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Quad-Core Servers and Workstations

Last week, we transitioned several of our two-socket servers and workstations over to new quad-core processor technology. This transition affects several of our two-socket tower and rack servers, our PowerEdge 1955 blade servers, and our entire Precision workstation desktop lineup. In this vlog, Jay Parker and Daniel Bounds from the … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca November 13, 2006

Learning from the Past

Jeff Jarvis asked a good question on our call this morning: “What has Dell learned from its interactions with blogs?” Here’s his post on the topic. Wanted to close the loop on this because we’ve learned a lot. Our policy in the past may have been “look, don’t touch.” Today, … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca November 9, 2006

Dell’s External Blog Policy

Today, with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)  we’re announcing our external blog policy that calls for all of our employees who are speaking online on behalf of Dell to communicate in a transparent, accurate and ethical manner. What does this amount to?  That we’re serious about blogging and … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca November 9, 2006

Dell’s AMD-Based Notebooks

Between Engadget, Gizmodo and our own website last week, most of you are probably already aware of the Inspiron 1501 notebook.  Today, we’re also introducing our first AMD-based Latitude notebook, the Latitude 131L.   Besides the processor type, the prices are getting noticed—both start around $600. So what does that entry … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca November 6, 2006

Linux on More Dell Client Systems?

As highlighted in Michael Brown's post, we put a lot of effort into our Linux offerings on our workstations and servers. On the client side, our efforts are much more behind-the-scenes. We recognize the chicken-and-egg problem though: it has to work before many people will want to buy it; and … READ MORE

Matt Domsch November 1, 2006
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