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IdeaStorm Traffic, We Need Your Stories for StudioDell

A little over two weeks ago, we used Direct2Dell to help launch two new pieces of our digital media strategy: IdeaStorm and user-generated content on StudioDell. IdeaStorm has seen lots of traffic since the launch: over 2,500 ideas and almost 6,000 comments overall. That said, what I really wanted to … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca March 5, 2007

Dynamic Product Pages on

A recently added feature to the site, the Dynamic Product Pages function, is a key addition as we work to keep customers current and updated on your products. With these pages, we’ve really tried to centralize as much support information as possible and make it more intuitive to find … READ MORE

Global eSupport February 28, 2007

Join the Green Grid

Yesterday, a new organization called The Green Grid announced the completion of the consortium’s formation and issued a call for members.  The Green Grid is a global consortium dedicated to developing and promoting energy efficiency for data centers and information services.  Yesterday,  we also announced the Board of Directors, which … READ MORE

Rick Schuckle, Office of the CTO February 27, 2007

Latitude Notebooks Join Dell n-Series

Since we launched Dell IdeaStorm last week, Linux-related topics own three of the top four spots in terms of overall popularity. To see the progress made on some of the top ideas from the first week, take a look at the ideas in action tab. I wanted to share some … READ MORE

Matt Domsch February 23, 2007

Blog In Different Languages (Feb.)

We agree this is clearly a requirement. We're close to rolling out a blog in our second language and we’re working on our third. It's clear that blogs are becoming global communication tools. Expect more within the next month.

Caroline D February 23, 2007
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