Official Dell Streak Pricing, Carrier and Order Details for US Customers


Update (January 15, 2011): To centralize the conversation, I’m closing the comment threads on earlier Dell Streak blog posts. If you would like to comment or ask questions regarding #dellstreak, please see the latest Dell Streak blog post.

I know many of you have been waiting for official pricing and carrier information on Dell Streak, so I’ll just cut to the chase.

  • AT&T will be the carrier for customers in the United States.
  • Pricing: $299.99 with new two-year AT&T contract, and $549.99 without.
  • Customers who register for the pre-sale will be able to order a Dell Streak this Thursday August 12.
  • Dell Streak will go on sale to the general public beginning this Friday.

Update: Several of us have been seeing requests for us to provide access to the #dellstreak source kernel from customeres like podginator and KingStreetMike. Here’s my response on Twitter:

Update: As of today, Dell Streak is available to purchase for US customers. There’s several different ways to publish. You can configure online by going to You can also call 800-308-3355 to buy the Streak. Chat is also an option 24/7: from the Dell Streak product page, choose the Chat Now link, then Electronics and Accessories Sales Experts.

Those who have registered (or will register) for the pre-sale will be getting an email Thursday morning, this week from Dell that will allow you to place an order for a Carbon Black version before it goes on sale to the general public. If you still haven’t registered, you still have some time to do it, but you’ll need to hurry. See my earlier post on how the pre-sale process works for more detail.

Update: In the #dellstreak tweetstream and elsewhere, many of you are asking about whether the $549 version will be unlocked. To be clear, the answer is no. Here are my two tweets on the topic that summarize where we are at this point:

In my last Streak update post, I clarified a few things. One thing to reiterate is that we will ship Streak to customers in the US with Android 1.6. We will offer an over-the-air upgrade to Android 2.2 later this year. Here’s the Dell Streak product page. Click on the Tech Specs tab on that page to see those.

And here’s a quick video overview of what Streak can do:

Like I mentioned before, when you place your order from the order link that will be in the email you receive this Thursday (if you register for the pre-sale), you will be able to order Streak accessories from the configurator. These include things like a spare battery , travel AC adapters, the Streak premium wallet case and more. Here’s a bit of background on a couple of the other cool Dell Streak accessories you’ll be able to order through

  • The Car Dock Kit (see picture below): This kit allows you to use the slick turn-by-turn Google Navigation features hands free. It includes a dock that can be mounted on the dashboard console or on the windshield, plus an AC adapter that plugs in to your cigarette lighter so your Streak will be ready to go once you arrive at your destination.  It will be $39.99.

Streak Car Dock

  • The Home Audio/ Video Dock: This dock allows you to connect the Streak to your audio receiver or HDTV. The kit includes the dock and an a USB charging cable with adapter and a synch cable so you can charge your Dell Streak while synching content with your PC or playing back music and video from the Streak to your A/V equipment in your living room or elsewhere. It will be $69.99. An HDMI cable is available for an additional cost.

We appreciate all the interest from customers. If you’ve already pre-registered for a Dell Streak, expect an email from Dell soon. To keep up on the latest Dell Streak news, check out the #dellstreak hashtag on Twitter.

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  • scottwm78

    thanks for the update!!

  • rahlquist

    Sorry yall took too long teased too much and fell behind. I grabbed a captivate and have zero regret.


    Count me in the camp who scratched the Streak off my "buy" list a while back. I kept coming here hoping the price would be lower, the Android version would be higher and the TMobile option would be reopened. None of those things happened.

  • ericmcneill


  • nateysmith

    Lionel, will they actually ship Thursday, or when will the phones start shipping?

  • nateysmith

    Also, will they be available in AT&T stores on Friday?

  • jmhalder

    So… no cherry red one? Maybe you shouldn't have had Kevin Andrew in the above video show off a red one.  Any ETA on red?  If an ETA can't be given, what is the motivation for me to buy a black one, if the red one comes out in ~2 weeks?

  • AliTabuger7

    If we pre order, can we do the two year contract and get the subsidized price?

  • XconfessorX

    Seriously!? $550 for an extra 0.7" of screen and a front facing camera. No thanks. Way to stay competitive Dell.

  • scottselk

    I want to know how valid this notice is three weeks ago thru this same blog by the same person we got the same invalid notice so whats up Dell? I too have bought a captivate but still can return it and buy a Dell Streak but want to know its for real this time!!!

  • QuantaBB


    Why not GIVE those that pre-registered a FREE car kit?  We, after all, have waited two weeks with nothing.  I'm just going to delete my pre-sales email and wait for the Galaxy Tab this fall as well as a probable T-Mo HTC device next month.

    Why is color such an issue?  I don't get it …. it takes a year of development to get the guts of the device and yet more time to somehow get the color cases?  Really?

    Flatly — I'm not going to buy one at all.  I may reconsider if you ever launch a larger one this winter or next year.

    Good Luck


  • smb3rd

    What a colossal let down…why Dell?  I had such high hopes for the Streak.  Now I'm not so sure…. 🙁

  • Daveotyp


    I really, really wanted one of these months and months ago…. now it's just "meh"


  • azdudeaz

    Dell Streak when purchased without contract will NOT be locked to AT&T. You will be able to use it with T-Mobile 2G/EDGE

  • nb_mitch

    All is not lost, there are still hopes that Wal-Mart, Wirefly, BestBuy can run a sale.  And if that doesn't happen, then there is always the Samsung Tablet coming soon.

  • krazy2k

    Why not let Dell know what you think?

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @nateysmith: The Streak will go on sale Friday at We'll work to the orders that come in Thursday soon after. Can't give you an exact ETA, but we understand it's a priority. They will ship soon. 

  • ericmcneill

    lionel will it release unlocked also thursday?

  • Maxed Out

    So Lionel Menchaca, will the Dell Streak (that I and many others have signed up for pre-sale) be available unlocked @ the 550USD price? if not will Dell be selling it unlocked soon? If not, you have more clients. Me included.

  • ThinkerT

    Count me with those that won't be ordering at launch. $300/$550 is just too much, the pre-sale "enticements" are too feeble, and the pricing on the accessories is a joke. Can't even imagine how much a (proprietary) spare charging cable will cost. I'll wait to see what discounts are available after launch before I consider buying.

  • Quanwei

    I think the price is too expensive.

  • whostorm05

    Will the Streak be available for purchase in AT&T stores on Friday?

  • AschneE

    Lionel – For people who are not living within the United States and are interested in buying this device at launch, will there be a direct download for Android updates available or will the updates be over the air only?

  • scottwm78

    @mcarver2000  From what I understand you just hit a website to do the update.  So you should be able to do it over wifi without a problem.

  • scottwm78


    I was wrong, you do  Settings/About Device/System Update

    apparently it just goes to check at some site as part of this process.  So I don't think it would have to be over 3G, and should work on WIFI

  • rebreb

    My original question: "Can current AT&T customers who are eligeble for contract extensions pick up the Dell Streak for 299 tomorrow?"

    I dont think Lionell is answering this because he doesn't know. I see a couple twitter posts to Lionell and Mattatdell asking exactly this.

    MattatDell replied to another person yesterday stating:

    "Is your ATT account offering upgrade option right now to acq a #dellstreak? If so, will check for you those details"

    So I guess we have to wait till they "check those details"

  • dante333

    It is starting to sound like the Streak is going to be an AT&T exclusive in the US.  Along that line of thinking, does that mean that the Streak is going to have the same limitations and annoyances on it that other AT&T Android phones have?  Specifically no non-Android Market apps  and AT&T applications preloaded?

  • jmm72


    For those of us who received a Streak as part of the Congress Avenue Mile beta test, will our devices be supported by AT&T if we sign up for service through them?

  • HaroldH3

    Lionel, Dell needs to deal with the criticisms of PC World: bring down the price, open the device to other carriers, and maybe even use the newer operating system. I like the device but am a stockholder and see the force of the criticisms Here is the material:

    Five Reasons You Don’t Need the Dell Streak

    By Barbara E. Hernandez, PC World

    At first glance, such a device may suit your business needs: a bigger viewing screen with the added bonus of a phone. But that only makes sense if it's a less costly alternative with more capability than both the latest tablets and smartphones.

    After a look at all the press, good and bad, here are five reasons why no one needs the Streak.

    1. Price

    The Streak is $300 with a two-year contract, a full $100 more than the average smartphone, such as the Droid 2, Blackberry Torch 9800, or Apple iPhone 4. It's also $550 without a carrier plan–which is about $50 more than the cheapest iPad, which has about twice the screen, and $100 more than an iPod Touch. There's no buy-one-get-one-free offer with this purchase, so expect to pay a lot for a half-dozen Streaks for your business.

    2. Android 1.6

    OK, so we all know that you can manually upgrade to Android 2.2 if you need to, but the idea that Dell is shipping these supposedly new devices with the Android 1.6 OS, and promising an upgrade later this year, is just sheer laziness (especially considering the Streak has already been delayed). Is this the way Dell shows us how it competes in the marketplace? Either way, when a company asks a higher market price, consumers expect to get more rather than less.

    3. AT&T

    Dell's sole use of wireless carrier AT&T is also a loser, causing many potential customers to give up on the Streak when it gave users no other carrier options. While Apple could handicap itself with AT&T and still sell millions of iPhones, Dell's brand is certainly no Apple.

    4. Smartphone vs. Tablet

    The biggest problem Dell will have is in convincing consumers they need a "tweener" device that will give them all the convenience of a smartphone with a larger screen. Instead, this means users will have a thin but huge device held to their ear to make calls but watch video on a relatively small screen. The Streak is only 0.7 inches larger than a Droid 2 or HTC Evo screen. Part of the design benefits of the Streak is that users can put it in their pockets, but it must be a pretty roomy pocket. Using an iPad would be less costly and give you almost twice the viewscreen–5 inches versus 9.7 inches. If you can watch video on a 5-inch screen, you probably can watch it on a 4.3-inch screen with little trouble.

    5. The Dork Factor

    How many people will use a phone that will obscures half of their face? While the Streak can double as a disguise, most people don't want that in a smartphone. They want something light, effective, and relatively small that doesn't make them look like a dork when using it.

    There are other alternatives out there for businesses looking for an effective hybrid, such as Freescale's $200 prototype that would suit most business needs. Freescale's cheap laptop has a 7-inch touchscreen that can be detached and doubles as a tablet for employees on the go. (At $200, a company could easily buy two for the price of a Streak.)

    The Streak had some good ideas, like Gorilla glass that makes it sturdier, a 5-megapixel camera in back, and a VGA camera in front. But those ideas are already being used in upcoming and more popular smartphones and devices. In short, Dell is trying to create a new niche for itself between smartphones and tablets, but that market may not exist.

  • snook929

    They always say good things come to those who wait , well I think i waited too long. Not only did Dell flip flop on the release date. We find out it won't support T-Mobile's 3G network. Well after I came to terms with their decision, I decided to go with the Samsung Vibrant(Android 2.1). Boy am I happy. I'll wait for it to go on Sale due to lack of Sells. I'm not gonna switch plans and pay for 2Gigs of data. Sorry i'll keep my unlimited plan.

  • rebreb


    1. price: Streak has larger screen size, and 2 cameras unlike other android AT&T phones.

    Can the ipad make calls on a carrier network? does it have cameras? can it be mounted to the dash for gps?

    I am really not sure how much AT&T actually had to do with the price because in UK its free with a plan… I am not sure what the difference is from and why the subsidized price cant be free here too.  

    2. agree

    3. Handicap by choosing 1 carrier? Well maybe, but out of all the current android phones on the market how many run on more then 1 network? Each carrier has their own unique phones they carry.

    I actually like AT&T, I dont know if I am lucky or what… but have not had many signal issues… I even accidentally (my fault) had a $600 overcharge on my bill and after talking to them they reversed all the charges.

    4. Reception of the product from 02 in UK has been very favorable by most customers. This is one of the largest reasons I have stuck on board and not jumped ship to captivate "yet."

    I am just never going to buy a ipad or similar device, so having a smartphone with a few tablet features is fine with me. The real question for me is if I can actually read a page zoomed out in landscape mode; i am still a bit skeptical on that one. (D8 vid on Dell Streak shows one of their reps saying you can, but I have to see it to believe it)

    5. If walking around with a dell streak makes me a dork, THAN I AM A DORK 🙂

    Freelance tablet at 200? sure but… that doesnt solve me trying to buy a phone… not strictly a tablet.

    All in all, there are obviously some things that went wrong with the product coming to launch.. and I am sure they realize that too and will hopefully fix those things in the future. You cant deny its still a nifty little gadget and we shouldn't let those things overshadow this.

    @Dell…. can i purchase a dell streak on pre-sale or launch day… as a contract extension with my current AT&T plan if I am up for eligibility 🙂

  • rebreb

    @snook929 your current plan is unlimited on AT&T? From what I understand if you get a contract extension for 2 yrs your plan stays the same, even if you add new phone. I just spoke with AT&T about this recently.

    But say you were going from a non-data plan, got a smartphone and added data you would have to use their new data plans if that makes sense.

  • Tech_Addict

    If we all wait a couple months, this thing will go on sale as the execs freak out about the low sales numbers.  It happens with many, many Dell products.

  • Bundhit

    Thanks for your update, Lionel.  But, do you have any information about other language support for this dell streak, especially Thai?

  • cfproserv

    So you're releasing this with 1.6.  Will the new Dell quad core computers come pre-loaded with Windows 3.1?  But hey, as long as we get our free updates to Windows XP, we're golden right?

    Seriously guys, this needs to be priced at $200 and I agree with QuantaBB; with all the waiting and lack of information, a free car kit for those who pre-ordered would go a long way.

    With the 2.2 update,

    1) Will we be able to rotate the Home screens?  Landscape only is not user friendly.  At least give us the OPTION to rotate them.

    2) How about when the device is in portrait mode, will the time and date be displayed?

    3) Will the icons be spaced further apart giving us less room on each screen or will it remain the same as it is in 1.6?

    4) Will the custom menu (top left corner) still give us the ability to add/remove apps or will it only display the most recently used ones?

    There is certainly a need for a device this size but with the hardware and software limitations, it's hard to justify spending so much.  

  • jinaus

    Is $549.99 unlock means factory unlock(sim free) ?

  • nb_mitch

    Is it true that the device will only be sold direct from Dell, not even At&t will have it in stores?

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @jinaus and others who are asking, the the $549 Dell Streak will not be unlocked. I've tweeted on the topic here and here to clarify, and will also update my post with these details.

  • engadget

    Sounds like the Dell Streak is DOA due to Dell's mishandling of marketing and overpricing.  Maybe they'll learn for next time.  

  • J.M.S.

    So, you're finally getting it out the door, and you have my congratulations. Now please, Lionel, give us some idea about a release date in Canada — have you begun talking to any of the carriers up here? Seriously, I'm limping along on five-year-old motorola batteries, and I want your product in hand when they finally fail . . .

  • rebreb

    Can current at&t customers purchase the streak on thursday (preorder) as contract extensions? or is this truely only for people who will be geting new numbers/contracts from at&t?

    This would change everything for me. I keep searching for info on this , but have failed to find any. If this is only for brand new customers then I guess I will have to wait even longer till at&t decides to offer this in their store. AT&T site has info on the the Dell Areo but not Streak so it makes me believe it wont make it to their stores for a while. Who knows though.


  • scottwm78

    "Can current at&t customers purchase the streak on thursday (preorder) as contract extensions? or is this truely only for people who will be geting new numbers/contracts from at&t?"

    I have the same question

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @J.M.S. Thanks for the interest. Several others such as yourself have asked for details about Dell Streak in Canada. When I have more details to share, I will.

    Thanks again.

  • dwnhllfreak

    I was wondering if we will have the ability to upgrade to the 32GB Micro SD card when we order tomorrow?

  • pappyfire

    Thanks for the updates Lionel, but you still have only hinted at but not actually answered one big question. Can you get the $299 price with an eligable contract extension or only for a new account? Please clarify.

  • ThinkerT

    kbdabraham  – First, the pricing WAS NOT announced. It was leaked and unofficial, meaning there was no certainty that it would be the final release price. Second, you may think we're just "whinny punks", but the only way Dell will know what their potential customers are dissatisfied with is if they post on forums like this that Dell actually sees. This isn't just an information site, it's a place where customers can provide feedback as well, and if Dell wants more customers for their products, they SHOULD care about what the "whinny punks" say, especially in a crowded smartphone market.

  • mcarver2000

    Let me see if I "read" this correctly.  The update to Android 2.2 is going to be available "over the air"?  If so, one is out of luck if they don't pay for a data plan?

  • mcarver2000

    Same boat, no e-mail for me regarding the "pre-sale".  I guess Dell doesn't really want to buy into their Streak…..

  • Steelorb

    No presale notifications here either.  Also, the fact that existing AT&T customers can't get the contract price just killed the Streak for me.  

  • rebreb


    I got it to work with no help from dell or customer service who says its not possible.

    When activating ATT click upgrade phone and if the specific number that’s up for eligibility is put in you choose keep existing plan, then add on keep existing data plan, and keep existing message plan. Don’t even bother calling dell, they don’t know about this.

    And yes this works.

    Also don’t have your pre-order e-mail? Here use this:

    It will allow you to purchase the streak and get the coupon for the free headset.

    @Dell I take cash/credit or paypal for my services to help these lost souls who just want to give you money, but aren’t able to due to bad communication 😛

  • raitchison

    Wow I'm very disappointed, I've been a longtime Fan of Dell and have bought nothing but Dell computers for the past 12 years, I'm also an Android geek (user, not coder) who got the G1 within a week of it's release.

    1. Even before I found it was SIM-locked I was disappointed by the lack of T-Mobile 3G bands, Dell should have made the Streak support both AT&T and T-Mobile 3G bands.  Needless to say it should have been unlocked I'm saddened I even have to say that,

    2. A device this size should have mini-HDMI out, instead you have to pay extra $$$ for a dock that will have HDMI.

    3. For that matter it doesn't have a micro-USB or even mini-USB port, which means you need a proprietary cable just to charge the thing, no deal, I I wanted that kind of limitation I'd buy an iPhone.  Micro-USB is the new standard that almost all handset makers have committed to, get with the program.

    4. Android 1.6 is serious weaksauce, 2.2 has been out for months there's no excuse for not releasing it with 2.2.

    5. Should have 802.11n as well as b/g

    6. It doesn't appear to have physical buttons for menu, home or back, it doesn't even have the lame soft-keys for phone and end.

    7. Also no trackball or optical trackpad?

    All in all this is a poor offering for an extremely premium price (which will get even more premium once you buy all the accessories you need to give it the capability it should have had out of the box)

    I remember (fondly) when Dell turned the PC distribution model upside down, and everyone benefited (except Compaq and IBM I suppose)   You had the opportunity to do the same to the wireless market and you chose not to.

  • cartman7110

    @Lionel or anyone who may know at Dell…

    (1) If US$549 is for users who don't want to be tied up to an AT&T contract, why is it then still locked to AT&T?

    From my understanding, such a scheme would only mean that AT&T is still subsidizing somewhat the phone even if you buy it off-contract. In short exclusivity.

    Is that the case?

    I am on AT&T and love the network (granted Verizon indeed is better coverage) but getting it still locked at that price (which mind you is the price of laptops already) makes no sense. I needed it unlocked as i would like to carry only the Streak when i travel beyond North America (say in Europe and Asia).

    (2) Will there be AT&T specific (pardon the term) bloatware included in the off-contract one? What about the on-contract one?

    (3) If the answer to both 1 and 2 a yes, why then don't i simply get the unlocked UK version since i won't be using HSDPA in the US anyways (basing on the logic that users who buy for the Wifi) and that the UK version's 3G is supported in, well, UK, Europe, and Asia. I guess its just simply warranty, correct?

    Or did i simply not understand also that the UK version is not unlocked but also not-in-contract?

    At this point, i've very disappointed. I have promoted Dell Streak to my friends as the better alternative to Archos, the iPhone 4 (currently on the 3GS) and the iPad and I was ready to buy but held off at the last minute due to this limitation.


  • Lionel_Menchaca

    rebreb: You're right… I do I owe you. Thanks for sharing the information.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @CRPerryJr and @mcarver2000: Sorry for the delay. You can use this link to order a Streak today:

  • ericmcneill


  • basebal26


    Why is there no information as to when the Streak will be available in AT&T stores???  I would like to physically see and touch the phone before I spend the $300 on it….

  • chilipalm

    Reasons I did not buy the Streak:

    1. Locked to AT&T

    2. Only for AT&T and not T-mobile – coincides with #1 but no 3G support for T-mobile.

    3. Android 1.6

    4. Price

    I hope Dell still comes out with an unlocked version with full T-mobile support after the disappointing sales of this version.

  • rebreb

    [Update on current AT&T customers eligible for contract extensions]

    It is not possible… I just spent 2 hours trying to do it and spoke with Dell sales reps. Its sad it took me so long, and the information wasn’t readily available to me.

    I would like to warn anyone trying to use the activate AT&T system after you add the Streak into your cart… if you are a new customer to AT&T no problems, go do it. If you are a current customer it will ask you for your name number, last 4 social… normal ATT info they ask for… but at this point any changes you do will add another line (9.99 + 15) to your account.

    Its confusing and almost makes it appear as a contract extension but it is not. You have to add a new number to a current contract or be a new customer to AT&T. I hope this clarifies things for people who will attempt the same and not waste their time on something which should have been presented to us earlier.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @nb_mitch and whostorm: No, the Dell Streak will not be sold at AT&T stores at launch. Don't know beyond that.  

  • igorbbb

    When you buy iPhone at Apple store for full price – it's UNLOCKED !

    When you buy Dell Streak at Dell store for full price – IT"S LOCKED !!!

    Now started looking for other options to find unlocked Android based phone w screen 4" and bigger

    So disappointed by Dell decision to sell Streak for full price but LOCKED

    That's so sad, especially  after waiting for two month.

  • CRPerryJr

    No Email yet…still waiting.

  • RAW19

    @ Lionel Menchaca.

    Is there any information you can give us about a Canadian or unlocked Streak release.? Phoneless in Canada.

  • rebreb

    @ CRPerryJr  check your spam mail, alot of people report it ended up in there

    @ RAW19 Lionel already answered this in the comments section above

  • whostorm05

    Will the Streak be available for purchase @ AT&T stores on Friday?

  • Trashling

    Shame on me. I didn't read the ad before ordering. I had the Pre-Release Give-Away Beta Streak and although it didn't get T-Mobile 3G, it did get T-Mobile Edge.  I don't care so much about the 3G.  I just assumed that since I was paying what amounts to UNLOCKED dollars, it was going to be UNLOCKED.  You know what they say? Never say "assume .. " because it makes ……

    Any way – It is going to arrive tomorrow and I am going to write on the box, "RETURN TO SENDER."  I tried to reach someone before ordering and ask – "Is this the same as the beta phone?"  but they passed me around and around … After ordering I continued to try and find someone that would answer a few questions.  I got as far as the Mobile support department … The first [and only] person I got on the phone didn't even know that AT&T had gotten the contract .. she continued to argue with me that nobody had.  That is when I asked for her supervisor.  She came back to the phone and said "Yes, AT&T has the contract .. "  I still had questions.  Said I still wanted to talk to her supervisor.  She said he wouldn't come to the phone .. That is when I decided that I will just send the Streak back when it arrives.  I could wait and try to get it unlocked or at least open the box and put my sim card in to see if it works like the Beta did ..  but honestly .. the support just horrible .. It would be too many dollars invested with support worse than Apple.

  • d_fan

    i don't like pay full price for LOCKED Streak…..

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    In case some of you still have problems or questions about purchasing or activating a Dell Streak, take a look at my post on the topic.

  • g5long

    Guess they didn't like me talking bad about dell on this forum, now they are censoring my posts.

    I used to be a customer here, guess I will have to look for another brand since they are so thin skined

  • NJKevin

    I agree with the complainers that it has been WAY TOO LONG a wait for this product … the streak is FREE at O2 in the UK … and overpriced here in the US. Dell will never make headway against Apply by pricing the product HIGHER than an iPhone … and as a tablet-only, Apple gets the advantage at a slightly higher price, but no 2-year data contract.

  • mcarver2000

    I really, really wanted to buy the Streak.  However, $550 for an unsubsidized device that is LOCKED to AT&T was the major reason I couldn't go through the order.  In order to phone service for the Streak, one is forced to also have a data plan with AT&T  since the Streak is also considered a "smartphone" (even if one does not want anything but phone service).  

    I may come back, if and when Dell will provide an unlocked Streak.  Hopefully by then Android 2.2 will be available for the Streak as well.  

    I am not really looking for a tablet (too big) and I am not really interested in a smartphone (too small).  I want something to replace my ancient Palm TX and the Streak looks to be the best fit for a replacement.

  • mcmc08

    I'm probably going to buy the Streak, not because it's perfect, but because it has features I've been looking for in a phone that my iPhone just doesn't have.  Yes, it has a few rough edges and Dell could have done a little better job getting Android 2.2 on it, but that will happen and all will be well.  I like devices that don't assume the user is an idiot and needs to be spoon fed like iOS does.  There are people that fall into that category, but most people these days have a pretty healthy knowledge of technology.

    For those complaining about the price, why is $550 out of line?  The iPhone 4 will be higher than that when they begin selling them off-contract.  $550 is fair.  $300 on-contract is, however, a problem, and could spell the phone's downfall.  My guess is that AT&T wasn't willing to subsidize it as heavily as some phones because it's a totally new category.  And that may also be why they will not be selling them in-store.  I hope it works for Dell, but I'm just not sure how many people will be willing to pay $550, or even $300 with a contract.

    My biggest gripe with Dell is a lack of marketing.  Have any of you seen an add for the Streak?  AT&T won't even be carrying them in-store so the only consumers who will know about it are primarily techies who follow tech sites.  That's the only way I found out about it.  Dell is all but guarantying a short lifespan for the Streak.  As a result, there won 't be a version 2 with the improvements we all want to see.  Does Dell even have a marketing department?

    Dell, if you're listening, spend a little money on marketing.  Let people know what a great device this is!  In fact, hire me!  

  • patsy123

    So you knew about the 'locked' status. Why didn't your online help agents? I am really annoyed. Read a lot of differing commentsabout the Streak online and decided yesterday to get it from the source so went online to chat with Dell. I spoke to 3 – yes three – agents and all assured me most enthusiastically that I could unlock the Streak by phoning my carrier (T-Mobile) and getting it unlocked. I asked three separate Dell people because I wanted to be super sure. On the basis of their answers, and the assurance that once T-Mobile had unlocked it I could then take it to Australia and use it with a Telstra SIM, I ordered one. I then phoned T-Mobile to get the good oil on exactly what I would need to do to unlock it. They denied they could do that and sent me off to AT&T who also said 'impossible'. So … back to Dell – and I have spent several hours on this already – to the fourth person who tells me the others at Dell were all wrong, and the streak cannot be unlocked – oh, and I cannot cancel the order, I can only return it when it arrives. What a joke!!!!!

  • longhorn reb

    AT&T is a deal breaker for me. The data plans are over priced and you can only get 2GB these days if you are a new customer. I'll stick with sprint.

  • rebreb

    Just posting this because its something alot of people ask about:

    1. There is NO!!! AT&T bloatware on the subsidized OR unsubsidized versions at this time.

    I know thats a huge thing many have against ATT android phones… well its not here (for now).

    2. To the people who want unlocked phones… you can buy it once it comes out in canada… cross the border and buy it… canadian law says that if you pay full price it has to be unlocked. i dunno if this will raise price or change anything…..and no there is no canadian release date yet…but probably within next 2mo

    i need my phone to arrive so i can stop trolling these posts!!  🙂

  • dumavi

    Hey Lionel!!!!!!…..because no one at Dell Inc. would like to help, I decided to use social networks, because well I know I find the solution here. I invite you to see my problem in:

  • lorax1284

    I want at Dell Streak 10". A real iPad competitor with a decent graphics chip for 3D gaming and silky smooth scrolling & swiping. Of course with at least 1 FRONT FACING camera (rear facing high-MP optional). I work for a software company and we want to develop software for Android-based large-screen tablets (5" or 7" don't rate as "large"… 10" with 1280 x 720 screen, now you're talkin'!)… but where are they?

  • compactcameraman

    iPhone4 sold in the Apple retail stores at full price in Canada are unlocked. You can use it with any carriers of your choice.  I hear their sales for UNLOCKED iPhone4 is great in Canada despite their notorious antenna issue.  

    If you care about maximizing the wealth of your shareholders, you've got to re-run your NPV calculations by taking opportunity cost of the possible sales foregone by selling Streak sim-locked into an account. It's obviously underestimated.

    Sim-locking only minimizes the sales volume of the great device like Streak, which of course will result in decrease in the sale of your handset, and a very limited contribution to your shareholder's wealth.  

    I'm not even talking about providing a better service to consumers. Just saying from a shareholder's point of view.  

  • J.M.S.

    Please, Lionel, you have to be kidding me — the Streak was launched in ROMANIA before bringing it to Canada?!?!? I mean that's just downright insulting, y'all!

  • tosvus

    I've been waiting patiently, but my patience is starting to wear thin. First of all, I will pretty much guarantee that due to the pricing, most people interested in this must somehow get it through their workplace. If they use AT&T as a provider, like mine does, they order all devices through AT&T. They subsidize the devices heavily as well – and I will never buy one of these until it is offered in a way that my company can order them.

    Secondly, update the Android version already!

    I'll give it 2 more months, and if these things aren't in place, I will have to upgrade to iphone4 instead..

  • longhorn reb

    Played with a Streak at Best Buy today. Wish that I could have one, only problem is I am a Sprint customer. I will never go to AT&T because of their data plans for new customers. Come on Dell, help out us long time Dell customers.

  • nb_mitch

    I know Dell has done everything possible to stop this device from being successful, but Best Buy now has it for $99 and might bring it back to life for a little while. I just returned my X10 and will be picking up a streak when my at&t account gets reset 🙂   I had waited since April for the device to have a fair price, hopefully it will be worth the wait.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

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    conversation, I'm closing the comment threads on earlier Dell Streak blog
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