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PC Does Whaaat?!


In an unprecedented move, Dell, HP and Lenovo have joined forces with Intel and Microsoft to launch the “PC Does Whaaat?!” campaign – a joint advertising campaign that showcases the exciting innovation in today’s newest PCs.  

Why now? Think about it. We have Intel’s best processors ever, with Microsoft’s fastest growing OS Windows 10, and some of the thinnest, most innovative hardware designs ever built – like the XPS family we just launched last week.

Why partner with our competitors? While we may be fiercely competitive, we share common ground on one important thing: PCs are the most important engine of personal innovation today.

PCs power everything we do, and the reality is people want the same experience at work that they have at home: thin, light, beautiful systems with touch capabilities, high definition screens, and multiple modes for laptop or tablet use, all with great battery life.

Today, this is finally possible – we can provide employees what they want in a device without sacrificing the manageability and security IT requires. A great example is the new XPS 15, about which The Wall Street Journal trumpeted, “I’ve been testing the powerhouse XPS 15 for the last week and the trackpad navigation is the best I have seen on a Windows laptop in my decade of reviewing.”

If you are working on a three or four year old system – this is not your experience! And even though we’ve all brought to market awesome new devices with major technology advancements, some people still need convincing that it is time to upgrade their PC. 

There are hundreds of millions of outdated devices out there. What people don’t realize is that PCs today are light-years ahead of what they were just a few years ago – both in the experiences they offer and in added benefits like energy consumption.

On average a PC today uses about 40 percent less energy than a comparable product did four years ago. We did a math experiment – if you take 600M PCs in use today that are 3-4 years old and upgrade them, you could save 3.7M Kilowatts per hour in energy use and several billion dollars. That’s a lot of CO2 and money this group can save customers. 

So, we all came together because the time is now to show people what they are missing. With “PC Does Whaaat?!” we hope everyone sees that it’s time to take another look at what the PC can do:

  • Now you can get a 4K ultra HD display in a laptop and 2-in-1
  • Up to 1TB of storage in a device that weighs under 3 pounds
  • Two days of battery life (up to 18 hours)
  • Touch capability made popular by Windows that has forever changed how people will interact with their PC… 

Millions of people are limiting what they can do by using outdated PCs. And we hope this campaign encourages them to rethink what is possible.

What do you think is possible? Let us know.

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