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Sound Blaster X-Fi Revisited

There’s still some confusion around the Sound Blaster X-Fi card. Looking at comments on the blog and e-mails that I’m getting, the confusion tends to be centered around the distinction between what’s handled via hardware or software. Before explaining that, want to call out three core points: Comparing the physical … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca September 1, 2006

Battery Recall Update

As reported in a Dow Jones story yesterday, the battery recall rolls on. Data from earlier this week shows we’ve received about 150 million page hits on the battery recall site, well over 800,000 battery requests. A good percentage of those have also shipped to customers. I’m still getting some … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca September 1, 2006

Improving Battery Standards

In an earlier post, Lionel mentioned an organization called IPC, and asked me to share some details about the group, my role in it, and to discuss the upcoming tech summit, which happens next month in San Jose. I talked about this recently with eWEEK, but wanted to share more … READ MORE

Supplier Eng. & Quality August 31, 2006

XPS 700 International Customers; Custom Cable Inquiries

Some customers from Canada have pointed out that they were not given the option to upgrade their processor from a Pentium-D or choose a gift option like I had reported in an earlier post. My apologies to those people. Would recommend that you contact your sales representative directly to address … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca August 30, 2006
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