Our Commitment to Pay It Forward


I’m so excited to be at Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) event in Istanbul, Turkey this week. The theme for this year’s event is Pay it Forward, and we ha’ve been exploring how women can grow and scale their businesses. Pay it Forward is a movement to harnesses the power of our collective networks to positively impact the future of women’s entrepreneurship around the world. We believe if one woman helps another woman, who in turn helps another 10 women, businesses, communities and ultimately economies, will prosper. 

Dell is committed to impacting one million women entrepreneurs by the end of 2015, and that’s no small task. It takes each of us helping women to advance, and in turn, inspiring those women to support others. Join us! Log your gestures at www.dell.com/payitforward

More about the Pay it Forward movement:

Here’s the Livestream of the kickoff session from this year’s DWEN:

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