purchased a huge cooling fan it sat on, whose power I drew from a separate source (not the laptop's USB) and temperature finally dropped.

    Hardly a laptop anymore though: can't make customer presentations with such a loopy setup, still unstable anyway, and kudos for anyone trying the "lap" part on a plane.

    When I heard about Nvidia's public thermal defect admission, I called Dell/Spain support again but was told the extended warranty — which I was never informed about — had expired. The rep implicitly admitted all 8600M GT were faulty but I still had to suffer the official k-boom symptom… which I didn't (yet anyway) because I took drastic measures to prevent it (down 1700 Euros by then).

    Hard to believe Dell policy is for hardware to blow up in their customers' faces before fixing a widely publicized manufacturing defect. I'd expect a business-oriented company like Dell to *preempt* problems and notify customers immediately before crucial data or customers are lost. If there's no recall at least don't play cute issuing hush-hush warranty extensions, offering paid "repairs" to get back the same shabby hardware or turn a worldwide warranty into an extra-US pumpkin.

    I can't even buy my way out of this hole: there's zero mobo+CPU upgrade so there goes my expensive 15.6" 1680×1050 LCD. Even the Latitude E5510 has only 1600×900 pixels (20% less real-estate). I don't need a new Windows license, being an MSDN member. I've bought Dell for a long time and alternatives are dim but I see absolutely no sign of good faith; no recall, no communication, no rebate on new hardware, just sorry excuses leading to a monumental PR disaster.

    — p

  62. Why isn't the inspiron 1720 on the list? Although I think I've fallen through the cracks; I'm in australia and I'd be outside the warranty period.

    This really should've been a recall. This is the first I've heard of this even though I've seen the atrifacts appear every now and again over the last year or 2. It's only become constant since installing windows 7, that's why I've started looking into it.

    I have a 8600m GT and I cant even play solitaire anymore: i515.photobucket.com/…/artifacts.jpg

    The checkerboard artifacts appear whenever anything transparent is on the screen (shadows/aero etc)

  63. I received my settlement notice stating that I am authorized to receive a new GPU/motherboard for my Precision M65.  Since the motherboard has been replaced twice already because of the faulty GPU, I would like to know if this latest replacement will be for a different GPU/motherboard or will Dell continue to put the same faulty equipment in my laptop?

    Considering that the laptop is 3 years old, unless the replacement GPU/motherboard is of a much newer design, the laptop is probably at the end of it's life cycle.  Such a shame, because when it wasn't having video problems, the machine was a screamer!

    Side note: I should have gone to law school since the lawyers in the settlement made $13 million dollars!

  64. I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 that I custom ordered with the nvidia graphics card and it is has been unusable for longer than 5 minutes run time since a week after my extended warranty expired.  I have been through the steps on the settlement site, and it says my service tag is NOT eligible for repair.  I have the exact video card that is mentioned in the settlement, and all the symptoms.  How can I get the darned machine fixed under this settlement?  Obviously Dell has not coded my laptop correctly!

  65. I attempted to file a claim, but the claim process keeps indicating that my laptop is not eledgible for the repair.  All of the information leads me to believe that my laptop is affected, but still I cannot proceed any further.

  66. I also tried to fill out the claim form and it is saying my laptop was rejected.  It is a Vostro 1400 with 128MB nVidia GeForce 8400M GS Graphics Card  purchased 9/20/07.  Why is this being rejected?

  67. I also have a Dell Inspiron E1705 that is not coming up as being covered by this settlement.  The strange thing about it is BEFORE the final settlement was announced and  nvidiasettlement.com was changed to allow online filing of claims it WAS listed as being covered.  I have a print out I did on 11/13/2010 where I looked up my service tag and it came back as being covered, and listed the defective part as a Dell part # UF804.  My laptop is useless because of the display problems caused by the Nvidia chip and yet Dell is screwing me (and apparently others) who rightfully should be covered and aren't.  I tried calling the nvidiasettlement 877 line but unless your service tag number is in their database (supplied by Dell), they don't want to talk to you.  Does anyone know a contact number at Dell who is involved with this nvidia settlement?

  68. I contacted Dell and scheduled a tech rep to replace the mother board.   I took a day off from work, waited all day and the tech rep failed to show up.  They will not give me a specific time to fix my PC and so far I have not had any luck getting the PC fixed.   I have contacted the law firm that pursued the class action suit.   They would like to here about situations like this as they have to report to the judge who tried the case on the responsiveness of the the defendents – NVIDIA, Dell, etc..   For all parties having problems I recommend you go to http://www.nvidiasettlement.com/…/SettlementAgreement.pdf look up  name of the law firm, the attorney and let him know about your problems.  He is genuinely interested in helping!  

  69. I bought a XPS M1530 in May of 2008. In 2010 it turned on, but the screen was blank. For months now I have been without my $2500 laptop. It is due to the NVIDIA chip issue.

    I just filled out the paper work to have the GPU replaced by the class action settlement. However I just purchased a new XPS 15 with a 3 year warranty for $1200.

    How dumb am I for giving Dell my business again after the fiasco with my old laptop? And the only reason I purchased the new one is obviously because I can no longer use the old one due to the defective chip they sold me 🙁

  70. Hello,

    I bought my Dell Inspiron 1420 in India on Feb 2008.

    Currently its out of warranty .

    but I am facing the problem with graphics card (NVIDIA).

    So, tell me

    Will my laptop come under this extended warranty for this known issue ?

    Please help me guys


  71. Anyone else getting the run around from Dell on this.  My warranty ended at the end of October, so I should get an extension until October of 2011 according to this article.  Alas, when I call Dell i keep getting transferred all over until someone finally drops my call.  i have tried contacting Lionel here but that has gotten no response either.  I am frustrated, want my computer back.  To make matters worse my desktop is messed up and has been for like 2 years but Dell never fixed it right now it has no warranty.  My wife's laptop is starting to lock up (at least she still has some warranty left).  I am done with Dell after this, next computer will be HP, Sony or anything else but Dell.

  72. I rang up and had to send them (the dell tech support guy) this link and after 55min on the phone in total they are going to fix it for free as I'm in that 12 month extended window (5 months left before it expires) for customers outside of the US, I'm living in NZ. Lucky I got that 3 year warranty, I always thought it was a scam up sell! I don't now.

  73. … continuing the above post,

    the exact problem is the appearance of lines on boot-up and no gfx-card detection in any OS.

  74. I called the service center of Dell, and they say they only fix laptops that are still in warranty! so what am I suppose to do with my laptop? I don't expect that Dell produce laptop that will function only in the warranty period and then went dead right after!!! plus that they give me a malfunction GPU! and now they should at least tell me how to make it work again!!!!

  75. I have a XPS M1530 I purchased in September of 2008, the video just went out. I tried the NVIDIA settlement link but to file a claim they want proof of purchase, I didn't keep any paper work so I'm out of luck there. I tried talking with Dell customer service and they denied any knowledge of this issue then when I pushed harder the tech said he could transfer me to a Sr Technician who could answer my questions. The Sr tech I was connected to wanted me to pay $59 for him to assist me in diagnosing the problem. I declined so he transfered me to the Dell repair depot who wanted me to give them $199 to repair the problem. I'm at a loss for what to do next because I do like the computer much better than the new XPS15 I just purchased to replace it with.

  76. I'm agree 100% with Vthai, I'm bummed and disappointed and may have just purchased my last Dell computer. I used to recommend Gateway until they went sour so I switched to Dell. I have bought 7 Dell computers with in the last 10 years. 3 desk top, 3 laptop and a netbook. I've enjoyed all up until now, I'm upset my m1530 was assembled with a defective part and Dell didn't notify me or offer to make it right. The 4 day old XPS 15 I just got is underwhelming, to me the M1530 is heads and shoulders above this new one in both design, fit and finish.  

  77. Mr. Lionel does not seem to answer my Private message… which he asked other to do, is Dell gonna help their customer with some advice? or just ignore them? this is really unreasonable!!!

  78. I believe Dell just wants us to go away, guess I'll heed their wishes. I bought my last Dell product and I will be sure to advise my friends and family to do the same. I've been interested in picking up a new netbook, guess I'll have to maybe check out HP or others and see what they have to offer.

  79. If you bought your laptop from Dell then it doesn't matter if you are out of warranty as you are covered for six years from the time of purchase under the  Sale of Goods Act. This website is incredibly useful if you purchased the laptop in the UK "http://www.nvidiadefect.com&quot;.

  80. I have a dell vostro 1400 laptop n buy the December 28, 2007, the warranty expired in December 2008

    I talked to a dell tech support and they told me I had to change the motherboard. I did not know about this problem Nvidia card and dell computers. Today I am aware of this problem.

    The worst thing is that there motherboard replacement for my vostro 1400, the recommendation was to buy a new computer.

    I believe that if this was a problem that should be contacted knew of its customers and replace the parts afectadar.

    There anything I can do to get dell to help me solve my problem?

  81. Same here Vostro 1400 bought in late 2007 dies in early 2009, turned away due to no warranty.

    the dead laptop lay in the bottom of  a closet until Jan. I was put onto it and discoverd the defect

    talk and this page filed claim and was accepted. they installed a "MLB" but its just more defective junk.

    the GPU temps are running way too high. We bought a new laptop in 2009 after being abandoned by Dell

    and should have been advised to file refund request. I can cant get anyone at Dell to listen to me now..

    they are all just robots programmed to lie and are experts of the circle-jerk. calls keep getting disconnected

    and i keep getting mis-directed. These people seem no better than thieves to me. I'll spend the rest of my life dedicated to the DELL SUCKS campaign.

  82. I have had the same issue with denial and run around. Bought my XPS M1330 in 2007 while I was serving in Iraq. Had issues for a long time with intermittent black screens, colors, etc., which I have contacted Customer Support numerous times even before my warranty ran out. It finally completely died after the warranty and the extended 12 months coverage of the problem which I was never notified of were over. All they ever did was run me through the same routines with going in bios and running the video stress test and never once sent someone out to look at it or tried to fix it. Now that I know what was causing all the video problems, it infuriates me that Dell gave me such a  great run around for so long so they wouldn't have to fix it. I bet if Dell really cared about its customers, Lionel Manchaca or some other Dell Support person were to look back far enough in some kind of Support chat logs or my support history and trouble tickets, I bet they would find my issues were there and my concerns were real about what was going on with my laptop.

    I have bought 3 laptops from Dell since 2005, one of which was for my son. I will never buy another Dell again for as long as I live unless someone can fix my $2500 paperweight which I unfortunately have give a vote of no confidence for after seeing how they treat their customers. I am typing this on my new laptop from another manufacturer whom I couldn't be more pleased with. It's not like I didn't try to get the problem resolved even before I really knew what was causing it. Time ran out, which I think Dell had ever intention of letting it do so. I think I have given Dell enough of my money and time. I suggest you all do the same. They will not fix the issue nor do they care to.

  83. Here's the rundown.

    Bought a 1400 in 2007, within the date range of defective laptops.

    Was not notified of the lawsuit in anyway and confirmed with Kurtzman Carson Consultants that my information was not provided to them to be contacted.

    Started experiencing intermittent video issues in 2010.  Assumed it was a driver issue and spent a bit of time trouble shooting, reinstalling, etc.

    Determined a Hardware issue, contacted Dell in Feb 2011.  Was not informed of the class action lawsuit or the settlement procedure which I would have been eligible for.   Dell could have just sent me to Nvidia to seek relief, but instead, were ignorant at best, and deceptive at worst.  Tried to sell me a $400 replacement part, "or just buy a new laptop"

    Discovered the lawsuit on my own with some googling in April 2011, less than one month after the claim expired.

    Have been advised that I may have no legal recourse as I did not exclude myself from the class action (because I new nothing about it).  Not willing to spend $$ just to spite Dell with a lawsuit that I may not win.

    —I am trying one last effort to seek some relief in this thread.  I am not asking for a huge cash settlement, or even a new laptop.  I just want Dell to acknowledge that they sold me a faulty product, prevented me from seeking relief from the legal system, and simply repair the problem.  That's it, a simple repair.—

    I'll be awaiting contact from Dell.  In the meantime, I'll be telling as many people as possible about my experience, promising to share details of the final resolution with them.  I hope it's a positive one.

  84. I have a success story to relate:

    I stumbled onto this page after my video card failed (Precision M6300 with the high-end QuadroFX 3600M). I was attuned to the symptoms, since my 2 previous Precision M90s had been felled by the same fate – in fact, I ended up with the M6300 because Dell ran out of refurbished M90s to replace mine with, which I took as good luck indeed.

    My warranty had expired in August of 2010, so I called Dell support. After getting the standard "you're out of warranty, I'll transfer you to the out-of-warranty department" from a couple of people, I was told to call the Precision-specific support number. After explaining the situation, I was able to get in touch with an actual tech (in the USA, too, by his accent) who was more than helpful, knew about the issue and set up an on-site repair visit from a Dell technician for me.

    The tech came by my office the next day and replaced the card, no questions asked. It's working well now.

    I think the support provided for Precision customers might be different (read: better) than for the more popular consumer laptops. They even shipped my replacement M90/M6300 units back in '08 before first receiving my old computer in exchange, making for very little downtime.

    I've had great experiences with Dell support for this machine, and I hope everyone else is able to resolve their problems, too.

  85. I have an XPS M1710 with a nVidia 7950 GTX video card that failed in 2009, about a year and a 1/2 after the warranty expired, with lines on the screen and corrupted video.

    When I phoned up tech support, they told me it would cost upwards of $600 – $800 to repair the problem. They told me that because I was a Canadian customer, they would not be able to offer me the warranty extension that US customers were getting.

    This has left me with a $2000 paperweight and inefficient space heater, with a gorgeous 1920×1200 that can't be used =/

    If only Dell could offer a cheaper replacement video card, then I would be plenty happy.

    I'm sure a $50 or $100 video card of today, even for mobiles, would at least allow the laptop to perform some useful tasks other than paperweight. My eXtreme Performance System has become an eXpensive Paperweight System…

    It's too bad laptop video cards don't follow an industry standard form factor, otherwise we could go out and buy a replacement from the nearest computer store just like we would for a desktop computer.

  86. Hello there,

    I am a Malaysian customer, who own a Dell XPS M1530. Only two days ago, my GPU gave way. I can still run windows and all the basic web browsing but anything beyond that is off limits. Software that put stress on the GPU causes the screen to go white or black and the whole laptop freezes.

    I tried calling Dell Technical support in the afternoon and was told I had to either extend my warranty or buy the motherboard and pay the technical fees. This is despite the fact that my warranty only expired in August 2010. Am I not entitled for this replacement claim even if you stated that Dell has offered an additional 1 year limited warranty extension related to the nvidia GPU issues?

    Thank You.

  87. I had bought an INPIRON 1420 laptop in year 2008 and have encountered display distorting problem since mid of last year.

    The warranty was over, and I wasn't aware of the extended warranty until after it had lapsed off.

    Dell had extended the warranty for such laptops by one year. But is that enough? since the bundled defective part may shorten product's lifetime, and the warranty extension was not being effectively published to raise users' awareness. I am not being informed at all since early until I googled this webpage.

    The replacement part was claimed to be chargeable even though I was not being notified in first hand. That's beyond comprehension for me, and we really disappoint with the solution and answer provided.

    This will be my last dell unit if they can't replace it at no cost.

  88. erm, hello? my dell latitude D820 just fried its gpu (I think), it booted fine in win xp and after a few seconds it showed some random purple/pink/orange patterns (as if the gpu was getting fried due to overheating – deduced) and then no video. Also the fan is never starting up now(although it's receiving some 3.2V but requires 5V). Now it's not showing any video ie. screen is always black, I also tried external monitor – same blackness(or rather, no signal – though it senses something sometime when turning on the laptop). I can see the hdd led boot windows but it doesn't reach the windows startup sound, maybe it BSOD-s in the video card driver ?although I blindly tried all 6 options from F8 which means it did go Safe Mode.

    So anyway, it seems I would have 14 more days left until the 3+1 year warranty expires (the +1 is for this GPU issue only – assuming it applies). But I gotta say, since I didn't know about this, and my original 3 year warranty expired, I opened it up and seen that the GPU is kinda looking overheated (or at least that beige paste thing was dry between the GPU and its tiny copper cover(the tiny one for GPU only, which is between GPU and the huge heat sink that covers about 2 other cpus); the copper cover had some black (burn spots maybe) (I have picture) anyway I applied a new paste for all 3 cpus and reassembled all back, but same no video; also when LCD was disconnected but I had external monitor I could see those random lines I was telling about, but they won't show when LCD was connected(laptop was all reassembled).

    I had no problems with d820 if you don't count the rather high CPU temperatures like 60-68 degrees (and I was keeping it underclocked at max 1GHz instead of 2Ghz), I think I was keeping the GPU underclocked also (as in full time – can't remember right, was either that or on normal – but never overclocked). Also didn't play any games, just plain win xp desktop on it.

    I didn't buy this from dell directly but the company where I bought it probably did, or something. Not from Americas.

    Assuming I don't wanna use phones, what do I do? email? 🙂

    Also, does it still apply  the 12 month warranty if I opened it like that?

  89. I've just wasted two evenings getting the run-around from Dell support regarding my $3000 XPS brick. Every trick in the book was tried: repeated and endless transfers, blatant hang-ups, told that my warranty was not valid, that they'd never heard of the NVidia problem, that my computer was not affected by the video card recall, etc.

    In the end, I've was told by customer service Hyderabad that "Dell is no longer accepting claims based on the 1 year warranty extension as of March 14, 2011."

    Of course, I made it clear to tech support that NVIDIA's agreement closed on the 14th – not Dells. He assured me that Dell, also, was no longer honoring claims as of the same date even after I showed him this blog with success posts from as recent as last week.

    It would be very helpful if this blog were to be updated to reflect this new policy as it would have saved me (and possibly many others) several hours / evenings.

    Finally, gotta wonder what Dell is thinking here. I'll be the first to admit that it doesn't make much sense going out of their way to deal with those customers with the bare bones $500 laptops and 1 year warranties who'll always buy whichever laptop is cheapest. But to blatantly shaft their 'profitable' and loyal customers who repeatedly buy the XPS and Precision lines with the premium support contracts just doesn't make sense.

    tl;dr: Dell is no longer giving out one year warranty extensions based on the NVidia problem. If your original warranty is expired, you're out of luck, unfortunately.

  90. With all due respect, I added Dell, nVidia and Intel on my blacklist, well actually the latter was already on it 😉

    I will avoid these from now on.

    Also thanks to previous poster for making something clear.

    I didn't receive a reply from Lionel Menchaca yet but I only sent it 4-5 days ago, though I don't expect to ever receive one. (if I do, I'll post here again, yeah I won't forget as you'd imagine)

    Peace out

  91. I purchased my d820 4 years ago and worked well.  Having no idea I had a defective graphics card.  Once my graphics card fried I did my research and noticed I had a defective graphics card which Dell never notified me of.  I called Dell and the representative directed me to the Nvidia website.  I went to the website and noticed the deadline had past.  Being a dedicated Dell customer I called back.  The representative insisted they could do nothing as the lawsuit is over and the laptop is out of warranty.  I insisted I never received any communication regarding the defective graphics card, which I might add the representative never denied the case.

    The representative basically was trying to use the legal system to scare me away.  All in all Dell lost a customer of 12 years.  My d820 cost me $1800+, why would I buy a Dell when I can get a great computer and great service from other manufacturers such as Apple and HP.

  92. I am experiencing problems with my computer now. I just had to pay a local technician to fix the overheating issue. My computer gets very hot. I also sometimes have black lines etc. when starting up the computer (M1530) but didn't know about the law suit. Apparently Dell knew but failed to inform me. If I can get a post card from Air Gas about a $5.00 credit it would stand to reason that Dell would be up front about issues and email customers. Especially since I have spent thousands of dollars on computers & printers for my business over the years. They're demanding that I pay $300.00 for a new 1 year contract. But I will not do so. I just today paid $75.00 to solve an issue of overheating with a local technician. Keeping this a secret from your customers is bad business. Forcing your customers to pay for a repair or purchase a repair contract for a problem that is covered under a recall and a failure to notify just might be a crime of extortion. (Demanding more than $100.00 to repair the problem when in fact money is available to fix it under the settlement. I just today found out. I guess I'll have to phone the Lawyers up & explain about the extortion problem & Dells' (or the Lawyers problem in failing to notify consumers.)

  93. Hi all,

    I just found the blog above as my reference for the Nvidia issue yesterday.  I have a Dell M1530 that is under the Nvidia GPU Class Action Settlement.  Sadly, I was not aware of my system was part of the class actions until it crashed this week.  I called Dell support, the support team asked me to call Nvidia even though I pleaded my case that this was a known issued by Dell as well as Nvidia and there was no way I would have been aware of this until system failure.  They refused to review the case even though this was a worldwide known issue and because I’m one month late calling into the support.  They informed me that if I had called in April instead of May, it would have been free of charged.  I believe that as a Dell customer, we should be able to make investments in products that function properly.  When it doesn’t and our company knows about it, we ought do the right thing and take care of our customers.  I understand we have to set rules and procedures for different scenarios, however, there was no way I would have known to look resolutions until the incident happened.  And in this case it’s only one month out of the additional warranty.  I’m thankful for the system lasted this long with the Nvidia issue, at the same time, I’m asking for escalation and an exception to resolve my notebook issue.

  94. I would have loved to buy the new Dell XPS 15z. Unfortunately, I'm an XPS M1330 customer who got repeatedly ignored by support and on the forums when I asked difficult questions like "Will the replacement GPU have the same manufacturing defect". My laptop eventually got fixed, but I never got an answer, and now the thermal pad on the GPU has degraded to the point where it overheats and crashes regularly so I'm about to have to open it up and insert a copper shim.

    Comments on this thread show that Dell continued to ignore inconvenient questions from customers, only answering the bits that suit them. I guess that's a lost sale for Dell, because I'm going to buy from HP – they can actually answer customer questions and offer properly.

    Please consider this when dealing with customers in future. I really prefer Dell's hardware and would prefer to deal with Dell if they could only get their handling of defects and faults together.

  95. Hi,

    I bought Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop on 26th Aug 2008. I also have this NVIDIA issue. I am from India. 2 weeks back, this issue raised and there is blank screen in my laptop monitor. My warranty expired on 26th Aug 2009. Now I called Dell support regarding issue. They are saying that they cannot do anything on this. NVIDIA settlement of replacing the defected models is only for US. What about India? What sould I do now? Should I go to court?

    Please reply.


  96. there have a look at the picture that I took after I found the chip was permanently dead and blank screen;

    the copper side was on top of that chip as is, then on top of that copper plate came something that transferred heat to a pipe cooling thingy (not in the picture), but inbetween the pipe and copper plate there is like on all 3 chips, some kind of sponge-like material of 1-2mm which did the heat transfering.

    just in case you didn't get it, this is how gpu looks when fried:


    Enjoy! I'm out for good now

  97. Hi

    I have a Dell M1310 that was under the Nvidia GPU Class Action Settlement and my 3 year extensive warranty finished just a couple of months ago.

    I have kept the laptop in a mint condition with no speck of dust with  the latest firmware and have managed to keep it alive until now, unfortunately having the lines on my screen thought I would call Dell support (Australia) requesting the motherboard be replaced as I should have this covered for an additional year.

    I called Dell support; the support representative told me my laptop is no longer under warranty therefore could not be serviced. Explaining to him that Dell has announced an additional 12 month warranty on this fault he told me if it was true a remark would have been put on the system and he would have been informed.

    Insisting that this should be fixed under the warranty, he requested me to email him Dells announcement to investigate further.

    Following my emails with multiple links including all Blog references and phone calls I have been given a blind eye and have not heard back from Dell.

    A month has passed and still getting laptop replies not under warranty answerers and the representatives that told me they will call back have not been heard from since.

    At this stage I was lucky enough to get an old laptop from my work as the M1310 was my primary and only computer used for work and home and using spare parts from the M1310 managed to revive the old laptop, but would eventually buy a new laptop and have given up running after Dells Australia support and hope this message will do some good for future customers with the same issue.

    If this post does manage to get the Australia support to accept responsibility for the repair I would like to get it as a discount voucher to buy a new laptop as the motherboard will just fail again, and do not want to continue using the laptop with the great gentle care I did before As I require it for constant traveling and cannot take the risk it will fail while on a business trip.

    Appreciate your assistance,

  98. Lionel,

    I purchased my I-1420 in 2008 and had the Nvidia issue repaired (new motherboard) under the extended warranty in 2009.  Yesterday, the gpu failed again, symptomatically identical as the 2009 failure, which would ostensibly indicate that my system was repaired with another faulty nvidia chip.  What are your recommended actions?   Thanks for your support.


    Anthony Ramos

  99. I have a XPS m1330 bought in 2008, outside my country (i´m in Brazil). The GPU failure was repaired here in July/2009 by changing the motheboard, under the regular warranty.

    The regular warranty expired in jan/2011, but a few days later the GPU failed again.

    I ‘ve contacted the tech support in Brazil (tech support call # 117698121) but dell-brasil information is that “they don´t know anything about the extended warranty for this GPU problem”. How can i solve this problem and get fixed my notebook? Thanks

  100. I have two Latitude D630 laptops with the same video issue, both have nvidia chips and both are still in the 12 month extention period but Dell not help with either one. i tried explaining to the techs at dell that i spoke too that dell settlement is different than the what compaq and hp did. but no help what so ever. i had A D630 that was fixed about two months ago by dell but no they want honor there warranty extension. talk about poor support for a long time user.

    very dissapointed..

    service tags

    <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>  and

    <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

  101. Hello. We have 4-year old laptop DELL Latitude d630 with nVidia Quadro 130 video chip (service tag

    <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

    and video chip doesn’t works properly. Nearest service in Russia said that responsibility for guaranty is on our native distributor (we are in Ukraine), but this problem with this video-chip was admitted by DELL as case of guaranty and guaranty was extended for such laptops. Can you help us to fix this problem?

  102. @Dale_F, sergey.markovich and others who still need assistance re: the NVIDIA GPU issue. Bottom line, if your system is still within the one year additional warranty period after your original system warranty expired, then we can repair your system as part of that warranty.

    If you are still within that one year additional warranty period, please e-mail us here with the following information:

    • A subject line that says NVIDIA GPU
    • Service tag or order number
    • Best way to reach you (please include your phone number, e-mail or both)
    • The country where you are located

    From there, we will get your details over to someone in technical support who can help.

  103. My name is Courtney Ampey. I have a Dell XPS M1530, and it failed in June 2010. I accepted the extended warranty and the free "repair" from Dell thinking my laptop was fixed and I wouldn't have this problem again. Lo and behold, last Thursday my laptop failed again, after it was so called "repaired". I had put it on hibernate so I could move it to another room because the adapter no longer charged the battery. When I tried to turn it back on, the lights flashed once, but the screen stayed black. I heard the internal fan running, but otherwise it wouldn't boot up. And I tried every troubleshooting trick I could find. Contacted Dell about this and they are trying to charge me more money to fix my laptop even though they know it is defective and can't be fixed because all the parts have the same defect. I refuse to spend another dime on this laptop after already wasting $955 dollars on it. How is this fair that we as the consumer are being held financially responsible to repair a laptop that can't be repaired? The repairs don't work. They use the same parts so the same problem is going to happen again.

  104. Just tried chatting to a Support specialist on Dells website.. they don't even care about the link I sent them from here about 12month warranty and insist my warranty ran out. Sent email to the one mentioned in Lionel's post and got no reply.

    Can we get at least some story together?

    Awesome, my company will continue purchasing Dell products… NOT.

  105. Nice.  I was never notified from Dell and now the claim period is over.  I even sent my computer in to Dell in late 2008  for this issue, claiming that there is a GPU problem.  WHY WASN'T I NOTIFIED?  DELL HAS MY ADDRESS AND EMAIL ADDRESS?!

  106. Lionel,  

    My warranty ended on 1/23/2010 and with the extension it would have ended a few weeks after the settlement was over.  The problem is that I was never notified.  My gmail account has always been associated with the account and I never received anything.  Could you help me find out why?  Why would Dell not replace the computer like HP since the GPU is built into the motherboard???

  107. Question!

    I never received the class action settlement notification, and knew nothing about it until now.

    I bought the laptop 1420 in Nov 2007, and got split screen in 2009. I sent to a local computer to fix

    , and after six month it was broken again. I have have the receipt from the shop.

    Since it is a class action settlement, shouldn't I receive some kind of notification for me to take action on time? is there anything I can do?

  108. @shimade2003 – Please email us at [email protected] and provide the following information:

    – A subject line that says NVIDIA GPU

    – Service tag or order number

    – Best way to reach you (please include your phone number, e-mail or both)

    – The country where you are located

    From there, we will get your details over to someone in technical support who can help.

  109. @Chris195868: Please go ahead and email [email protected] and provide the following information:

    – A subject line that says NVIDIA GPU

    – Service tag or order number

    – Best way to reach you (please include your phone number, e-mail or both)

    – The country where you are located

    From there, we will get your details over to someone in technical support who can review your options with you. Thanks!

  110. Hey, i just started having the GPU problem on my M1530. I am unfortunately outside the extended warranty date. What sould i do?

  111. I am extremely frustrated with Dell right now.  I have followed ALL of the directions, and am being given the run-around.  Read on below to learn of my frustration:

    I have an Inspiron 1420 with an Nvidia 8400M GS, and I have been experiencing the documented issues with my GPU (including, but not limited to, intermittent failures/no video/distorted&duplicated images/etc).  I purchased the computer in October 2007, with a 3-year Complete Care warranty.  So, with the enhanced warranty announced here by Dell, I am clearly eligible to have my GPU replaced under the enhanced warranty, as the enhanced warranty covers my system through October of this year.

    A few weeks ago, I called Dell directly.  After three separate calls to three separate CSRs (and eventually their supervisors), no one knew what I was talking about; they claimed I was out of warranty, and wanted me to send my system in and pay for the repair.   After reading of others' similar frustrations, I contacted Lionel Menchaca (as he has suggested on this blog) via a private message on this board.  I didn't receive a reply (and still haven't) after a week, so I followed additional instructions here, and emailed [email protected], providing all of the requested information.

    About a week after that, I finally received an email response from a CSR.  However, the response was incoherent, unsatisfactory, and seemed to ignore the terms of the Dell enhanced warranty for this issue.  Among other things, the CSR again wants me to send my system into Dell so that they can "test" whether or not the GPU is the issue – that is NOT the terms of the enhanced warranty, as the enhanced warranty makes it clear that IF your system is experiencing these issues, Dell *admits* that it's the fault of the GPU and will automatically replace it.  Additionally, and more frustratingly, after a few more email interactions with this CSR, he is now referencing the Nvidia settlement, as if I were trying to make a claim under it.  I am NOT making a claim under the Nvidia settlement; I am making a claim under the terms of the enhanced warranty.  I purchased a Complete Care warranty.  All I want is for Dell to adhere to the terms of the warranty I purchased, adhere to the published terms of the warranty enhancement, and replace my GPU for me.

    I am worried with the amount of time that this is taking that Dell is giving me the run-around until my enhanced warranty expires in a few more weeks.  Please, can SOMEONE here properly address my problem?

    I have been a loyal Dell customer for over a decade, and I have – up until now – been quite pleased with Dell's service.  However, it's extremely frustrating that – especially since I *PAID EXTRA* for this GPU, since it was "better" than the standard GPU that came with my model of Insprion 1420, and I *PAID EXTRA* for the Complete Care warranty – Dell is trying to give me the run-around and shirk their published responsibilities under the terms of the enhanced settlement.

    Thanks for reading.  I'm sorry for the length of this post, but I wanted to give as much detail as possible.  I would really appreciate it if a Dell representative who is knowledgeable both with the Nvidia GPU issues AND with the enhanced warranty would contact me.  I am happy to supply copies of the emails I have sent to Dell support (I understand I am "not allowed" to provide copies of Dell's emails to me; I think that's really sketchy, but I'll save that argument for another time).

  112. Our warranty expired in July.  I just found this website this morning.  Currently, my wife is on the phone with Dell XPS support as I type.  Right now we are being told that this class action does not exist.  We mentioned this website and the XPS tech is saying this is probably a scam.  We are on hold as he looks to see is [email protected] is a valid email address…  

    If my head didn't already hurt, I'd be banging it against the wall.

  113. @WeaselJones – Sorry you're experiencing that frustration, as the direct2dell mailbox is certainly legitimate :). Please go ahead and email us there with the following information:

    – A subject line that says NVIDIA GPU

    – Service tag or order number

    – Best way to reach you (please include your phone number, e-mail or both)

    – The country where you are located

    From there, I will get your details over to someone in technical support who can review your options with you. Thanks!

  114. I have a Dell XPS M1530 that has malfunctioned as a result of the NVIDIA GPU. I have a black screen on start up…and can do NOTHING with my computer. I purchased the computer Dec 15th, 2008 and had a 2 year warranty/service contract. According to the enhanced warranty extension of 1 year, my computer is still protected by the extended warranty. Why, then, is Dell insisting that if the problem isn’t the GPU, I will have to pay for the replacement of the motherboard? My understanding is that the GPU chip is on the motherboard, and per the enhanced warranty, the GPU and/or the motherboard will be replaced free of charge.

    I called Dell support and was immediately told I didn’t have an active warranty or service agreement. This fact was repeated several times even though I pointed out that the computer was still covered by the enhanced warranty. The support person, and his supervisor, made it sound like they were doing me a favor by offering to evaluate the problem…and if the source was the GPU Dell would replace free of charge as a courtesy. Really???!!! It’s a courtesy to fix something that is covered under the warranty? However, if the problem is the motherboard, I will have to pay for its replacement. I am not really comfortable with this ‘offer’ since I can’t get an answer as to how the source of the problem will be determined. How will Dell differentiate between the GPU versus the motherboard as the source of the problem? Dell’s failure to answer this question doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in Dell. I feel I am being set up to pay for a repair that should be covered based on the terms of the enhanced warranty.

    I am a long time Dell customer and have been satisfied to date with products and service. However, I am not satisfied with the they way Dell Support has responded to my claim that my computer has malfunctioned as a result of the GPU. I am getting ready to send my computer to Dell because I really don’t have any other recourse except to ditch the computer and buy another one. Since the computer isn’t quite 3 years old, ditching it isn’t an acceptable option for me. However, I shouldn’t have to pay for the replacement of the motherboard since the terms of the enhanced warranty should cover the GPU and the motherboard.

  115. @pdmseafish: I'm sorry you've been experiencing those issues.  Please email us at [email protected] and provide the following information:

    – A subject line that says NVIDIA GPU

    – Service tag or order number

    – Best way to reach you (please include your phone number, e-mail or both)

    – The country where you are located

    From there, we will get your details over to someone who can help.

    Thanks for your patience,


  116. I had this long post all written but ended up deleting it, wasn’t sure of the point in re hashing what has already been brought up over and over. Although I would like to add Dell you obviously have no issue spamming us weekly if not daily with sales on your laptops. How hard would it of been to throw in a Nvidia has reached a settlement with X type of laptops…and or hey we extended your warranty by one year because we knowingly sold you a defective device for top dollar.

    Anyway I am posting my status. I found this by googling xps M1530 heat issue. My non extended warranty expired approx 8 months ago. But thankfully whomever I talked to at Dell, was well aware of the extension. But I did note that prior to my bringing the extension up I was told my xps was out of warranty but how may I assist you…I now have a UPS box being shipped to me….. so here is to hoping Dell will actually be fixing the issue correctly this time. Not going to go into my many past service calls and mother board replacements. Again that has been well covered by everyone here already. But I will make sure I post my results.

  117. I have a Precision M2300 and Dell replaced the motherboard due to the Nvidia issue on August 30.  The laptop began acting up again the last week of September while I was at a conference.  I called Dell last week about getting it repaired (properly, with a correctly revised motherboard) last week and was advised that despite their claim that they extended my warranty for 12 months for this Nvidia problem, they will not repair this laptop again.  Dell said I had only 30 days from the date of the repair to get further help on this issue.

    Has anyone else run into this problem?  Can anyone help?

  118. @airation: Sorry for the hassle.

    Next steps, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your 1) a subject line that says NVIDIA GPU 2) a service tag or order #, 3)  best way to reach you and 4) the country where you are located.

  119. As I said I would here is my update so far. After being very pleased that Dell was extending my warranty, and sending me the box to ship my laptop to Dells repair facility free of charge covering repair and shipping. I get a call from the repair center and they are telling me I need a new mother board because this one is bad….really no kidding it is already the second motherboard replacement in as many years. But the kicker to that is they are saying it is on my dime because it has been damaged from liquid. I can honestly say I have never had any liquids around that laptop. But it really doesn’t matter what I say because I cannot prove that. They will be getting back with me on Monday they have to review photos. Really you are going to review photos??? Are you kidding me? As stated many times in here and all over the web. Since day one the mother boards have been defective. I and everyone else paid top dollar for these XPS machines because we were lead to believe they were the top of the line performance wise. For the 2 plus years I have owned this 1,800 dollar laptop it continually ran so hot it would burn your leg off, shut down, do crazy things graphic wise. Now instead of actually making it right they are going to look for a loop hole. And say liquid damage I can say this if there has been liquid damage to the laptop then whomever serviced the laptop should not of been anywhere near my laptop with liquid.

  120. I honestly believe there should be some legal recourse for not being notified. How is it that the effected laptops purchases were not notified about the existence of a settlement?  Or that one was even in the works. After reading nvidias Class Action Settlements fine print it pretty much says your sol if you miss the deadline. If we were notified in advance, I am more than certain there would not be 5 continuations of this blog. Nor would we all be going through this process of what feels like a tooth extraction to get any positive result from Dell, along the lines of this extended LIMITED warranty. Because Nvidia would of replaced all of these laptop and or given cash settlements of $2,000 usd. Really just makes no sense.

    On a side note I did get an email from Rene, and hoping that she will be able to resolve the “we will fix your laptop but ….you will have to pay for it.” Because they are stating my Limited warranty is void because it shows to have liquid damage. Really confused on that ….so are they actually going to try to put in a replacement motherboard “the current defective MB configuration” and if so do I get to then send it back since there is no “liquid damage” And have my system then replaced because according to my original warranty they state if we are sold defective equipment they “Dell” will replace you system with a like system or better…Back to my original point all of this would of easily been avoided if EVERYONE was given notice of the Settlement. I actually was thinking I somehow missed the notice but reading through all these post it appears no one was made aware.

  121. The laptop has returned…I recived a new MB,Palmrest touch pad, optical drive and keyboard. I do not know if they are new or referb though. But my hopping I would have a different configuration was just that. I have the Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T7250  @ 2.00GHz,NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT 256Mb. Which is still the defective GPU.

  122. I was having symptoms that made me believe the GPU was failing.  I have a Latitude D630 with nVidia GPU. I was able to get my laptop to Dell past warranty thanks to this thread. Now I just got my laptop back from Dell. They noted that the problem stemmed from a faulty battery (!)  They replaced the battery with a completely dead one (obviously that aren't going to give me a free battery).  I thought there must be something wrong here but my laptop now works without issue.  I have used it for the last few days and stressed the GPU with no problems.

    Maybe other people who are having the same problem as me can save themselves some trouble by testing if the problem goes away by taking out the battery. Here are the symptoms that I was having:

    "I have been unable to use the internal laptop screen for the last few weeks. Nearly everyday I turn it on to see if it will fix itself. One time the laptop screen did go on, but then it froze after a couple of minutes. The screen backlight is on however.  I am able to connect an external monitor. Resolution is set to 800×600 and I am unable to change it to any other resolution (computer is running Windows 7). When I go to display properties the adapter type is blank, and all properties say either unavailable or N/A.  If I click properties in adapter type is says it is using the VgaSave profile."

    Nothing here would lead me to believe the battery was the problem, since I was always running it on AC without issue. Go figure.

  123. Well, I had my D830 for just over a year since Dell replaced my motherboard. Now it's back to the same screen issue. lol So what did Dell replace my notebook with another faulty motherboard? I thought the issue was supposed to have been fixed by the replacement? Looks to me they just replaced it with board that still had the same issues and kicked it to the end users with 1yr warranty on a product they knew was going to fail eventually anyways. (thumbs up) Dell.

  124. Hi, yesterday was the first time that my laptop failed showing vertical lines of different colours on the screen and no matter turn it on or off would go away.

    I had to go to an internet cafe to find out that there was a problem with the Nvidia GPUs that was recognised by them back in 2008. Also, I found out about the settlement.

    However, I think that Dell should has stoped to sell faulty products as soon as they knew about the problem as I purchased in Feb 2009 on the UK website and the problems started to be discovered in 2008.

    Of course I am out of warranty, but I purchased the laptop in good faith and I would like to have a response from Dell as they knew about the inherent vice and they should have recalled this products.

  125. Hi I have got a Vostro 1400 that the graphics have died on.  Shutdown fine then just grey stripes on the screen.  If it gets to Windows its just vertical coloured bands. Lookes like the GPU.  My warranty ran out in 2010 is there anything I can do to get this fixed FOC?

  126. @skullster: Sorry for the delay in responding. It depends on the warranty expiration date overall. I'll send you an e-mail to get more details from you, then we can go from there.

  127. It seems from my research that this problem is well known this laptop is inherently defective due to the Nvidia GPU.  I may need to sue Dell for compensation under the sales of goods act whereby I have six years from the date of purchase to take action against a retailer when the goods in question are inherently defective. It seems there is no 100% fix for the issue.  So a repair would not be appropriate.  I suppose a replacement machine that is 100% not affected by the problem or a refund is a resonable request.

  128. HI.

    I have called the dell support center phone number and talked to them about this very issue. after hours of no one knowing what i'm talking about i spent a few more hours trying to get a hold of a supervisor. after all efforts have failed i am reporting back here that i need my laptop fixed and asking for anyone who even knows about this lawsuit from dell to help me. this has been a very frustrating experience considering my 1500$ laptop has only lasted me about 3 years.

  129. I have been having overheating issues and now I see no video and I tried to contact dell which gave me the usual runaroud for about 2 hrs and then I even showed them this blog where everyone else is also having the same isue and he still blatantly said I will have to buy the replacement parts!!!!!! I sent a PM to Lionel hopefully he can help……My warranty period expired on 09/2011, but I should still be in the extended warranty period.

  130. @funguide1: Sorry for the churn. I did receive your private message while I was out. Will take a look and respond soon.

  131. Don't accept the free "repair" because it doesn't work. I accepted it, and a year later my computer exhibited the exact same symptoms from the defect. The computer I paid $955 dollars for didn't even last 3 years, though I was told that a laptop should work or up to five years. This problem cannot be fixed. Why should I pay Dell $200 to replace my defective motherboard with another defective motherboard? Especially when you can't even give me a written guarantee that it should work? That just shows you have no faith in your own work and products. Had you not hidden the fact that parts of the XPS M1530 were defective, and given to eventual failure, I would not have purchased this computer.

  132. Pochacco1986: Sorry that your experience was a bad one. I'll send you an e-mail to get more details so we can straighten this out.

  133. Thanks Lionel. My complaints were ignored on Dell's Facebook page. Sending an email now.

  134. Thanks to this forum, I contacted Dell via email and they have replaced motherboard, ram and palmrest on my XPS M1530. Laptop is on its way to me. Thank you Lionel.

    I do have one concern. What are the specs of the motherboards that Dell is using to replace? Does it also have Nvidia gpu? Will that not cause the board to have issues again in future? It would be nice to get Dell to open up and be transparent as to what parts are they using as replacement. Further, is there any warranty on the board other than a 90-day warranty?

    Lionel – Hope you can throw some light on this. I know quite a few people have similar concerns about the repairs that Dell is making to these systems.

  135. I have put a post here as I can not find any where on the Dell website for this post.

    I have a quote from Dell for an extended warranty and now they have changed there minds and now the warranty has gone from 120 pounds to 399, can anyone help



  136. Another note – I purchased this laptop in July 2008. By that time Dell was aware of the issues with m/board. How did they continue to sell a laptop with a known defect like this? Most people are asking this and no-one has received a clear response to this question. Lionel – Perhaps you might want to take a stab at this question and not gloss over it like others have done.

  137. Hello,

    I have a Dell XPS 1530M which was part for the NVidia Settlement.  I sent to Dell an email on May 4, 2011 requesting the repair and they accepted.  Since my son was using the computer for his last year in college, I requested Dell to put on hold my case for a while and it was accepted, saying that they can always send me a new box (without limit of time).

    Two days ago I sent my request to reopen my case and I was told that the warranty expired in September 2010 (the expended warranty that I bought).

    I tried to contact Dell by phone and I was told that they cannot reopen my case.

    Here is the email that I received from Dell:

    """Subject: RE: Dell Support Request: Status of my order (KMM124316129I57L0KM)

    Hi xxx,

    The depot box has a 90 day validity.

    So it shouldnt be a problem.

    You may send it whenever you can.

    If the depot box expired then we could always send a new box to you.

    Thanks for letting us know. We will just temporarily close the case.

    Once you're ready, just send it in without contacting support (if box is still within 90 days)

    If its past 90 days then please contact us again with SR number: 834382738 and we will reissue another box.

    Best regards,


    Dell Rep ID xxxxx

    Dell Resolution Specialist"""

    Thanks for your help.

  138. I just became aware of the class action lawsuit on the Nvidia Video Cards in Dell computers. I have a XPS M1730 purchased in January 2008. (Svc Tag # 9442DF1). Can I get any help with the issues of the video card. Screen goes blue, locks up when on internet, etc.


    Jim L.


  139. @himanshu meena: I am sorry for the trouble. Our teams do go by the expiration date of the original warranty and the 1 year date from there. I'll will e-mail you to get more details from you.

  140. hello sir,

    I have one important query that as like my Dell XPS M1530 which was purchased in may 2008 and initial warranty were for 1 year. means may 2009. But Dell extended 1 year warranty without notifying us.

    Means latest by may 2010 my product were in warranty.

    Then Tell me what about products in which this problem occurred after 2010  as like it occurred in my pc.

    When its not my fault why should i go for repair on my cost??

    When it is proved that Dell has used faulty chips why should customer like me should bear this repair cost?

    Does i paid Dell for Faulty products??

    Does my money don;t have any value??

    Does dell should not notify all the customers at that time who have faulty nvidia graphics card and in back 2009 when dell knew the problem Does Dell should not replace all these product at that time??

    Dell has the worst customer policy i have known because as like i belong from india, in india other manufactures are still changing these faulty products but dell is not acting. why so??

    I think simple Extension for 1 year warranty was not that solution.

    It must repair all the faulty products since it is Dells fault.

    Suggest me if i am wrong.

  141. So DELL's Band-aid solution to this issue is showing its result now..

    I'm facing the same issue now..  DELL managed to delay this issue on my laptop by applying a Band-aid solution of running the Fan more.

    I can't believe a company like DELL can screw its customers like this.

  142. Hello,

    I own a XPS M1530, my laptop stopped working yesterday. How do i get support for this "Faulty Nvidia GPU" support.

    Laptop will not boot up..

    Kindly help me from dell support side..




  143. Hello Lionel Menchaca,

    Thank God I saw this blog and I am here. My Dell XPS M1530 stopped working last night with the similar problem due to the NVIDIA GPU over heating.

    I called Dell they are saying my warranty has expired, now is it my problem to pay a high premium price for this Dell XPS M1530 laptop and come to know because its NVIDIA GPU problem Dell will not replace it.

    I made several calls last night for support, all the calls were routed to India and from there getting transferred to different states in India by the support people to Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai, etc stating that this is not my problem.

    I am really frustrated by Dell of having purchased the Laptop and the people in India are asking for 170 dollars for an online support. While Staples is asking 70$ to do a diagnostics in person. Why does a remote person in India asking that much money for an over the phone support.

    Please suggest me a solution, if I don’t hear any solution from Dell and I will never ever buy Dell products and do not recommend to anyone of my people.

    Service Tag: F3X77J1

    Dell XPS M1530



  144. Hi Lionel,

    I purchased a Dell Vostro 1510 on 10th November 2008 in India which has a defective Nvidia GPU. The display went blank and the system continued to hang and reboot. The problem occured at early 2011 and I had it checked with Dell service center. The service person told that the problem would be in the motherboard and/or in the display panel and would cost around Rs.16000 for parts replacement. I, at that time, thought the cost was way above and assumed that it is an unfortunate failure as my 1yr warranty has already expired. I did not know that I was sold a defective NVidia GPU.

    I had high respect for Dell products and had already paid for that. I came to know of this published defect today. Dell should have informed me about the defective product and the warranty enhancement scheme. At the least, the service person should have informed me of a well known defect when I took the laptop to the  Dell service center almost 2 years back.

    Now, I want to know if there is any cost effective way to repair the product. My service tag is 9BHK2BS and the model is Vostro Notebook 1510.

    ~ Saravanan Murugesan

  145. now, it happened to my vostro.

    I have random characters and blue lines on my screen. My vostro is now useless!

    I bought my vostro 1310 in july 2008. I select the NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS video card and payed 70 extra euros for it!

    I chose this vostro because in tests it was emphasized that it was very silent. And of cause it was – at the beginning.

    After i heard about the video card failures which was affected by known production problems, i had a really bad feeling.

    I contact dell and they gave me finally another year guaranty, so i had 2 years just on the video car.

    That did not make my feeling better.

    I also updated the Bios, so that the fan was running more often. The original huge advantage of silence was gone.

    And now, after doing all requested and suggested proposals by dell, the video card has been broken!!!

    I am really, really upset! This error was known by nvidia and dell at the beginning!

    Instead of replacing the video card with one without this issue they just wait, that the guaranty ends.

    So now i am looking forward to get a satisfying solution from dell.

    If not this will be my last dell.

    Please let me know how to proceed.


    I totally agree with user himanshu meena.

  146. Hi,

     I wrote this yesterday but for some reason it didn't post.  Anyhow  I have a dell latitude d630 which was covered by the aforementioned extension, however it's warranty would technically be have been up in may 11.  Two days ago the video card failed without warning and as I researched the issue I found out about this whole mess.  My frustration is that these laptops are deserving a recall rather than a warranty extension and now those people that are just starting to deal with these issues are having to chuck perfectly good laptops because dell sold poor quality merchandise and is refusing to accept responsibility for that.

    So my question to you is: is dell honestly going to stand firm on this deadline despite having clear responsibility?  Or will dell continue to fix these problem children and allow people to continue to purchase dell products without fear that they will be getting swindled?

  147. @JoelCress: Sorry for the trouble. I just emailed you for specifics. Will get your details to folks in Support who can help.

    To others:

    Sorry for not responding until now. Will work to reach out to those who posted recently.

  148. THANKS so much for posting this! I've been having issues with our D630 for a few months now (warranty expired August 2012).  Just happened to google "D630 won't boot" and found this.  Saved me from buying a whole new system!

  149. My Dell XPS M1530 stopped working yesterday with the similar problem due to the NVIDIA card. I found this site from my research to find solution for my laptop.

    Does Dell provide any help with getting it repaired or replaced the defective product?

    Thank you.

  150. My Dell XPS M1530 stopped working yesterday with the similar problem due to the NVIDIA card. I found this site from my research to find solution for my laptop.

    Does Dell provide any help with getting it repaired or replaced the defective product?

    Thank you.

  151. Hi, Lionel –

    I have a Precision M65 that just experienced the GPU failure described in this blog. I was not aware of the litigation settlement until now and therefore did not file a claim within the time period specified. Further information about the settlement and claims process is no longer available, as the relevant websites have been taken down.

    Dell would probably say I should be thankful the computer lasted six years before failing. After all, the warranty was only three. Still, I'd like to think a $2000+ computer should last more than six years without a catastrophic failure like this.

    What are my options? Sending it to Dell for repair makes no sense, as the repair would cost more than the computer is worth, and at best I'd have a new motherboard with the same defective GPU. (On the other hand, if Dell gives a six-year warranty on the new mobo/GPU it might be worth it.)

    Is Dell selling new mobo/GPUs to affected customers at a reduced price? I know the GPU alone is not a user-replaceable component, but a competent owner could replace the entire mobo without much trouble.

    Thanks for all your efforts.


  152. Hello Lionel,

    My wife and I have an XPS M1330 laptop that has been having video symptoms that I believe to be consistent with the NVIDIA GPU issues described in this blog and the posted comments.  We have had this computer since 2008 and the symptoms started about 6 months ago.  Basically, while using the computer, the screen would freeze and then slowly fade in the vertical colored lines and eventually get to a completely white screen.  The problem was intermittent as first and I did some software updates that actually seemed to make the problem go away.  However, after about a month, it started happening again more frequently and is now to the point that the we can't get the computer to boot properly; it just goes straight to fading in the vertical lines.  

    I ran across this post and felt some relief because I am pretty sure I understand the root issue now.  However, that relief was short-lived when I found out the conditions of the class action lawsuit and warranty extension by Dell.  Our warranty expired in Aug 2011 so even the year extension would not do us any good at this point.  I did contact Dell customer support at which point I became further aggravated as they told me we would have been contacted and informed there was an issue with our computer at the time the problem was acknowledged by Dell.  The customer service rep further explained that our computer was not part of the affected "batch" and that is why we never received any notification of the issue.  I obviously am not familiar with how Dell tracks the issues, but it certainly seems like we have the same faulty GPU on an applicable model and should have been notified; we just weren't lucky enough to have the issue present itself in time.

    If Dell is unwilling to do anything at this point, any recommendation on how to fix the issue in terms of ordering a replacement part is appreciated.  (I tried customer tech support on-line and over the phone and didn't really get anywhere there either).

    Thank you.

  153. I hope you can help. Ive tried talking to the persons in India. but thye insist there is no coverage on this issue . Burt if there was it would have only been for 6 months and we waited to long.  this system was purchased in 08 and the purchased extended waranty expired  6-29-12. .. then the video stopped . the owner of our shop, tested it and told me to get it rma. but hte phone lines keep arguing that there is no settlement . they are unaware of this issue. and said it would cost $380.        i hope you can assist us .

  154. Lionel,

    I had posted earlier and since I never received an answer, I ask again:

    I purchased this laptop in July 2008. By that time Dell was aware of the issues with m/board. How did they continue to sell a laptop with a known defect like this? Most people are asking this and no-one has received a clear response to this question. Lionel – Perhaps you might want to take a stab at this question and not gloss over it like others have done.

    What are the specs of the motherboards that Dell is using to replace? Does it also have Nvidia gpu? Will that not cause the board to have issues again in future? It would be nice to get Dell to open up and be transparent as to what parts are they using as replacement. Further, is there any warranty on the board other than a 90-day warranty?

  155. Dear Lionel

    I email you and posted here several times from 5 month ago I have dell vostro 1510 which clearly has the NVIDIA problem. I really need that laptop to be fixed can you please help me to do so.

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