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Our Statement on a Recent News Story Regarding a Dell Laptop


[UPDATE 2/9/2017]

Regarding the recent Dell laptop incident, we have concluded our full investigation. The battery involved was not manufactured by Dell and was not an authentic Dell battery. Remember it is important to follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions for all electronic devices. Incompatible, counterfeit or third-party batteries may increase the risk of a safety related incident.

Here are some additional battery safety tips to follow for devices with lithium-ion batteries:

Go the source. Only buy replacement batteries from the device manufacturer. For Dell devices, authentic Dell batteries purchased directly from Dell are designed specifically to work with your Dell computer and contain intellectual property that helps ensure safety while improving performance, increasing battery life and reducing charge times. Dell cannot verify that replacement batteries purchased elsewhere will operate safely. Visit Battery and Adapter Selector to be sure you get the battery designed specifically for your Dell laptop.

Check your resources. Per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), some websites and secondhand dealers not associated with reputable manufacturers and carriers have been found to be selling incompatible, counterfeit, or poorly manufactured batteries and chargers. If you are unsure whether a replacement battery is compatible with your device, be sure to contact the manufacturer.

On the mark. For added safety, always look for a genuine Mark of Safety on the battery from an organization such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

UL Listing and Classification Marks

We also urge people to properly dispose of all end-of-life electronics. Check out Dell’s ReConnect partnership with Goodwill to recycle PCs and accessories. For more information on device recycling in general, go to


We were recently made aware of an incident that occurred involving a Dell laptop. Firstly, we are grateful there were no injuries during this incident. Dell places the highest priority on safety with millions of laptops being used around the world every day. We’ve coordinated with the owner of the laptop and await the product’s return. From there, we will conduct a complete investigation to validate its origin and understand its full history including whether all components such as the battery are manufacturer-approved.

Customer Advisory

As a reminder regarding all devices, be sure to follow the safety advice within the manufacturer’s product manual. Using an incompatible battery or a third-party battery may increase the risk of a safety related incident. Replace the battery only with a battery purchased from Dell that is designed to work with your Dell computer.

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