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It’s been great to see Dell’s end-to-end solutions in the news lately. Marius Haas, president of Dell Enterprise Solutions, did a terrific job sharing our vision for the data center last month in Silicon Valley. Just last week, we celebrated our one-millionth custom hyperscale server sale through our Data Center Solutions (DCS) business. And today, November 8th, marks yet another milestone — the 18th birthday of our PowerEdge server line and Dell’s official entry into the world of enterprise computing.

Looking back, the mid-90s was an exciting time. Powerful trends like the adoption of x86 servers, the proliferation of PCs, and this novelty called ‘the Internet’ were revolutionizing how technology was consumed, delivered and sold.

NYT server news 1994

 Our PowerEdge business grew fast despite the dominance of Compaq and IBM, which collectively owned 65 percent of the server share in 1994. We were focused and aggressive, and we developed differentiated technology that was standards-based and customer inspired. Sound familiar?

Our customers embraced the change. By 2001 we were the leading provider of Intel-based servers in the U.S., and our leadership continues today. We are the No. 1 server manufacturer in the Americas and No. 1 worldwide in density optimized servers, like those designed and delivered by DCS.

PowerEdge opened up a world of opportunities for Dell. Along with the broader enterprise solutions and services business we’ve built around it, the PowerEdge server line remains a clear differentiator as we work with customers to address their business challenges.

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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