Our Story: Tracing Dell’s Solutions Heritage with Precision


About a year ago we launched a heritage blog series inside Dell called “Our Story.” It’s proven to be a great way to connect, engage and inspire our 109,000 team members around the world. It’s also been fun for me personally to reminisce about our 28-year heritage and connect the dots from my 1984 dorm room to Dell 2012 and beyond.

The original Dell Precision workstation and the 2012 Dell Precision mobile workstation

But our heritage is not just about those of us who wear a Dell badge. Our customers, partners, shareholders and former employees all own an important piece of Dell’s story too. So today we’re launching the first in a series of “Our Story” posts on Direct2Dell and invite you to listen in and join the conversation about Dell’s rich heritage.

The topic of the first post is our mid-90s entry into workstations, a timely subject matter given the new family of Precision mobile workstations we introduced today.  These machines are workhorses engineered specifically for some of our most compute-intensive customers—engineers, software developers, video editors, animators and architects, to name a few.

Since launching our first workstation in 1997, we’ve been instrumental in moving the technology industry forward. We were the first to introduce mobile workstations, systems with dual-core processors and rack workstations. We’ve consistently pushed the envelope for better performance, more power and customer-inspired design, and this new lineup is no exception.

Did you know that workstations really marked the beginning of Dell’s solutions-focused journey?  It was the first product line we designed for a specific customer segment, with their unique requirements, obstacles and goals in mind. We even partnered with independent software vendors (ISVs) to ensure our workstations were not only compatible but optimized for the critical applications these customers require.

Jeff Clarke, vice chairman and president of Dell Global Operations and End User Computing Solutions, and I talked about this important company milestone recently, and we thought it might be an interesting story to share.

The Dell Workstation 400, as we called it in 1997, was a huge success. In very little time, we went from zero to nearly 50 percent share and led the industry as the No. 1 workstation provider for 10 consecutive years.

It was a homerun for Dell but, even more important, it underscored this notion that the real purpose and benefit of technology is to solve problems and enable our customers to achieve their goals. That’s what our solutions strategy is all about, and it’s the right one—for Dell and for our customers.

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6 thoughts on “Our Story: Tracing Dell’s Solutions Heritage with Precision

  1. Dear Sir Michael Dell

    If You can Sir , please build Engineer Support in Poland because Technical Support is to little .

    In Poland have not tools and devices to Dell . Probably Dell need specialize instruments to measure and tests  machines . I saw this in about 1990 in Everex computer company in Warsaw  , where the engineer of test worked on similar software as OrCad and has special tester of logical state , and did probe on motherboard . I know that instrument it is not cheap and if You Sir buy it then mayby sell more Workstations . I think that problem with machine of more memory is logical hazards , this state i probe in my study laboratories on simply example , measurement machine was Tektronix. I inform about it Your Sir Technical Support . LeCroy is actually probably the best in it .

    In technical matter please be honesty . I if have not notion about theme i do not express about matter .Therefore i think about Engineer Support .

  2. @rbator1: Thanks for the suggestion on how to augment support and tools in Poland.

    We’re always looking at opportunities to expand our operations globally. We’ve launched a dozen new R&D, data and cloud solutions centers in the last year alone…with more to come.

  3. ok .

    I have Dell Precision 690 and 64 GB Ram , and more …

    i have proble with Memory  data line failure

    i conntact with my support 10.07 today is as is 30.07 i will have telephone call  from Support .

    I had 3 technicians visits . 1. technician change motherboard and update my bios , turn off and turn on my heatsink by screawdriver . ok , took of conduction layer and covered it by syringe ,ok and this same problem .

    2. he had a additional riser and 4 * 4 GB new ram and nothing this same problem

    3. other technician shuffled memories , this technician had two screawdrivers , turn off heatsinks and change processors by change places . took of conduction layer by screawdriver and grease in patterns as liver sausage by screawdriver and next turn on it  , next run my machine , and this same problem , next speak to me that i ought to try somehow .

    Processors were exchanged hands .

    i wait for a 4 visit and ?

    I think , that is it logical hazard , my machine have maybe a some distortion , therefore i propose in my opinion best devices is LeCroy with Dell Tag or Tektronix with Dell for it . I would find this execute change , i think about OrCad too with special tag "for Dell" or authorize LeCroy or Tektronix  software with Dell tag.

    Special probes , Special connections , matrices in order to view that and . More tools and exercises for employee . Other machines could used of it too .

    What do You Mr think about it ?

    This Dell could be took in 4 enginners on laboratory detected and diagnose and remove problem by e.g Bios update in place in Poland and send it  far to other Dell Engineer Centers . Technician could that material use . And more , and more .

  4. more

    3. by the time of discharge of potential He did not removed BIOS battery , this time some last .

    can He discharge that battery and destroy others elements , i think about streams maybe other ?

  5. @rbator1.. Sorry for the trouble. I've asked someone from our support team to reach out to you. As a reminder, blog comments should be related to the material in the blog post itself. That said, I hope we can resolve the issue you discuss.

  6. Dear Sir

    Thank You . Sir wanted in order to explain situation . I explained it on my example because it is nearest .

    Problem is that . If You Sir want grow without other . How ? If Your Sir client , patner , eg. do not grow .You ,Sir do not grow too . Sometimes project base on unit machine . If this project finished self succes

    , next project can be smaler or bigger .  If will be bigger , operators , machines must be more . Support growing sometimes can help for this .Scalable Support , Center , piossible that it is proper solution .

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