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Global Commitment to Dell’s Direct Model

Thought some Direct2Dell readers might be interested in seeing today’s news.  Mike Cannon will lead a newly formed Global Operations organization that integrates all of Dell’s worldwide manufacturing, procurement and supply chain functions. What this means is that Dell will continue to focus on building systems close to customers in … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca February 14, 2007

Vista Upgrade: COA, Change Order Details

Update: Direct2Dell readers like Miranda and Michael Show commented about having problems with their Certificate of Authenticity (COA). To any other customers who have an issue with your COA, please submit a comment letting me know and please be sure to complete the e-mail field so that I can have … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca February 10, 2007

Making a Virtual Connection

I was recently reminded of one of the two things that makes Second Life such an interesting place—the ability to interact with people from around the globe while feeling like you are in the same place, and the power of SL Groups to bring people together. Thanks to Linda Zimmer, … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse February 8, 2007

When Will My Vista Upgrade Ship?

Many customers are now asking when we will start shipping the Vista Upgrade. Dell expects to begin shipping the upgrade in the latter part of February. The upgrade availability for some systems like the XPS 710 and 710 H2C will take longer. Like I mentioned in a previous post, we’re … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca February 7, 2007

CompleteCare Now More Complete

Most people agree that the best part about having a notebook computer is the ability to use it nearly anywhere. The coffee shop, any room in your house, at the park on a Sunday afternoon—mobility brings flexibility. But mobility can come a price. It’s estimated that there’s a one in … READ MORE

Julie Lary, Dell Client Services February 6, 2007
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