Potential Vertical Line on Certain 17" Notebook Displays


Update: January 16, 2008—Mike Bukowski, a Technical Analyst from our Dell Customer Advocate team recently published a post that discusses other potential causes of vertical lines on notebook displays.  

Earlier this year, members of our Customer Advocate team posted a message that still resides front and center on a site called dellverticalline.com. That note says we were aware of some user complaints about certain notebook displays. Since then, the Customer Advocate team has coordinated with other Dell groups to help figure out what was happening with some 17" notebook displays.

Here's what they found: on some 17” LCD displays shipped with Dell Inspiron 9200, 9300 and Dell XPS Gen 2 notebooks, a one pixel wide vertical line may develop across the LCD screen over time. Systems that may be affected by this issue shipped from Nov. 2004 through Oct 2006.

Here’s what we’re doing: for affected systems, Dell is offering to replace any LCD that develops a vertical line within three years of purchase, at no charge for parts and labor. Also, Dell will offer refunds to customers who paid Dell to replace defective LCDs with this issue.

Dell values our customers, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We will send letters to all potentially affected customers whose systems are out of warranty. We have already begun mailing them—letters will be sent to our customers at their last known address.

To summarize the key criteria:

  • This potential issue applies to Inspiron 9200, 9300 and XPS Gen 2 models only
  • Only these three systems shipped from Nov. 2004 to October 2006 are potentially affected

Not all systems are affected. U.S. customers who are experiencing this issue, or who have paid to replace an LCD for this issue can call 1-800-624-9896.

For customers outside the U.S., please contact Dell by phone:

  • Go to support.dell.com
  • Choose your country or region from the drop-down list
  • Choose Contact Us
  • Choose Technical Support
  • Choose Call Technical Support

Note: I've amended the previous two paragraphs with updated information. Rather than strikethroughs, I edited the original text to help eliminate any confusion.

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547 thoughts on “Potential Vertical Line on Certain 17" Notebook Displays

  1. Just Wondering: Defective panels cause the issue in some Inspiron 9200, 9300, and XPS Gen 2 notebooks purchased between Nov. 2004 – Oct. 2006.

  2. So what WAS the problem?  Defective panels? The way they were used?  There was a very good explanation of the delay shipping vista upgrades for certain models.  How about a good explanation of exactly what this problem was?

  3. Lionel, can you please shed some light on reports that the Dell Axim line of Pocket PCs has been discontinued. I looked for a press release that announced the decision, explained the rationale, and the plan for ongoing support — but I found nothing on the Dell corporate website.

    For the record, my Axim X30 (and assorted accessories) is one of the most useful mobile computing products that I’ve owned, thus far. Granted, those of us that use Pocket PCs are early adopters, but I was hopeful that these devices would eventually become a mainstream product.



  4. Great news! 

    We let everyone in the Dell sections at NotebookForums.com know.  They are going to be thrilled to hear the solution you are implementing. 



  5. A nice gesture, but considering it also happens on Latitude’s as well (in particular our  610m’s which aren’t covered – yet) I’m disappointed. In the latitude’s case, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is caused by the keyboard pressing on the screen when the case is closed

  6. I read consumers stating that this is a great gesture on Dell’s part, indicative of a company that cares about it’s customers, when the fact of the matter is that there was a time only weeks ago when every single Dell employee ever asked about this issue denied ever having heard of the problem.

    It simply became too large for Dell to ignore, that’s all.

    This solution is unacceptable for no other reason than that it restricts the coverage of LCD replacement panel costs solely to those who chose to have Dell replace their panels. When taking into consideration the facts that Dell chose to pretend this was not a problem to begin with, Dell’s rather high price tag for a replacement LCD, and the fact that the replacement panel would be coming from the same source (Dell) as the faulty component, I must conclude that a rather significant portion of us customers chose to install panels from another source. Why the hell wouldn’t we?

    …But then, the good folks at Dell already knew that.

  7. Bravo Dell,

    I think it is great that youare actively taking care of your customers when a problem develops.  Keep up the good work.

  8. Well I’m glad Dell is finally owning up to their flaw in some systems but I don’t think their scope is broad enough. Obviously based on the complaints from consumers this issue applies to other notebooks besides what is listed.

    I e-mailed and called Dell several times last year about this issue and just got the run around from them. I gave up for awhile until someone at work pointed on the ugly vertical line on my notebook screen. “Chris, what’s wrong with your screen?” I replied “Oh, that’s Dell’s crappy workmanship Victor, don’t ever buy a Dell!” Anyway he got me worked up about it so I decided to check out dellverticalline.com hoping that something had developed. To my surprise there was a “Response from Dell – 02/06/2007” so I shot off an e-mail to [email protected]. The next morning someone from Dell contacted me, I was actually quite surprised at the turn around time and that the agent was based in the US (kudos to you). I told her my sob story then she put me hold for what seemed like 10 minutes. When she came back she told me that my Inspiron 8600 was not part of the recall, ugh.

    It’s too bad that Dell has decided to leave me with a defective LCD. I am the “techie” of the family and because of me they have sold two Inspiron 6000s, one Inspiron 8600, and one desktop to my family/friends. In the future they can be sure that I will be buying Thinkpads from now on and that I will no longer recommend them. Word of mouth is what can make or break a company but what do they care… they are already a Fortune 100 company.

    Here’s a pic of my screen: http://pub.ck84.ws/8600_vertical_line.jpg

    This is my last resort, 


  9. I tried the contact number but it goes to voice machine which says that their office hours are 8.30 am – 6 pm Central standard time.   It is 4pm and i am receiving this recording.    I also left a voice message last evening.   No response yet.  

  10. Frost: Sorry for the experience you’ve had up to this point. I’ll have someone follow up with you soon.

  11. Well, while I’m thrilled to finally get Dell to own up to a defective
    product, I wish the process wasn’t so frustrating – I’ve tried calling
    all day to the number listed above and couldn’t get a real person, then
    I tried not typing in the 723-9429 extension and I get India, someone
    takes all my info then tries to transfer me back to the states, only to
    lose the connection.  I call back, get another person who then
    asks for the same exact info I just gave to the first operator (even
    with the case ID#), who then transfers me again for a 40 minute wait
    !!! to connect to another operator who tells me I’m out of warranty
    (which doesn’t even apply here), then needs info from my system I don’t
    have at work.

  12. Chris: Sorry to hear about the issue with the display on your Inspiron 8600. From the analysis we’ve done up to this point, this particular issue (which is a panel defect on some 17″ displays) appears to be isolated to the Inspiron 9200, 9300, and XPS Gen 2 notebooks.

    That said, we are interested in looking at your specific issue. I’ve forwarded your e-mail and above comment to someone in Technical Support who can help.

    I agree with your view on word of mouth… I can say we’re keenly aware of how its positive or negative comments affect us. In my view, word of mouth has an impact on a company of any size.

  13. I have an Inspirion 9300 with the vertical line problem. I am glad to hear the Dell plans to address the issue.  However, to date, no one from Dell has got back to me.  I sent 2 emails to [email protected] with ‘Dell Vertical Line outreach’ in the subject, as requested by Dell.  First email was sent on 2/19/07 and the second was sent on 4/07/07.  Also, I have left a voice message at ext. 723-9429 yesterday as requested above.  I am hoping to hear from someone soon…

  14. Dennis: Thanks for your comment. Obviously, I’m a bit biased on the topic, but I have a less cynical view of this than you do. Lots of people here are committed to doing what’s right for our customers. Sometimes it may take us longer to get there than our customers would like. I agree and can tell you that we’re working to shorten the time it takes for us to implement a solution in situations like this.

    In the meantime, I’ll continue to publish the positive and negative comments that come along.

  15. Well its about time! I have contacted Dell several times regarding this
    issue since Thanksgiving, and have recieved nothing but rudeness,
    claims that “we have never heard of such a thing!”, and multiple
    promises to be called back which, of course, I never was. I just
    contacted the number in this post and also recieved a promise to be
    called back, which by now means nothing to me coming from Dell… since
    the customer advocate never emailed me back either, I’m losing hope
    with this company, completely. I’ve already been given the runaround
    enough over this, and the big beautiful (and still young!) 9300 17″
    screen I paid a lot extra for is so riddled with lines that using my
    computer is a complete headache. Hopefully this finally reaches a

  16. I have an Inspiron 9300 purchased June 05, the vertical lines started appearing about 2 weeks ago so i was thrilled to find that this issue has been resolved but now i’m trying to call the number on the top of this page and all i get is a machine telling me to leave the name of the person i’m trying to reach and to call back during business hours but it’s 3:00 pm here in Boston…..has anyone actually had any luck getting through to that 7 digit extension? thanks in advance 🙂

  17. Hi All,

    I wanted to let everyone know that after posting my comment on April 11th someone has followed up with me and resolved my issue. I thank Dell and I want them to know that they’ve turned a really bad situation into a positive one. Good job, you’ve kept a customer!


  18. Well I think its good for those with the 17″ screens but i have a 6000. which is the 15.4″ with the same problems. Ive been dealing with people at dell for too long on this issue. I am so unhappy with them right now. I have been calling for the last few months on this issue dell has repeated issues of saying they will call me and not doing so. I have also sent many emails to the customer advocate team without any response. I have called somany times that if i hear “your computer is out of warranty” ill explode. I spent almost two hours on the phone today with dell. I spoke to 4 people and 3 of them told me my my warranty is up on my computer. I also called the extension for you lucky 17 inch people and got the message every time. argh……

  19. I have been in dispute with Dell Europe over this issue for 3 months now. I spoke to the XPS technical team again yesterday and had to point them to this web page…..they knew nothing about it. They still seem to think it is a warranty issue and mine has run out. I have been waiting for calls for over 2 weeks on occasions and have had to fight to get an help at all. Does this cover Euorpean systems too?

  20. I just got a response to my second email that was send to [email protected].  They are going to replace my LCD.  They gave me the option of sending the PC to the DEPOT to have the LCD replaced, or sending me the LCD, so I could replace it myself.

    I have asked for them to send me the LCD(with directions). so I could do the replacement.  I can not do without my PC for any length of time, as I am a sofware engineer, and use it 8 to 10 hours a day.

    Looks like this will be resolved, and I will once again be a HAPPY Dell customer… 

  21. Im glad to see Dell taking care of this problem.  I have the Inspiron 9300 and have called dell twice as well as emailed the customer advocacy without any resolution in the past.

    I look forward to hearing from a representative to have this issue finally resolved.

    Dell taking a step like this has restored my faith in them.


  22. I have tried calling during business hours every day since April 11th. The first time, I got a response, gave my info, and was promised a call back which I never recieved. The other times I have gotten a message machine, even though it was during business hours. Have left messages both times, still no call. I am not about to give up without Dell taking responsibility for this… but not returning phone calls is adding insult to injury.

  23. It’s nice that somebody is getting a resolution of a problem that concerned them. I’ve been trying to find out for nearly two years why my Inspiron 600m had some significant quality issues (loose hinge, cracks in case–one only two or three months after a return from a “repair” depot) even though it was rarely taken out of my house, and never subjected to rough handling.

    You can be very assured that until I figure out either officially (yes, I have posted here before, and I also have written to the powers that be in Texas) or unofficially through online forums or whatever, that I will not be rushing out to buy another Dell when the lid finally flies off of this one, or if a major crack develops on the bottom of the case. My feeling is that if my concerns weren’t answered the first time, what chance would they be of being answered even if I buy parts to fix the thing that I am using now. Don’t even think about suggesting that I shouldn’t give up on the Dell Corporation; as far as I am concerned, it has given up on me. 

  24. I’ve been living with the several vertical lines on my 9300 for some time.  Last night one third of my screen (right side) instantaneously turned into a multicolored mess.  Very frustrating.

  25. Hi, being an Orthopaedic surgeon, I was very insistent on cutting edge technology and quality and hence went ahead chose Dell to be my brand and purchased an Inspiron 9300 in March 2005. I got this haunting problem since June 2006, three months after my warranty got expired. Now, it has been almost 9 months. The problem is getting worse with the number of multicolour single pixel lines increasing from 1 to 30 or more and now, a 2 inch black dead band adjacent to a translucent white band of the same width. You may view the pictures here:

    Picture 1
    Picture 2
    Picture 3
    Picture 4

    What’s more, the display has now shifted itself from 32 bit to 256 colours!!! Now, my screen reminds one of Modern art !! I’m sure if someone sees my laptop screen, they’ll never buy Dell in a lifetime. I too have dreadful experience with the Dell customer service “carousel” handing me over from one agent to the other, keeping me in waiting for 60 – 90 minutes and then pretending as if they have never heard of such an issue before !. I referred them to dellverticalline.com. I was told, it is not an official website!!! Of course, can anyone expect Dell to put up such a website? At least these people should be trained to talk sense. It was recently that I saw the customer advocate support on the dellverticalline site and I had sent them a couple of mails, with no response at all. Few days ago, I came acrossthis blog, and can you imagine the sigh of releif I had 🙂 ?? But, not for long…. I tried calling up the number and was directed to a voice mailbox. I am yet to get any response. Today I have sent an email to [email protected] as per the instructions above. Could you please do the needful so that I can also be included in the happy Dell owner’s club? Do you need my tag number for this? I’m not sure if it is safe to post the tag number on a blog. Thanks in advance 🙂

  26. Hi there, I have also insp. 6000, my line appeared as violet one about
    1/5 from the left. I’ve sent an email to them, will see what happens,
    I’m in Switzerland

  27. I also had the same problem Jesus had. I called and got the voice mail even though it was clearly during their stated office hours in the message. I left a voice mail and sent an email as well. They ignored the first one some time ago so hopefully I’ll get a response this time around.

  28. Now this doesn’t make sense at all.  I received a call back today and Dell wants me to send my laptop in to have it “repaired.”

    As it is currently the only computer I have and I use it for business I can’t do without it for an hour let alone no telling how long they want to keep it.

    I don’t understand why they would have a problem sending the replacement screen to me so I can install it myself.  The online manual has on Dell support more than shows you how to replace an LCD screen yourself.

    It does not make sense to me at all.  I offered to take out my LCD screen and send it back before they send the new one, the represenative is saposed to call me back tomorrow.  

    Once again I am becoming highly discouraged with dells support.






  29. What happens to Dell customers that bought the laptop from the US and now are permanent residents to other countries. Does this affect the replacement of the panel?

  30. I called Dell France hotline, but they have never heard anything about this blog, or about changing screens on i9200 and i9300. (Actually, they haven’t heard anything about vertical lines at all…, quite funny indeed)

    Also sent an email to [email protected] 5 days ago. No answer (yet?).

    I’m getting tired of hearing the same old song all over again…

    This whole thing is beginning to look like a hoax… and the people at Dell are once more proving to be buffoons.

  31. I purchased an Inspiron 9300 in April of 2005.  I started noticing a yellow vertical line in the center of my screen about 3 weeks ago. My notebook remains stationary.  I dont even travel with it. I’ve never dropped it or agitated it in any way. Unfortunately I only took the free 1 year warranty.  I started having problems with this notebook immediately after my first year.  I paid $1600.00 for this machine.  I know now it was hardly worth the money.  I’ve left lengthy messages at the number stated above.  Im waiting to hear back.  Someone please call me.

  32. I have the Inspiron 9200 purchased in Feb. ’05 and it has the same vertical line problems as the rest of you.  When I found this page, I called the number and left a message as well as emailed Lionel and the Dell customer advocate team at [email protected] on 4/12.  Within a few hours Lionel had emailed me back (Thank You) insuring me he would forward my email to someone that could help me.

    I’m not sure which contact actually did some good, but by the end of the day someone from Dell called me, a call which I missed, but she left a contact number and extension.  I called her back the next morning and received a return call within a few hours.  She assured me it would be taken care of and got a DHL rep on the phone with us to take my information and answered all of my questions.  Within 20 minutes of getting off the phone with her, DHL was at my door, with their own box, to pick up my computer.  All I had to do was remove the battery and hard drive.

    I was told it would go directly to one of their depots and the screen would be replaced and it would be returned to me in approx. 7-10 days.  Wish it could have been expedited, or at least that they could have sent the screen to me to replace myself, but I’m still happy with the response timing.

    I guess my point is that this information is for real and they are actually following through.  I guess I was just one of the lucky ones that got in early enough that I got a quick response.  Word is surely spreading by now about this and I’m sure it’s taking them longer.  But I can say they are following through.  Best of luck to all getting through. 


  33. I own a 9300 laptop with the purple vertical line in the classic left-hand position. I have been working to get it fixed for months.

     I called the telephone number above and discussed my computer a lady in India. After a lengthy explanation of the convoluted procedure for them to pick up my computer and send it via DHL to the repair center, she put me on hold to get a DHL number. When she came back, she said “so sorry” but that my computer although it’s within the window (it shipped in May of 2005) it does not have a LCD part number that is covered by the warranty. ie, nos J9662, T4976 or 4554. So they won’t fix it.

    This is incredibly frustrating!



  34. Hmmmmm. I sent 5 emails to the old customer advocate address that was listed on the dellverticalline site, and got no response. Have sent two emails in the last week to the address listed here, as I’m outside the US. Still no response, not even a comfirmation that my emails are being looked at, let alone whether anyone’s even read them. Can’t say as I’m too impressed, will try phoning customer services again if I haven’t heard anything by Friday.

  35. I am from Singapore and a few of the Inspiron 510m notebooks which were purchased by my company has exactly the vertical lines issue which you are referring to.  I am wondering if there will be a free replacement for the LCD screens for the affected machines.

  36. I have been living with 20+ coloured lines up and down my screen for about 6 months. More of them keep popping up as time goes by.

    I have to move my movies in a small box in between the lines or else they intrude.

    Its nice to see that Dell has some notice of this 17 inch error. However, i also have an Insprion 8600 and i am hoping that the LCD replacement plan will work for me as well!

    I have had Dells since i left Compaq in 1999, and have never had an issue. I even kicked one and it worked like a charm for another year.

     Cheers to anyone that can clear up this annoying screen issue!


  37. Lionel Menchaca:
    4 days and 3 emails to [email protected] – still no response. Whom should I contact in Dell India? The customer care here has no clue (or pretends to have no clue) regarding this issue. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  38. This site worked wonders!!! I got a mail today from Lionel and 5 minutes later, a representative from Dell India, Bangalore called me offering to send a service engineer to fix things up tomorrow. An hour later, again a call from Dell Logistics, Chennai, India to confirm that they are shipping the part by courrier and it will reach me by 12pm tomorrow. (wow !!) and a service engineer will come over and replace it for me. Lionel, you have solved this issue in less than a day’s time. No words to express my gratitude. Keep up the good work so that people still have faith in Dell !!

  39. Ok, called Dell support, after spending 45 minutes convincing them that it was indeed a fault with the screen and not the graphics card, I was basically told that this site was a third party site and as such they wouldn’t honour the above statement, although I was welcome to order a replacement from the spares department if I wished. Un huh. I pointed out that this site is owned and operated by the same Dell inc as Dell.com (according to a quick WHOIS search), but apparently not. Any comments on this?

  40. Tim, I am enclined to think that the customer rep that told you that this site was not Dell’s may have been talking about the dellverticallline.com site. They have told me that more that once in the past. This was the official answer regarding this issue.  This rep seems not to be aware of this blog and this particular post. I can’t be 100% sure though…

  41. Can I ask why my last comment has not been posted. I have today had my screen replaced. Thank you vrey much. Dell service after recognising and agreeing to fix the problem has been very good. But I am still left with a very sour taste in my mouth with regard to the last few months of battling Dell customer service.

  42. I called the new contact number, spoke to a rep and was promised a tech will contact me to come and replace lcd on my Inspiron 9300.

    Waiting, will post outcome…

  43. My Inspiron 9300 purchased April 2005 has developed the line. Do dell  carry out free replacements for UK machines or is it just USA machines.

  44. My LCD suddenly developed  a vertical line. I have a Inspiron 9300 purchased on the 26.05.2005 Serial tag:******** Please send me further information on what I should do. I have read on Direct2Dell that the LCD will replaced.

    I have sent this email today to [email protected] what are the chances of a quick resault. I live in Germany

  45. I have a inspiron 6000 with the vertical line problem. I
    have spoken with many reps on this issue and they offer me a pathetic discount.
    I will never buy dell again. I will discourage anybody and everybody i know
    from buying a Dell. Its funny dell wants to save a few bucks by not giving me a
    screen, in return, I will cost them thousands in lost revenue. I encourage
    everybody else to do the same. Dell has to be the worst company i have ever dealt

  46. I have a XPS Gen2 Laptop with the 14.1 inch WXGA TrueLife LCD.

    About 1.5 years ( Nov 11, 2005) after using my laptop I received a 1pixel wide vertical line in my screen. I sent Dell an email 2 weeks ago and received no response.   I called Dell XPS support today and they said they won’t be replacing my screen because it is not one of the screens that had a defect.  I don’t understand how you singled out this one screen when there are many laptops just like mine with the same problem.

  47. I was so happy to see this today.  I have the problem too so I’ve been keeping the odd eye out on dellverticalline.com and I was overjoyed to see the link here taking pride of place.

    Now I’ve rung my local technical support number (Asia/Pacific region, I’m in Australia) and I’m back to being extremely sad.  They STILL haven’t heard of the problem.  I STILL have to point out this and other web sites to them.  They are STILL giving me the royal runaround, after going through 5 departments they are now checking it out and will ring me back, HA!  See that pink thing with the curly tail up there in the sky?

    I’ve contacted DELL AsiaPacific before and got nowhere, I’ve emailed the [email protected] (never even got a reply saying: “we’ve received your message” or something similar).  Do I have to be in the US to get any action on this?  Or are you guys over there going through the same …?

    Surely there is some way to alert ALL your call centres of the decision to replace these screens free of charge.  I’m still pissed and amazed that not only have they not heard of the resolution to replace them, they still seem not to have heard of the problem in the first place.  Who employs these numpties?


  48. I don’t have this problem on my XPS Gen 2 (purchased September ’05), but am now a bit worried.

    Does anyone know if this affects the 1920×1200 displays and/or the lower resolution displays?



  49. I do not believe it. When my Inspiron developed lines, I rang Dell support. As it was out of warranty, I wanted to buy a new screen. No go, they would not sell me one. I tried two local tech support shops, who both tried to deal with Dell. One got a price, paid, and……. no monitor. We tried for about four months to deal with Dell. Now ….. a one year old laptop written off.

    I have purchased a lot of Dell computers over the years. Not being able to even buy the spare part to replace the faulty manufacture has stopped that. I now warn people, be careful buying Dell.  

  50. Boy do I wish Apple would show the same commitment to its customers that Dell seems to be showing. We have the same problem on Apple 17″ laptops.

    Apple’s response to our complaints to date has to be delete, edit or lock threads on their forum that addresses the problem or to outright deny the problem exists when questioned by the German media.

    Just out of curiosity, our screens where manufactured in Shanghai around March – April 2005 in what has become the infamous W8 factory. Does anybody know where the Dell screens came from?.

    Erm, nice going Apple! Bravo Dell. 

  51. I bought an Inspiron 1600 in september 2006. It has 15″ screen. It has now has 8 sets of verical line. Each set is equally postioned from each other. it seems that this problem is further than 17″ screen dell is admitting to.

  52. Congratulations!

    I must commend Dell on doing the right thing (at least for some customers) by offering to fix their faulty products. I am one of many Apple 17″ PowerBook’s that has the same virtical line on display issue. Like alot of you have, many of us posted details of our systems on a website:

    We decided to do this because Apple still refuse to acknowledge that there is any problem. Despite all the evidence that there is a problem and that it is largely confined to computers of a specific serial number range, produced at the same factory around April of 2005, Apple are ignoring the situation and leaving its customers to suffer.

    I know I should not really be posting here, but it is refreshing to see that some companies out there still do look out for their customers interests, even if it does take some pushing. Apple seem to have forgotten about their customers in their hell bent persuit for the dollar and slice of the media pie.

    Well done Dell.
  53. I have a Dell Inspiron 9200 and I’ve had this display problem for 7 months now. there are well over 150 lines on my screen, half of them blink, and two 3″ white streaks take up the right and left side of my screen which thankfully aren’t always there. I’ve contacted Dell a few times but had the same problems many others have had, phone calls ending in a lot of confusion and being disconnected. but I am very happy Dell is fianlly doing something about this. so thanks.very much. so now i’m just waiting for that response.

    I just wanted to say that its funny when I look at the pictures some people have posted on here, because I can’t tell the difference between the lines on my computer and the lines on theirs. its a problem.


  54. I have a 9300 that shipped to me in late April ’05 with the LCD part number J9662 (which along with T4976 & W4554 is one of the three with the issue).   Last week about 2″ on the right hand side of the screen went black with lots of red/green/blue lines.    Last night most of the rest of the screen went bad.  I am a year beyond my warranty but I looked online and found this site so I thought I’d give it a shot.

     I called  (The number in the blog article as I’m in the USA).    I mentioned the problem, they apologized and I gave them the service tag number that’s on my accout for that computer.  The rep looked it up, asked me to wait a minute and came back to tell me they were replacing the screen and DHL could pick it up today.  It took maybe 20-25 minutes when you figure in the time to give them my address and then conference in the DHL person to confirm that info, but it was relatively easy and quick 

    I should get it back next week.   I’ll post an update then.

  55. I have Inspiron 9300 and it was shipped in Jun 2005. There are about 30 vertical lines. Dell customer support says this particular screen doesn’t have any issue as per their records and asking me to contact out of warranty group. They don’t tell me anything about part number and the reason.

  56. In response to JAG:

    I have the same problem as you do.  They say there is no problem with my type of screen.  I will say from my experience with LCD displays, this is a manufacture’s defect.  As a matter of fact, we are receiving the same defect as the 17″ screen.  A vertical line 2″ from the left side of the screen does not just happen by wear and tear.  A bad pixel can happen over time, but this vertical line 2″ from the side of the screen on the 14, 15 and 17″ screens is the same defect.  Dell claims that it is only on the 17″ screens though.  I would suggest them looking farther into the problem with the other screens instead of putting the blinders on.  Take mine and Jag’s screens along with those who got rejected and you will find it is the same manufactured defect as you found in the 17″ panels.

  57. Sent an e-mail to Dell with my country included in the subject line. One week and still no response. How hard is it, even putting an automated response?

     Sometimes things like that makes annoyed customers even more frustrated. If they have no intention of fixing the whole range or even a large percentage of the defective screens they should just say so…

    Enough of this Dell!!

  58. The vertical lines began appearing on my 9200 one day after the warranty expired.  I was quoted $550 to replace the panel – that was two years ago.  I bought a third party panel for $225 and did the work myself.  Oh, and the panel had been replaced once already during warranty.

    Dell’s response to this obviously defective panel issue has been negligent and truly uncaring of the customer.  From total denial for at least two years, to this qualified attempt to make things good is just totally unacceptable.

    Dell will no longer get my business.      


  59. This is a great gesture by dell.  I am receiving my computer back tomorow.  As an undergraduate business major in a top 5 business school, I would suggest that dell look at the root of the problem.  The problem is not so much with management as with how its customer service deals with its customers.  A customer service representive named Joe xxx supposively in management at Nashville argued with me for 30 minutes on how this was not a defect.  Even if dell doesn’t know about the issue I would rather them be honest and say we don’t know but we are working hard on finding out what the problem is instead of pretending like they have all the facts and saying that they are sure it is not a defect and that I will never get a monitor.  I have no issue with Dell now as I have told all my friends at what great customer service I have gotten since Michael Dell has taken the CEO position again, but I do have an issue with Joe xxx and had expected a direct apology from him as a result of his terrible customer service before getting my replacement.

     loyal dell customer,


  60. I own a 9200 shipped in 1/05.  The screen has several vertical lines and is almost unusable.  I’ve talked to Dell Support several times over the past few months.  They never acknowledged that this is a known problem.  They have offered to replace the screen “out of warranty” at a huge cost to me.  I found this site today and immediately called the number above only to be told that my LCD part number (W5410) does not qualify.  Very frustratin!.  I think that Dell needs to widen their net.  This problem obviously extends past the few part numbers they’ve identified as having problems. 

    One more thought I bought this machine as a refurb from Dell.  Wishful thinking…but is it possible that my laptop does in fact have a LCD that qualifies but that the part # was never updated for my service tag?

  61. I have had my inspiron 630m for 13 months and over the past week two 1 pixel wide vertical lines have appeared.   It seems like exactly the same problem that everyone else is having but dell have told me I will have to pay for an out of warranty service call and then pay for a new monitor.

    I hope they will soon recognise there is a problem with many laptops and get it sorted! 

  62. It has been less than 48 hours since I first called Dell about this issue and one hour ago I received a call and an email that my computer had been repaired and is on it’s way back to me.   I couldn’t ask for better or faster service than that.

  63. I also have an inspiron 9200, purchase date Feb 2005 with vertical lines. They started appearing in Dec 2006.

    <>I emailed to the above email address on Friday the 20th.On the following Monday I recieved an email from Stefan MacDonald (Dell Canada) for more contact info.

    We played phone tag for a few days .Then tonight he was able to contact me. Shipping box in on the way. I am looking forward to demonstrating software on my laptop without lines.

  64. I have an Inspiron 9200 and I am now based here in the Philippines (was from Houston for seven years). After a barrage of email messages sent to Dell, a representative based in Malaysia emailed me and even later called me up. At first, he said that I should look for a Dell center in Asia that carries the Inspiron as the Philippines does not have a Dell center that services Inspirons. I emailed back saying that it is not my responsibility to look for a Dell center in Asia; it is Dell’s responsibility. The representative emailed me back saying that he has found a Dell center and has even coordinated with a Dell center here in Manila that would be the one to install the replacement LCD. I’m hoping that all of this would be done in the coming week.

  65. I’ve looked around a bit and have not seen any info on vertical lines on a standalone lcd.  I have a 20.1″ 2005FPS and almost the entire left side is now vertical lines.

    Are standalone LCD monitors covered as well?  This thing is less than 3 years old and is unusable.


  66. Received my 9300 back yesterday.  Less than a week from my call to the number provided to the time I had it back and it’s working great.     Thanks to Dell for replacing the screen a year past warranty at no charge and thanks to Direct2Dell for providing the information.

  67. I bought an XPS Gen2 in US through a business website for refurbished Dell Laptops, am now based in Australia and have an expired warranty.  What hope do I have!!!!


  68. I bought an XPS Gen2 in US through a business partner website , I am now based in Australia and have an expired service warranty.  What hope do I have Lionel?

    no reply from the email address yet .. here’s hoping!!! .. 

  69. I live in the UK, my Dell9300 Inspiron purchased April 2005 developed a vertical line a few weeks ago. At first, dell would not renew the screen since the machine was out of guarantee. I eventually found your site, and mentioned it to them. They said it was not an official Dell site. After a further phone call to them, they decided to change the screen. The machine was picked up on a Thursday and returned the following Tuesday. Dell have been very helpfull. Thanks Dell.

  70. i have a dell 9300. at the moment it has 16 vertical lines.after months of getting the runabout of dell i recieved a call from dell and they agreed to replace my screen(hooray} today i recieved a call from dell to say that my screen is not one of the part numbers that is affected (boo).so dell have got it wrong again. where have my lines come from?.i will not let this drop i will get a replacment screen of you dell mark my words.i have  sent an e-mail to bbc watchdog and got a reply.they are interested in my case.so watch this space people.

  71. I’m very glad to hear this, but Inspiron 6000 is also affected. Fortunately we had the 3-year warranty to have ours replaced, but our Sept 05 shipped unit went bad in the same manner.

  72. This is awesome. My Inspiron 9300 started developing lines across the lower half of the screen all the way… If you moved it just right it’s fine… but I was trying to figure out what to do… the thought of buying a new laptop was not appealing to me. Definitely giving Dell a call tomorrow.

  73. I had 150 vertical lines on my Dell Inspiron 9200 notebook.

    Called Dell on Monday morning, they had DHL pick it up on Monday afternoon.

    They delivered it back to me on Wednesday (2 days later with a new monitor)

    I am pleased with their quick attention to take care of my monitor problem.

    Thanks Dell 🙂

  74. I have a 9200 that I bought in the 4/05 timeframe that developed lines after the warrenty had expired.  Called Dell and they said I don’t have a unit that is on the list for replacement.  I am furious and wont buy another Dell.

  75. I got my vertical-line-infected Insprion 9300 lcd replaced by Dell two weeks ago and thought this nightmare was over. So you can imagine how frustrated I am when I found today a yellow vertical line appeared on the “new” lcd !

    Are they still using the same defect lcd to replace mine? Is Dell trying to solve the problem or just cheating?!


  76. I’m in Australia.  I didn’t have any luck with emailing Dell about my problem but I rang the technical support line and no worries.  Even though my warranty has expired, the consultant made a booking for 2 days time and a service agent came to my work and replaced my screen on site.  Very happy.

  77. I purchased my Dell Inspirion 9300 2 years ago.  I had problems with after about 6 months.  I spent many, many hours on the phone with Dell over the next 6 months until I finally demanded they send someone out to fix it before my one year warranty expired.  They did send someone to replace the mother board. And it worked great for another 6 months when I started getting vertical lines.  I now have 4 lines.  I started investigating what was going on last Fall and was very excited to find the Dell blog in April of 2007 I am grateful that Dell is taking care of this problem, but wish they would consider the method they are using to fix it. I contacted Dell and was told that Dell was sending techs on sight to repair those that were still under warranty, and that all others would have to send them in and it could take up to 2 weeks.  After reading the comments on this blog, I can see that Dell has given someone an option to replace it themselves.  Can you tell me if this is a fairly easy process and if you would recommend someone with a small amount of computer tech experience doing this?  I question why Dell is not sending techs on sight for all problems.  The vertical lines appear to be a manufacturing defect that Dell has admitted to.  Why would you treat those out of warranty any differently? Sending this computer in is going to be a great inconvenience.  I have been a loyal Dell customer, purchasing one desktop and 4 laptops for family in the past few years. I have started taking more interest in what other computer companies are doing, so that when we are ready to purchase the next computer, I will have other options to consider. 

  78. The Apple Powerbook 17″ with serial numbes starting W85 made early 2005 in a Shanghai factory show the same problems in at least some 150 machines.

    Apple do not recognize the defect as Dell has. SHAME ON APPLE!

    Does anyone know, whether the factory producting the defective displays is the same for Apple and Dell?

  79. Following on from my rant above.

    The day after I made the phone call that caused that rant I was indeed rung back with the news that my screen was going to be replaced and that a Dell technician was going to ring me and arrange a time. 

    My screen was replaced on the 30th April by a Dell technician who came to my office.  To be fair to Dell the replacement could have been on the 27th but I was away that day.

    Thank you Dell.  You just might have saved yourself a customer.  Although next time I will look more closely at the competition, I will buy a Dell if the price/performance ratio is still up to its usual standards.


  80. “from “Zheng Song I found today a yellow vertical line appeared on
    the “new” lcd ! Are they still using the same defect lcd to replace mine? Is Dell trying to solve the problem or just cheating?!”

     At first I was happy that Dell finally email me back and direct me to this page!

    But then, I was worried about this problem. Do they really know what the problem is??(they probably won’t replace it with the same defect LCD panel, but this vertical lines could be the result of the design flaw of the laptop itself) Will I have the same problem again after a few month?? According to Zheng Song, this problem appeared only after a few weeks.

  81. I, like the last poster Zheng Song, had my 9300 screen replaced, only took 2 days, so I was well pleased.

    Within 24 hours a single vertical line, has developed. It changes colour depending on desktop background colour.


    OH well back to the menders…

  82. Dell replaced my LCD screen (Inspirion 9300) free of charge after 1 (one) telephone-call.

    It’s a good thing they’re offering to replace all defective screens, just as they did with the ‘dangerous’ batteries.

    Of course they should have used the right stuff the first time, but this restores my confidence in Dell.  For the time being.


  83. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 8600 02/16/2005. The problem has occurred over the past four months. I am now up to 14 vertical lines. I have personally purchased 4 Dell computers in the past. Happy with everyone. Have purchased 7 Dells for my church. Again no complaints. But now I’m in a quandry, my brother-in-law wants help picking out two laptops, my church may be puchasing up to six in the next year. My reputation is on the line. I always stood behind Dell. Now I’ll have to look elsewhere. Would love to have a resolution. Martin

  84. Less than a month ago I received a letter from Dell admitting that LCD screens in its 9200’s and 9300’s were defective, this after constantly contacting Dell since June 2006 about a vertical line problem and being told it was my fault for “using the system too much”.

    I sent in my system for the free repair and told the Dell rep who handled my case about an ongoing problem with an NEC 6500A CD/DVD burner which has never worked right since I bought the system in late 2004.  The rep told me he would get back to me and repair that problem too.

     Well, the rep never got back to me on the broken burner and all my calls to him, with many messages left on his answering service, went unanswered.  I was naturally disappointed.  But then came a box from DHL with the return of my computer.  I thought to myself: at least the lines all over the screen will have gone away.

     My elation  turned into deflation five minutes after I turned the system on … AND A NEW VERTICAL LINE APPEARED!

    Man, I’ve really had it with this company which seems like it can do nothing right … except maybe fill my mailbox with unwanted catalogs.

     — R.J.




  85. I feel I must write to say that its great to see Dell looking after its much valued customers.


    However I purchased a Dell Inspiron 5160 in February 2005 I hope this model is included in the recall and repair.


    I use my laptop for my business, as I work face to face with my clients I find these vertical lines distracting and unacceptable, often obscuring vital information needed to advise my clients.


    I feel Iam a valued customer as I recently purchased two desktop computers from Dell which are working perfectly and I am very pleased overall with Dell. I intend to continue purchasing from Dell in the near future as I will be upgrading my own desktop system and more than likely purchase a laptop for my son who will soon be attending university.


    I look forward to your reply



    I was delighted to initially read that Dell were taking
    notice of this issue which has seriously affected numerous Dell

    Having e-mailed [email protected] over 3 weeks ago, I still have not had a response or acknowledgement – I must now say I am disappointed with the level of customer service that has been displayed by Dell.

    My Inspiron 9300 was purchased/shipped in June 2005 and started developing vertical lines around November 2006 – since then I now have 30+ lines across my LCD screen.

    It now seems that Dell has restricted their “free” replacement service to certain LCD parts – namely J9662, T4976 and W4554.

    Can you explain why this initiative does not take into account all individuals who have faulty LCD screens as per your introductory blog note? It seems this problem affects a lot of people as per the disgruntled posts above – and not all have had their issues satisfactorily resolved (despite meeting the “key criteria” you noted above).

    I would be obliged if you would arrange for a Dell representative to contact me in order that my faulty LCD screen can be replaced in earnest which will go some way to restore my confidence in Dell.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Mark, United Kingdom

  87. My Dell 9300 got the dreaded vertical lines and my first instinct was to run screaming around the house. My second instinct was to google the issue to see if it was well known. Luckily I went with option #2.

    I found that it was a known issue and on a recommendation I emailed the customer advocate who pointed me to this web site. I called Dell here in New Zealand and they almost instantly offered to replace the screen free of charge.

    Now that is customer service. It was even a slightly odd case because I bought the laptop in the states and now I live in New Zealand so they could have been bitchy about it.

    If it had turned out that it was a known issue and Dell wasn’t doing anything about it I would probably never bought another Dell but because of the service and good attitudes they are probably all that I will ever buy.

    Thanks Dell.

  88. I am in the UK and have the same problem on my Inspiron 9300. As Dell UK never contacted me after emailing the [email protected] I used the online technical support and was told that someone would call me back. I was told that even though my computer displays the same fault as the ones purchased around the same time, my part number isn’t included in the replacement programme and if I wanted a replacement I was going to have to pay for it. (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN). To tell me that screens with my part number are not affected by this problem is ridiculous. The clearly visible lines on my WUXGA screen are evidence enough that the screen is affected. I was so happy with the notebook that I recommended sysems to my family and friends but after this I am sorry to say I wont be buying or recommending Dell systems again.

  89. I’m having this problem with my 9200 that I purchased in Feb. of 2005.

    After receiving the letter from Dell, I tried to call the number in the letter but always got disconnected while being transferred to another depeartment.

    Now, I just emailed the address found on this site ([email protected] ) hoping to get some response.

    Does anyone know Dell will let me replace the screen myself?

  90. I had this problem last fall with my inspiron 9200.

    I bought a replacement screen from Dell and swapped it out myself, since the unit was no longer under warranty.

    So I was surprised to get a letter from Dell stating that if I had had this problem, I could get a refund for the screen replacement.

    Thats where the the nice part ends.  I called the number in the letter and was sent to tech support by the woman that answered the phone (who barely listened to me).  I was then transfered by the tech to limbo.  I hung up and called back and got a new person, who also kept trying to pass off to tech support for what is clearly a customer service issue.  Even after I quoted him the DSN article number and read him the letter verbatim, he still didnt understand. And frustrated I hung up.

    Why even bother to give me a number to call if the people on the other end have no clue?  /boggle 

    Three cheers for call centre out sourcing! not.

     I sent in an email to [email protected] about a week and a half ago, and I still haven’t heard back from anyone.


  91. Glad I’ve been monitoring this page since my post.  Young’s post above makes my point EXACTLY.  The letter that I got doesn’t have phone numbers unitl paragraphs 3 and 4, and the order is the reverse of what Young indicates it should be.  I KNEW THERE WERE MULTIPLE LETTERS!!!   What is going on here??

    It should be abundantly obvious by now that the Customer Service Reps have no clue what my letter says – they are obviously referring to some other version of the letter (like the one that Young got).  

     Anyone from Dell want to comment or contact me directly?  Please??

  92. Same here in Germany with a 9300.

    I was promised to be contacted several times. Now that i have been contacted the only thing i get is another proposal for exchange. I am  not  willing to spent any money on this as this is not my fault.

    But one thing is sure I will never buy Dell anymore…

  93. I believe these letters are sent out from different regional offices. Mine was sent from Ohio.

    And I’m not entirely sure about this but your call may be connected to different regions of CS depending on where you’re calling from?

    I’m in Chicago and I didn’t have any problem reaching reps with 800-822-4730 number. And so far all of them were pretty sincere.

    My only concern is though, that Dell is not fixing the root of the problem. They’re merely replacing the defective ones with the same type of LCD that caused the problem in the first place. Which then it’ll only be a matter of time until the vertical lines re-appear. In my case that was like in 5 minutes of installing the refurbished one.

  94. You wouldn’t read about it!  Yesterday a fresh vertical line appeared just short of the midpoint on my newly replaced screen.

    So I get on the blower to Dell again.  It was a half hour wait in the queue but that’s not unusual.  This time they’ve got a bit of a case history for me so communication wasn’t such a problem.  Amazingly, after no time at all and no departmental transferring they agreed to replace the screen yet again.

     Less than 24 hours later, the Dell technician has been and gone and I’ve got another new screen.

     I am truly impressed…but I wonder “how long before I get a line in this one?”.  I note from above that this has happened to one or two others who have had their screens replaced.  Perhaps the fault lies not with the screen but rather with something on the mainboard that fails after about 18 months causing some current spikes or suchlike which mess up the screen.

    This theory would explain why, that after the first appearance of a line they start appearing with increasing frequency.  By the end, I was getting a new line a week with the old screen, the line that appeared on the new screen might merely have been another line generated by spending a week in contact with my mainboard.

  95. For those who received the letter in US, don’t call the first number that appears in the letter(800-624-9896). This number will only connect you to some tech support people who have no clue!

    Instead, call the number that appears in the second paragraph of the letter (800-822-4730). The opening sentence is kinda misleading but THIS IS the nuber to call. I got a response within about 5 minute hold time.

    My replacement LCD was delivered to me in 1 day which was nice. I had it installed myself but get this, the newly delivered one ALSO had vertical lines!!! There was 1 line all the way to the left right by the edge. The delivered LCD was a refurb unit. So it seems Dell is giving us the exact same unit that was installed originally on these models which is not nice, because they will probably develop same problem over time.

    With that said, Dell has agreed to send me another LCD (they were nice about it). I’ll have to see how that goes…

  96. Rob does have a point. It is a possibility.

    Or it can be something in the monitor that makes it go bad after 18 months. Because chances are you probably got the refurbished panels which already have lived through god knows how many months.

    Most likely these refurbished ones were probably refurbed for some other reasons other than the vertical lines.

  97. Hi,

    Just wondering why the Inspiron 5160 screens were not included in the recall. I’ve now got 20 lines on my screen and Dell Australia refuses to replace it.

    I’d like to hear a justification as to why some models screens have been recalled and others haven’t, when it appears to be exactly the same issue.

    I’m a software engineer and this is the first laptop I’ve purchased from Dell. Unless this issue is resolved I see no reason to continue purchasing from a company that has no problem selling it’s customers defective goods.

  98. Indeed. What scares me is they even in the rare cases where they are replacing faulty screens, those are refurbs which are being found to develop the same fault later on in life. No more Dells from me.

    I’ve been given the run around by an appalling Indian call centre who refused to acknowledge the fault for 2 months. Now we have an extremely limited product recall where we even the product line named isn’t fully covered – despite people suffering from the precise same problem as others with the same model computer. I don’t know whether mine is covered in the free replacement offer, the Indian call centre are refusing to acknowledge this site even belongs to Dell lol. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

    I have purchased about 20 Dell computers & laptops in the last few years and make countless purchasing recommendations to others. I wont be doing either anymore. And I’m already turning computing professionals away from buying Dell just by turning on my laptop and showing them what you get for your money 🙂

    The best way you can take action is by spreading the word, and warning your friends off buying Dell stuff in future.

  99. Dear Lionel:

    Like several other posters on this site, I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook which was puchased in the same time period as the defective notebooks that are being recalled.  I started developing vertical lines between 15 and 18 months after the computer was purchased (and 3-6 months after the warranty expired).  I called Dell support who walked me through a variety of possible fixes, but ultimately came to the conclusion that my monitor was bad and there was nothing that could be done.

     It’s now nearly six months later, and I’ve discovered this forum (thank God!).  My vertical lines have dramatically increased, and I have about 75-100 across my screen…there are so many and some are grouped so close together it’s actually impossible to count. This made the monitor very difficult to read, but at least it was usable.  Then last night, the left side of my monitor went completely BLACK, rendering the computer useless.

    I called Dell support this morning and they told me that Dell may be adding more laptops to the recall list, and to check back in a week. From what I understand from the customer service agent I spoke with, there may be other laptop models added in a week, but it could also be longer.  Something could happen in a week, or nothing may happen.  She couldn’t say.  My quandry is that, like many Dell owners, I heavily rely on my notebook and cannot be down for a long period of time.  I could survive without it for a week, but if there is no guarentee that my laptop model is included in this next round of recalls (it really should be), then I will be forced to buy a new computer…and I seriously doubt it will be a Dell based on how frustrating this entire experience has been for both myself and my fellow owners.

    I’ll spare you stories of having owned two Dell laptops, the number of people I’ve recommended your products two and the amount of Dell stock I own, but trust me when I say that this is extremely disappointing and I hope Dell comes to a quick resolution on this matter.

    One additional question: can you please post a response in this forum stating why only selected models are being recalled?  I would like to know how their models differ from my Inspiron 6000 when we have a very similar problem.

    Thanks Lionel, and I look forward to eharing back form someone with some more specific information about the next round of models being recalled.  My Indian customer serivce rep was clearly just reading from a script.

    Chris V.

  100. My earlier postings have not appeared on this site, so I am re-posting some “new news” I received from a Dell customer service rep this morning: apparently more Dell notebook models could be added to the screen replacement program and the customer service agent asked that I call back in a week.

    Has anyone else heard this or have any new information on what models may be included?  I have an Inspiron 6000 with at least 75-100 vertical lines running down the front, and last night the monitor failed with the left hal of the screen going black.  Very frustrating to say the least, as my beloved Inspiron 6000 has now been rendered useless.

  101. Lionel,

    I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 that was purchased during the same period as the other Dell notebooks that are covered under this replacement plan.  Like the other Dell 6000 notebook owners who have posted above, I contacted Dell shortly after the problem began, and was told that there was no way to fix the vertical lines which developed (about three months after my one year warranty expired).  The problem has only gotten worse, and now I have approx 75-100 thin vertical lines running down my screen (all colors), and the problem is getting worse.  In another month or so, my computer will be useless – a poor statement of quality from Dell.

    I cannot express how frustrating it is to know that there is a problem with Dell notebook laptop monitors, and to know that only some are covered by the replacement plan – to say nothing of this being a problem that is continually getting worse!  I have owned at least two Dells, plus coordiated the purchase of several more for family members and am a stockholder in the company.  Needless to say, I am now telling people to not buy Dell, who risk being left out to dry.

    Lionel: can you please email me and post a reply as to why certain notebooks are covered and why the Inspiron 6000 is not when they clearly suffer from the same problem?

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.  I know you and the Dell team are working hard to resolve this issue, and I hope the same can be said with the Inspiron 6000 owners.  Having your monitor fail shortly after the one year warranty expires simply isn’t right.  Having your monitor continue to deteriorate for no valid reason is simply awful.

  102. I bought my Inspiron 9300 in April 2005.  The warrantee expired 20 days ago.  A vertical line appeared on my LCD last Saturday.  As I’m typing, I see a second one starting to appear.  It’s solid part of the way down the screen and the rest is blinking off and on.

    I called the support number that was on the letter and asked the agent who answered if I could have the LCD replaced at home since that was part of the original warrantee.  I understand that it expired less than a month ago, but this is a product defect.  He told me that I could either ship my laptop or have an LCD shipped to me and I could do the work myself. 

    When I asked for a supervisor, he became very rude and told me that Dell was doing me a favor for covering the replacement at no cost to me.  That statement is not true – if I have to ship the laptop out, the cost to me is the loss of use of the machine, which I use for business, personal and volunteer work.  I politely ended my conversation and called the technical support number, which I had to look up, because the agent refused to give it to me, saying that their answer would be the same.

    When I spoke with the technical support agent, I did get the same answer, though when I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was put on hold for five minutes while the agent “spoke with his supervisor”.  When he went down the same path saying that Dell was doing me a favor, I said that if it was my car that had a defect, the dealer would fix it without that attitude.  He responded saying that I couldn’t expect it to be fixed at my house.  I said, “Of course not.  There’s a local dealer nearby.  I could wait while it was being fixed.”  I added that I certainly would not expect to have to have my car shipped to Detroit either.  That call ended without resolution either.

    Needless to say, I was not satisfied with either calls and did not appreciate the agents’ attitudes towards me.  I have been a loyal Dell customer and have convinced several of my friends and family to purchase Dell products.

    Mark G.
    * Was your warrantee expired when the LCD was replaced at your home?
    * Could you please share Mr. Dell’s email address and the content of your letter?


  103. 2nd Posting


    I purchased a Dell Inspiron 5160 in February 2005, vertical lines started to appear Jan 2007, more and more as time went on.

    14th May 2007 E-Mailed Michael Dell himself ( THE BOSS ).

    15th May 2007 phone call from senior manager at DELL.

    16th May 2007 Engineer replaced screne at my home


  104. Hello,

    I just called Dell regarding not receiving a letter about the 17 inch LCD Inspiron 9300 recall. That system had a screen problem since I bought it in 2005. Dell told me that my lcd screen is not affected because it is Samsung and not LG.

    Dell sent me a battery replacement back in 2005 claiming that was the problem. I even send my system twice for them to check it, screen not booting up and at time image will be distorted. They are claiming there was no problem. It is exactly 2 years now. Now, I have to fiddle with the connection between the screen and video card to get the image to show, also the picture is distorted. Video card is not the issue since it works when I plug it to a TV.




  105. Just wanted to say thanks for this excellent site. Just a few minutes ago one white verticle line appear on the right hand side of my Inspiron 9300. A quick Google turned up your site. I called the number and Dell is overnighting me a box to ship my computer back. It’s places like this that give the small guys a chance.

     Keep up the great work!


  106. it has also happened to me. 4 lines of various color appeared in about one month

    Dell inspiron 9300 buy aprile 2005 

  107. I’m from Italy. My company bought 2 9300, one in april 2005 the other in may 2005


    Now, less than 2 years the bad-vertical_line prob appears (2 line for each notebook…)

    Costumer care, at least in Italy, told me that isn’t any Vertical Line Problem…

     Now i try to conctac evey person in Dell, but anyone try to tell me somenthing about this prob (only to change with a new notebook)


  108. I too purchased the Dell Inspiron 6000 and about 3 months after the 1 year warranty expired the first vertical line appeared. At first it wasn’t that big a problem, however week after week another line would show up until about a month after the first line appeared the whole left half of the LCD blacked out.  Only the right side is now viewable.  The only way i can use my laptop is if i  plug it into an external monitor. 

    I’ve called Dell Support a couple times and have only received the usual run around and promises of being contacted by someone from the customer care group which have have yet to be fulfilled.

    I truly hope Dell does the right thing and covers all of their Laptops that are experiencing the Vertical lines of Death.  

  109. Jill C: I apologize for the experience you had. I will have someone from our support organization contact you on Monday.


  110. We had bought 2 Inspiron 9200 laptops in 2/05. Several months ago, one of the laptops started to develop the tell-tale vertical lines on the LCD until a couple of months ago it developed a large black 2.5″ vertical band in addition to countless other vertical lines. Naturally, our warranty had expired some time ago.

    In my research on the web about this problem I discovered the dellverticalline.com website and was somewhat relieved we were not alone in this common LCD issue. I followed the advice on the website to contact the DELL customer advocacy group and subsequently fired off 2 emails back in March, explaining the situation,etc.

    Then I saw the DELL public response on the  dellverticalline.com website posted in April offerring to replace the laptop LCD with this problem at no charge and promptly called 1-800-822-4730.

    I explained my situation and the public DELL offer and after providing my DELL account number and laptop service tag, was transferred to the DELL tech support (1-800-624-9896).

    He confirmed with his supervisor that they could replace my laptop LCD at no charge. I was assigned a DELL Case # and they provided a DHL dispatch # and organized for DHL to pick the laptop up from my home the next day. All the DELL laptops are repaired in TN but within a few days I got the laptop back and the screen is now perfect again.

    I have to say that everyone I talked to at DELL was extremely courteous,  professional and helpful – even calling me up after I got my laptop back to make sure everything was working and that I was satisfied.

    Hopefully my other Inspiron 9200 won’t encounter the same LCD problem but if it does I feel that DELL are on the ball with this now and will respond in a similar fashion.

    I was impressed with the way DELL handled this.   

  111. I have a Dell 6000 and the first line appeared last week. I’ll be contacting Dell to see what they say.

  112. I received my letter from Kevin M Brown a couple of weeks ago regarding my Inspiron 9200 and the thin vertical line.  Last night, one line showed up.  This morning there is another one.  No big deal, I think, I will just call the number in the letter and get this fixed (Actually, my thought was, “Oh, this is going to be another one of those voice mail nightmares, and it was).  All I can say is, “KEVIN, WHY DID YOU GIVE SUPPLY ME WITH PHONE NUMBERS THAT CONNECT TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THIS PROBLEM?  ARENT YOU (OF ALL PEOPLE) ABLE  TO FIND THE CORRECT NUMBER TO CALL TO DEAL WITH THIS?  WHY DIDN’T YOU PUT THAT NUMBER IN YOUR LETTER?  CAN YOU GIVE ME THE CORRECT NUMBER NOW?”  I had to call a different number, who gave me another number, which I have to call on Monday morning, so I am still not sure if that phone number will be correct.  The first person I connected to kept insisting that my laptop was out of warranty, so I finally told her she wasn’t listening to me and actually read her the letter.  And on, and on it went, ad nauseum…..

  113. This is an update to the earlier posts above regarding the difficulties I’ve had in dealing with Dell on this issue.  Not wanting to have to write several follow-ups, I waited until the story below was completed before posting.

     After more than a week with no response from either the CS Supervisor (Rajiv) who had promised to research my letter or from [email protected], on May 15th and 16th, I re-sent e-mail inquiries to both.  Rajiv responded almost immediately, apologizing for the delay as he was out of the office.  He advised that he had set up a dispatch number and that I could call back to the 4730 number to arrange for my repair.  Of course, when I called back, the CS Rep who answered the call tried to advise me again that my part number wasn’t covered.  Rather than getting upset, I referenced Rajiv’s name, and the Rep was easily able to confirm that the repair order could be completed.  I was given a bunch of info and conferenced in w/DHL to arrange for a pickup.  Side-note:  they advise either removing your hard drive or making a complete backup prior to shipping, but could not advise how to safely do either.  Seems a little odd to me – it took 30 seconds worth of searches to find a spot on Dell’s own website that shows how to correctly remove the drive.

    Anyway, the laptop went out on the 17th.  Automated phone calls from Dell kept me apprised of their progess over the past three days, and this afternoon, my 9300 is back and functioning normally.  While I can’t jump for joy (this may be the most hellish consumer experience I’ve EVER had), I am pleased with the eventual outcome…. for now.

    Now here’s some additional info that may interest everyone here…  Todd from Dell Corporate sent me a reply e-mail about one day after Rajiv arranged my repair, offering to help.  He and I opened a dialog in which he reported that the LCD’s that are being used for replacements ARE NOT refurbished or repaired LG’s.  My failed LCD was a Samsung, and he advised that my replacement wouldn’t be the same part number as what I’d already had either.  Apparently, there were new LCD’s with new part numbers manufactured in October, 2006 which are being used for replacements.  Todd advised that I should not have the immediate re-failure issue, but if I do, the replacement LCD I was just given is covered by a 90-day “parts warranty”.

    Long story short – the process was a complete nightmare, but the repair was done as quickly and professionally as one could hope for, once the OK was given to proceed.  I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that this screen lasts longer than 18 months, if not indefinitely.

  114. young: I really apologize for the experience you’ve had up to this point. I will ask someone on the Customer Care team to contact you.

  115. After choosing to replace the panel myself, dell has sent me another defective panel. TWICE IN A ROW!!

    Third time DELL has asked me to send in the entire computer so they can make sure the panel has no lines. So I reluctantly agreed.

    Now, they had lost my computer!!!!!! It’s missing during transport or delivered to a wrong place or something!!! No one knows where it is.

    This is precisely the reason why I didn’t want to send in my computer in the first place.!!!!! This is my nightmare come true. More calls to CS.

  116. I have a line, not a vertical one, one that kind of starts vertical and then curves to the right.  I phoned it in to Dell after getting a letter in the mail about the line problem.  I described what the line looks like and asked if that’s what this issue is, but the tech said to send it in.  I’m getting the feeling that this is not what my problem is, it looks more like an arc of dead pixels or a crack, but it isn’t cracked.

    I’m wondering what will happen if I send in my laptop and they declare that this isn’t what’s wrong with my laptop.  I need a computer for work and college, and I don’t really want to go two weeks without it only to find out that  Dell isn’t going to replace my LCD, or fixes it anyways but demands I pay for it. 

    So… are these lines perfectly vertical, or can they be in an arc? 

  117. Hi Lionel: any word on other laptop series (specifically the Inspiron 6000) that will be added to the monitor replacement plan?  It seems like more and more 6000’s are having vertical line issues, based on posts here and at dellverticalline.com.  If you could email me or post a repy I would appreciate it.  Thanks.

  118. My laptop is an Inspiron 9300, bought in March 2005, 17″ WUXGA LG Philips display with part number J9662. I also have a vertical line. So all criteria seem to match, right? Wrong! For unknown reasons, dells german support team refuses to exchange my panel for free. I keep trying, but I also bought put options on the dell share. So either dell is really valuing the majority of their customers and not just a few lucky guys, or the profit from my put options will refinance a new laptop.

    The whole matter is really sad.


  119. I have 5 vertical lines on my dell inspiron 9200 (03/2005) now and its getting worse…..
    I sent 2 emails to  [email protected]… explaining my problem….I told them that I read this site and decided to contact them…. they responded me this ( something that i already knew)


    Thank you for contacting Dell?s Customer Advocate group
    regarding vertical line issues with your Dell notebook.  After
    reviewing these emails and investigating, Dell has determined that
    there is an issue that may develop with some 17? LCD displays.   The
    affected displays shipped with Dell Inspiron 9200, 9300, and Dell XPS
    Gen 2 notebooks between November 2004 and October of 2006.

    you believe that you have a system that is affected by this issue
    please review the following post on our Direct2Dell website that
    contains contact information on how to have your LCD replaced.


    Thank you,

    Dell?s Customer Advocate Team

    Also sent 2 emails to [email protected]…. and still haven’t gotten any response…. I’m from Venezuela… any idea what can I do?
    I’ll keep mailing them I guess…. someone help me…

  120. Paul: I can help you. Sorry you’ve had such a hard time up to this point. Before I can help though, I need you to submit another comment with the e-mail address field completed.

     Once I have your information, I’ll have someone contact you.

  121. After hours of call w/CS, post to this site, someone from Dell’s corporate office contacted me….Dell has finally located my computer (which according to DHL, was MIA during transport) and shipped it back to me in one piece. Whew!

    No vertical lines so far. Good job.

  122. I had posted about a month ago that the LCD on my Inspiron 9200 was replaced here in the Philippines. For those that have had their LCD replaced, was the part used the same one as before? I noticed that the same LG part was used to replace the original LG LCD on my Inspiron 9200.  If others have had a DIFFERENT part used as replacement, I will try to contact Dell again to have that as well on my Inspiron 9200; I’m very wary that the same issue will develop with this SAME part that was used as replacement.

  123. I’ve just sent the Dell required email to their nominated email address to let them know I have just inherited one of their infamous pink lines on my Inspiron 2200.  I haven’t seen any reference to this model so far in the blogs so maybe I’m the first with this series?

    Oh well, I’ll let you know what response I get and how long it takes.

    Ricey, Darwin, Australia.

  124. Lionel,
    Thanks for your help, I really appreciate what you are doing.
    Best regards, Paul.

  125. Hello,

     I bought a Inspiron 8600 in 02/05 and it has 4 vertical lines and counting on the WUXGA LCD.

     I would appreciate it if Dell continued to look into this matter regarding Inspiron 8600’s.

     If this issue is not resolved this will be the last Dell machine I ever buy.  As a longtime customer of Dell, I find this disappointing.


    Michael W

  126. hello lionel

    aftet weeks and weeks of emails and calls to dell i finally got a reply.

    Hello Mr. Naughton,


    As discussed on the call, I am sending you the part Number of the affected LCD screen which we are replacing: J9662, T4976, W4554.

    The part Number of your LCD is F8997.

    Regards AMITA

    so i decide to check it out for myself.i stripped out the lcd.and found the part number on the back is T4976. why are dell lying to me? why try telling me it is a different number when it is there in black and white?i have grounds to think more than just a relacement lcd is in order after months of anguish and stress.how many more people have dell lied to.i would urge anyone who has the same problem as me to check it out like i did then the truth will be revealed.nobody at dell is answering any of my emails anymore.is it because i have found them out.maybe they will answer my solicitors letter.because that is my next stop.i will do a deal with you dell.replace my screen and if it not one of those affected i will pay you in cash.can,t be any fairer than that can i. waiting for your response dell

  127. I’ve got a 9300 which I ordered on 10/13/05 with 4 vertical lines (1 magenta, 2 yellows and a cyan).  I called 1-800-822-4730 and was told my screen part number W5410 is not included.

    Is that it? Everything matches except a part number, so I’m supposed to pay for what is obviously a manufacturer’s defect? Why are some screens being replaced while identical screens with the identical problem are not?

    I’ve directly purchased 16 Dell machines for my small business over the years and amd responsible for a lot more sales through friends and family that rely on my opinion as an IT guy. The only unresolved problem I’ve had prior to now was an Inspiron 3800 with a defective keyboard. I use an external keyboard with that machine, but there’s no cheap workaround for a defective screen.  I hope Dell does the right thing with this or I’ll have to try out someone else for future purchases.

  128. Hi,

    I am from Singapore and got my Inspirion 510m somtime in July 2005, and just recenly two permanent vertical lines started to appear on my 510m. Looking through the blog, I also noticed another post by Ryan Wong in Singapore, having the same problems with the same models. I just called the Dell’s support helpline in Singapore and was told that the recall is not applicable for 510m. I am quite disappointed with Dell’s response, as there are clearly defects on Dell’s product but Dell refuses to acknowledge them. My two previous notebook computers: Toshiba and HP, never give me such problems even after three years. I have another IBM notebook which is coming to three year old and is still running fine. I hope Dell could investigate this LCD issue and review our case. I hope this would not be my first and only Dell…

    Regards, LeongTeck Ang

  129. I completely agree with Michael W.  I bought an Inspiron 8600 with an upgraded screen in December 2004.  About a month ago lines started to appear in my screen.  It was only one line at first but the second appear over the weekend.  I just called Dell and they refuse to replace the screen because it is not part of the recall.  Just from this post, it seems evident that the problem extends further than they realize.  I would also greatly appreciate it if Dell investigated and extended the recall as there is definitely a problem with screens on the 8600.

  130. I am located in Singapore and I bought a Inspirion 510m sometime middle of 2005. Two vertical lines appeared on my LCD recently, which is similar to what another blogger (Ryan Wong in this blog page) in Singapore has experienced. I called the support helpdesk in Singapore but the person claimed the recall is not applicable to 510m. I am disappointed with Dell, as it seems this problem is not restricted to the few models they mentioned, but they refuse to acknowledge the problems. This will probably my first and last Dell I buy given the service quality of Dell…

  131. Lionel

    Can you please help me. I am not having much success dealing with UK customer support. I have been told that the part number of my screen is not included in the list of displays to be replaced. After reading of Peter Naughton’s experiences I decided to take the notebook apart and found that my part number is J9662 and is included in the list. The only conclusion I can come to is that I have been lied to and that makes me furious. I would like someone to contact me and explain why I have been treated this way. It seems that US customers are getting good service, why is this not the case in the UK? I would appreciate any help you can give.


  132. How quickly are our comments posted?  I do not believe I made any inappropriate comments, but I have yet to see my post.

  133. Lionel

    I’m also having trouble with customer support in the UK. They are telling me because my Inspiron 9300 is out of warranty I have to pay to replace the defective screen, and that there’s no product recall. I’ve spent the last six weeks chasing around for someone who can help me resolve this issue, but I’m having no luck. Please help restore my faith in Dell by doing whatever you can to assist. My email address is attached to this message.

  134. I tried calling the number given in the letter and got a woman with a deep accent that I could not barely understand her.  Next day I called again and was able to understand this time, but W5410 did not qualify and they will contact me if it does.  A few weeks later I call again, and told the same thing but a large amount of calls with the same model number is not coming in and to refer to this website for updates. Its frustrating.  I have 4 lines with a 5th making a guest appearance every now and then.  Maybe all W5410s are defective and they do not have an alternative but to deny us with a better replacement? 

  135. I have an E1505 shipped 5/05 that was literally days out of warranty and now I have vertical lines.  I too have been to the dellverticleline website.  It is time Dell owns up to the fact it is not just 17 inch monitors and not just three models.  I called techical support on 5/26/07, they knew I was out of warranty, but I was on the phone for over an hour and the technician said he would send out a new monitor. I even spoke to his manager.  After waiting for my monitor, I called today and was told the dispatch was cancelled.  I HAD TO FIND THIS OUT MYSELF.  So not only does Dell produce faulty shoddy equipment that does not even last a year…it also has TERRIBLE customer service/technical support that lied to my face about this whole issue.  I am certain this is the last product I will EVER buy from Dell and I regret ever telling people to buy from them, but I will be telling people to NEVER buy from here again.  Perhaps Dell will wake up and take into account any monitor that gets lines is a serious issue and not hide behind some wall and ignore customers.  Remember Dell, even out of warranty customers COULD be repeat customers, but you have all but confirmed that we are FORMER customers.

    Preston Garcia

  136. Lionel,

       I am sorry my first post was more incoherant ranting than dialog.  I also meant to say my E1505 shipped 5/06, not 5/05, it’s just 1 year old.

    I would like to know how I had a case/dispatch created and how they get cancelled without the customer being notified.  No one seemed to be able to give me an answer yesterday.  Also, how many people had to contact Dell to get the three chosen models to be recognized by Dell as defective?  I can not believe I am the only person in the world that has a faulty vertical line monitor from Dell that is not one of those three models.


  137. Lionel,

    I posted my email last time, did you get it? I’m posting again to be sure…because it has been almost a week and got no response yet, sorry for being this desperate.

    Thanks again, Paul.

  138. Paul: Think this one is my fault. I do apologize for that. Can I ask you to do me a favor and send me an e-mail here with your tag # and  the kind of system you have?

    I’ll make sure someone follows up with you soon after.

  139. I have an Inspiron 6000 with the vertical line problem. It has been to the Tennessee technical people and they cracked the LCD before they sent it back. They also said it had a motherboard problem which is impossible because I’m typing on it right now using another monitor. When are the 6000s going to be included in the obvious problem?  Since your technical people lied to me I frankly don’t have much faith in what you are going to tell me now. This was a gift for my daughter and it has been a nightmare. You need to fix this issue. I am looking at the lines as I type. Dell needs to step up to the plate and fix the 6000s because they are part of the problem.

  140. And by the way, our 6000 was under warranty when we discovered the problem. It should be fixed by dell under the warranty.

  141. Gavin: Sorry you didn’t hear from us after you sent an e-mail. It should have been a quick turnaround. I’ll have someone contact you on Monday next week.

  142. I had emailed [email protected] about a week ago – still no response.  My Dell 9200 was shipped within the dates listed at the top of the page.  When I talked to Dell support here they said to contact this email.

    How long does this usually take? 

  143. Dell Inspiron 9300, shipped 2005/03. First line appeared 14 months after purchase. Meanwhile so many of them, it is no fun any more using my dell.

    Wrote two mails to [email protected] without any response. Called the (swiss) service hotline. They did not know anything about the issue. Then they checked this blog, found that my display id is not mentioned in comments and refused to repair it.

    I am very disappointed. The only positive thing is, that the dell notebooks I recommended to my friends do not show vertical lines yet.

    Dell, if you are listening, edit the original entry to:

    – State whether all display types in the systems listed or only specific ones will be replaced

    – Send information about this to your local subsidiaries, so they do not need to get knowledge about affected screens from users blog entries.

    – Establish an escalation procedure in case local service centers refuse to repair the screen.

  144. Klaus: I am sorry that you did not receive accurate information from the agent you spoke to. If yours is one of the affected displays, we should replace it for you. Not sure why the local agent you talked to was not aware of this issue.

    I will ask somone from Tech Support contact you on Monday next week.

    To clariy: the issue only affects some of the displays on the models I mentioned in this post. I tried to make that clear here:

    “Here’s what they found: on some 17” LCD displays shipped with Dell Inspiron 9200, 9300 and Dell XPS Gen 2 notebooks, a one pixel wide vertical line may develop across the LCD screen over time. Systems that may be affected by this issue shipped from Nov. 2004 through Oct 2006.”

  145. hello world as i have mentioned previously do not take any notice of the lcd part number dell tell you yours is. check for yourselfs. if you go to dells own site they tell you how to remove the lcd.its a simple five minute operation and check out the part number for yourself.on the larger sticker on the back of the monitor just under the barcode you will see a 19 didget part number simular to kr-j9662-36528-3ce-1765.ignore the first kr- the next 5 didgets are your lcd part number the above being j9662 wich is one of the models dell are replacing the other two are T4976 and W4554. GO ON CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF YOU WILL MORE THAN LIKELY FIND DELL HAVE TOLD YOU YOURS IS A DIFFERENT NUMBER.as they did with me and a few more people i have recieved emails from try it you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. what you see in black and white does not lie.unlike dell. try it and then leave a comment on this site so we can all see who,s telling the truth.good luck all.peter.

  146. Just called one of the numbers listed above from the letter. He is going to give my complaint to his supervisor. My thinking is if enough 6000 owners complain they’ll add it to the recall list? Weird way to do business. Anyway, the very polite Dell guy said, “Of course, if we find that you have a faulty LCD, we’ll be glad to replace it.”  I think that’s so funny considering I haven’t been able to use is for more than a year because of the problem. Is Dell going to pay for the year we couldn’t see anything?  LOL

  147. Here was my last response from the Customer Advocate team:


    I can understand your frustration, but Dell’s fault analysis testing on the issue determined that the cause was specific to a certain series of LCD displays used in only the Inspiron 9200, 9300, and XP Gen 2 systems.   That particular display was not used on the 6000 model and any failures of that model would not be covered by this issue.

    I apologize for any misunderstandings.

    Thank you,

    Dell’s Customer Advocate Team”

    There are numerous 6000 owners with the vertical line problem yet Dell is not admitting that they are faulty. What will it take???

  148. Hi, I purchased my Dell 9200 in the UK in Jan 2006. Same vertical line issue. I have emailed [email protected] a week ago. No response. Are they going to get back to me? Or do i have to go through the arduous task of ringing support?

  149. Phill: My apologies for the incovenience. I’ll have someone follow up with you soon.

  150. I have an Inspiron 8600 that I purchased in January 2005. I now have a total of 5 lines on my LCD screen. It is very distracting and I have not used the laptop in over a month because of this. Dell needs to realize that the 8600’s need to be included in this. This is a manufacturing defect and Dell needs to step up and make it right. I paid a lot of money for this laptop and I don’t expect it to be useless to me in only 2 years. Dell needs to replace my screen. How can we get them to realize the 8600’s need to be included in this?

  151. Hi guys after reading this sites postings i contacted dell uk about the lines appearing on my inspiron 9300 17″ which was 2 years out of warranty, i was asked for my service tag then they got back in a couple of hours telling me they will repair the tft. The whole time it was away i was sitting waiting for the bill to arrive, then a courier knocked the door with my inspiron + new screen + new keyboard(one of the keys had came loose, i hadnt mentioned this thought) and a new motherboard(didnt realise there was a problem with it, the only thing i can think of is the new tft connects in a different way). I contacted them a year ago as the first line appeared about 2 weeks after my warranty ran out but they were certain they were not at fault, so thanks to this site i now have my laptop thats sat under my bed for a year back.

    all credit to the dell support staff i have to say i was very impressed esp the online chat, nothing worse than waitin on a reply from an email.

     If all else fails threaten legal action esp with the monitor and batteries as these are “known” faults.

  152. just to confirm they repaired it for free. I noticed i hadnt mentioned that. I also sent a link to this page in my email to them.

  153. Watch out!!!

    I had one of the recalled Dell inspiron 9300 screens. I got it replaced a month ago free of charge. However, the new screen now has 4 vertical 1 pixel lines.

    Will Dell have a recall on the replacement screens?


  154. Well, I give up.  I wrote here this week about my Inspiron 6000 and these dell customer service (oxymoron) people didn’t even bother to respond or acknowledge my question.  My daughter wants her laptop back after a year of not being able to use it properly.  Did I ever say that the audio never did work properly? 

    I’m done Dell. I’ll never ever buy another Dell product and everywhere I go, I will tell people about my horrible experience with your products. Just the other day I was in an office with an insurance man who had Dells. I made sure I gave him the whole sordid story. We all will do that until you don’t have a company anymore. Per the post above mine about faulty fixes, my daughter doesn’t want dell to touch it anymore anyway, and I guess I finally agree.  

  155. I want to thank dell, this site, and especially Lionel for all the help given. This tuesday i recieved an email from dell as a reply from an email sent to vertical line, and it only took 3 days to get my LCD replaced.
    It took like 2 weeks to wait for a response from vertical line, so you have to be patient.
    If anything goes wrong with this new LCD i will let you know.

    Good luck, be patient.

  156. I have this problem with my inspiron 6000, bought in the last 2-3 years. Is there any recourse for me? This just happened yesterday, June 10th, and it’s driving me crazy. Any info would be apprciated.



  157. Lionel,

    It’s sad that notebooks shipping as early as 2004 have only now been identified as defective.  It’s shameful that it took over 500 screaming customers on dellverticalline.com to help make a recall happen (now there are 800).  I can’t even imagine the number of man hours that were spent lying to Dell customers on the phone regarding this issue.

    As one of the few Inspiron 6000 owners with vertical line issues on this forum, I can see that the numbers are not in my (our) favor.  At most, I count 25 Inspiron 6000 customers on both this forum and dellverticalline.com combined.  But isn’t that enough?  How does Dell explain even 15-25 Inspiron 6000’s with similar vertical line problems arising just beyond the warranty expiration date – especially when Dell just admitted to shipping thousands of notebooks with defective LCD screens?  I anticipate many more of us (6000 owners) will be crawling out of the woodwork with the same problems, and looking for the same relief as your 17″ customers. I know I am – and I intend to do all I can to make it happen.

    I read on the dellverticalline.com website, that the faulty screens may have been made by LGPhillips / Korea.  Will you officially identify the manufacturer and model numbers of the faulty displays and confirm that there were no Inspiron 6000’s ever shipped with screens from that manufacturer?  If a manufacturer produces a faulty 17″ LCD screen, what makes it so impossible for them to have produced a faulty 15.4″ screen?

    My 6000 (WXGA) shipped in September ’05, and was hardly ever used.  Most of the time, it was connected to a KMV Switch and used without the LCD screen on. It still looks brand new and has the best sounding speakers and feel of any notebook I have ever used.  A red vertical line appeared two inches from the right in January ’07 for no apparent reason.  When light pressure is applied to the back of the screen in various places, the line temporarily goes away.  It seems clear enough to me that I have a faulty LCD screen.  As it turns out, my seemingly perfect and well cared for Inspiron 6000 is a lemon.

    Dell should do the right thing and take care of Vincent, David, Sherry, Chris, Ryan, Joohn, Nancy, Evil E, myself, and any other Inspiron 6000 owner NOW, by including the 6000 in the recall – it would be a small price to pay for the renewed faith that ALL of your Dell customers would have in Dell’s commitment to taking care of loyal customers.



  158. Within the last 24 hours my XPS Generation 1 (apparently) displayed a single vertical line.  I searched the net and found that this problem is not “Dell-accepted” on Generation 1 machines.   This is a $3,500 US machine, with a dead battery, for which I can’t explain.  But a display issue on a machine that I loved and cared for, is unacceptable.  My calls to Dell were unmoving.  I contacted the “advocate” via email, no response.  I speak in Washington, DC and around the country at other shows regarding our Homeland Security software application and I will never finish a speech without pointing out this problem to my audience.  It is generally 100-250 per show.  I have owned and recommended Dell on numerous occasions in the past.  They lost all that and hopefully will pay a price greater than acknowledging a defect in their product.

  159. Well, I got the lines on my 9300 about 4 months ago and didn’t feel like hasseling with it then. More showed up recently so I found theis site. A weeka go last thursday I called and Dell promptly had my machine picked up on Friday and returned “repaired” on tuesday. On wed the lines showed up, different color different spot. Called Dell last Thurs. Picked up pc on friday, came back on tuesday again 2 hrs ago. Worked fine for an hour, then. New line has just showed up. Calling Dell again now.

  160. To update my previous post – there are currently 50 unresolved cases involving Inspiron 6000’s on the dellverticalline.com website… J.R.

  161. What is the debate here about part numbers?

    If your machine falls into these categories:

    • You own either an Inspiron 9200, 9300 or XPS Gen 2
    • Your laptop was purchased between November 2004 and October 2006
    • Your laptop is less than three years old

    You should qualify for a replacement part. Quite why there are reps trying to claim that only certain parts are affected by this recall when your laptop is littered with the same vertical lines is beyond me. When customers suffer from all the exact vertical lines symptoms described, within the dates declared as prone to shipment of defective parts, with one of the three models stated, replacements should be issued and those part numbers added to the list of potential defects.

    It’s also clear the scope of this problem is broader than what Dell is willing to accept at the moment. This problem clearly affects other Inspirons 6000, 2150, 6400, 8xxx.

    As an owner of a defective Insprion 9300, and owner of other model Dell laptops too, I hope Dell does the right thing and replaces defective parts in other models too. I would imagine they have some kind of insurance or refund claim from the manufacturer of these defective parts. And so shouldn’t solely be out of pocket for these problems.

    Right now my confidence is shot as a buyer of computer systems in the enterprise. I’m an extremely loyal Dell customer with an account in good standing. I’m sorrounded by a stack of Dell systems, flat panel monitors and servers as I write this. But I’d give serious consideration to switching our business to another supplier if a more thorough review of these defects is not forthcoming soon.

    I hope Lionel and Dell will be able to reassure all of us we are valued customers, and that they are continuing to evaluate the scope of these defective flat panels in laptops. 

  162. I left a post earlier about my Inspiron 9300 purchased in 05/05.  At the time I had 5 lines, now I have 8.  I feel I have been patient re: this issue being that I am a loyal customer and prefered member with many different purchases since 2005. 

    After what Peter Naughton said about checking out the display for yourself, and the frustration starting to build up with more lines, I took the time to verify for myself what my display model number is after all.  As it turns out, Peter was RIGHT!!!!  my part number is kr-0t4976-56252-536-1217.  Has the LG Philips LCD logo, 17.0 WGA+.   

    T4976!!!  and not W5410 that dell said and what my System Information under my service tag reads at dell.com. 

    Now, what do i do now?  Obviously, my display IS the one affected and I should get a replacement. 

    I advise to take the time to find out the serial number of your LCD, just verify if the correct number is what your service tag reads.  As the guy above said before – At this point, if your part number is being rejected, what do you got to lose?  You could always find out what your system information is in the Tech Support section at dell.com using your service tag.  Its in a tab with your service warranty information is.  Also to remove your display check out the manuals of your system also in the tech support section.  Hope this helps anyone who feels they are getting the runaround from dell.  And I hope I get a replacement screen. 

  163. Thanks Lionel,

    following up from my post on June 5. I recieved an email, then a phone call. A quick check using a crt monitor assured dell that it was a faulty screen. A techinician came to my work the next day and replaced the screen in about 15 minutes. As i own a 9200 i consider myself lucky. I hope dell does the right thing and help those with different models experiencing the same problem.

  164. I have the Lat D820 and the line has appeared. Contact dell and same answer as everyone else. Dell will only repair the 9200 & 9300 models. I really don’t understand it either, with all the people who have this problem on other models, why Dell only limit to repairing the 17″.

  165. I own a Dell 9200, with 17 inch WUXGA screen, shipped in December 2004.

    Is anybody experiencing something as bad as this:

    Out of the blue, the lines started appearing 6 months ago. At that time, it seems to go away by adjusting the angle here and there.

    But its been getting from bad to worse. The pictures are pretty much self-explanatory.

    Initially putting pressure on the left side of the screen remedy it temporarily but it has now come to a point where I have to use a ‘clamper’ permanently. It obviously is unusable without the clamper.

    Fortunately I found this site and e-mailed Dell.
    Unfortunately this is their reply:
    “Thank you for the email.  As you may be aware, Dell is replacing specific LCDs which have been identified as being affected with a vertical line issue on certain systems. I have researched your Service Tag and, unfortunately, your system does not include an affected LCD part number.  I must respectfully decline your request for Dell to repair the LCD at our cost.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Please email me directly if you have any questions regarding this. Thank you and have a great day.”

    I also own a Dell 4150, now with a dead motherboard, again a known issue: http://reviews.zdnet.co.uk/hardware/notebooks/0,1000000333,10001662,00.htm

    To say this is an incredibly frustrating experience is probably an understatement to a lot of us here…

  166. Update on my post above-

    Despite the email from dell, another person from dell emailed me then called me to arrange for the replacement of my faulty lcd. A technician came today and changed the lcd in less than an hour. I’m impressed with their service and hope that there will be no problems with this new lcd.

    I hope dell will help other users replace their faulty lcd which is obviously dell’s problem.

  167. I would like to let Dell know that there vertical line issue is affecting laptops from 12 month earlier than what they are letting on.  I bought 2 Dell INspiron 510m’s on 04/04.  2 weeks after the purchase of the first one the screen had a nice vertical line.  Dell kindly replaced this one.  Fast forward to current date and I sit here typiing through 19 vertical lines on my 510m.  It is embaressing that firstly I rang Dell customer support and was treated like a total idiot and told that they have never heard of this issue, maybe Dell should let on to Dell Australia about this Blog.  I sent an email to dell vertical line and got an email back telling me that they were very sorry but there was no issue with my laptop………Maybe they should try and sit in front of it and type!!.  Then I got an email back from another service officer and he must have been on too many UV rays see reply below about my screen issue

    Dear Ben,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Please be advised that the cost for installation service is $178.20 & the cost for motherboard is $484.00 (lead time for parts is 2 months). Total amount of getting the system fix is $662.20.

    However, if you extend the warranty for 1 year, it will only cost $774.40.

    [email protected]

    Thanks Billy but I have no idea what my motherboard has to do with my faulty screen.

    Anyway, I hope Dell can try and sort their poor customer focus out and get back to their core values…..

    I guess the great thing about the internet is good news travels fast. 

    So please Dell feel free to instill some confidence in me by way of admitting my screen has an issue




  168. I received a letter from dell saying that my computer might be affected with the lcd vertical line problem. So then I called.

    those bastards would not fix my labtop because my inspiron 9300 does not qualify because it does not have a specific part.

  169.  I live in Croatia and I bought Dell Inspiron 9300 notebook (17″ 1920×1200) in Dubai around April 2005. Few months ago i have noticed bright vertical lines on my screen. Next months, parts of the screen start to flicker as number of lines were increasing. Today, half of the screen is defected, so i have to purchase new laptop, as my Dell became unusable without external display. I have contacted Dell providers in Croatia, but cost of new screen is almost big as cost of new laptop. I would appreciate if Dell have some solution for this problem.


  170. I bought a Dell 9300 in late 2005. It started developing vertical line in Dec2006-Jan2007. By that time I moved to Singapore. I wasn’t even sure if I had any warranty left. But after reading the reports from other people on http://dellverticalline.com/ I sent an email to Dell Singapore Customer Support.

    I was impressed by the response time. They offered to replace the LCD immediately.

    The LCD was replaced within a week at my home. I was very happy; but not for long. The new LCD developed a vertical line within a week. I contacted Dell again and they offered to replace LCD AGAIN.

    This went on until the LCD was replaced 4 times and HDD was replaced once (to eliminate the possibility of Software causing this problem .. hahaha).

    After trying for more than 5 months Dell could not fix the problem (instead they made the laptop useless for me by experimenting several times). Finally Dell offered to replace the Laptop itself. Now I have a new 9400 but because of such a bad experience for last half a year I am not sure how long will it last.

    Anyway, I thank Mr. Jason and Ms. Sathya of Dell Singapore for their friendly attitude. Specially Jason, who escalated this issue to his manager and followed it up till the end.

  171. Lionel,

    My Dell Inspiron 8600 purchased in July 2004 has experienced the same problem with the vertical line. Also, within the past two months I have experienced horizontal flickering lines that have grown gradually worse. Now I am at the point where my laptop has become effectively useless as a result of the screen being impossible to read.

    As many customers stated above, clearly other models of Dells purchased at other times have experienced these problems. Please consider extending your offer to owners of other models that have proven defective.

    If I can not get this fixed I will be forced to by a new computer because the price of repairs is so high, and that computer certainly will NOT be a Dell. I hope this can get resolved and my confidence in the company can be restored.

    Thanks, Jordan

  172. I am from Australia.  I have a Inspiron 9300 (shipped June 05) that started developing the vertical lines issue since late 06. The slowly increasing number of lines got over me in March 07 so I got in contact with Technical Support.  They arranged for a support agent to come and replace the LCD, no hassles and quite pleased.

    However, within a month the lines start to appear again!  I have now got about 20 lines and have just lodged a request with Technical Support again.

    I hope that the recent blog update means that Dell finally know what the root cause is and would not continue to send out parts with the same issue…

  173. Worth trying, for now. Servicer in Croatia contacted me that they have been informed from DELL to check is my laptop is in defective series. I shall send them my laptop for few weeks when i return home.



  174. Update to post on 4/26/07.  I’m in the same situation as Victor above.  Service Tag part # shows W5410.  I inspected the barcode on the back of the LCD  and it shows T4976 LG Philips.  A completely different part # and manufacturer than what is listed under my service tag.  ARGH!!!!!

  175. Update from previos post

    Dell are back in my Good books!

    Success at last. Dell have replaced the screen in my i9300 and it looks great. After a lot of hassle Dell agreed to pick up my notebook and one week later it was returned with a new screen. Once the system was picked up I couldn’t fault the service. Just a shame it was such a struggle to get there. Thanks anyway.

  176. Yesterday I spoke at the SIA (Securities Information Association) at the Hilton in NYC.  At the end of my presentation I made a point of pointing out the vertical line on my screen and the fact that Dell is ignoring the issue and told them of the poor response by Dell’s Customer Service Department and told them that Dell had changed since the first time I purchased the first of my 4 Dell PC’s.  Hopefully the end will come quickly for Dell as their sales sink.  I hope I did my part.

  177. Hello all!
    For LCD there is a standard, if you have 5-10 dead pixels it is a warranty case and the panel is subject for replacement or return refund. Why do not you claim that?
    I know ACER or some other vendors offer NO DEAD Pixels warranty.
    Why DELL support behaved like that in case of vertical lines that invovles actually the number of pixels from top to bottom?!
  178. Im having the same problem like yous guys but with a 9400 inspiron. It started 2 weeks after my warranty ended when i was playing WOW and suddenly appears a yellow line in the right of the monitor. One week after appear 2 more lines at the right, another yellow and a violet in the middle of the two yellow(thats 3 total). The first time i contacted dell they told me i got no warranty. When i found this site i contacted them, they told me that my 9400 inspiron is not in the list, then i contacted them writing them there isnt much difference between 9300 and 9400 besides it use the same 17″ monitor and after that email they never contacted me again. Lionel, My question is can i get my 9400’s monitor replaced even if 9400 isnt in the list?. Thanks for your support.

  179. I have a Latitude D420 that has developed a single vertical line 2″ from right side of the display. Finding your site provides some hope however it is certainly not a 17″ screen.

    I will be interested in any logic that Dell attempt to use to say that this is not the same problem and that they will not be replacing the LCD.

    I will be calling Dell tomorrow.

  180. Dell’s support agent came and replaced the LCD yesterday.  I did not encounter any issue during the service request process.  Again I am pleased with Dell’s level of service.

    My only hope is that the new LCD panel will hold up and would not exhibit the same issue again…

  181. I have an Inspiron 9300 and it started to develop 5 vertical lines on the LCD screen.  It is a 17′ WUXGA (1920×1200) LCD.  I really hope Dell can recall the screen, so I might consider to get the 5th Dell system in the future.

  182. hello

     i own inspiron 9300

    and i emailed Dell when i got the 1st vertical line and 2nd time when another line showed up on my screen

    is this what i get for buying dell? and it’s my first one

    whenever i go DELL DELL DELL DELL DELL

    ok i bought one and it’s BAAAD piece of junk

    wasted my money


  183. I’ve had a Latitude D600 for over two years with a nice pink line running down the right side.

  184. Inspiron 6400s with the smalled 15.4 screen are also having these problems. My first line appeared 14 months after purchase. I’m anticipating hearing when the replacement service will be extended to my model.

  185. I’m glad I found this site!  One vertical line appeared a few weeks ago and now I have 4.  Apparently there are more to come from what I’ve read.  I am going to contact Dell today and will keep my fingers crossed (sounds like I might need a few more good luck charms though). 

    I find it interesting that going to dell’s online support, and searching for vertical lines problem only gets you to run some diagnostics – no mention of a known problem!!

    I read something about a version 2 of the 17″ screen that is supposed to be free of this defect.  I certainly hope that is what they are now replacing the screens with and the vertical line defect doesn’t reappear!  Assuming of course that my 9300 purchased in May of 2005 falls under their ‘bad parts’ list! 

  186. I’ve just sent an e-mail to [email protected], because I have the same problem with my Inspiron 9200. There are 14 vertical lines. It started about 4 months ago with 1 line. I wonder if they can help me – I live in Poland and the computer was bought in US 12.2004. When I get any answer I’ll let you know about it . ( in my city is beeing built a Dell factory  )

  187. I have many vertical lines on my Inspiron 9200. It started 4-5 months ago. I,ve sent an e-mail to [email protected] . I live in Poland and the computer was bought in US. I hope there is a possibility to fix it in my country. I put a comment here many hours ago, and it hasn,t appeared yet. I hope there’s no censorship here.

  188. I have an Inspiron 5160 (bought in 2005) that has been developing these lines over recent months.  I now have 5 lines, ranging from yellow, to green to pretty pink.  I notice my model doesn’t fit into the category of the recall, it’s a different model, and it’s only 15″ screen.  I guess I need to give Dell NZ a call, and see what they say.

  189. When I first received my brand new laptop in march of 2005 it was defective and I had to return it to Dell within the first week of owning it. (When I would turn it on it would only stay on for thirty minutes and then the display would go black.) A year and a half later I started to experience the dreaded “vertical line” syndrome. Dell had my laptop for three weeks and three days. For replacing a display that should have only taken thirty minutes. After it had been gone for two weeks I started calling them. Dell will not answer the phone when you call them. You drop a voice mail and they may/or may not return your call. Dell will not call you on your cell phone if they know you have a land line. Dell refused to call me to let me know the status of my laptop. My life was on hold while they had my laptop, and I missed some potential work opportunities during this time. Dell had sent me two different padded boxes from DHL to ship my 9300 to them. Both boxes were only large enough to contain a fifteen inch laptop. I happened to have the same box that was provided to me by Dell from when they had to have me return my brand new defective laptop two years ago. I had to request a shipping label from them so that I could use this proper size box. It took Dell two weeks to send me a shipping label from UPS. Dell requests that you remove your hard drive before you ship the laptop back to them and send the power supply module with it, which I did. When the power supply module came back with the laptop the little plastic stud had been broken off of the strap that is provided to wrap the cords for transport. The whole idea of the strap is to make it compact enough to transport, otherwise you lose the advantage of the compactness of the laptop. During this whole ordeal a friend of mine that owns an older model Dell laptop decided that it was time to replace his current laptop. Because of all the trouble that I was experiencing with Dell he bought a hewlett-packard.

  190. I have an Inspiron 9300 and it started to develop 1 vertical lines on
    the LCD screen.  It is a 17′ WUXGA (1440×900) LCD.  I really hope Dell
    can recall the screen, so I might consider to get the 5th Dell system
    in the future.

  191. I’m in Switzerland and I have an Inspiron 510m purchased January 05.
    The vertical lines started appearing about 1 week ago.  I have a 2 inch black dead band in my display and the display has a very strange color with a lot of colored lines flickering the whole time. I contacted Dell last Monday(5 days ago) but I still don’t have any answer. I had to buy an external display as emergency solution because I need the computer every day. I hope that Dell will replace my faulty LCD screen!!!

  192. Thank you Dell!

    Finally my screen (see above) has been repaired! The screen is just beautiful now (again). Almost forgot how good it looked before it developed the vertical lines. 😉

    The main reason for confusion with Dell was the part number of the LCD. It seems that the part numbers in the orders have nothing to do with the manifacturers part numbers at the back of the screens. So do not get confused you if Dell says, you have the wrong part number. Most likely they will be wrong as it was in my case. I had to open my Inspiron to prove to them, then they reacted very quickly.

  193. My Dell Inspiron 5100 Laptop is 3 years old and i have recently begun to experience the Vertical lines. The screen is only 15”, but i am having problems like the 17” LCD screens. The lines appear and their color depends on what program is on, but the lines fill up the whole screen and i’m locked out of the system. When i try to restart, 90% of the time the computer turns on and the caps icon blinks and then the computer shuts off. The screen stays black through out the entire time. Sometimes it ons, but it then the vertical lines show up again, and i used to go around a whole day without it showing up, but its been far more frequent, till today when i managed to turn it on and the lines showed up in 10 minutes. I hope that dell will replace my screen or i hope it cheap if they don’t.

  194. I have a XPS Gen 2 which developed a pinkish vertical line yesterday. I looked up this issue and found this web page. I then contacted the UK XPS support. I mentioned I read about Dell replacing LCDs on the direct2dell.com website. The lady went to speak to someone and came back saying that direct2dell.com wasn’t anything to do with Dell, but a third party website. I pointed out that dell.com had a link to direct2dell.com and that the post had a dell.com email address to send an email to. I insisted I speak to someone else and they had someone call me back. He *confirmed* to me that direct2dell.com was not an official website, even after I pointed out that it was listed as Dell’s official weblog on Dell’s own about page.

     He then said that the only option I had, given that it was out of warranty, was to pay for the repair myself. I asked for his manager and I am still waiting for a call back.

     I’m disappointed in the way Dell UK support have handled this, especially the nonsense regarding direct2dell not being an official Dell website. You really would think that Dell would inform its staff about issues like this, and which are their own websites.

  195. I’m in Switzerland and I have an Inspiron 510m purchased January 05.
    The vertical lines started appearing about 1 week ago.  I have a 2 inch black dead band in my display and the display has a very strange color with a lot of colored lines flickering the whole time. I had to buy an external display as emergency solution because I need the computer every day.I contacted Dell some days ago but they said if I wanna to replace the LCD screen, I have to pay for it!!!! I’m wondering why they say that Inswpiron 510m is not affected…I hope that Dell will include Inspiron 510m in their list very soon!!!

  196. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 6000 in June of ’05 and first started to see the vertical line problem about 2 months after the 1 year warranty
    expired.  I Called Dell to see what can be done and they told me it was
    going to be about $500 to replace the LCD.  After a few more calls to
    complain they still did nothing.
    Early last week i then received
    a letter from Dell informing me that there may have been some problems
    with the LCD of my computer and listed a phone number to call if i am
    having problems with the LCD.  I called and the customer service rep
    said dell would replace the LCD free of charge, all i needed to do was
    to send it back to them in a box that they would be mailing to me in 3
    business days.  I haven’t received the box yet (only been 2 business
    days though) so we will see what happens when i send in the laptop to
    have the LCD replaced. 

    Has anyone else received one of these letters?


  197. I have a Dell 8600. Has anything been done to correct the vertical line problem on the 8600s? It really stinks that I would pay extra for the high resolution display and as a result, get this crappy line in my display. I really think it only shows on the high res 15.4 displays… could that be the common connection to the 17′ LCDs?

  198. I’m in the UK and have an Inspiron 9300 with 17″ screen which developed
    two vertical lines on the extreme left of the screen about 3 months
    ago. There are now 11 lines scattered across the screen which is bad
    enough, but to add insult to injury I’ve now got a 4.5cm wide
    shimmering vertical column which makes using the laptop impossible.
    Having just found out about this email address ([email protected])
    I’ve now sent off an email asking for help. Over the years I’ve had 3
    previous Dells and am hoping that they will jump to the rescue to keep
    a loyal customer. Let’s see . . .


    I bought a XPS Gen 2 in july 2005. The fist vertical line appeared in ocober las year. I was n’t at home. When I came back in december I call the customer heldesk in France and it was to expensive to change the LCD.

    Now I called them again and the person I talked with told me I’m not concerned, only XPS Gen 2 bought after 9th of april 2007 are concerned !

     WHAT CAN I DO ?

  200. I also have an inspiron 9300 bought on May 2005. I’ve sent several emails to the email address above and nothing has happened yet. My warranty expired, but just a month after that the vertical lines started coming up.

  201. I am not certain if this is the
    appropriate forum to identify this problem on my system because it is
    happening on my desktop (not a laptop). I purchased a Dell Dimension
    4700 with a 20 in monitor (2001FP Digital Flat Panel Display) in
    January 2005 (about 2.5 years ago). About two months ago the
    vertical lines described on this web site started to appear and
    disappear on my desktop monitor – their duration in time growing
    longer with each appearance. It is to the point my older boy
    switches out the flat monitor with a CRT used on an older Dell
    Dimension XPS.  When the lines go away he switches the monitors back.  This could be days apart (if not longer now).
      It is to the point that this “work around” of switching is
    no longer worth the effort. Since my Dimension is not listed in
    Dell’s criteria definition here, am I out of luck on this one?  Have I seen my last Dell?

  202. I’m also having these vertical lines appear on my Inspiron 510m . Being under warranty, DELL has replaced the LCD 3 times in a month (Last otime being a day before yesterday). Last time, I had them replace the motheboard too…which they gladly did without a fuss (It seems that with this problem reported, service people are told to carry both the LCD & the motherboard). However, it seems I may have dug myself a deeper hole. Now, by display resolution has been compromised from 1280 x 1024 x 60 hertz down to 1024 x 768 x 60 hertz with no option to go back up. And importantly, the new motherboard has a personality of Latitude D505 rather than Inspiron 510m which means now I’ve to keep looking at D505 site for drivers of M’board components and at Inspiron 510m for other peripherals that were sold with it (Some peripherals are different eg, DVD-RW drive) . The saga is still continueing. (I must admit that DELL has so far been pretty helpful in addressing these issues)

  203. Thanks for the link Lionel. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to help.

    I called the Tech Support # and went thru the motions. The guy said that MY part # for the LCD is H4700 and the only part #’s they are covering right now are G5982 and T4525. Can you confirm that this is correct?

    I think those part numbers are bogus. I have an Inspiron 6000 that was shipped in April 2005 and developed a vertical line in March 2007.

    When I first contacted Dell about this I was told that Inspiron 6000 LCD’s were not considered affected. Now the 6000’s are included but I’m told that my part # doesn’t match the components in question. So it’s pretty obvious that I have the same exact problem as others but I’m told that mine won’t be replaced.

    Do I have to wait for a hundred more Inspiron 6000 owners w/ part # H4700
    to complain before that component is added to the list? What will it take for my screen to be replaced???

  204. Well, actually I called Dell and they’ve arranged for somebody to come and pick up my laptop. They don’t want the battery or the harddrive inside, they sent me information on how to remove it. I only have to call them for pick up. So far, things look fine. I’ll keep y’all update it.

  205. Vertical line number 3 appeared this morning.  The only satisfaction was a business associate was about to buy 3 laptops, dektop and server — all Dell, but I talked him out of it.  They don’t realize the number of people that talk to other people about their PC preferences and service ISSUES.

  206. I called Dell today regarding the two vertical lines on my Inspiron 9300 which was shipped to me in December of 2005.  After over an hour on the phone they agreed to replace the LCD display at no charge.  At first they told me there would be a charge for the replacement – then I referred to this blog and the technician went to talk to his supervisor and then came back on the phone and said they would take care of the problem no charge.  So please – be persistent when you call.  They had me call the shipping company DHL and they are going to send me a box to send the laptop back to them in (with the hard drive and battery removed – and of course to send the power supply).  I will let you all know what my experience is.

  207. I have an inspiron 9200 which was bought in 1/2005. Two weeks ago one vertical blue line appeared on the screen. I didn’t pay much attention to it. Today another red line appeared. I did a search on the web and was so glad to find this site. I called the Dell’s technique support number: 1-800-624-9896 first. They gave me a case number.  Then I called 1-800-822-4730, telling them my case number. They provided me with an authorization number. With this number I should be able to call DHL and arrange a pickup. So far so good. Thanks!

  208. Update to April 24, 2007 8:09 AM  JAG posting :

    Dell has found issues with more models. They replaced my inspiron 9300 LCD (old part no W5410). Those who contacted dell couple of months back and failed to get the replacement, contact dell again and test your luck.
  209. Behold, 1 month after my warranty expired a vertical (green!) line appeared in the middle of my Inspiron 9400 monitor – its almost like a warranty timebomb!. I’ve just seen this website, read the comments and following the leads given….

    Customers of Dell should not tolerate defects in monitors, in much the same way that I’m sure Dell does not tolerate defective equipment from its suppliers!

    This is my 4th Dell system and I have recommended many to friends and colleagues in the past. If my monitor is not exchanged by Dell, then I will truly be agrieved and no more recommendations will given, but the exact opposite!

  210. Similar to David Cabrey here, we have a Dimension 8250, 1702FP, has developed a line center of screen. We’ll see what happens and post back… thanks to everyone for this forum and site(s).

  211. I am impressed with the service I received from Dell.  I shipped my Inspiron 9300 (shipped to me in December 2005) with two vertical lines on the display back to be repaired on Monday, July 16th and I received my repaired (no charge) laptop back today, Wednesday July 18th. 

    Thank you Dell for standing behind your product and quickly repairing it.

  212. Chatted with tech support about the line, their response… system restore. I laughed.

    I asked specifically what would cause the line. They said they would troubleshoot the line for me but if system restore did not change anything, they would give me the phone number for parts to order a new monitor or fix the LCD as it is out of warranty, which it certainly is. I laughed again.

    I stated this was unacceptable as this is obviously a defect, and asked for another number to call… they sent me to customer care.

    I will post back when I hear a response from them.

  213. Just spoke with Customer Care… no dice. They cannot do anything for me since it is out of warranty. I expressed my disappointment since this is clearly a defective part due to many other documented cases, and they said they had to abide by my warranty contract which expired in 2005.

    True, it is clearly out of warranty, and I can see their point. I was extremely polite with all of my communication with them, and I will chalk this up to bad luck.

    But I feel for the rest of you here who are having legitimate problems, and like me, these defective displays are out of warranty with no help. This long-time Dell customer has been soured. I have purchased more than 30 systems from Dell over the past 5 years (despite more than a few quality issues), and it is amazing what a replacement monitor or part could have done to keep me from looking elsewhere next time around.

    I wish the best for the rest of you having problems. Thanks again for this site.

  214. Started seeing a blue vertical line +- 1 week ago (12/07), I searched the net and found this site. After some reading I contacted Dell at [email protected]. The next day I received mail from Dell with instructions to test the systems (they check if the problems is caused by the LCD panel or the Graphics card). On Monday they booked the repair of my laptop without any problems or costs. This thursday one week later they replaced the LCD panel with a new one. A happy end!

  215. I have an XPS Laptop from May 2005. A few days ago it developed a vertical line of dead pixels. I did some research and found this blog but didn’t have a chance to call Dell support. I woke up this morning and now my laptop has another 2 lines within a few pixel span so it looks like one think line now.

    I called dell technical support and spoke to someone for 30 mins. Him and his co-workers were able to find this issue but for some reason my LCD part number was not showing up in there system??? Sounded stupid too me, so he transfered me to another support line but they are closed on Sunday’s.

     Guses I’m going to call tomarow and argue this some more, two years is way too short for dead pixels to start occuring.

  216. I’m now up to 13 vertical lines.  The only saving grace is that I get to punish Dell everytime I meet someone at a trade show.  I have a button made up that says DON’T BUY DELL – ASK ME WHY.  It cost $6.00 and I hope it causes them thousands.

  217. I am from Malaysia. My Inspiron 510m develope 2 vertical lines recently after one year and seven months. I bought the notebook on the 15 Sep 2005. It seems that I am not alone here and many of us are facing the same problem. If it is proven it was caused by a manufacturing faulty, I really hope DELL should take prompt action to replace them.

    To be franked, I am quite disappointed with the service provided by DELL this time. When I called DELL technical support team to ask about the vertical lines problem, they simply suggested to replace the LCD display which costs me RM 1400++. Then they directed my call to the quotation department so that a quotation on LCD display will be sent to me.

    However, even I chase after them quite frequently, they haven’t sent me the quotation for LCD replacement after 2 weeks. Rather, they sent a quotation which under a Japanese name to me. To me, this should not happen in an established company like DELL.

    Since the purchasing of DELL in 2005, I always recommend DELL to my family members and collegues. After the experience that I am facing now, I feel that it is very very shameful to do that again. I am pretty sure it will be the first and the last DELL notebook in my life.

  218. I have just got back my Inspiron 9300 with the lcd repaired and thought I’d chime in with my own experience with Dell.

    Let me start by saying I’ve had the vertical line problem for I think close to a year, more or less. My Inspiron was well out of warranty, so I expected I would have to pay to have it fixed. Since my laptop was still functional in every other way, I decided I could live with the problem, at least for a while.

    Like most everyone else, mine started with one single line, but multipled over the months to a total of 16. It was still usable, but I happened on this site (and dellverticalline.com) and decided to call Dell and see if my screen qualified for the free repair/replacement.

    My initial call to Dell, following the instructions posted on this site, went very well. I spoke to a female representative who was very courteous and helpful. Despite her accented English and (I assume) being half a world away, our conversation went off without any misunderstandings. She informed me that I qualified to have the repairs done at no cost, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to be without my laptop for 5-8 days as she informed me (I live in the US, by the way). She let me think it over, and gave me the case number and the extension to call if I decided I wanted the repairs done.

    I placed the call the next day, and gave my case # and the time I’d be available to have them call me back. The only small problem that occurred was that the representative was a little late in calling me back and I had already gone to bed for the evening. Her voicemail was apologetic for being late in returning my call. The next day I called again, and after work I received her call with the details of how to contact DHL to get the box for shipment. I opted for DHL to drop off the box while I was at work, then I called them to pick it up around 5:30pm, which was last Thursday.

    On Monday, my laptop came back, and the screen’s in full working order. Actually, in addition to the lines being gone, the screen is noticeably brighter. So far, I’ve been pleased with Dell’s support. I had a lower opinion of them when this all began, as my previous Dell laptop developed a severe problem and died (also just after the warranty expired). I don’t know if I’ll purchase a Dell when I next purchase a pc, but this experience has at least made my opinion of them better.

  219. it is ALSO ON INSPIRON 510m 15″ LAPTOP

    I have the above model, and without a doubt, 4 months ago, I had  – one – vertical line that appeared to be travelling down the screen. Today is July 25th 2007 and I have – 50 – lines. It’s driving me insane.

  220. DELL INSPIRON 510m purchased from Singapore/Malaysia


    Just called two numbers: 1800 624 9896 , no luck

    Then I called 1800 822 4730.

    Talked to a rep who basically said: This issue is ONLY for the United States. There is no option available whatsoever for anyone who has a purchased a “vertical line issue” laptop in Singapore/Malaysia.

    I bought this Inspiron 510m laptop, which is infact 15″ not even 17″, and is showing these lines, from Singapore. Can DELL please respond to my queries:

    1) I am convinced this laptop has the same faulty Vertical Line LCD screen as has been talked about at length over here, and other websites. If I provide my service tag number, would dell run a check and confirm the problem.

    2) What does DELL plan to do about ALL the customers (slowly, but surely there will be more) from this Singapore/Malaysia region who have this vertical line problem, and clearly have a right to get their laptops fixed by DELL.

    – Clearly Li-Pei Wong from Malaysia is another person above who bought the same laptop that is having the same problem. WHat sort of service are other customers expected to recieve from DELL?

    – Manav


  221. I wrote to DELL ([email protected]) about my 510m vertical lines issue on 24 Jul 07. Today, I receive a reply from DELL as below. ############################################################

    Dear Li Pei,

    Thank you for contacting Dell Online Technical Support.

    Regarding the vertical line issues with your Dell notebook, Dell has determined that there is an issue that may develop with some 17 inches LCD displays. The affected displays shipped with Dell Inspiron 9200, 9300, and Dell XPS Gen 2 notebooks between November 2004 and October of 2006.

    As Inspiron 510m is not fall under this LCD replacement program, it will be a billable service to get the LCD replacement if the warranty of the system has expired. However, please let me know if you would like to receive a quote for the LCD replacement for the out of warranty system.


    I should praise their diplomacy in replying my mail. However, I am still not satisfied with the service provided by DELL. It is clearly that the 510m model is also suffering from the same LCD quality problem as Dell Inspiron 9200, 9300, and Dell XPS Gen 2. There are so many cases around the world that involve 510m reported in this blog. If we type “vertical line” in the search text box found in http://www.direct2dell.com, there is another section which talks about the same problem (http://www.direct2dell.com/one2one/archive/2007/06/19/17774.aspx). Customers from Australia, Malaysia, Singapore are complaining about the faulty LCD sreen in 510m. Most of the reported cases saying that the lines appear not long after the warraty period. Hence, I would appreciate if DELL can tell us how those vertical lines can develop if it is not a manufacturing quality issue.  

  222. I bought my Dell 510m sometime middle of 2005 in Singapore, and it started developing vertical lines (i have 6 now) two months ago. I received the same response as what Li-Pei has received from Dell, that is Dell 510m is not the model under the defect list, and I have to pay for the repair. I would rather spend the money on a new notebook then to pay to repair a defect. Rest assured that the new notebook would definitely not be a Dell!

  223. Hi,

    I have the same VLI with my Inspiron 9300, after I contact Dell support about that, almost immediately Dell service responded and asked for tag num. and photo of my screen. About week ago Czech company who runs a repearing of Dell manufactor computers and finaly today my LSD has been replaced for no charge. It happened in Czech republic, where I brought my laptop when I moved from US and this line of inspiron was no available to purchase in CZE and they fixed it anyway.

    I am pleased with Dell service.


  224. I have never had a problem with Dell service, they do a great job and I always tell my clients to buy fro, Dell.



  225. hi from france,

     same problem as you. I have now more
    than 100 dead pixel vertical lines… I bought my WUXGA inspiron 9300
    in march 2005. I just wrote to dell to see if I can get a new screen. I
    can’t work no more with my computer.


  226. My Dell Inspiron 9200 with a T4976 display was shipped Jan. 2005.  Between Jan. and July of 2007, seven 1-pixel lines developed, at an increasing rate over time.  On 7/26/07 I called Dell at 1-800-624-9896, they were aware of the vertical line problem, and said a technician from their repair company (QualXServ) would call me within 72 hours.  Within 24 hours I got the call, and on 7/30/07 the display was replaced.  The only ‘problem’ I had was communicating with the Dell rep. who sounded like he was perhaps in Delhi.  There was a lot of, “Sorry would you please repeat that” on my part.  Ugh.  

  227. I have the same problem with my inspiron 510M lptop, ihas now 5 vertical lines..every second day it is coming up with a vertical screen..drivig crazy man..

    Dell support, why don you guys admit that there is a problem with teh lcd for 510M also and replace.. 


  228. I bought a XPS Gen 2 in March 2005. The Single vertical line appeared in june this year.

    I live in South Korea, Seoul  Check Your e-mail~

  229. I bought a Inspiron 510m in May’2005 and it within a month it developed a 5cm wide vertical line on the display. Dell promptly came out and replaced it since it was under warranty. Now just 2 years later the same problem has occured with the replacement screen. I’ve only just begun to speak to Dell, but the posts above do not fill me with much hope. Its ridiculous that the company can ignore so many complaints about the 510m screen, it seems obvious that the same problem is occuring as on the other models they’ve agreed to replace screens.

    I also noticed that Dell Media Manager stopped replying to so many queries on here.

    Why hasn’t he come back on to explain why the 510m problem isn’t a manufacturing problem?

    Do I have to take this to consumer affairs here?

  230. I have to say that Dell act inmediately on my case, I phoned them and they did it free of charge. I am currently living in the Uk, but at the time I bought my Inspiron I was living in the states, I was a bit concerned that they will put some problems because I bought in a different country but that was not the case, very good costumer service.

    Happy Dell Costumer.



  231. I’ve arranged to return to Dell my Inspiron 9200 (which has two purple vertical lines on the display) for a new LCD. The tech said he’d send me a link to a site telling me how to remove the hard drive before sending in the computer. He didn’t.

     Can someone point me to directions on how to remove the hard drive?

     Tks, Steve

  232. I have given up all hope in dell(I use lower case because they don”t deserve any resect).  I was sent a spam mail type message from the so called customer advocate giving me contacts to call and after an hour of trying to resolve my issue and understand someone that was oviously not on the same continent as I dell told me they could not help me.  So i guess Apple has gained a family of customers as i have shared my terrible experiences with them.  Thanks for nothing    

  233. I got the vertical line on my Dell XPS2 laptop two days ago. I was told
    by customer support in Malaysia to try and press rub it gently. I tried
    to press the screen and it broke. I am going nuts as I am in Thailand
    and there is no way to get this fixed here. No one from the computer
    stores here will fix it.

    What can I do ? I emailed customer support and they called and tried to sell me a new computer. I can’t believe it’s broken now. I could have lived with one vertical line. Now I have to use my Dell 700m.

  234. I am having the same issue as several others have reported with the Inspiron 8600 (WXUGA), which I purchased in January of 2005.  A single vertical line appeared last week and two more lines have appeared in the last couple of days.  How in the world was it determined that this issue was exclusive to the 17″ notebooks?  Obviously the problem exists with the 15.4″ screens as well.  What is being done for the other affected customers whose notebooks are incorrectly being excluded from the recall?

    I had planned on buying a new Dell desktop for my home in the near future, but the way this issue is being handled is ridiculous.  Please do the right thing Dell and fix all affected notebooks.

  235. Hello!

    My screen has also some vertical lines. Unfortunately Dell said, that my 9300 is not part of the recall so they won’t give me a new screen for free. But they offered my to sell me a new one for 50% off. That was some months ago and I thought I don’t want to do this because there were not that much lines. But in the last few days 3 new lines showed up.

    Argh I wish Dell would just give me a new WORKING screen.

    Is it right that not all of the 9300 series are officially in the recall? 

  236. I am having the problem with 4 vertical lines on the screen of my Inspiron 9300, I bought on 03 2005. One would have been enough, but 4.

    I have contacted DELL Support Switzerland and have asked for a replacement. When I am reading all these comments then I have less hope. In the past 4 years I have bought 3 Laptops: Inspiron 8200 / 9300 and this year the XPSM2010 which is a fantastic laptop. I am a Dell fan but if this matter is not solved properly, this was the last notebook  I bought with DELL. Sorry!





  237. The screen is the about only thing that is working on my 9300! I’m lucky to have a 3 year warrenty.

    I’ve had the video card, motherboard (4 times), memory modules, DVD drive, screen attachement (just broke of when opening the laptop), palmrest (needs to be replaces every few months because of the bad paint job) and of course the battery (though that was Sony’s problem, not Dell’s) replaced! For each of these repacements the Dell service people had to do approx. 3 visits because they brought wrong or defect(!) replacement parts.

    Today the memory module that was replaced earlier this week broke down again. Since it’s weekend I will have to work on my old laptop for a few days.

    These problems are unrelated to all the problems I had when buying my laptop (they tried overcharging me and did not deliver all items).

    All that the Dell employees seem to care about when I call is that I give them a rating of 7 or higher on the email questionaire that they sent.

    Needless to say that there will be no more Dell computers in my company and most of my clients company’s.


  238. I have bought 510m and also having similar vertical line problem. Now the lines has increase to more than 30lines. I will have to use external LCD to view it and making the laptop no longer pratical to bring to any places.

     I have contact Dell and get similar result, asking me to pay for the replacement, sorry that Dell cannot replace with free as this notebook is ‘OK’.

  239. I bought an Inspiron 9300 in April 2005 and it started developing the vertical lines in Nov 2006. I had no clue why and thought I’d have to pay up to get it replaced until I found this site. I’ve sent a mail to [email protected] and waiting for reply.

  240. I received an email from Dell advertising a great “Back to School Special – the Inspiron Notebook for only $699. When I called to buy it, it was a bait and switch. It had no software, only one year warranty, none of the things that are expected on a computer. I wasted twenty minutes with a gentleman who acted like a used car salesman. I couldn’t even use the computer unless I added stuff to the tune of well over $1,000. Beware of Dell’s “Specials”. It is really false advertising! If you get the one advertised, it’s like buying a car without wheels.

  241. I also am an owner of the dell 9300.  Just a couple weeks ago I started getting the dreaded vertical lines.  Luckily I found Dellverticalline.com and it seemed that the problem would be resolved with a simple phone call (Wrong).  I called up and after a few transfers and probably an hour of hold time I was told my monitor was not covered (W5410).  Of course, my monitor was definitely displaying the symptoms so I took apart the Panel using the instructions on Dell’s website service manual and lo and behold I have a T4976 and not a W5410.  I proceeded to try to call back which I only got a busy signal (this was using the phone I originally used to contact them and the one they were suppose to call me back) – I became quite irritated when another phone went straight to the hold signal instead of the busy signal – obviously they had blocked my original phone number although I was completely polite during the first phone call.  Anyway after another hour of hold time it seems as though they may send out a replacement part – but I have to wait another 3 days for them to call me back and upper manangement to OK it.

  242. The comments on this blog tell my story.  It is therapy for me to share the frustrations, disappointments, disillusionments and anger.

    I have an Inspiron 9200 ordered 01/23/2005. The order indicates my display is part W5412 (ironically I paid extra for this display).  Based on my excellent previous experience with Dells I paid $2,648.00 for the computer.

    Thanks to this forum, I know I must access the actual part number on the back of the display, and that is my next task.

    I received the famous letter from Kevin M. Brown and called the number. I also had a couple of sessions on Dell Chat. The experience was something out of Kafka.

    This site gives me encouragement to try again to get some resolution, so I am logging in and thanking all who have posted.

    David Lewis 

  243. I reported the vertical line problem on my Lattitude D420 late June and today a Dell service guy came in and replace the faulty LCD.

    Great service Dell, you have justified my faith in your company and product line.

    Interestingly, a colleague’s HP has failed with exactly the same problem, will be interesting to see how they respond.


  244. I have dell inspiron 510m , not in warranty. I was working yesterday when the left click on touchpad suddenly stopped working. I have tried chainging the touch pad setings without any luck .I connected the external mouse through usb which is working fine. I am thinkining of taking the palmrest off and see if i can do something about it. Any suggestions how to fix this.

  245. We have a couple of Inspiron 9200’s , one of which developed the vertical lines problem and we sent this back to Dell for repair in May. We had a very straightforward experience with Dell support and they replaced the laptop screen at no cost. See my May comments.

    Within the last few weeks our other 9200 developed a large blue vertical band. I called the 1-800-822-4730 Dell support # on Tuesday this week to have the laptop screen fixed. DHL picked it up Tuesday, they repaired it in Memphis yesterday (Wednesday) and sent it right back to me and I received it today (Thursday).

    Dell support (India?) was courteous, on the ball and within a few minutes I had a DHL Dispatch #, Case # and the wheels were put in motion to get the laptop repaired at no cost.

    The turnaround time on this repair was very impressive.

    So far, I’ve been very impressed with Dell customer support.



  246. Cautious Optimism !  I received an e-mail from Customer Advocate today giving me a case number and asking for contact information to process the service.  This is a good turn of events.  I am so glad I found this site!

  247. For you Dell customers with 17-inch laptop LCD vertical lines: count yourselves lucky — at least Dell finally admitted they have a problem AND are trying to do right by their customers.  I’m now up to 6 vertical lines on my COMPAQ Presario X6000CTO Notebook (first one appeared in the Spring and the last one popped up this evening).  HP isn’t concerned in the least.  Even though my laptop has an LG 17-inch screen and was shipped April of 2005, HP isn’t sympathetic to my problem.  I would bet that I’m experiencing the same defect as you — HP used the same defective displays as Dell.  We HP patrons need a site like this one so we can see how far-reaching OUR problem is; we may have as many disgruntled customers but we’re not organized so we have no leverage.  Best of luck to all of you in your quest for satisfaction.   

  248.     Dell has done its deed on my part. They have by far exceded my expectations. I Spoke with a rep yesterday at around 6 pm, and received a new LCD literarly 12 hours later. I installed it myself since I know a bit about lapops so that was about a 10 minute process. The new screen looks amazing. Now I just have to call the DHL so they can pick up my old lcd. I will certainly keep buying dell products as they have proven to be a great value, good machines, and as far as Im concerned, they have proven that when a mistake on their part is made, they are willing to confess and make their costumers happy (which seems not to be the case with Hp and Apple).

    Thank you for this website and thanks to DELL for doing whats right….they have kept this costumer


  249. Situation is now worse with my Inspiron 9300. The battery (already a replacement last year) now also died.

    Dell refuses to repair it or further discuss the matter, even though my laptop is still within warrenty (I have a 3 year next-day extension)!

    On top of that all my accountant noticed that Dell had overcharged me for 15%! I received a letter last month that they would pay the difference back, but have not seen the money yet.

    I am filling criminal charges to Dell here in The Netherlands.

  250. More Progress

    Things have really changed for the better since I found this site.  I now have an e-mail with a  Depot Repair Number and instructions for sending the laptop to the repair station !

    We are in the process of moving from Florida to Maine and the moment we arrive I will call DSL for a pick up.

    Again, thanks for all the good advice!

    David Lewis 

  251. Hi,

     I just hit the vertical line problem on my dell inspiron 9300 (purchased in december 2005). I have also sent a mail to [email protected].

    I was really worried and am delighted to know that it is a known issue and Dell is taking care of its customers. However, going by the posts here, I am not really expecting a response from vertical_line.

     Would really appreciate it if someone from Dell looked into this problem. I am currently located in India.

  252. I bought an Inspirion 510m In New Zealand via Singapore in March 2005. About two weeks ago it developed a single verticle line. Now it has two with another on the way. I’m now living in the UK. Ihere is obviously a problem with this 15″ model screen as well as the 17″. To buy a replacement LCD is about 226 pounds. Yuo can get a basic laptop for a little more than that. I’ll be calling and emailing dell. I’ve purchased four dells over the years and recommended others by dell dozens of times. I’ll not be doing either aagain If iI don’t get a free replacement.

    Best of luck to all the others out ther with the same problem.

  253. Dear Lionel

     There are multiple users including myself who have bought Inspiron 510m (Singapore/Malaysia) are facing similar vertical problems. The first and foremost is to accept that it is an hardware issue. Just scroll up this post and look for Manav, Lei Pang, Ryan, Leong, fabiana, Arun, Dipak, Kelly, Chris, Ben and so many others who are posing exactly the same vertical line problem. Does Dell want to take an ignorant approach and make all of us accept that it is not the faulty hardware issue. We shifted from IBM to Dell for all notebook purchases but if this is the approach then we have to go back to Lenovo. I am sure that Dell will admit this issue and resolve this issue for its reputation and customer retention.


  254. I too have this problem in the UK with a 510m.  I just got off from a Dell online chat with Tech Support and they basically told me tough luck, it’s not a known problem!

  255. Success!

    I received my 9200 from Dell repair today. What a pleasure to work on a screen without lines.

    Again, I want to thank all who shared their experiences and methods to get this repair!

    With all best wishes, David Lewis 

  256. Hi,

    I had posted on this site on the 21st of September … yesterday the screen got replaced on-site!

    Thought I’d post the good news … since I was more than ready to crib when things weren’t going right.

    Thanks Dell for the prompt response. Good luck to the others as well.


  257. Scott: Sorry for the problems you’re having with the screen. I’ll ask someone from our Tech Support team contact you.

  258. I own a Dell Inspiron 6000 that I bought about 1 and half years ago and the vertical problem just started for me. I was told that my particular part was not covered and that it would cost me 500$ to fix. This is absolutely ridiculous and I will never purchase a Dell again if they dont take care of this problem. With so many models having this issue they should be taking care of this.


  259. Glad I found this, I had the line appear on my XPS Gen2.  After some time on the phone with Dell, they said they would take care of it and sent me a pick-up box thru DHL. Now DHL is a whole different story, lets just say after 2 attempts of them not showing I had to take it to them.  If all goes well I will be ordering my desktop from Dell.   And yes my warranty was out.

    Chris P.

  260. This is interesting, considering I just got off the phone with Dell tech support and he told me that I would hae to pay for the new screen, and in fact since my warranty had expired, I’d need to pay him to help me any further with the issue.  Comments anyone?

  261. Clinton, I called this number 1-800-624-9896, told the rep about the line and had him look up this sight, which stated dell was fixing the issue.

    Mine is home now and I’ll know this afternoon if it was fixed.

  262. Carl: I apologize for the inconvenience and will ask someone from Customer Care to follow up with you.

  263. I just got off the phone with Dell Tech Support (thru 1-800-624-9896 as stated above) and was also told I would have to purchase all parts needed since my laptop was out of warranty.  I offered to send the “support” person a link to this site, but he was not interested.  He put me on hold for a few minutes then told me he talked to his manager, and his manager said I had to call the out of warranty department since there is a fee for support.  He transfered me to the “correct” department, but they were closed.

    This issue first showed up about eight months ago shortly after I had to have my motherboard replaced.  After that poor customer service experience, I was letting this issue go, but I now have seven (and increasing) vertical lines on my screen.

    I’m not sure how the next call will go, but I will try 1-800-624-9897 to see how much I have to pay.  If this is the correct number to call and there is a service fee for defective but out of warranty Dell products, this information should be included in the article.

  264. Hi there,

    I am in the same boat as Carl, the service rep told me that I would have to buy a new display because I was out of warranty.  The laptop was purchased in december of 2004, so it is still within the 3 year period.  I now have a lovely yellow vertical line on my display, as well as a new blue one that showed up last night!  The Orange Box isn’t nearly as fun with those distracting lines 😀



  265. Hello,

     I just hit the vertical line problem on my dell inspiron 9200 (purchased in december 200′). I have also sent two emails to [email protected].

    I was really worried and am delighted to know that it is a known issue and Dell is taking care of its customers. However, going by the posts here, I am not really expecting a response from vertical_line.

     Would really appreciate it if someone from Dell looked into this problem. I am currently located in France.


  266. I have just got off the phone to Dell Asia Pacific, they contacted me after I got excited that “Robert” had his 510m screen replaced and thought I too would have another shot at getting a replacement screen. No such luck, they just simply refuse to accept that the 510m has this issue. My screen must have about vertical 100 lines over the right quarter of the screen. They did however arrange for someone to call me to discuss how much it will cost for me to replace the screen. Dell have a great opportunity here to restore some faith in the company.


  267. I tried calling Dell Canada about the vertical line problem but everytime I call it says it is after business hours even though it isn’t.  I’m not happy and this may be my last Dell purchase.

  268. Hi there,

    So I called the 1-800 number again, and this time tried technical support.  They were VERY helpful and knew EXACTLY what the issue was.  So I think for you guys that are having problems, try calling technical support and they can help you out.



  269. I bought 3 Dell laptops so far. one of Inspiron starts one vertical bright line now. hope dell can solve the problem for me. I sent email already.

    I am in cupertino, california. my company just switch from thinkpad to dell.
    if dell cannot take care the issue, it’s better to give an alert  to my company’s IT before buying more dell laptop, because the life is only 2-3 years.


  270. Hi, all.

    I’m in the US and I have had an Inspiron 6000 since Aug. 05. It started showing virtical lines (total of 47) about 3 months ago. When I saw this forum, I took my chance by calling Dell 1-800 technical support. The representative knew the problem right away and offered me to replace the LCD at no cost though my notebook was out of warranty long ago.

    Just call and you’ll get a new LCD at no cost. You don’t even pay for shipping. DHL will pick your laptop up in the same day.

  271. “Shridhara said:

    I bought an Inspiron 9300 in April 2005 and it started developing the vertical lines in Nov 2006. I had no clue why and thought I’d have to pay up to get it replaced until I found this site. I’ve sent a mail to [email protected] and waiting for reply.
    …The next day I called Dell India Tech Support. Following day a technician came home and fixed it. AMAZING!!!
    BUT now, there is a new problem. The new screen which was installed has developed similar kind of problem. This time there is a thick bright white vertical band of about 1 1/2″ width. I am not able to see any information which is behind that band. What’s happening?
  272. I have an Inspiron 9300 which developed 12 vertical lines. After chancing upon this page, I called Dell Singapore and they responded quickly. Next day a technician came round,  replaced the display within 45 mins and it’s working fine.

    I can certainly understand the frustration of some of the folks on this page at Dell’s lack of responsiveness. I can only hope that Dell can keep working to ensure all their customers enjoy the same service that I received. This is my fifth Dell PC and so far I’ve been fairly happy with all of them.

    Special thanks to Steven at Dell Singapore who took the trouble to call back the next day and ensure that everything had been sorted. 

  273. Hey everyone. Good news for Inspiron 9300 laptop owners with vertical line issue. I live in Pennsylvania. Purchased my Dell in May’05. Bought on Ebay. I started the VLI about 3 month ago. I now have 52 lines. Thanks to this web site and info gathered from some of the letters, I decided to call Dell. 1-800-822-4730 went right to a tech. No waiting, even on a Sunday. Gave him my service tag #. No questions asked. He gave me a reference #, a case #, and DHL #. Told me to call them and give them my ref # and schedule a pick up. Remove my battery and power cord.and hard drive if I wanted. DHL would show up with a box for laptop. Get tracking # from DHL and within a week should be returned with new screen. NO CHARGE. I could even understand the techs english. Will let you know how I make out. Thanks again for this web site.

  274. Hello All,

    I have a Inspiron 9300 (11/2005) that developed a couple of vertical lines but the tech and then the supervisor insists that my LCD part number is not one of the ‘covered’ part numbers.

    For the people who have had their LCDs replaced, could you confirm if your part number is not one of the following: J9662, T4976 or W4554?

     Thanks for the very useful information on this website!

  275. I have an XPS Gen 2 with this exact problem purchased in 2005. I had an extended warranty which recently expired. It started with one blue vertical 1-pixel line and now I have about a dozen.I tried to call the phone number listed and was told I can only be helped for $49/minute. Am I out of luck since my warranty expired and my purchase date is past three years?

  276. Hey guys!


    Dell 9300, same problem here. lightblue line on my monitor, I live in the Philippines though. 

    Can anyone recommend solutions for this prob? (besides having my lcd replaced, im thinking 12 hours on pixelFix might help it.

     The line gets cancelled by white pixels tho (like the inside of the mouse icon)

    Thanks in advance for any help guys, really appreciate it.

  277. My Dell 9300 vertical line issue developed while in a field camp in Alaska. Over the course of 3 months 8 lines appeared. My Dell is out of warranty and I was very upset. When I came out of camp my first impulse was to track down a screen on screentekinc.com and replace it myself, knowing it would be much to expensive to have Dell do it. While in the process of researching the procedure I came across this forum and found out Dell would replace it for me at no cost. I was very happy. Contacting Dell, sending off my computer, and getting it back has taken about a week. I’m scheduled to get it tomorrow according to DHL. So far the process has been very positive and Dells response commendable. I see by this forum that not all customers experience has been as positive as mine, and that is the nature of these forums.

  278. I have had this problem with a 2200 inspiron – purchased 2005- Monitor replaced twic, motherboard replaced twice, hard drive replaced once, RAM replaced once etc etc…. so it was no surprise that another problem cropped up with a replaced part.

    what is really interesting is the dell rep in India (I bought the machine in the UK), who informs me (after the mail sent to verticle lines at dell):

    1. The machine is too old (2 years?? thats how long they expect their machines to last?)
    2. Out of warranty (I though that dell had covered that one)
    3. This one is good – These are electronic parts and Dell cannot “guarantee” that any and all wont stop working at some point
    4. and last but not the least – perhaps I forgot to read their agreement which says all parts are refurbished (and what? prone to more failure???).
    My take is sure, I read it. Understanding being that they will replace a faulty part with a non faulty one! Evidently not…. So I will simply not buy any more Dell’s (I have 4 currently – including 2 high end desktops). And will recommend that my organisation do the same.
    Good Luck Dell… look forward to being no.10  shortly!
  279. I called (800)822-4730 as suggested by this website and talked to somebody who seemed to understand exactly what was going on. The rep explained that I would need to call DHL to schedule a pickup and if Dell determined that it is in fact an LCD issue, they would replace and ship it back (no charge both ways). If on the other hand, it was determined that it is not an LCD issue, they would simply return it. I shipped my laptop on  Sat and got it back on Tue with the issue completely resolved (the LCD was replaced per the work order)

    Dell has certainly come through this time. I have owned Dell laptops since 1998 and if this issue was handled differently, would have definitely not gone back to Dell for future purchases. As it is though … good job Dell!

    Thanks again for this website!


  280. Hello everyone. This is my follow-up to my Nov.4th listing( suggest you read- back 7 letters). I called DHL in the morning Nov 5 and scheduled a pick up for that day. They picked up that evening( Monday). On Nov 7, a DHL truck pulled in my driveway. Gone Monday, back Wednesday. They even fixed my dvd player that I mentioned on my call to Dell. So Dell came through big time. Thanks again for this website. I can see my screen again. Life is good.

  281. I received my laptop from Dell exactly one week from the day I sent it in. The screen looks like new and Dell even replaced a key that I had lost off of my key board and cleaned it even though my computer is out of warranty. One week is fast service for Alaska. I’m very satisfied with Dells response to this issue. I had some problems with DHL but that’s another issue.

  282. Just wanted everyone to know that I had this problem as well on a Dell Inspiron 9300. My warranty had expired but I called the number as instructed and explained what was happening. Dell support was EXCEPTIONAL! They sent DHL express to come and pick up the laptop the very next day. They had it expressed back to me within 3 days! This was a few months ago and everything is still working great now. Thanks Dell!

  283. I have an Inspiron with the same LCD problem developed (read ‘observed’) while touring india but while I contacted the customer care, I got to know Dell India doesnt even have a Depot where we can give for problem resolution. What surprised me most there are hundred thousand of them installed and used in india, i was told, and still none to take care of problem!

    Finally when I talk to call center they say since this is not under India Care, they cant help it. Iam helpless

  284. one of our company’s Inspiron 6000 developed very bad multiple vertical lines. I email dell’s customer service dept. for this recall issue, received an email back asking me to contact dell’s techincal support.  I did what they said and received another email from techincal support asking me to contact Dell’s customer service for any recall issue. it seems that they are playing ping pong here. I really have no time to play with them.

    I got so upset and just placed a new order for five laptops for our company to HP instead of Dell whom I usually purchased from for the last five years.


  285. Help, please! I just had my inspiron 9300 returned from the repair station in Tennessee. I shipped it without harddrive and battery. They replaced the lcd screen and a heat sink in record turnaround time but the computer now tells me I have a hdd fatal error and is running real hot(no fan sound)! I called Dell and was told since my laptop is not under warranty they would charge me $50 dollars to diagnose the matter. I took the hard drive to my neighbors and put it in his 9300. It works fine in his. This computer worked fine before they did the replacement. Maybe they left a wire off or it jogged loose in shipment?
    There is no phone number for the repair station and the number for the origional problem desk referred me to technical support! Technical support wants money to fix a problem created by the repair center. What a circle!
    Please authorize a return so they can fix the problem.
  286. I have a Inspiron 6000 and just today started having a big purple line down my screen.  I found this website and placed a call to the number 1800-822-4730 listed on this blog and am on hold now for them to fix my computer at no charge.  They were very helpful and knew exactly what the problem was. DHL is picking up the computer tomorrow and will have it back by the end of the week.  Dell just saved another customer.

  287. i have a dell laptop inspiron 1150 my pc seems having problem in its hardware do you have a one stop repair shop in the phillipines where i can dop it for repair?

  288. I have the same problem with 2 year old Inspiron 1300 (15.4). Today I called Dell Canada and was politely told to f. off

    No more Dell junk for me

  289. I emailed [email protected]. No response so far. I have TWO Dell 9300 Inspiron notebooks and BOTH have vertical lines appearing within one week of each other.

    I have no  idea as to what to do now. Would someone please bother to help? I will call them tonight. Let’s see.

  290. I have a Dell Inspiron 5160 with a part number C1147 SXGA+ 15.4 inch screen.  The first vertical line appeared in early 2006, just after the expiration of the 1 year warranty.  Since then, my LCD has developed about 40 more lines.  I first contacted Dell a year ago when I became aware of a program to fix this problem.  I was told by an Indian-English speaker that my machine was out-of-warranty and he tried to sell me service, which I refused.  More lines.  More hate for Dell.  Just contacted Dell again after I did another google-search of the problem.  Same unsatisfactory response.  I too, having purchased three Dell computers in the past (all had failing components), will never purchase another thing from them, will tell my friends to avoid them, and will seek to join the first class action suit I can find.

  291. I called the Dell number listed above, talked to some guy in India, he knew exactly what was going on..Told me they would send a Dell box via DHL, I was to make sure I do not include the hardrive/power cord and pack the Inspiron 9300. Have DHL pick it up and I should have it back in 7 days..Box arrived two days after my call..Haven’t sent it out, will wait until after the holidays..Plus, the laptop is my livelyhood..So far so good..Sure something will come up down the road..

  292. I have an Inspiron 9300 shipped 12/05 with 2 vertical lines which just developed over the last week. Now I am on hold with India after repeating my service code for 5 minutes before he got it right. Sigh, been on hold for 15 minutes…we’ll see…

  293. Hi, I’m form Chile and have the same problem… Vertical Lines. But support only said that I’m out of warranty, and said that my LCD was not part of the batch

    to be replacing. How can we know if our LCD number is part of the same batch?.


    It’s incredible the coincident… I have an Inspiron 9300, I bought it on Jan ’05, has the same problem, but, it’s not part of the batch to be replaces, like many other,

    Dell is hidden information.

  294. I just create the next email: [email protected]. The idea about it is all of you send an email with the follow information:




    Serial Tag.

    Batch number (of your lcd)

    Date of purchase:

    Date of the first report to dell support.

    The excuse given by support: (like out of warranty or your batch is not include, etc).

    The idea is to create our data base and try to find a new batch whith the same problem.



  295. I have an Inspiron 6000/E1505…I started with 1 vertical line and now I (after 2 new ones popping up today) am up to 16.  We purchased this laptop for personal use and first my hardrive crashed and we were sent a new one.  Then I began having issues with the software not recognizing all the usb ports (I actually still have this issue) and the lcd stopped staying in place.  The lcd was loose and we sent it in for repair.  About 6 1/2 months ago the first line showed up while we were in an airport on our way home.  I have called and my husband has called.  We get told the same thing…this model is not covered and of course “your warrenty is expired” a fact we already know. 

    When on the phone with the customer service folks, the guys are always polite.  This is a reflection on the product not the people.  The product has bugs!  I just wish that when we report a problem we could get a fair solution.  I counted 3 other notes previously mentioning the same system as mine.  I guess I am not an isolated case like I was lead to belive.

     I want Dell to replace my lcd free of charge so that I can continue to enjoy investment.  I belive that I should get more than 1 year out of something that costs $1500 + dollars!

    Heather Lorenzen

  296. The problem with the thin blue vertical line is just not a “Dell” problem. The same problem is occurring on Apple computers with 17″ screens (see: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=5924450)

    AND just hours ago, the thin blue vertical line appeared on my 17″ HP computer screen. I purchased my computer in August 2005 and have never had any problems until now.

    This universal problem is explained in the apple discussion group as follows:

    The Diamondtron CRT used in the 17-inch Studio
    Display incorporates an aperture grid of very fine, vertical wires to enhance
    the sharpness of the image. Exposure to cold and or vibration can cause these
    fine wires to temporarily adhere to each other.

    “The vertical line anomaly is inherent to this
    type of display when exposed to lower temperatures and is not indicative of the
    need for a service call.

    “If your display is exhibiting visible thin vertical lines, you can most often
    break the adhesion between the grid wires by using the heel of your hand to
    moderately impact the side of your display under the Apple logo on the right,
    then left side. Using moderate force does not damage your display.

    “To avoid scratching or marring the external plastics, remove any jewelry or
    watches before you tap the display.

    “If the lines persist after a few attempts to break the adhesion of the wires,
    you should take the display to an Apple Authorized Service Provider for
    additional troubleshooting.”


    The above is provided for information only. I am not necessarily recommending smacking the computer screen as a solution. I would be interested if anyone could shed further light as to why the computer screens on 17″ Apples, Dells and HPs seem to be prone to this problem.

    Thanks and Happy New Year to Everyone!



  297. A follow up…my lines are all colors…not just blue.  I have a few blue lines of different shades but I also have many other colors.  I have tried to get rid of the lines and they don’t go away.

  298. I got a vertical line last month, and I called up dell, they said they cant replace the lcd screen because the warranty is more than three years old. I do not understand this, where did the three year come from, is this some idea of dell to avoid replacing and get away with it.

    I had a problem in my Sony camera which i had bought four years ago and they replaced the component in a week without a question because they knew that it was their fault and not mine. They did not have any crap about whether it had been three years or more from when I had bought the camera. I think Dell should learn something from Sony about treating their customers with honesty and sincerity. Hope some day they have problems with the computers they are working with and realize what it feels like to invest hard earned money into something and see it not working just because someone installed a faulty component.

  299. I have 17 line on my dell 9300’s screen at the moment, they also told me that my part is not one of the defected ones and i have to pay $498 (+tax=$500+)  to fix. I discussed with him a little more and told him to go to this website,he talked to the manager and then gave me a $100 discount (he told me “take or leave”) so I left because it still cost too much.

    This is ridiculous, it sounds like they are making up excuses telling me that mine is not the one under recall. 

    I really would like to know if this is what they are doing to avoid replacements.

  300. I have an Inspiron 6000 and I too have the vertical line problem that started about 2 weeks ago.

     I haven’t seen any responses from Dell employees in this thread regarding 6000 owners.  Are they hoping we just go away?  At least just say “Too bad, next time buy an extended warranty because we don’t stand by our products”.



  301. Not to be different, but I just had a positive experience with Dell technical support.  My 2 year old Inspiron 6000 developed the vertical line problem about a month ago.  Knowing it was out of warranty I accepted that I would have to live with it until I could afford to replace it, but stumbled across this Blog almost by accident.  This morning I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to what I assumed would be a long, drawn out morning listening to hold music and ending with no help at all.  I was wrong.  I did spend about 15 minutes on hold at various times, but the end result is that Dell has agreed to replace my LCD.  The tech I talked to knew nothing of this program to replace LCD’s that fail within 3 years of purchase, but after 5 minutes on hold he apparently found out about it.  Obviously my adventure with Dell is not over, but things are looking good so far.  Hope this provides some encouragement for others with this problem.

  302. I just installed my replacement screen. Piece of cake! Lines are gone and I’m a very happy camper.

    After struggling with the vertical line issue for several months, I ran across this site 2 weeks AFTER my warrantee had expired. I explained the situation to the Dell rep at the contact number, and after checking with his manager, authorized the replacement. They did want me to ship my computer to them for the swap, but I convinced them that I could do it myself with the instructions found here:


    The display arrived Next business day – what could be better than that!

  303. I sent in my 9300 this Monday via DHL in a pre-labeled box sent to me by Dell. Yesterday I get an automated call stating Dell had received my laptop and they would keep me informed as to the status of the laptop..Stunningly, this morning at 9:30am DHL pulls up and there was my laptop..Laptop was gone for less than 48 hours..Pretty amazing service..

  304. I have a inspiron 9300 gifted to me by my uncle living in the US. The sytem dates back to nov 2005. Yesterday 10th Jan 2008 suddenly there has come a yellow vertical line which now i know is a hardware issue.

    On calling Dell india the technical support tells me only 53 systems in world have this problem and i dont qualify for it. Either i buy a new screen or extend my warranty. But first i need to transfer ownership. I applied for transfer of ownership. But I dont think that only 53 systems have this problem. And even if it was how come other people having posts here are getting there screens replaced.

    Can someone please help?

  305. I notice that Lionel has not answered any queries in a long time. Is there something wrong? Why doesn't Dell update their list of monitor parts because there seems to be a lot of people who bought Inspiron 9300's in the period indicated (LIKE ME) and are being told that there computer isn't covered. COME ON… someone help PLEASE.

  306. I had a bad battery in my Inspiron 9300 laptop.Now I have the vertical line problem as well. I was trying to contact DELL via E-mail. It was impossible because as the message say, "the laptop was purchased in Canada."

    I bought it in Florida back in 2005. I still have the invoice.Now I live in Europe.It seems to be completely impossible to solve my problems.

    I'm afraid under no circumstances will I buy another Dell laptop :o)

  307.  Just wanted to know if Lionel is still around cause I would really like some help with this issue. Im from Jamaica, and the technical support line in Jamaica doesn't seem to work. Thanks.

  308. Steven and Jo-Ann: Sorry for the inconvenience. I've asked someone from Tech Support to follow up with both of you.

  309. I got the Tech Support at Dell Jamaica, and they told me that my computer isn't a part of the recall. So how is it possible that Dell shipped so many computers during the timeframe that has the SAME problem, but it is limited to 2 or 3 part numbers? Does Dell plan to see if there are other laptops with other part numbers with the problem? I mean I'll have to buy a new PC now, and I definitely won't be buying Dell because they are basically telling me that their faulty computer is my responsibility to repair.

    Thanks a lot.

  310. I have an Inspiron 9200 that I purchased in Feb. 2005.  It recently developed the vertical line problem.  I called Dell support 1/23 and was able to request a new LCD, which arrived today.  I will suggest to anyone who calls support for the problem to have the url to this article handy.  My customer support rep at first wanted to charge me to diagnose the problem since my warranty was expired, but after I mentioned this article he was able to confirm that I was eligible for a new LCD. 

    Dell's support site has an excellent step-by-step guide to replacing the LCD here: http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/ins9200/sm/gilbertv.htm#wp1006390

  311. Dear Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager


    Im from Mexico and my i9300 cost almost 2,200 dlls on credit on Dell.com m a freelancer working hard form my family, m very desapointed of my I9300 the plastic case of the laptop have my hands painted on it because the poor  material of it, i have 3 vertical lines, man i call 3 times to that number long distance, i have mail 4 or 5 times the time they answer mi call, they insist my warranty is off, bla, bla, is all my fault, bla, bla,bla, no way Dell is goin to pay for a repair not for the poor plastic case nor the 17inch 3 vertical lines screen.


    Man, i can buy rebuilt or used a better laptop for under 300 dollars, compaq, sony, name the brand, the dream to own a perfect new laptop, has become a nightmare, not even eazy pawn gives me more tan 20 dlls for this I9300 thats not fair!


    xcuse me my poor english, if u prefer to listen to my angry spanish ill be please to 🙂 🙂 


    I really need help u seem to be one of the good guys, please helpme! 

  312. Rajesh: I'm sorry for the trouble you've encountered in this process. I will have someone in Tech Support contact you directly.

  313. Jorge Luis: Sorry to hear you've had some problems trying to get your laptop fixed. I'll ask someone from Tech Support to contact you. 

  314.  I called the number at teh top in bold and they required that i send on my laptop via dhl and it would be gone from 7-9 business days. I then called the number that TD said (1-800-822-4730) and they said they could ship one out but that it wont be covered under warranty. If i sent it in they would cover it for 90 days. I went with no warranty but not having to go without my laptop.

  315. I'm from Malaysia and I have the same vertical line issue on my Inspiron 510m laptop. The vertical lines constantly developed overtime and now I have about 30 – 40 rainbow color lines on my LCD screen,  I will call Dell tomorrow for FOC lcd replacement. Guys just wait my response here when I have called them. Cross my finger hoping they don't tell me the same answer

  316. I am back, the news here is unfortunately same answer, Inspiron 510m is not in our list, your lcd replacement are billable according to Dell Malaysia. Why there are so many people here (Ryan Wong, LeongTeck Ang, Ben Edwards, Fabiana, Arun, Killy, Li-Pei Wong, MANAV, Dipak, Chris Bowes, cheng, Murray Duncan, Santosh Singh, Robert, Mark) complaining about the same issue on this model having faulty lcd and Dell Malaysia still giving the same answer, and by the way Ben Edwards and Robert successfully get their 510m LCD replaced at no cost? Can anyone here think about it after reading this whole page, why Ben and Edward manage to get their replace for free while others are not? Is Dell never make a consistent list announcement to each Dell office all over the world?

  317. My Inspiron 2200 monitor has four vertical lines already, so this issue is not limited to 9200 and others. I bought my unit in Ontario. I'm now in the Philippines. Where can I have my laptop serviced?

  318. hi i have the same problem with dell 9300 03.2005 . Payed 150$ for upgrade (LCD 1920 x 1200 true life) very nice LCD but 1/3 of it is hiden 🙁 .I bought it from US but now i live in Bulgaria eastern europe .i send a e-mail to [email protected] now i am waiting for answere. i hope that the is a parthner i Bulgaria who can help me .

  319. Hi all,
    My 9300 17'' started to show a vertical line in Dec 2007. I called the local (Swiss) support in Jan 2007, but they refused to repair the display. I sent an e-mail to [email protected]. The support called me back one week later and agreed to exchange the display. It was done within three days! Thank you, Dell!

  320. Yesterday while using my Inspiron 9300 laptop, these white flickering lines appeared on the right side of my screen.

     Please help, it's really expensive here and I can't afford to relace the screen by myself.

  321. Had this problem appear only about three weeks ago on my laptop, I found this posting and contacted Dell at the number listed above.  Mentioned problem I was having and he did not know about this issue (although I have worked as tech support and can understand them not being aware of every issue out of thousands), he wisely consulted with a supervisor and got the process rolling.

    He had a DHL box shipped to me within 2 days of calling, sent laptop out and was shocked to find the DHL guy at my door minutes after getting a message stating my laptop was received at the center on my cell.  Replacement screen looks great and they even fixed a problem with my headphone jack!

    I am thoroughly impressed with how Dell has handled this issue in my case, good luck finding another laptop manufacturer that will openly admit mistakes were made and even offer to fix those mistakes on out of warranty laptops. This is the proper way to earn customer loyalty and trust.  Thank you Dell.

  322. Dell Latin America is saying that my XPS M170 is not a XPS Gen 2. I'm saying that it is virtually the same machine, just an updated version (processor, video card only as far as I know) which was release before Dell fixed this problem.

    Am I out of luck?

  323. I too add to this list of  510M affected with vertical line issue, it has got 20 lines this too was bought from Malaysia.

    Dell should support us, it is genuine technical problem at manufacturing level & DELL should appreciate  the issue & replace at free of cost for laptops 3 years from the manufacturing date?

    [ I am back, the news here is unfortunately same answer, Inspiron 510m is not in our list, your lcd replacement are billable according to Dell Malaysia. Why there are so many people here (Ryan Wong, LeongTeck Ang, Ben Edwards, Fabiana, Arun, Killy, Li-Pei Wong, MANAV, Dipak, Chris Bowes, cheng, Murray Duncan, Santosh Singh, Robert, Mark) complaining about the same issue on this model having faulty lcd and Dell Malaysia still giving the same answer, and by the way Ben Edwards and Robert successfully get their 510m LCD replaced at no cost? Can anyone here think about it after reading this whole page, why Ben and Edward manage to get their replace for free while others are not? Is Dell never make a consistent list announcement to each Dell office all over the world? ]

  324. I've had the blue vertical line on the monitor of my two-year old INSPIRON 630m for one month. Is Dell dealing with these? Clearly it's the same problem as with the 9000 series.

    I live in in the Northwest Territories, Canada. It takes eons for shipping. I use this laptop for work daily, and cannot ship it off.

    I hope the news is good.

  325. hi dell is good no problems since i have purchsed it just get in touch with the right deptt for the right solution dell will give u the best out of the services.

  326. Why doesn't Dell update their list of monitor parts because there seems to be a lot of people who bought Inspiron 9300's in the period indicated (LIKE ME) and are being told that there computer isn't covered. COME ON… someone help PLEASE.

  327.  The vertical line problem is not limited to the inspiron 9200,9300 but happens also on the inspiron 9400 as mentioned by a couple of other people.

     I bought an inspiron 9400 in april 2006 and a few days ago a vertical line appeared. It is really an LCD defect that can be verified very easy with LCD Monitor test programs.

    Thanks for giving this information on this URL. I will send an e-mail to Dell as you specified above.

    Up to know i was very happy with the quality of the device and the Dell support which i have used for some minor issues. I hope this problem can also be solved in a professional way.

     Great companies are known by the way they solve the problems! Lets see


    Thanks again 


  328. Well I give up after fighting over the phone with Dell Latin America and Dell USA they say there's no way my laptop is covered and they can't even sell me a replacement monitor.

    Can't believe I've been recommending Dell all this time and buying for my company. No more…

  329. I have an inspiron 9300 that is having the vertical line issue and I called the tech support number given.  I had to pay the $49 out of warranty dell on call to even talk to someone.  the conversation lasted about 5 minutes and he put me in touch with the out of warranty parts department and they said that I had to ship back the dell and it would cost me approx $450 to fix the screen and I'll get a 90 day warranty.  she had no idea about dell fixing this for free and couldn't proceed unless I paid.  since this is a recurring problem, shouldn't the dell techs know about the fix?

  330. "Dell is offering to replace any LCD that develops a vertical line within three years of purchase, at no charge for parts and labor."

    This statement is misleading at best. I have an Inspiron 9300 purchased within the timeframe described. It is exhibiting exactly this problem with the monitor and yet when I contacted Dell I was told based on my service tag number that Dell will do nothing to fix my faulty laptop.

    Warranty or no warranty, spending over $1000 for something just to have it break down in 18 months is not acceptable. 

    It seems that Dell will fix only a small batches of these laptops. Then Dell posts sweeping statements like the one quoted above, making it seem like it is a responsible company that addresses faulty products that it sells to customers, when in fact what the company is doing is cutting its losses in a very calculating manner.


  331. I read all of these comments which caused me to dread making the call to Dell. But I did. So you all know, I own 2 Dell laptops and 1 desktop, but have retired 4 desk tops in the last 6 years or so. I've always had great success with Dell service the few times I have needed it.

     As it turns out this experience was no different. After finally getting to speak with someone alive, and I explained my vertical line issue with my 9300 and refered to this blog, he put me on hold for just a short time to confirm what his actions needed to be. He came back online and side that they would replace it (purchased Sept 2005 so still inside the 3 year window). He set it up for a box to be sent to me so I could return the unit via DHL to their depot. All I needed to do was remove the battery and HD. 5 to 8 day turn around time. He gave me case numbers, dispatch numbers, direct phone extension, even the phone number to DHL

     I'm still a happy Dell customer.

  332. Hi all,

     I purchased a Inspiron 9400 on August 2006, and guess what?. After 15 months, two vertical lines appeared. I contacted Customer Support, I was instructed to ran some tests, and then, they told me that I need to replace the LCD. I looked for information about this problem on the internet and found that there were other models affected. I was contacted by the Technical Support department and they told me that unfortunately, my model is not among the system affected and the cost of repairing it (it´s quite expensive, by the way).

     I must recognize that I felt a bit angry and totally dissapointed (bearing in mind that I was not the only one experiencing this problem). I cancelled the reparation request of course. I purchased Dell thinking that it was a quality product, I guess I was wrong. I just hope they include the model 9400 too in this list soon.  

     A totally dissapointed customer.

  333. Hi all,

    I've purchased an Inspiron 9300 in october 2005. Two lines appeared on my laptopn in April 2007. I first contact Dell support who stated that I had to pay.

    I found this blog few days ago and contact support again as I saw I was inside the bad built period for a concerned product, inside the three years window and that my problem was exactly the one described here.

    Dell support (in France), says that my screen is not inside the affected product list !!!

    So I want to inform Dell and other customer that the list must be amended as the SAME problem occurs on other screen series…

    The problem might be biggest than it has been discovered one year ago.

     Dell, take care of your customers, they have a some memory !

  334. Hi Everyone.

    Seems that it's almost a question of luck (or location) – I live in the UK.

    My 9300 got the line 2 weeks ago, then I found this site. I've sent 2 messages so far and yesterday got a reply – my screen is to be replaced… no fuss, no bother, no hassle.

    I work on ships for ten weeks at a time and explained this – the reply said to contact them when I get home to arrange for a service visit.

    Just after buying the 9300 and on a ship I found that the DVD wouldn't write +Rs – e-mailed support – amazingly helpful. I explained that we had no Internet access (this ship does, via satellite) – lots of e-mails back and forth. Finally they said to re-install some drivers, but I didn't have the disks – so they couriered a full set free of charge – but they had to go to my neighbour's address (wife at work) – so they telephoned my neighbours to arrange a time……

    (Turned out that it was only some brands of disk, and there's now a patch)

    Anyway, personally I have to give Dell 100% – But I seem to be one of the lucky minority – they really have to get on the ball a bit more; at least, to standardise internationally etc.

    My sympathies to the rest of you with the dreaded 'line' – keep trying, and the best of luck.



  335.  My Inspiron 9300 which I purchased on May 2005 worked like a charm for 2.5 years. Then, all of a sudden, it developed vertical lines on the screen. I read in other forums about how expensive it's to get it fixed.

     Then I saw this posting. I called Dell. No waiting! No hassles! The acted immediately!

    They send me a DHL prepaid shipping box in 2 days!

    Here is the timeline :

    1. I shipped the package to Dell on April 1 2008

    2. Dell Confirmed the receipt of my laptop on April 2 thru' email and phone

    3. Another confirmation came from Dell on April 3 (with DHL tracking #) mentioning that they repaired my laptop and shipped it to me on April 2 at 8.30 pm.

    4. My laptop reached my home on April 3 at 11.00 am. Turned it ON-NO VERTICAL LINES!!!!!

    No words to describe this kind of customer service from DELL!

    Dell is simple just Great~!


  336. I'm typing this while looking at my just-replaced LCD screen on my Inspiron 9300 (purchased 4/05).  I called Dell, after reading this website, on 4/2/08, as I had 2 vertical lines that have appeared over the past few months.  After spending 45 minutes on the phone with a Dell customer service specialist (yes, in India) it was determined that the vertical lines on my screen were caused by this problem and were covered under this recall.  I didn't have any difficulty with the representative, and she knew exactly what I was talking about.

     The following day, I was contacted by a local Dell technician to replace the screen on my computer (in house, didn't have to send my computer off anywhere).  It was very easy.  Dell handled this smoothly, and I didn't even have to mail my computer off to anyone. 

     This is my first Dell laptop, but I expect to buy Dell in the future.  They handled this very professionally.

  337. Just want to follow up to my March 19th post. The next day after my call, I received a shipping carton with very clear instructions as to how to pack my laptop and what should be returned. I sealed the box and took it to a DHL pick up point for a Saturday pickup (Friday was Good Friday). I received an automated call the following Wednesday that they had received my laptop, with instructions that they would call when the repaired unit would ship. Much to my supprise, the next day the laptop was delivered and the call telling me the unit has shipped was on my voice mail. They also replaced my keyboard, there were two keys that kept falling off. I wasn't expecting that, I never told them about that problem, since it was caused by my daughter's cat jumping on it. 

    From the time I called to the time I received my repaired laptop was just a week.

     I feel for all of you that are having just the opposite response from Dell, I don't know why a company would treat their customers so differently.

  338. It is nice to hear so many nice things about Dell's policy to change the monitors. But it seems that mine (that developed two nice vertical lines in the past 2 weeks) does not fulfill some criteria to be replaced, even though it is clearly faulty.

     It is an inspiron 9300, purchased between Nov. 2004 and Oct. 2006. After wasting about 2 hours in the phone I was told that my part number does not correspond to the ones that are replaced for free. 

     Anybody heard anything about this? Or the guy in the phone just did not know what he was doing? 

  339. 2 years ago I purchased my XPS m140 and 1 year later I had vertical lines develop in my monitor.  Some are white, green, red…almost every color totaling to about 20-30 vertical pixels that are totally out.  When I called Dell about this they wanted to charge me $550 to fix this which is absolutely ridiculous.  I should not have to pay for DELL'S PROBLEM.  The lack of a working monitor is a pain in the butt and it is impacting my work performance because I am unable to see what is on my screen.  Apparently this is a huge problem for not only me, but other people.  I want my monitor fixed and I would like to know what I should do?

  340. I bought my laptop in France in November 2005 and live in Australia now. After transferring my service tag from France to Australia, I just got the screen of my Inspiron 9300 successfully replaced. Thanks Dell! My tips are to use the "Vertical Line Issue, <country name" email address and process as indicated at the beginning of this page. Than be a little patient (wait 2 to 3 weeks for a reply), and than follow the instructions in the mails and everything should go fine.

    Now, if you want to call Technical Support, that might be little more complicated! First, you have to be very patient, because sometimes it took me more than 40mn to reach a person…Than, as other people have already noticed, Support will require that your laptop be still under warranty in order to process your claim – which is a condition not stated on this page; the condition being that your laptop having less than three years old. But this, Support does not know…So you might have to discuss and argue with the poor Support guy; but it's lost in adavnce and you might lose your temper – unless you are  really convincing…

    So use the indicated email process and avoid Support.

    Good luck!

  341. I bough my Dell Inspirion 9300 during Feb 2005. Now it's April 2008 and I have not received any letter or screen. Now my screen is also showing 3 vertical lines. What should I do? Should not my laptop be within the recall?I hate to call Dell customer service.

  342. Arggggg!!!!!!  I have had vertical lines on my 9300 screen for months now.  A couple of days ago the entire left side of my screen went missing in action.  Frustrated, I searched the net for any info I could find on my problem.  Went to the Dell website and followed the Dell trouble shooting tree and ran the built in diagnostics and it basically suggested that I purchace a replacement LCD kit…  Following some trouble shooting I found on another site, I took my laptop apart and checked all the connections.  No change. Looking for replacement lcd panels my choices are $250 or so used on up to $500 new!  Did some more digging and found a a obscure reference to this page.  Imagine my surprise to find out that the lines are a known problem and that Dell was supposed to have contacted me over a year ago to let me know about it.  🙁  I am currently about 3 weeks over the 3 year limit!!!  To say that I am upset is an understatement.  I intend to start calling tomorrow but based on some of the comments listed above, I am not very hopeful.  🙁 

    I'll reply back with any updates.


  343. Ok, so here is my update…

    To my surprise and delight, I didn't have any hassles at all!  No long waits on hold, no endless explaining of the problem to multiple techs, no voice mail, no language barrier, nothing but answering a few simple questions and a few pauses while the tech looked things up and conferred with his supervisor.  He even noted that I was 3 weeks over the limit but shrugged it off as not a problem!  I called this past Friday.  DHL delivered a return delivery box first thing Monday morning at work.  I met the delivery guy and put my laptop, minus battery and hard drive, into the box and handed it right back to him.   Checking the tracking number, I saw that it was delivered to Dell's facility in Memphis, Tennessee at 6 AM Tuesday morning.  I got an automated call in the afternoon from Dell informing me that they had received my laptop for repair.  To my shock, I got another automated call first thing this morning telling me that the laptop had been repaired.  I checked on the new tracking number they gave and it was actually already back in Buffalo and out on the truck being delivered!! They had shipped it back out last night around 5:30 PM with a Next Day 10:30
    delivery plan.  It was just past 10:30 so I figured it would be here soon.  I
    checked my email and found that the receptionist downstairs had just sent me a message telling me that a package had arrived!!!  Sure enough, I now have my laptop back in hand.  According to the packing slip, they not only replaced the LCD panel, but the system board as well!  That means I have pretty much a brand new laptop! 

    So, color me surprised.  After reading all of the comments here, I was expecting nothing but hassles and instead, I got stellar service.  I can not believe the quick turn around time.  Now, Dell definitely dropped the ball with identifying the scope of the problem to begin with and it seems pretty obvious that they made no attempt at all to contact affected customers as stated above that they would. They certainly did make good in the end though, so I commend them for that.  To sum up, I am a happy customer again!

  344.  i have dell inspiron 9400 with vertical lines problem what the next step i need to do ?

  345. I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 with the vertical line syndrome and I called the 1-800-624-9896 at the top of the screen twice.  The first time I was transferred once, the second time I was transferred twice but both times the same conclusion.  They would send out a box to mail in my computer at with a $498 price to fix it.  I purchased my computer in Jan. 2006, within the 3 year period but still they claim my computer part is not covered.

    Any suggestions besides "chalk it up as a loss"?

  346. I purchased an inspiron 9300 and I have two VERTICAL LINES on my lcd. I have called customer service twice and they advised me that they would not fix the issue, they told me their was no recall…..Not too happy. I have purchased 3 systems……… 

  347. I have had the "vertical lines" on my Inspiron 9300 for over 6 months now. It started out with two or three, but it is now up to 15 lines. I called Dell about a month ago and was told that since I was out of my warranty, I would have to pay $49 to speak with someone in the 'out of warranty' tech support. Thankfully, I declined, and I just came upon this 'vertical line issue' while searching for solutions this morning.

    I just spend 50 minutes on the phone with Dell. At first they kept telling me my warranty was expired. I told them about the info I read here and the rep then said he was aware of the 'special situation". He told me that tech support had to authorize the repair, and since I was out of warranty, I would have to pay the $49 fee to speak with someone at tech support so that they could arrange for the repair!

    Obviously I refused to pay just to speak with someone. I was put on hold numerous times for 5-15 minutes. He finally came back and said he talked to his supervisor and everything would be taken care of. I was given a "dispatch number" and was told I would either be contacted about sending the laptop back or I would receive a package to return the laptop. I'm actually not quite sure which because the rep was a little difficult to understand.

    So now I wait….hopefully a return box will arrive or someone will call!

  348. Inspiron 9300 purchased in December 2005 in Australia.

    Started developing dead vertical lines recently.

    Dell support made up some sort of lie about having done a recall already for this problem in Australia.  He hasn't even heard of Direct2Dell.

    Why do we need to complain here on Dell's blog instead of just getting it fixed over the phone?  This process is quite stupid.

    Is there an internal FAQ number we can quote to the phone support to tell them "Hey, my computer has this problem: #1234" and they confirm my model and criteria and perhaps ask for a picture of the defect to be send to their email and then send out the repair technician?

    It would be easier and cheaper for everybody involved.


  349. Hi all,

    All I can say is persever. I've just had my screen replaced. Thats even though I bought it in UK and now live in Oz. Sent my emails to the vertical lines, and talked to tech support. Even thu tech support hadnt heard of issue and we had a bit of a disagreement on phone, it was all sorted in end. Whilst I'm happy I think it could have been handled better, but fair play to Dell fixed it !


  350. OK, so where is Lionel???

    I purchased my inspiron 9300 in china, mid-april 2005, with a 3-yer NBD warranty. On May 2nd 2008 my first vertical line appeared. I searched around, discovered that my warranty has expired (doesn't Dell usually contact customers before the expiration date, so that they can extend? I thought so…), discovered that obviously this is a HUGE issue, and immediately wrote to the [email protected] address. Did not hear back. One week later – the second line appeared. I wrote another email. No reaction. On May 28 the third line. I contacted technical service in China directly. It took them a week, but I was super happy when I received their mail, stating that yes, I am one of those unlucky customers, and my screen will be replaced. Yet – I am now based in Japan. So they told me to contact Japan's technical support and forward the confirmation mail to their customer service, so that I can get my screen replaced. I called technical service Japan. I spent about 90 minutes on the phone, talking to Mr. Daisuke Shiroma, who explained to me that 1) my issue will not be resolved, and 2) no, there is nobody else I can speak to, and 3) no, I cannot forward the email to him, because he has no email address, and 4) no, I cannot speak to his supervisor, because he does not speak English, 5) I can only send an email via the internet supoort site, but it's in Japanese, and 6) no, he cannot explain to me over the phone what to do next. I must say – not happy at all. I would have been more than willing to extend my warranty. I was definately sure to buy a new Dell early next year, and I have recommended Dell to many of my friends. Yet – I am an architect, and having vertical lines on my screen is not exactly helpful when using CAD programs. Not receiving ANY help from Dell for more than 4 weeks (after it's been 2 weeks since the expiration of my warranty, AND this is obviously a well-known issue) is not fun, either. Sitting at the end of the world being left without English-speaking support  – oh well. I really hope to hear back from you guys, because otherwise, buying Dell is just not an option any more.


    Hi guys..
    I got my new dell laptop (Inspiron 1521) from USA, California as a birthday present on 24th May 2008. Unfortunately from the last week or so I am also sufferring from the vertical line issue!!
    I am still unclear of why and how it happened!!! By the way I'm in Bangladesh and I hope that DELL support is available here!
    Will keep you guys updated!

  352. extremely disappointed,

    I am sorry to hear of your experience with Dell. I will escalate your issue. You will be receiving an email from me requesting additional information.


  353. well, just to keep you guys updated: it has been a week now, and i have not heard back from dell. dell china, dell japan, dell us, dell whatever. not happy at all.


  354. 30 mins on the phone i have an empty box otw to send my laptop to them and ordered some extra parts for my laptop.  excellent service and no backtalk at all. best service i've ever had with dell.

    Dell inspirion 9300 user

  355. I bought my Inspiron 9300 in middle of 2005 in south Florida.  The vertical lines began to appear about 5 months ago.  After reading many of these posts, I almost gave up on Dell before giving them a chance. This would have been a big mistake on my part. I called the 800 number given at the top of this page on Monday and spoke with someone there named Chris. After explaining my problem to him and giving him the link to this page, he put me on hold for about 2 minutes and came back on to tell me that they would fix my problem and would be sending out a box for my computer. To my surprise the DHL driver arrived early on the following morning with my prepaid box.  I shipped my computer out Tuesday morning and it arrived back home this morning, Thursday, with a new screen and no lines.  I was without my laptop for only 2 days and I would like to thank Dell for the great support. They also called 2 times in between to keep me informed. I figured with all the negetive posts on this page they deserve some praise from those of us who have had a positive experience.

  356. This is my experience with the vertical line issue.  A blue line appeared one night in May, 2008, out of the blue (so to speak ) 

    I didn't think to research this, simply thought it was my computer going bad.  Purchased 19300 October, 2005, still in 3 year warranty.

    I did an online support chat.  They put me through many tests.  Determined it was a defective LCD screen.  A tech came 3 days later and replaced the screen.  Blue line gone, but 2 horizontal lines on screen.   Tech said, bad video card.

    Three days later, tech came back with a replacement video card.  Horizontal lines still there.  Tech said, let's try another LCD screen, will order one.

    One week later, tech came back with the second LCD screen.  All lines gone, works fine now.

    My husband also has an I9300, purchased in September, 2005. His screen has not developed the problem.  You can be sure I have bookmarked this blog in case this happens to him.








  357. Hi again,

    I posted a very positive comment in this blog on Feb 11 this year, because DELL replaced the LCD of my 9300 Inspiron that was suffering from the vertical line issue.

    However, three weeks ago, the vertical lines appeared again! I tried hard, but tech support now refuses to replace the notably "new" LCD again, the quote for a repair is CHF 700.- (USD 700.-)!!!

    I am very dissappointed! DELL replaces bad LCDs with bad LCDs!

  358. I having a problem with my E6400, that I bought a year ago.  My warranty expired May 28, 2008.  I have 3 lines going down my screen.  I called in May about one line, they did nothing now I have 3.  I have bought 3 dells lately, but I may have made my last purchase with them!  They want to charge my $39 to talk to someone and then more to fix the problem.  It seems to me that they are making faulty equipment!!!

  359. I have an Inspiron 9300 purchased April 2005. Feb 2008 developed vertical line issue. Dell replaced LCD no charge (excellent service, prompt handling by DHL, no complaints about the replacement process.)

    Two months later in late April 2008, replacement LCD went out completely. Dell initially refused to replace. During our negotiation, tech mentioned the replacement that failed was "refurbished". When I questioned why I hadn't been give a new LCD, he said "refurbished" just means they took it out of its packaging and bench tested it before it was installed. I was suspicious, but let it go when they eventually agreed to replace the second LCD after I asked to deal with a supervisor. Once they approved replacement the process was again very smooth and completed in about a week. However, they said they would not warranty this second replacement LCD.

    Yesterday, less than five weeks after receiving the second replacement LCD I now have another single pixel vertical line developed in the display. Haven't called Dell yet but not looking forward to that after reading some of the other posts here. Anyone have suggestions other than keeping good documentation?

  360. Hello, the first vertical line on my inspiron 9300 appeared sometime around March and I called Dell. The person on the phone said a box would be sent out, but I never received the box from DHL. Because I use my computer every hour of every day I simply allowed time to pass by and never called Dell again. However because it is the summer and I now have about ten lines on my screen I was hoping Dell could resolve the problem they said they would resolve. I've had good experiences with Dell in the past and have nothing negative to say but I really do hope my LCD can be replaced since I purchased my computer in May of 2005.


  361. Hi, all.

    Thanks to excellent postings here & other sites on the net, I resolved my vertical line issue fairly painlessly.  Bought a Latitude D420 in April 2007; vertical line appeared in June 2008. However, I'd purchased 3-yr onsite svc (fortunately).

    Email to [email protected] got no response.  Pre-tested according to readings here & on support website. Went to Dell e-chat for tech support, less wait time, easier communication. In 30 minutes, I had a case number with replacement part on the way. LCD installed next day by competent techie, red lines gone. However, box containing the screen was labelled "Refurbished." I asked if I could count on new screen flatlining in another 14 months, but received no assurances either way.

    Person I e-chatted with wanted me to send the notebook back; since I had the on-site service & it was 4th of July week, I had to insist on a visit a couple of times.

    After you e-chat, you can either copy your conversation, or Dell support automatically emails it to you at the address you provide. Handy for documenting.

    Pleased that it went so well, but could easily have gone the other way, leading to the kind of frustration I read here. Good luck on your attempts. And do count the Latitude D420 among the vulnerable.

    Renee in S. Florida

  362. I bought my inspiron 9300 from US. Recently a vertical line developed which quickly became a 2 inchi thick line right in the middle of the screen.

    Am currently in India. The tech support says that I will have to go to US to get the screen replaced. I might not go to US in the near future and the line has become a major obstruction for proper viewing…

    I would like to get the screen replaced in India itself. Can someone please look into this?

  363. Hi,

    I bought an inspiron 9300 on october 2005 on Switzerland.

    Yesterdat it appeared the first blue vertical line.

    I'm currently on Brazil. Hope that DELL Brazil can provide me the same level of assistance as worldwide.

  364. About 2 weeks ago, I sent in my Dell Inspiron 9300 with about 50 lines on the screen.  They fixed it very easily and I received my computer back after only a few days…vertical line free.  I was extremely satisfied. 

    Now, I have another line right in the middle of my screen.  I will be calling Dell tomorrow once again.

  365. Hi,

    I bought Dell – Inspiron 1525 two weeks before. and I am operating a programe called (SAP) in my laptop. for that (SAP) I need to have 'Windows 2000 server', After installing 2000 server there is no CD drive supports that oparating system (Windows 2000 server), even Driver CD is not supporting.

    Can you please arrange the drives which are supporting Windows 2000 server / some other help.


  366. Hey All,

    Well, no good news from me…

    I have a 9300 shipped on 6/27/05

    I have a vertical line that just appeared

    I did speak with customer service

    I do NOT have the correct part number combination

    I am NOT happy

    I normally don't post, but I feel let down by a company I like. So I thought i'd share.

    Give me a brake DELL …3 years??




  367. I bought my Inspiron 9300 in April 2005. My LCD first developed the "vertical line problem" in August 2007. I had purchased their three year extended warranty, so they replaced it, no problem. Just recently (July 2008) they had to replace it a second time, because of the same vertical line problem. I had just renewed my warranty for an additional two years (in April 2008) so thankfully there was no charge to me.. . THIS time. Dell has obviously NOT solved the "vertical line problem" – what happens the NEXT time my LCD develops the annoying problem and my warranty is no longer valid? (Dell won't allow me to extend my warranty for more than two additional years – five years in all). What exactly is causing this problem? I have an old Dell Inspiron that is 8 years old and its LCD screen is just fine! Seems to me that Dell is only patching the problem . . . if they had fixed it, I would not have had to replace my LCD twice in less than a year. As far as customers being mailed letters about this problem– I haven't received anything about it.

  368. Hi…I bought my 9200 in December 2004 and I had the vertical line problem. Around 30 or so lines of 1 pixel width were very annoying.

    I emailed Tech support after no luck getting through on the phone and they responded very quick.

    I don't understand the problems people are having with Dell as I had my computer shipped off to be fixed and have just received it back – all within 7 days and the screen is fine!

    They also fixed my touch pad which they had not really needed to sort, but did out of courtesy.

    I give Dell 5 stars and have had Dell computers for 10 years now and would never get another make.

    Thanks Dell.

  369. Like many others here, I’ve had other issues with my inspiron 9300 right outside the warranty period, but Dell wouldn't bother with me.  Today I powered on my laptop, bought May 25th, 2005, and I get a nice pink vertical line down the left side. Crud I said to myself…I know its three years old but this is rediculous! Other and older LCD displays still work fine in other notebooks and desktop monitors..so I did some sluething, after reseating the monitor cable.  No go there, but then I came across this website.  So I called dell via the # displayed above, and was given the run around.  Ufortunately the individual I spoke with wouldn't acknowledge this site or Dell's statement. Then I tried talking to someone in the warranty and then the parts dept…no go. 

    By now I'm already frustrated, so then I attempted to do a Dell chat.  That lasted up until I said the warranty is expired…then I argued a bit with the guy who supposedly talked to his supervisor…they said call the listed #..I said I did and got the run around..so again I got the run around..just like I do when talking to tech support for work purposes (when our notebooks go kaflooey and I know darn well a part needs replacing).

     So anways, I found the other # listed, 1-800-822-4730, and now I'm on hold, so we'll see. 

    So far, I'm one unhappy  Dell customer, between this and other work related Dell issues.  I'm so sick to death of their bad tech support and having to argue my way to supervisors.  I certainly will not be buying Dell products ever again!


  370. Hi,

    I started facing this problem with my Inspiron 9300 laptop, since past 4 days, which was purchased on 10/13/2005.

    I had mailed [email protected]com but have not received any reply.

    I am in Chennai, India right now and would appreciate if I can get some number where I can talk and get my laptop repaired immediately.

  371. I purchased a Inspiron 9300 in December 2005 — also having the vertical line issue. 

    I called 1-800-624-9896 and spoke to a rep from India.  He said he was aware of the problem, but because it was out of warranty, I would have to pay a one time charge of $39 to talk to a senior tech (??).  I explained that I couldn't understand why I would have to pay to talk to someone about a problem that Dell has acknowledged.  His response was to just repeat the whole $39 to talk to a senior tech thing.  So, I sent an email to the [email protected] three days ago, and have yet to hear a thing. 

    In the past two years, I have purchased 3 laptops and 2 desktops from Dell because I have always received decent customer service from them — this is really beginning to frustrate me! 

    Any suggestions?



  372. I ended up on hold for over an hour yesterday and today when calling 1-800-822-4730 so I don't think its a valid  # anymore?

  373. I'm in the same boat as you! It's been 3 days now, and still no response from Dell.  This is getting rediculous.  This is also the last time I'll be buying from Dell given past and present experience in their tech support department and quality of products (every second generation Vostro we've had here has gotten replacement parts galore from the mobo to other items due to numerous errors, and one inspiron keeps catastrophically failing so we replaced it with a Latitude which seems to work for the time being.  Other desktops and such have been replaced numerous times due to hardware failure however in the past 6 months).

  374. When I say no response from Dell I should clarify.

    Todd has been graciously helping me out with this and is doing what he can to see if he can expidte things!

    When I say Dell hasn't returned anything, I meant the usual help desk people and the vertical line peeps via email (no email, not even a phone call back from them).

  375. Hugely disappointed!

    I had my Inspiron 9300 screen replaced two months ago from Dell support (in India) without a fuss!

    However, within 2 months, the new screen now has started developing dead pixel vertical lines! Can you believe that? I now have 3 lines on my screen.

    Does anybody have any experience with the replacement of the 'replaced' LCD screens, considering that it is 'still' (luckily!) under the 3 year window??

  376. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

    After much debating and complaining on the way I have been generally treated as a Dell customer, I managed to finally get a replacement LCD shipped out to me.  I should have it by Wednesday, which I can then replace myself.  The repair is pretty straightforward so I should be able to do it in roughly half an hour. 

  377. The replacement LCD screen for my notebook arrived this morning via
    DHL. After unpackaging it, I noticed that its a different brand of
    screen (thankfully), and Dell seems to be using Sharp for the
    replacements. The install took about 20 minutes to do, and the toughest
    part was keeping the screws from falling on the floor 😛 The only
    thing about a black tiny screw and a weird multi colored dark carpet in
    the office is that if it falls, its pretty much lost!

    After getting the screen installed, and putting everything back
    together, I booted up the notebook and held my breath. Thankfully,
    everything worked, and the picture was clean and clear! I did notice
    just a tad bit of fuzziness so decided to double check the screen
    settings. Low and behold, 1400 x 900 was no longer the highest
    resolution! I'm now sitting at an incredibly beautiful 1920 x 1200
    resolution! Not only that, its cleaner, crisper, brighter, and overall
    a heck of a lot better than the previous screen. Good job Dell, you've
    made me a happy customer again!

  378. Lionel,

    Guess you must be getting tired of this story.  Tried to phone, held for 4 hours, no response!!!!  Same story.  9300 Inspiron, ship date 9/05, vertical lines.  How to go about getting a replacement? 

    Thanks for any help you can get.


  379. Hello,

    I also have a 9300 that I bought in 09/05 and have had vertical lines for weeks but it's getting worst everyday.

    I've sent email to [email protected] but never received any response.

    Please help!

  380. Hi

    I also have the vertical Lines on my inspiron 9300, in 15 days it will be 3 years since I bought it. I tried to write to [email protected] but no answer after 7 days. So I called technical  support here in Denmark. He said that my lcd was not the type that was affected by the problem!!. He would not tell me which types was affected, but mine is LPL0000. I then tried to write an email to customer support, but they say they can't help me, I need to contact technical support 🙁

    Any suggestions?


    Best regards.


  381. I wish I had found this forum a month ago.  I too have an Inspiron 9300 and noticed a 1-pixel vertical line 2" in from the left about a month ago.  A couple of weeks ago a  yellow line appeared about 6" in from the left.  Today a third yellow line showed up about 2.5" in from the left.  I'm affraid if nothing is done my LCD will be worthless here in a month or two.  I just sent an email to [email protected] but from what others are saying I'm not sure I'll get any response.  I've had this laptop since '05 as well, so I'm also worried about the whole "three year" deal I'm reading about above.

    Any help from anyone in with this would be greatly appreciated!!!

  382. I too wish I had found this web site sooner.  When I bought our initial Inspirion 6000  (12/05) we had all sorts of problems and finally received a replacement laptop which now we have vertical stripes on the 15.4 inch monitor.  Naturally my warranty expired a few months ago so it is not under warranty.  I'm extremely disappointed.  I'm a Microsoft Certified Professional and Small Business Specialist, so not only do I give advice to family and friends, but the business community too.  Manying of my fellow SBS's recommend HP, but I have always used Dell for companies I worked for and with.  I hope that I can continue to count on Dell in the future.

    I would like to have this laptop monitor replaced.  If you send me the hardware and direction I will be happy to do the labor.

    On another note. I recently purchased a XPS M1530 and have noticed that the bottom third of the monitor starts up with all sorts of multi color wiggly lines when it starts.  I have updated the drivers and am watching it closely.  Hopefully that isn't a problem too.


  383. I had this problem on my Inspiron 9300 two days before the three-year warranty expired and Dell was very good about everything. My display was repaired within a week and actually upgraded. Problem is that three months later the vertical line is back and Dell is adamant about not fixing it since it is out of warranty. They offered to repair it for a fee, as if I would pay them to do such a crappy repair job again. I have three Dells and they are the last Dells I will ever purchase. Their customer service is horrendous; I was on hold for almost an hour to get to a supervisor. Dell knows that they can't fix the problem and eventually everybody will be outside the three-year window and stuck with a broken machine.

  384. Still no word from DELL. I have bought my last DELL, I will from now on buy Lenovo, and Advice all my friends and customers to do the same!

  385. I bought my Inspiron 9300 in 2005 in China but I actually live in New Zealand. I am so happy with the laptop in the past 3 years until 4 weeks ago the first vertical line showing on my screen. The 3 years' international warranty was just expire in June and the second vertical line started on the screen 2 weeks ago!! I have contact Dell customer service NZ but they only suggested me to extend warranty and there were 3 people quoted different prices to me for same warranty!!! I am so happy a friend found this web page for me and I've sent email to [email protected] to ask if they still can replace the screen for me. It's been 5 days but I haven't got any reply yet !!

    What's going on? Do they just ignore cusomers live in small countries? I won't buy anything from Dell again! 

  386. Until now I have 5 vertical lines on an Inspiron 9300 shipped in December, 2005. Everything looked fine first after I found this website last week. But like the others I did not get any response to my emails, and after 1 hour of phone talk today they told me that my LCD should not be defected. I do not understand that I have this vertical line problem, I have inspiron 9300 shipped within this range and they are ignoring the problem and telling me that they are not going to replace it despite it isn't been 3 years. this is the last time I ever buy and Dell products..

  387. Well, I got my vertical yesterday (August 30, 2008), similar to the one described by Ryan Picket. Bought my Inspiron 9300 on December 2005 in the United States, although I live in Colombia. Fortunately I am still on the 3 year window. Called today at noon to Dell Colombia, and got "your out of warranty" response and that if there is any warranty I should get it in the US. Similar with Shelby's experience. Not happy with that response because in no place it says that Dell only services the computer where it was bought. Well I hope my problem is resolved.

     I think that if we all knew 3 years ago that we were going to have today a computer with a vertical line on the monitor, we would consider if the Dell purchase was an accurate one. I also think everyone of us, with a computer more than three year olds, are starting to consider our next upgrade. I would like to think that nobody is going to consider Dell after this traumatic experience. I for sure i'm going to start looking and considering different brands for my next computer.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Dell fan, hopefully this is just a hiccup and I can keep my business with Dell.

  388. To Whom May I Concern:

    I found this website and I was relieved when I found out that Dell was replacing LCD displays for the 9200 and 9300 that had a problem with vertical lines.  I bought my Inspiron 9300 on 9/25/2005 so I am only a few day from my three year "warranty" to expire.  I have been suffering from the vertical lines (seven of them) for about eight months.  I called the number given only to find out that my LCD part number was not one of the ones that were been recalled.  Even though I have vertical lines all over my LCD screen from a wide range of colors (yellow, pink, blue, black) I guess my screen is not bad enough to be recall.  Is there anything that can be done?  Definitely this is the last transaction that I will do with Dell.



  389. OK, Dell apparantly reads these boards and Todd Smart of Dell e-mailed me to say that they would repair my Insipron 9300 again as the vertical line issue was reported within the 90-day window for repairs. My information was passed along to India and they just called to notify me that Todd is wrong and they will not repair my laptop as it's past the 90 days. If you look above you will see I posted this note on Aug. 20 and I obviously called before I posted. Aug. 20 is within the 90 days, which by the way is a very short time to guarantee a repair. So I'm back to square one. Dell's support system is just awful.

  390. "Anand Sharma said:

    Hugely disappointed!

    I had my Inspiron 9300 screen replaced two months ago from Dell support (in India) without a fuss!

    However, within 2 months, the new screen now has started developing
    dead pixel vertical lines! Can you believe that? I now have 3 lines on
    my screen.

    Does anybody have any experience with the replacement of the
    'replaced' LCD screens, considering that it is 'still' (luckily!) under
    the 3 year window??"


    My Inspiron 9300 is from August 2005.

    I'm on my 3rd screen this summer, and only until a new DHL box comes.

    My first replacement lasted 2 months, and failed two weeks ago.

    At first they said my 3 years was up, but once I pointed out this new
    screen had just come earlier in the summer, they agreed to repair it

    I got my computer back again last week, and has now failed for the 3rd time. After being transferred back and forth, my 3rd DHL box should be on the way.

    If this repair really cost $450 someone reported to pay earlier, it seems at some point it would be cheaper for Dell to give a gift card of somesort for the purchased value of the computer to replace it.

    I was told that previous repairs replaced the LCD screen, but this time they will tear the computer apart and do a complete diagnostic.

    On one hand, they are trying to fix it, so I give them credit, but if it continues to fail and Dell cannot come up with a replacement or permanent solution, I may read more about Lenovo.

  391. Howard,

    I have forwarded your email to our group and asked them to review the dates again.  You should receive direct contact back from them.


  392. I have a 9400 Inspiron and it has 3 vertical lines. Last one appeared last week (sept 2008). A guy of tech support told me that it is impossible that my laptop has this issue because they purged all LCDs on stock after they noticed the problem on 9300 models. So…am I dreaming? this lines dont exist? Mr. Menchaca, can you help me? I'm so far away (Chile) and no one to assist me. Closest Dell guy is in Panama!

    I trusted Dell and now I'm so dissapointed….


  393. I have the vertical lines appearing my inspiron 9300. It seems many people are unhappy with this issue along with Dell's customer support. I have been waiting for 40 min. for tech. support to answer while I type this. I had problems with tech support doing more damage then good with problems when I purchased my computer. I thought things would have changed by now. After my past and present experiences I think I will be buying an Apple computer. Maybe they can help me. I just want a good computer that works well. I would think you would want me to have that too. I also think that if soo many people have this issue you would have a recall on it. Do you not have enough computers having this same problem to offer a recall?

    Chad Smith.

  394. My Dell 9300 was purchased in April 2005.  I hardly ever used it. Instead, I opted for multiple high powered desktops.  Then just this year my youngest son wanted to use it for school work.  Within a month it developed a vertical line on the screen.  Now there are 3 lines.  I contacted Dell and was told there was a recall on the problem but it already expired on my machine.  Of course I compained but to no avail, so far. 

    This computer is like brand new.  Never moved out of the home.  Hardly ever used.  Yet, it's defective and Dell refuses to stand behind it and repair a problem they admit exists.  Why should I be penalized because I didn't use it enough.

    My expectation is to be contacted by Dell and for them to arrange for the recall repair to my computer.  I'll be waiting!

    Ps:  If Dell does fix my machine for free I will certainly sing their praise!



  395. I bougth a Dell Inspiron 9300 back in 2005 (do not remember the exact date). It started with 3 lines last year (2007), and kept growing. Now I have to connect an external monitor to be able to use my laptop. I will be working for some months in Mexico. Do you know if there's a way to get a replacement down here ? (assuming that Dell could give it to me with no charge)

  396. wow. an hour ago my coworker brought her Inspiron 1501 to me saying it had a line down the middle. I checked her service tag # and the warranty expired 11 days ago.


    I'm gonna tell her transfer her stuff to a new non-dell rig and be done with it, because this long thread of despair has utterly dismayed and discouraged me.

  397. An update on my latest repair and dealings with Dell's support:

    The lines showed up again for the 3rd time on Friday the 29th of August. Called Dell, and the box showed up at my apartment on the following Wednesday, September the 3rd. It arrived and was fixed Thursday the Fourth, and then was shipped that day, to the wrong address.

    On Friday the 5th, I recieved the dispatch e-mail saying that my comptuer had shipped, and noticed it was the wrong address, city, etc. So I called Dell, and after over an hour of being transferred back and fourth between technical support and customer service 5 times (at each end) before winding up at the out of warranty division and finally someone listened to me and took the address that it should've come to. Which we know that Dell had, since the original box came here.

    So, on Monday, I called DHL because it still said it was going to the wrong address, and they were taking it there to deliver. They said that they had not recieved anything from Dell, and that if Dell sent a request Friday, it should've come through. They said wait one more day and call Dell again.
    Tuesday I didn't have time to call Dell again, and by Wednesday (today, the 10th of September), DHL had still not recieved anything from Dell.

    Considering that a call to Dell takes at least an hour if not more for the simplest thing of a new address request, and the last call obviously did not get anything done, I instead drove to Oklahoma City and picked up my package from DHL, a one and a half hour trip.

    If anyone from Dell reads this, I just want to let you know how horrible dealing with your company has been. Made all the worse by the fact that this is my 4th screen in 2-3 months, and I no longer have faith that it will last either, so most likely this was a huge inconvenience and an excercise in futility. However I do hope that it is not that case and will now be fixed for good.

    I also hope that if it does happen again, Dell will realise they've sold me a faulty product and will somehow replace it instead of causing me to go through this repair fiasco process again.

    Lucky for me, the wrong address is just my house that is empty at the moment, and not say, a totally wrong address or old address where someone else would've actually gotten my computer.

  398. WOW!!!! Just WOW!!!! First and foremost, I want to say that I am completely satisfied, ecstatic, by the great customer support I received from Dell Computer.

    I first reported my Vertical Line issue on August 30, and now 11 days later, yes eleven, I an starring at my new shiny LG 17 inch ultrasharp display. I want to give a brief testimony on how Dell handled my display substitution.

    As you may recall from my post, I'm the Alvaro with the Inspiron 9300 a few posts above, I first called the Latin American Support Center here in Colombia on August 30. Here I got the "out of warranty" comment, I followed up an email Dell Latin American Support sent me stating, kindly and gently, that I was not satisfied with the answer they gave me.

    My e-mail was quickly followed by another one explaining in detail that if I wanted my computer fixed I should travel to the US to get it serviced or transfer my computer to Latin America and maybe purchase a warranty in order to probably get my computer fixed. This was also unacceptable to me. This all was on the first few days of September.

    While this was happening Todd Smart contacted me on September 3, asking for my service number saying that he would try to look into my issue and if necessary he would "pass it along to one of our support groups if necessary".

    After a couple of emails from him, I got another email from Dell Latin America on Monday September 8 answering the email I had sent to [email protected]. From this, technical support agent Fabio Arosemena in less than one and a half days coordinated a "service … to replace the LCD kit. You should expect a call from our Dell Service Provider within 1 to 3 business days." So today September 10, I got my new shiny LCD screen.

    I have always been a fan of Michael Dell and the company he created in a Texas dorm room in the early 80's. From this experience I can still say that I am one of the proudest Dell Customers (which I am officially since 2005) and I will continue to own and recommend Dell computer products like I have always have.

    Thanks a lot to everyone here at Dell, you are doing a splendid job!!

    Keep the Good Work!!!

    Thanks a lot,

    Alvaro P.
    Proud Dell Customer since 2005.

  399. Alvaro is very lucky! Of course every one is in different situation. Todd Smart emailed me as well and he said NZ service will contact me. It's been almost 2 weeks so far ( of course NZ time is ahead of most countries). I haven't heard from anyone from NZ service so far. I contacted NZ service before I found this website but I wasn't satisfied with their answers neither. I can understand if they can't help because my 3 years warranty is expired even though I am really upset because the vertical line appeared 4 weeks after the warranty expired!!! Some friends said "they know that's the time …." All I want to know is a "yes" or "no" answer and don't waste my time!

  400. I have an XPS M1210 that I purchased in Jan. 2007. The warranty is expired.

    The thin blue line syndrome just appeared while I was shopping online. Ironicly, I was shopping for laptop computers for my wife and daughter.

    This is obviously a chronic problem that Dell is having and unless Dell addresses this issue, our family won't be buying any more of their products.

    I was burnt before with a Dell desktop, so I'm out of patience and good things to say about their products.

    Thanks for any help in this regard.

  401. I have an Inspiron 9300 purchased in late 2005 (I think between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I'll have to look up the exact time.)  It's out of warranty.  I never got the alleged letter discussed at the top of this page about an LCD issue.  A few weeks ago, my screen developed a yellow line near the left edge of the screen.  Tonight, it developed another one.  Is Dell still replacing the screens for free?  If so, what's the most direct method of contacting them about the issue?  I've had very bad luck calling customer service on other issues, sometimes it takes a long time to get to the proper person to address the problem. 


  402. I'm in the same situation of having the Vertical Line issue.  I have the Dell 9300 purchased in Mar 2005.  My lines just started appearing about a month ago and of course like everyone initially only had one line, then it grew to 2, then 3 now I have 5 lines and I'm sure there will be more to come.  I contacted their customer service and after being bounced around from line to line for 25 minutes, I finally was able to discuss the "vertical line issue" to the customer service rep that acknowledge they were aware of the problem (even though he initially said they were not aware of any vertical line issues until I told him that I searched the web and found many sites with people complaining about this issue.  Then I pointed out this web site specificcally and he then changed his response to "ah yeah, that's right… we can do something about this problem".  OMG, even my roommate's jaw dropped (who was next to me listening since I was on the speaker phone) because she couldn't believe how bad Dell's customer service acted.  Well, after discussing this issue with him for another 15 minutes, he came back and said "oh, your computer is passed the 3 year warranty" and this was after assuring me that they can "do something about this to fix it". I responded by saying that just just because my computer didn't get the lines until a few months after their "3 year" warranty extension for the "vertical line issue" shouldn't mean that they should not fix my monitor when they clearly knew about this defect.  After much arguing he said that he would have to pass this on to their escalation dept. and I would get a call back.  About an hour later, I received a call back from his supervisor and he also said that this has passed the 3 year warranty. I then requested to speak to his manager because this is unacceptable on Dell's part to not correct this because I happened to not have this happen until a few months after the three year mark. I told him to expect a lot more people calling them because of this "vertical line" issue because after doing more googling – I've found over 200 complaints about this issue.  I am now on the waiting to hear back from Dell group.  I will let you know what happens since Dell said they would call me back in 24-48 business hours.  I think if we (the after 3 year warranty group) keep calling them to report that it is happening all over again, maybe they won't make us jump through hoops to have them fix what they clearly knew was an issue like they did with the intial group that had this occur to them in 2007. 

  403. How come only certain screens are being replaced?  I own a 9300 that I bought back in Nov 2005 and when I called the Dell Customer Service they said the part number that I had was not the one that was being replaced.  My screen now has 9 vertical lines (2 pink, 2 blue, 5 yellow) and it is sad that Dell does not recognize the problem that is happening to ALL of our computers. 

  404. Once again, my question: HOW do I get in touch with someone at Dell who can get my screen replaced for free as promised?

    Last night, I called the number at the top of this page for technical support.  Without even asking for my service tag, the automated system told me that my system was out of warranty and offered to transfer me to paid technical support.  They didn't give me any other options.  There's no way I'm going to pay to deal with these losers.

    So I sent an email to [email protected] and told them about my experience.

    Today, I got an email reply that just reiterates that my system is out of warranty and I can either pay for technical support or go through the free troubleshooting section on their website.  I don't know what good that would do me, as first of all I've already told them that it's an Inspiron 9300 and it has vertical lines and second I've already told them that they need to replace it for free.

    Since I don't know what else to do, I'm going to email [email protected] even though it's supposedly only for people outside the US.  

  405. Well, I finally got a call from Dell (or rather, someone in India) today.  It did NOT go well.  

    First, the rep said that he couldn't find the part number of the screen on my order, so he wanted me to find it for him.  He said it should be listed underneath the screen.  There is of course no such number on the laptop.  (Reading further up this page, I see that there's a sticker on the back of the screen inside the case.  I have no problem with disassembling my system and I'll check later, but I can't believe they expect the general public to disassemble their systems to find a part number.)   I couldn't find my invoice right away, so he put me on hold.  I eventually found it.  When the rep came back on the line, he said that he found the information and my screen wasn't one of the affected models.  I told him that I found the part number too (it was TG709) and it matched what he had found.  I told him again that my laptop was purchased during the period listed on the blog (it was late October of 2005) and he said that it still wasn't the affected model.

    So, did I just happen to get a bad screen (I've NEVER had a bad LCD, other than ones that came with isolated dead pixels and did not worsen), or does Dell have a line of bad screens that they haven't acknowledged yet?


  406. I removed the screen from the case and on the LG Philips label is the bar code KR-0T4976-056252-58P-2374.  Under that is LP171WX2 17.0" WXGA+ (B4) Rev A00.

    I don't know where Dell is getting the TG709 that's on my invoice.

    I wonder what would happen if I'd email them with a picture of it?


  407. I had the exact same problem as GTD. I was less than 2 weeks past the 3 year cut-off. My phone journey with Dell ended at the warranty department where they refused to transfer me to anyone else and told me they would not do anything for me.

    I was told the reason for the 3-year cutoff was because their research showed that the problem happened within 12-18 months of use (they were doing us a favor by extending it to 3 years). I'm guessing this is the same research that insisted the problem was only with 9200, 9300 and Dell XPS Gen 2, then later added several more models.


    Needless to say i'm very dissapointed. I was always recommending Dell to everyone who asks my advice on a regular basis – I'm definitely going to change my tune after this horrible experience.

  408. Totally agree with thirdyearjumper and GTD!!!!! I have same situation. I bought Inspiron 9300 in Jun 2005 and the vertical line started 1 month after the 3 years warranty expired. I got run around from Dell for months for this defective screen!

    This is the third time I leave message on this site. Dell AUS/NZ support team finally gave call me and apologized for the warranty quotation. There were 3 different people from Dell gave me different prices for same warranty extension! And I told her I want to talk about this vertical line issue because it's Dell's defect. She transfer the phone to another person who she said was customer service. I waited about 15 mins on the phone. Finally another lady answer the phone and told me they checked my service tag that my laptop wasn't a affected!!! Well,  that's my final answer for the vertical line affected screen!

    I don't know where is the conclusion from? Service tag is for the whole laptop but not just for screen. I am not a techie person but I really need a "GOOD EXCUSE" ! Is that becasue they can tell that I am not a native English speaker and I am a female so they just gave a random answer? Any expert can give a good explaination to me

    The web page is so long that I don't have time to read everyone's message. But it seems most people who live in North America and most people who have the problem earlier (2007) all got serviced/replaced. We "third year jumpers" (plus people live in small countries) are just totally ignored by Dell !

    Here again I want to say DELL'S CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST ! I told & am telling & will keep telling everyone I know that NOT TO BUY DELL!!!

  409. @Shelby

    I'm sorry for the misunderstanding but the customer service rep could have explained it a bit better.  They can view the original system components used to manufacture the notebook from the service tag.  Only a certain set of LCD components were affected by the part we're replacing and not all systems manufactured during that time period were using those LCDs.

    Mike had a good explanation of other factors than can cause vertical lines on this post.



  410. Hi there Lionel, i am lucky to have found this board on the dell vertical l ine issue.

    I live in Mexico and have an inspiron 9300 that i aquired on 10/10/2005. These famous vertical blue (in my case)

    lines began appearing about 4 months ago, one of them, then about two months ago another one came, andjjust yesterday the 3rd one. Is there anything i can do to make my lcd be replaced under the dell offering toreplace for free these defective lcds?

    thank you

  411. Thank you Todd, i just had a chat with a support guy from the website you recomended. They denied that the lcd screen on my inspiron 9300 is covered by that replacement policy, taht it only covers other models, and that my secific screen isnt covered by that program, now what? i tolld him it is the same problem reported on the ones covered by that program, but they say not….

  412. Enrique,

    I would recommend that you contact Dell's support groups in Mexico as soon as possible to have them review your system and repair it if it's covered by the replacement policy.  Those systems are only covered for 3 years from purchase and it sounds like you're getting close to that deadline.

    You can find contact information for Dell Mexico from our support site, http://support.Dell.com.   There is a small drop down window on that page that will allow you to select the country / region you need help in.  Select Mexico and it will refresh to guide you to the pages you need.

  413. and for more details on the on line chat with this guy from Dell Latinoamerica, i told him that i had an inspiron 9300 with this screen problem, he answered that inspiron 9300 was not covered by the replacement policy and he presented a list of the models that were covered by this policy and indeed inspiron was not included. Then i quoted

  414. (sorry i pushed the submision button)

    I quoted from the top of this page…

    To summarize the key criteria:

    • This potential issue applies to Inspiron 9200, 9300 and XPS Gen 2 models only
    • Only these three systems shipped from Nov. 2004 to October 2006 are potentially affected


    Here's what they found: on some 17” LCD displays shipped with Dell Inspiron 9200, 9300 and Dell XPS Gen 2 notebooks, a one pixel wide vertical line may develop across the LCD screen over time. Systems that may be affected by this issue shipped from Nov. 2004 through Oct 2006.

    then this guy came saying that inspiron 9300 was covered (?) but that my particular lcd screen was not.(?¡?¡)….this is at least suspicious…..mmmm

  415. Todd thank you again for your comments, i'll chek on MIke.

    The reason i said that what the support guy told me was at least suspicious is because he initialy didnt include in his list the inspiron 9300, check this out please (quoting the copy of the chat we had)….


    09/25/2008 02:20:20PM

    Agent (LACS TC Luis Rubio): "el programa al cual ud se refiere no cubre su modelo" [translation by me: the program you are alluding doesnt cover your model](??)

    09/25/2008 02:21:01PM Agent (LACS TC Luis Rubio): "es para inspiron 6000, 8600, latitud d800, d810 precision m60 y 70 con una pantalla en particular"  [translation by me: he unfolds his list of covered models and makes clear that for these models only, it includes only a particular kind of screen](note: he never mentioned inspiron 9300, see?)

    ….then as i quoted the list of models included on top of this page he then admited, discretly, almost subtly but without never directly saying that inspiron 9300 was included in the policy, that….

    09/25/2008 02:24:46PM

    Agent (LACS TC Luis Rubio): "tiene razon, sobre el articulo, adicional, el programa cubre especificamente ciertos numeros de parte y la pantalla de su equipo no entra en esta cobertura"

    [my translation: you are right, about the article (he means the quoting from above) but the program specificaly covers certain part numbers and the screen of your laptop is not included in that coverage]

    i perfectly understand all that he is saying, but there are several detalis here that seem suspicious:

    first …my inspiron 9300 was not even included in his list.

    and secondly…in a second he recognizes that it is included but without directly mentioning it or explaining the reason why he didnt indclue it in his list before…and sorry, your list part is not included….that was too fast. and too easy for dumping a client…

    It makes me suspect that he truly didnt have inspiron 9300 in his list for latinamerica and that after seeing in this very blog that it indeed was included he probably invented that my screen's part list was not included….an easy way to escape without never proving for sure that indeed inspiron 9300 is included and that my screen number part isn´t.

  416. on Mike's alternative explanations for other causes for the vertical lines i would say that

    a) my inspiron 9300 is always on the top of a desk, i never carry it to any other places, and theres
    nobodey else at home, nor children, that uses it or carries it outiside or to any other place. So never
    been bumped, jarred or droped.

    b)as for debris, i never eat or drink close to the laptop, and undust it every couple weeks.

    c)as for external stress…the place where i live is totaly temperate and my system never been subjected to heat or cold
    in a car (it never been taken in a car, its been only at home), and atmosferic pressure is normalin y region.

    then quoting Mike…

    I would say to this that my system aparently, but never proved by DEll, is not one of the potentially afected units,
    (but indeed it is affected and is not been subjected to any of the risk factors he mentioned earlier), but my system indeed was
    purchased on the correct date range (he mentions that there may be problems for systems purchased
    out of datte range but that is not my case)

    So Mike´s explanations doesnt apply to my system, isnt, it?
    and there are other things not even explained.

  417. Enrique,

    Not all of the Inspiron 9300 systems (or any of the other models listed) were manufactured using the specific LCD component that we're replacing.  We purchase LCDs and other components from several different vendors depending on availability, price, and other factors so during the lifespan of the I9300 manufacturing run there could have been 3, 4, or even more different types of LCDs used.

    Mike had a good explanation of other reasons why LCDs can exhibit vertical lines and Lionel links to it early in his post above.  I highly recommend you read Mike's blog as it does provide some good information.

  418. in my last coment i made a mistake of not coping the quoting from Mike's post that you recomende me to read Todd. and i intended it to be included between the signs <>.. I will bring it here again bacause only in this way the final lines of that former comment will make sense. So the quote is this….

    <If you are experiencing any problem with lines on your LCD and your system is not one of the potentially affected units, or in the date range outlined in Lionel's earlier posts, please contact technical support to troubleshoot and identify possible fixes. See below for details on how to do that.>

    If i understood correctly, Mike is inplying directly in his phrase that:

    a) only certain units are potentialy affected. He is saying that only certain models were affected.

    b) in this phrase the way the word OR (that i highlighted) is used implies that all units of all models outside the date range are automaticaly free of problems WHILE all units of all models included within the date range, as is mine, are affected.

    If this was not the case then Mike's phrase would read somthing like….

    ….and your system is not one of the potentially affected units, nor in the date range outlined in Lionel's earlier posts, please contact technical support to troubleshoot and identify possible fixes. See below for details on how to do that.>


  419. Todd Smart:

    How come only certain models of the LCD for the 9300 are being replaced?  I have a 9300 and when I called Dell the say the part number for my LCD did not qualify to be replaced.  I first started with one single line and now I have 14 and still counting.  My three year warranty just expired few days ago, is there anything Dell can do for me?



  420. With all due respect Todd but something is not right here. There is a list on the letter on the top of this page that mentions the models with the problem we are discusing and they are "Inspiron 9200, 9300 and XPS Gen 2 models only"….and the problem is that these models, not even one of them, are not included in the list unfolded by Dell Latinamerica technical support (as you can see in the quote i make here of the online chat i quoted in a former comment by myself…)

    09/25/2008 02:20:20PM

    Agent (LACS TC Luis Rubio): "el programa al cual ud se refiere no cubre su modelo" [translation by me: the program you are alluding doesnt cover your model](??)

    09/25/2008 02:21:01PM Agent (LACS TC Luis Rubio): "es para inspiron 6000, 8600, latitud d800, d810 precision m60 y 70 con una pantalla en particular


    (transaltion by me; it includes only inspiron 6000, 8600, latitud d800, d810 precision m60 and 70 with a single particular screen.

    And today i asked my friend to contact again Dell Latinamerica to see what list the could provided on the kind of laptops affected by the vertical line problem and this is what she got…

    09/29/2008 12:08:28PM Cristina Davila: Tenemos problemas en casa con un par de laptops, en la pantalla han aparecido lineas verticales de un pixell de ancho.
    Se dice que Dell esta reparando las lcd. Cuales modelos estan incluidos?"(translation: bla bla bla vertical lines have appeared on my laptops. It is said that Dell is repairing lcds. Which models are included?
    09/29/2008 12:10:12PM Agent (LACS TC Luis Aguilar): "entiendo, donde usted leyo dicha informacion?"(translation: i understand, where did you get such information?
    09/29/2008 12:12:27PM Cristina Davila: "enu na pagina web de Dell" (transaltion: in a Dell web page…)
    09/29/2008 12:12:31PM Cristina Davila: "http://direct2dell.com/one2one/archive/2007/04/09/10675.aspx?CommentPosted=true#commentmessage&quot;
    09/29/2008 12:13:59PM Agent (LACS TC Luis Aguilar): "permitame un momento" (transaltion: allow me for a moment)
    09/29/2008 12:18:27PM Agent (LACS TC Luis Aguilar): "estoy verificando si su pantalla cae en la categoria de los defectuosos." (translation: I am checking out if your screen is included in the category of these problem or deffect)
    09/29/2008 12:20:17PM

    Sesión Terminada (end of session….that means the agent cut the session without a list or even a comment or an explanation or anything else)??????

    Something is definitly wrong here. Or is there an explanation for what i am showing here?

  421. @Enrique

    The connection closing could be caused by a few different factors, any of which could interrupt the internet connection and close out the chat.  It doesn't necessarily mean they closed it out on you.

    If you look at this link it shows the models that are affected by the policy. 

  422. @Katherine

    Only certain LCDs used in the Inspiron 9300 model were manufactured using the specific sub-component that we are replacing.   I'm sorry, but if your contract has expired there isn't anything we can do to help you.

    You can purchase a replacement LCD panel from us or look online at computer resellers or auction sites where people are selling computer parts to see if you can find one cheaper.

    You can find manuals on our support site, http://support.Dell.com, to show you how to install a replacement LCD. 

  423. Thank you Todd, all of these models are indeed included, thats clear, i wont argue with that, but, i still believe that Dell is not adressing the issue that other screen part numbers are also affected by the vertical line problem.

    You see, I only use my inspiron 9300 an average of a couple hours daily  and that is 365 days/year  x 2 hours/ day x 3 years = 2190 hours for this three year period.

    Now 2190 hours / 24 hour a day = 91.25 days of continuos fuctioning. In round numbers lets make it 120 days. Is this cipher even close to the expected duration of an lcd screen ? I dont think so, i dont have the figures but i suspect that this 120 cipher is very far from the ideal number.Does Dell is taking into account this situation?

  424. @Enrique

    When we first became aware of the potential issue with LCDs our engineers did FA (failure analysis) on them and that led us to the initial listing of models potentially affected.  As we did more analysis and tracked down the root cause we added additional models which Lionel posted about in his updated blogs.

    When the analysis was done it was determined which models and subcomponents were affected and which ones were not.  The lifespan of electronic equipment is subject to so many variables it's impossible to say that XXX component should last YYY hours/days/years.  We can't promise a specific system, or specific LCD screen, will last a specific amount of time.  That is one of the reasons why we offer extended service contracts on our systems.

    I wish your LCD wasn't having issues and that you were receiving a longer period of usability from it, but if your contract has expired and your system was not manufactured using the LCD that we are replacing there really isn't anything we can do to help you.

    You may want to look into other avenues of replacing the LCD such as auction sites, computer refurb and sales sites, etc.

  425. I wasn't aware that my vertical line problem was shared by many others… So last year I bought a new laptop.  Had I known there was a 'warranty' on it… I would have just sent it in.  (I bought my Inspiron in April of '05)  Now I am stuck with two laptops and one with half of the screen covered in vertical lines but otherwise, it works fine.  The three year 'warranty' is ridiculous.  If its Dell's fault, its Dell's fault, it shouldn't matter how long a consumer has had it.

  426. You know Todd, clients have come and still are coming as you can see with this particular complain, and that, that is the irrefutable proof that Dell is not taking good, responsible, sacred care of their products and of their clients, and that, not taking care, as many other companies around the world do, represents a major part in the reason why America and the World are on their knees right now.

     This world realy needs another form of making bussines from now on. I still think America may be a good leader into this new adventure. There are around the world as well many other bussinesmen and clients that are now envisaging a new form of doing business.

    If you try to see what is the bottom line expressed by many of those coming into this board youll find that it is related to what i'm saying here…we all mean that we need a new form of relationship between the goods provider and the clients.  New business means going beyond that paradigm of not investing in clients and in a good excellent production standars. That itself is the secret, if you ask, for the survival or better, for the thriving of a company in the future world of bussines that already is here to stay. All trials to return to the old pardigm in business will only bring a backfiring as we all need each other for building a new world of prosperity.

    please have a good day

    ps. and please send a copy of this letter to Mr. Dell if you can or let me know his email and I'll send it to he.

  427. For anyone wondering if I got any satisfaction by emailing the Dell rep who called me with a picture of the sticker on my screen assembly, showing a part number which does appear to be part of the recall list and which does not at all match the one on my invoice and in Dell's records…  today (12 days later) I got a phone call from the same rep, who just wanted to reiterate that they had determined that my unit wasn't covered by the replacement policy.  He really avoided the issue of the sticker on the screen.

    So, that's it for me and Dell.  If modern LCDs were known for failing in a short amount of time, and if Dell hadn't admitted that they had a lot of LCDs fail in the same manner mine did, I could've considered it a fluke.  But it seems too coincidental.  Also, I have no confidence that Dell's inventory control is adequate.  When I bought this laptop, it was shipped with a power supply that was too small to let the CPU run at full speed.  When I called to complain, I was told that it was the model of power supply that was supposed to ship with this model of laptop and it would be adequate to charge the battery!  It took me two calls to get them to realize that when I wanted to use the laptop plugged in, I wanted it to run at the full speed I paid for so they needed to give me the proper power supply!


  428. Sigh, like many of the others above, and like many of those yet to come, my 9300 has just suddenly had it's first vertical line.

    Like Jim Shaffer above, mine is form Nov 2005 and has the 17in wuxga screen.  It worked perfectly until 5 days ago.  I've just called the dell phone numbers, and i have a "Case Number".  But the final person i just spoke with says my screen "… is not one of the 3 part numbers they are replacing….". He says these parts are J9662, B9476 and W4554 (maybe i got the W wrong).  The one I have is WC222 and they are not replacing them.

    Now clearly there is a defect in their process as i too have seen thousands of laptops in the past 4 years and NONE have had this issue.  Yet how many of us have reported on this?

    Todd; where is Dell's statitistical data on these screens?  How are you justifying replacing only a few of these screens?  I went to this url to see more on the screen/model numbers and it has been dead all morning:


    Any suggestions for what those of us with the "wrong display" can do?



  429. I have an Inspiron 9300 purchased in July 2005, and it is only used 6 months of the year. My first vertical lines started appearing Feb/08. I started my quest for help regarding the vertical line issue in July8. I was told I had to transfer ownership of my computer to Canada from the U.S., which I did on-line. This would take 20 to 24 business days. It took from July 29 to Oct. 4/08. Now they tell me my LCD screen is not one they have listed for replacement! Give me a break! I have 54 lines on my screen, of course it's your faulty LCD. I have dealt with Indian, Malaysian, and English speaking technical support who have all given me no help, and in some cases, cannot even communicate in English. In fact, today I was told by the Dell support agent that my issue was unique because I had many vertical lines on my screen, and the problematic LCD's only had one line. And these are the guys that are our technical support help? If anyone can direct me somewhere that I can get help I would be forever grateful.



  430. I got the first line in my I-9300 in early 2008, it was mildly irritating, it was not my primary computer, and likely I would have just put up with it. But then the lines increased,2,3,4…, and with the other reports, it seemed likely that I could loose the use of the computer. 

    I found out about the Dell warranty on this issue, and happily took advantge of if in July. Service was fast and satisfactory. Then in September, a few times, after long on-times, the screen just went black. I thought I had messed up the Power settings, and the screen was just timing out and sticking that way.

    Now, the computer has (from cold start) about 5 minutes of life before it boes black. So, now rather than an irritating computer, I have essentially a dead computer. Thanks Dell! Anyone know if there is any warranty on the vertical line repair job?

  431. Hi to all  from Germany,

    same Problem here. Inspiron 9400, pruchased 06.2006, equipped with an WUXGA (1920*1200) LCD. Service here pretends to know nothing. All in all I think a simple Laptop at e.g. WAL-MART or ALDI is less wear and tear to my nerves.

    More Usable would be range of S/N of defective LCD`s, but this way is of course cheaper.

    By, Jörg


    P.S. Posting my contain traces of sarcasm.

  432. @ Mick

    The repairs will carry a 90-day parts warranty.  I would suggest you contact Tech Support as soon as possible and they can give you more information.

  433. I bought my Inspiron 9300 in January 2006, and got my first line late in 2007.  I sent an email after finding this blog back in March this year, or sometime like that.  Since then I've sent a further 3 emails, whilst in the meantime I now have over 100 lines and 2 wide bands where the colours are faded, but no replies to my messages.  Are Dell ignoring emails from concerned customers even after having acknowledged this fault?

  434. My Inspiron 9300 started to show vertical lines (now I have 2 vertical lines) couple weeks ago. The system was bought in January 2006 and therefore it is about 2 and 1/2 years old now and I originally bought 1 year warranty.

    I called Dell US about this isssue, not knowing this thread and dellverticallines.com, to ask how much it cost to replace the LCD. They gave me certain numbers (about 350 US dollars I think). They did not mention anything else.

    After googling about the vertical lines in Dell laptops, I found out this is a systematic faliure in Dell production line–faulty part issue they proclaim. I contacted Dell again to ask about the vertical line issue. Now they tell me that there were some faulty LCD parts in Inspiron 9300. But my LCD part is not one of the three they identified as problematic.

    Shouldn't they at least conduct more research on the other LCD parts those possibly cause vertical line problem? How could Dell be so sure about my LCD part is not causing the vertical lines? Assuming that my LCD is not a faulty one, are they saying the expected lifetime of a laptop LCD is about 2 and 1/2 year? I am going to speak out loud about this LCD probelm. Every potential laptop buyers should be aware of this problem: Dell laptop is made to last only 2 and 1/2 year. I am quite disappointed with the responses I got from Dell.

    By the way, my LCD part # is RH357, an LG product.
    Does anyone experience vertical line problem with this LCD part?

  435. ~ Todd Smart

    Thanks for the advice Todd. It took 3 separate calls to two different customer service lines. They kept saying, "but the blank screen is a different problem that the green lines issue, so it is not covered inder the 90 day warranty". I escalated to "managers" 2 levels up. Gave my express service code so many times I have it memorized,  had to play the "I am a long time Dell customer" card (true). On the phone about 2 hours total. I might have gotten angry, but I was just watching the stock market circus anyway. Supposedly, the shipping container is on the way.

    ~Jong Park

    …are they saying the expected lifetime of a laptop LCD is about 2 and 1/2 year?…

    The sales/tech staff at Circuit City is pushing hard that any 17" laptop should be purchased with a long term service contract because "they have a lot of problems". They are probably just after the comission on the contract, but it is possible that other manufacturers have some of the Dell-vertical-line problems, and have just ducked the publicity.

  436. Let me see if I got this right…

    Dell announces on January 16th, 2008 that they are acknowledging a problem with LCD displays manufactured between November 20004 and October 2006 and they will replace the displays in question if less than three years old.  So for those folks unlucky enough to have purchased a laptop between November 2004 and January 2005, they're better informed but nonetheless out of luck?

    Closer to home, we have two XPS Gen 2 laptops currently in use at my company (purchased August 2005 with three year warranties) and one of them just now developed this problem.  It would have been nice to have been forewarned of this potential problem sometime during the 7 months following its discovery in January 2008 before our warranties expired.  Great…

  437. @ leslie

    If your LCD has failed, and isn't covered under the replacement policy, I don't believe that it would be covered if you extended your contract.  You may want to talk to technical support or extended warranty sales but I believe that (assuming your service contract has expired) you have to warrant that your system is currently free of problems before you can extend the contract.  That usually involves having it recertified as part of the extension.  You can go to our support site, http://support.Dell.com and click on Warranty Information and follow the links to find contact information for the warranty department and they can provide you with specifics.  I have never worked for that department so I would add that the above is what I believe is correct but I could be wrong.  I recommend you contact them.


  438. Hi Darlene, Jorg, and Jong.

    Sounds like we are all in a similar boat.  Two of my friends have similar Dells, and they are now worried, and some of my buisness partners here in California have Dells also.  They use their's lightly so they might not see the problem until later, and they don't have the 1920×1200 screen.

    My laptop repair place said the replacement LCD screen is about $285 to buy, will take about a week or two to get, and he would charge me $350 to do the whole thing.  he also says (which i already knew) that Dell is always changing internal parts, so he would want to relpace the screen with the same part number to avoid problems.  He also said he didn't know about dell replacing screens, and he was of course familiar with bad screens of all kinds.

    Todd: I see you are monitering this blog, thank you for doing that.  But do you have any suggestions for us?  For me?  At this instant i am assuming that Dell is going to keep doing nothing about my screen since it is not the "right" part number.  Is it worth it to purchase an extended warrenty?  If i do purchase a couple of years more coverage will that cover replacing the screen?  will that cover the future screen?

    Jong: I like your idea to get the screen number and start keeping a list.  I'm hoping Todd can provide data from Dell about the failure rate on these things, otherwise we can start building our own data base.


  439. I'm yet another victim with a bad 17 inch Dell Inspiron LCD, which appeared after the three years were over. Sent an email to the infamous [email protected]. It took Dell about 2 weeks to reply the following standard message:

    — quote —

    Hello Sweetie,

            I have looked into your request for assistance to repair your vertical line problem with your computer, regretfully Dell will repair the LCD  for up to 3 years from the invoice date.  This computer invoiced on 02-02-05, you may want to check with our out of warranty repair department 1-800-288-4410 to see if they can offer some assistance.

    Thank you,

    Mister X

    — end quote —

    Obviously, this message is useless, because based on the suffering of former Dell customers in this blog a call will only cost me 3 hours of my life, set me back by 49$, experience Indian small talk, and learn that I have to spend 400$ for a repair.

    It may be a good idea to call this number, though, just to keep their lines busy, and make the feel the opinion of the street – the opinion of underclass customers, which in the eyes of Dell are all of us who are not managing a corporate account.

    Obviously, the LCD issue is a manufacturing defect, and Dell acknowledges that. Obviously, Dell is not legally required to replace it.

    But, also obviously, nobody would buy a Dell laptop if the expectation was that the screen will die after 3.5 years. Therefore, if the management of Dell pays any attention to its brand name, it would take responsibility for its manufacturing defects. It is sad that this does not seem to be the case.

    I will give Dell one last chance to help me with my Dell Inspiron laptop. I will keep you posted.


  440. Called Dell today they told me that my Inspiron 9300 was out of warranty on 12-07 I am having vertical line issues with mine who should I talk to at dell? The build date of mine is 12-05.

  441. I have these vertical lines too.  My Inspiron 9300 was shipped to me on 6/12/2005.  This puts me just outside the 3 years.  Am I completely out of luck, or what?

  442. Thanks to Mike Bukowski post on January 16, 2008. My LCD was replaced… after fighting with DELL customer service as well as with Tech support.. since they were playing ball with me and my calls…
    Sadly after only 2 months the LCD has the same exact problem.. so my questions is:
    did they really replace it? or they just tried to fix it somehow…
    now, the want me to pay for the replacement of the second defective LCD after only a couple of months of being replaced… what's the deal here?.. are they using quality LCD for replacement or used LCD that have not shown the problem?
    what's next?
    to who should I talk in order to get my problem fix for once and for all.. I have been using DELL Products for well over 12 years and never had so much trouble as this…
    Thanks for all your help

  443. Todd:

    Isn´t it a shame for Dell to see how this stream of irrefutable proofs on Dell´s responsability on this issue of vertical lines keeps on coming?

    You first asked me to email to that address directly related to vertical lines issue. They answered after more than three weeks. Meanwhile i had a chat at Latin america Dell support, and firstly the agent didnt even know that Inspiron 9300 was involved in the replacement program (?!?!?). This sr. later claimed that my part number screen was not included but didnt handle aany proof of that. (When i bought this laptop I previously DID handle a proof that i payed for it. Thus the unbalance in this comercial relation between Dell and client is been promoted by Dell).

    Then i decided to write to an address ccaled unsolved cases, provaided by that same former agent. They responded prety quickly saying that my part number was nor covered as it was part number X4766 (?).

    And then a few days ago the agent of the original email address directly related to vertical lines issue responded, two weeks later, This sr. came with the same irresponsible and aloof answer we all know. "Sorry but you are not included in defective part number lot….and added that they could

    not reveal my part number (?). Ha ha, what a game these guys are playing, first they dont know I9300 is inlcuded, then they reveal my part number, and then they say that they cant reveal it?

    If you ad all this to all those strange games played by Dell to all the unsatisfied clients then we start to see how much a ridiculous game this is, one played on plain view of all of us.

    So, Tood, what does all this mean? Shame on Dell?

    ps Lasse, you are not unlucky, I have the impression that Dell IS the unlucky one.

  444. Seems I have joined the unlucky group of Inspiron owners with vertical line, mine showd up 3 months after the 3-year frame ended. Dell acknowledged the problem (ater 50 minute phone call to CS) and said "Sorry nothing we can do to help you…." except sending an offer for an exchange LCD for a measly $600 USD, if I do the job my self. It will be more than $800 if they gonna do it. When I mentioned "Good Will" I just heard a muted laughter.

    No way I'll spend 600 bucks, Dell just lost all my future business and Yes I will tell all my friends to stay away!

  445. Not sure what part numbers qualify for this replacement program but I was told mine did not. P/N WC222 If Dell knows about this problem why are they not covering all displays that malfuction in the same way.

    My ship date was 01/19/2006 so I am under the 3 years but with the same result as older laptops.

  446. Hi,

    I bought Inspiron 9300 in Nov. 2005. From last 5-6 days i have started getting thin vertical lines. Now i have 3 lines which started with 1. Two yellow and one red. I called Dell support but i was told that my part no.is MC887 which is not affected by this problem. So i looked for the problem on net and found this link. Please help me. I am in India just now for some time. I bought it from USA. I bought dell because i had heard it's service is good but It's really sad that i am getting this kind of service after paying 2000$ for a laptop. Today again i called Dell India and i got my complain escalated and i spoke to the manager. And guess what i was told "it's been working for 2.5 yrs. so what more do you expect?" !!! I am really frustrated with the way he spoke and kind of service i got. Hope the blog helps address this issue and dell executive take congnizant of the same.


  447. Dell responds well once you get through the game of convincing them they need to stand behind their products. Called on the 8th, got my box on 9th, shipped on 10th, got a call on 13th that the service was complete. Showed at my door at 7:45.

    Have not reinserted the disk drive yet, but I suspect it will be fine, and I do admire their speed.

  448. My laptop is an Inspiron 510M with a 15" SXGA+ TFT Display

    I bought it in December 2004 and a red vertical line appeared after about 2 years. Now there must be about a hundred of all colours. There are also wide white bands appearing.

    People say it must have been dropped but it hasn't. Of course its well out of warranty and I'm not very happy but its good to see that Dell are doing something

  449. I purchased a 9300 08/05 and vertical lines atarted appearing 6 to 8 months ago. I have 16 lines now in assorted colors. I found this blog today and called the number at the top and was on hold much longer than i talked to anyone. The outcome, 33 minutes later, dell is sending a box to return my computer for a new LCD. The box is supposed to arrive in 1-2 days and my computer is supposed to be returned 5-6 days from when I ship it. It was suggested that I remove the battery and harddrive before I ship. During the process on the phone, because my comp. is not under warrenty, I was sent to the pay for tech service. When they answered they listened to my problem and transfered me to the tech department that handled this problem. No payment.

  450. purchased 9300 end of nov.  1st lineappeared aug/2008.  I now have 7 lines.  currently on the phone with the guy who was supposed to help me get connected with premium Tech Support, because comp is out of warranty.  This guys is currently giving me run around, saying that this website and its claims are not supported by dell, and has put me on hold.  I will post again regarding the status of the call after he gets back.

  451. Well the guy got back and said i had to call technical support directly.  except he gave me the number that i had originally called when i got him.  Am going to try to call the number again and hope it works.

  452. well called a second time this time i didn't give the service code and the operator is transferring me to tech support.  Will give update after speaking with them

  453. Finally got transferred to tech support by not entering my express service code, but still got transferred to operator first. the gentleman from tech support is getting me set up with sending me the box

  454. Edward, could you please tell me if they ever asked or mentioned about your LCD screen part number?

  455. Eduard,

    would you please let me know if tech support evert talked or mentioned about the issue of your LCD's part number? Thanks

  456. I too have a defective 9300 LCD screen. I purchased it on 4/29/2005. I have 3 lines on my screen. I have gotten nothing but a run around with dell support. I have purchased 7 dells over the years, and that's while I was a Hewlett Packard employee! But I'm afraid this will have to be my last unless dell steps up and does the right thing and repairs their shoddy equipment. Although even if they do step up I can't guarantee that I will purchase dell again after all the abuse I've taken so far.

    Very disappointed!


  457. To Kenny – posted on 10/08/2008 – THANK YOU!!! 6 rude people 1 hang up and 3 hours later…. I am getting an "exception"… and they are shipping me my box and plan to replace the LCD screen at no charge to me. Please take Kenny's advice. After reading his post…. that was call #6 and that was the last call I needed to make.

    Thanks again Kenny!


  458. Last week I've wrote to Dell [email protected] and I have not yet receive any answer. Is this link still active ?

    My message " I have some vertical line on my screen since mai 2008, our cutomer service in Belgium said it is not possible to do something and now I can see on a forum that's a general problem of the Inspiron 9300. My warranty was good till april 2008. Can you send me a new screen, I can repare it myself with an appropriate plan."

  459. I have an Inspiron 9200. I purchased this laptop when I was still based in Houston, Texas. I was fortunate enough to have my LCD replaced about a year ago here in the Philippines. A subsidiary of Dell here in the Philippines, Accent Micro, came to my home and replaced the defective LCD.

    Unfortunately, I am experiencing again the vertical line defect. Now, it is a one-inch thick vertical stripe. I remember speaking to the service person while he was replacing the LCD, since I noticed that the replacement LCD has exactly the same part. I was wary having realized this and asked him why Dell was replacing a defective part with exactly the same part. He told me that this new part albeit the same brand and specifications was not defective. I think now he is mistaken.

    It is frustrating that I, among so many others affected by this defect, experienced this once. But for us to experience it again, well, is, disappointing.

    UPDATE: I have been sending email messages to [email protected] but have yet to get a reply. Is this email address still one that exists and one that Dell attends to?

  460. I sent my laptop for repair to Dell.
    When I got it back, the LCD worked without a vertical line … for three weeks.

    Now it shows, on the opposite side of the screen and entire two inch BAR of inverted colors, together with 8-10 vertical lines.
    In short, the repair made everything worse. My laptop is now truly unusable.
    Because the repair was made under the vertical line replacement program, Dell refuses to replace the defective LCD. First come the usual excuses "it might be your graphics card" (This is unlikely as now the lines are on the opposite side of the screen) Highlight is the following verbatim quote from the Dell hotline "we have already given you a chance". Dell considers repairs a random game, where the customer always loses.

    The repair is handled by Flextronics. Most likely the original LCD was replaced with a refurbished LCD.
    Do not spend a penny on a Dell repair. It's not worth it, and they don't stand behind their repair, nor behind their laptops.

  461. Thanks, grg22, for posting a comment. I wonder what it will take for Dell to realize that its supposed solution to the vertical line issue (replacing the LCD with exactly the same brand and model of the LCD) was not a solution at all. I'm hoping that the consumer complaints will swell once more to a point that Dell will listen (again–but this time, respond fairly to consumers like us).

  462. For anyone that has had the LCD replaced at one's own cost and has used a different LCD brand…may I know which LCD that was purchased? I just want to check how expensive it is to replace mine. My 9200's screen already has this permanent 1inch vertical line that is most annoying

  463. At first, their customer support told me today that my LCD was "not affected" by the faulty part. Then, they changed the story and said it is too late (more than 3 years after purchase). But they have NEVER contacted me about the defect. They should announce a recall.

  464. I hope that those among us that have been affected by this issue bombard Dell with our email messages. It's been a month now since I've been sending Dell email messages. I have yet to receive a reply. I'm really hoping we can pressure Dell enough for a resolution.

  465. A Dell representative finally has responded to my numerous email messages. Unfortunately, I've gotten the same (and lame, I must say) excuse: that the unit's out of warranty. I responded that Dell (or at least, its representative) does not seem to understand the REAL issue. For those of us who had their LCD screen replaced in the past, we've experienced EXACTLY the same issue all over again: a vertical line. I was able to later have a representative finally comprehend what the issue was all about, but he responded that I now communicate with the out of warranty department. It is ODD that–despite a Dell representative agreeing with me that the warranty at issue here is NOT that of the unit (which is obviously beyond its 3 years) but that of the LCD SCREEN (which is barely over a year old from the time it was installed onto my Inspiron 9200)–I was still being referred to its out of warranty department.
    First, I am continually frustrated that Dell did not really resolve the vertical line issue by replacing my LCD screen last year with exactly the same part number and brand (replacing a dud with a dud?). Second, and what is really very frustrating, is that Dell is not even responsible enough that its customer support staff really understand what is being communicated to them. Communicating with its supposed customer support is practically like communicating with an automated system. The responses from Dell representatives are mechanical to the point of having no sense at all.
    I am still hoping that others in a similar situation would speak up as well and let Dell know how irresponsible and inept it has been. And maybe Dell will finally really resolve this issue.

  466. Tonight I called Dell about my vertical line issue on my Inspiron 9300…this is my third call and it goes nowhere : ( I have soooo many vertical lines now that I can barely see my screen. My computer is out of warranty, but when I first called Dell it was still within the three year range…now it's not. Does anyone from Dell actually read these forums? This problem seems to be widespread. Dell…stand behind your products don't make it so difficult to get good service!!!!

  467. It's good to know that there is at least one other person experiencing the same issue that I have. I'm still hoping that more and more people post here. Better yet, more and more among us send endless email and calls to Dell so that it would be responsible enough to resolve this.

  468. I am also having the same issue on my inspiron 9300, they keep bouncing me around and yes there was a recall but we also were never notified if we were we would have had it fixed. I only came across this site just the other day. I don't always come to these sites unless I have an issue with something. There must be a lawyer out there who is going through this same issue! There are enough people going through this same issue that dell should extend the recall and notify owners affected by this via mail, email and phone call. They sure as heck can send out their advertisement everyday. Together we can hopefully get them to solve this issue. Does anybody at dell even care? If so, please contact us, you know who we are!!!

  469. Again, thanks to the latest post. I'm still more and more "victims" post here. And yes, it would be great that a lawyer who's also affected by this issue can help all of us on our behalf. Maybe another Dell vertical line issue can be set up.

  470. This 3 year recall should not be from invoice date of purchase. It should be 3 years from dell's notification to the owner via mail, email and phone call notification. They sure as heck have no trouble sending emails on the sales they have going on. I receive at least 1 a day trying to get me to buy from them.

  471. Just an addition to the latest post. For those among us that Dell did replace the LCD screen, only to experience exactly the same issue all over again since the part used was exactly the same part number and brand: the 3-year warranty should be for the PART. Dell is IRresponsible for replacing a part that lasted only one year; and that has been my experience.

  472. I battled with dell again today and now they tell me that the part # on my laptop is not the one on the recall list J9662, T4976, W4554 they say mine is WC222 has anyone else had this issue and had theirs replaced? If this is the same issues with another part # then dell should recall this part # also!!!

  473. Again, thanks for posting again. Hope this isn't just a 2-man fight. Any others in the same plight? Better yet, any one who has had success replacing their replaced LCD with a new one?

  474. The following are all the recalls for public information that dell is providing on their website. No where on it does it notify us of any recall regarding the vertical line issue in the lcd screen on the inspiron 9300 or others. Dell, all we want is for you to do right by your loyal customers and replace our lcd screens due this known (DELL) problem regardless of the model number of the part. If we are experiencing these vertical line issues then this is the same problem as the other part numbers!

    2008 Notebook Battery Recall

    On October 30, 2008, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that certain notebook batteries manufactured by Sony have been recalled and Dell is listed among other system manufacturers in that announcement because it received some affected units – fewer than 300 worldwide. The battery packs were manufactured by Sony on Nov. 9, 2004 and April 11, 2005 and were shipped shortly thereafter with Latitude and Inspiron laptop systems or as service replacements.

    Sony has provided additional information to Dell relating to the company's 2006 recall of Sony lithium-ion batteries, expanding the number of potentially affected units by approximately 15,000. Dell has revised its existing recall Web site http://www.dellbatteryprogram.com to address both issues. Dell asks customers with affected models to check the site, even if they previously checked their battery as part of the original recall. Dell will voluntarily replace affected batteries at no charge.[Announced October 30, 2008].


    2006 Notebook Battery Recall – Update

    On August 14, 2006, Dell announced a recall of batteries manufactured with Sony cells. As part of the recall process, Dell continues to require its suppliers to revalidate the data which led to the recall. This has resulted in a revised list of battery serial (identification) numbers.

    To ensure that all potentially affected batteries are identified and returned to Dell, the company is requesting that customers recheck their batteries at http://www.dellbatteryprogram.com if they have not yet ordered or received a replacement battery. Throughout this recall, Dell's primary concern continues to be the safety of its customers. [Announced September 29, 2006].


    2006 Notebook Battery Recall

    Dell has identified a potential issue associated with certain batteries sold with Dell LatitudeTM , InspironTM , XPSTM and Dell Precision Mobile WorkstationTM notebook computers. In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and other regulatory agencies, Dell is voluntarily recalling certain Dell-branded batteries with cells manufactured by Sony and offering free replacements for these batteries. Under rare conditions, it is possible for these batteries to overheat, which could pose a risk of fire. For more information click here. [Announced August 15, 2006].


    2005 Notebook Battery Recall

    In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Dell is voluntarily providing the Customers who purchased certain batteries for use with some models of Dell LatitudeTM , Dell PrecisionTM and Dell InspironTM notebook computers with a free replacement battery. For more information click here. [Announced December 16, 2005].


    AC Adapter Recall

    In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Dell is voluntarily providing the Customers who purchased certain AC Adapters that were sold for use with some models of Dell LatitudeTM , Dell PrecisionTM and Dell InspironTM notebook computers (Part Numbers 9364U, 7832D and 4983D) with a free replacement AC adapter. For more information click here. [Announced October 8, 2004]


    1700/1700n Printer Recall

    In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Dell is voluntarily providing the Customers who purchased the 1700/1700n printer (from June 8th, 2004 – August 18th, 2004) a free replacement printer. [Announced September 7, 2004]


    Auto-Air Power Adapter Recall

    In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Dell is voluntarily providing the Customers who purchased the Auto-Air Power Adapter (Part Number W1451) a free retrofit kit. For more information click Here. [Announced July 1, 2004]


    Battery Recall Program (2000, 2001)

    Notice: The dates contained in the Revised Notice supersede and control over those contained in the Compromise, Settlement Agreement and Release. Also, the attachments referenced in the CSAR are not included but can be requested by contacting lead counsel. [Announced July 1, 2002]

    Inspiron 5000, Inspiron 5000e – Announced May 3, 2001

    Latitude CPiA, Latitude CPi R, Latitude CPtC, Latitude CPtS, Latitude CPtV, Latitude CPxH, Latitude CPxJ, Inspiron 3700, Inspiron 3800 – Announced October 13, 2000

    You are here: Dell USA > Support Home Page

  475. That is right. Albeit that Dell "resolved" the vertical line issue via email, Dell never really publicly or officially admitted that a number of the parts it used, particularly several part numbers for 17-inch LCD screens it used on its laptops, were inferior parts…parts that have a "lifetime" of barely over a year before the vertical line(s) appear(s). I think that part of the "request" that we consumers affected are experiencing should be that Dell publicly admits the fault and responsibly (even to the point of being pro-active, that it contact all affected consumers–and REALLY resolving the issue by replacing such defective parts with a TESTED part–and not merely wait for the consumers to complain). I am still hoping that many, if not all, among us affected by this issue pressure Dell to responsibly resolve this issue. It is disappointing that, save for this vertical line issue (and the battery recall), Dell tarnishes its relatively good products with practically ignoring its mistakes.

  476. FYI: I just confirmed that the original LCD screen part number for my Inspiron 9200 was T4976, one of those affected by the vertical line issue. I am certain that when Dell designated its distributor here in the Philippines to replace my LCD screen for free, the replacement part was T4976 as well. Replacing a dud with a dud? Yes. I'm experiencing exactly the same issue. Resolved? Nah

  477. Vertical line issue on dell inspiron 9300 and other dell laptops. Dell had a recall on certain part #'s with J9662, T4976, W4554 this same issue also exists with part # WC222. However, They claim this Part was not part of the recall which it should be included because this is the exact same problem as the others. ALL DELL CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCING THESE SAME ISSUES NEED TO CONTACT DELL AND POST MESSAGES HERE FOR OTHERS TO SEE. Together, we may be able to get dell to fess up to this issue and take responsibility for this defect. DELL WILL TELL YOU THAT THEY NOTIFIED CONSUMERS OF THIS RECALL HOWEVER, IF YOU FOLLOW THIS LINK YOU WILL SEE NO SUCH RECALL ON THEIR OWN SITE.


  478. May someone post here who has NOT had a vertical line issue, be it from the original part installed or a "successful" replacement part? May I know the part number(s)? I'd want to know so that if and when (wishful thinking) Dell replaces my LCD screen, I know what part numbers to avoid?
    Thanks. Hope there are more people posting here on this issue…

  479. I just want to ask if Dell has recalled any of the 17" LCDs that were not in the original three part number recall ? Mine is part #MC887 Made by LG it has had vertical line problems about 6 months now. Don't want to miss the chance to have it replaced on recall.. Build date 12-05 Insporin 9300

  480. I hope that this thread isn't dead. I'm still hoping others post here, those like me who have been affected by this vertical line issue…

  481. I'm having this same issue with my Inspiron 9300. When I called tech support they first tried to sell me a $49 "tech evaluation" until I explained this was a known problem. The tech transferred me to hardware support, who looked up my info and lo and behold … my system wasn't covered.

    So even though it's the same type of system shipped during the time frame specified, it has a different part number and won't be covered. What a shock.

    Anyway, he explained that it would cost over $400 to fix but he could offer me a discount of $140. When I explained that for just a little more money I could get a new laptop he said "I can talk to my manager and get you a discount of $190." How convenient …

    What a scam. Dell knows these displays are garbage but only covers select systems. I spent a lot of money over the years with Dell but I won't spend another dime with them.

    Dell should be ashamed.

  482. Thanks for the post. I wonder if we could generate enough pressure on Dell to have it do another "recall" just as it did with the LCD vertical line issue last year. But this time around, Dell should replace the LCD with a TESTED part number that will not have the same issue all over again

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    Oh goody, I get to join a club. That is, this ridiculously
    large club of people who have vertical lines on their 17" 9300 displays.
    Mine showed up about a month ago and I have been trying to figure out the problem
    ever sense. I stumbled upon you all by pure luck. I checked my part # (MC887)
    on dell’s site and it appears I am also NOT one of the people who will be
    getting a replacement. I guess I will also be one of the people NOT buying
    another laptop from dell unless they fix this problem. But wait, I can’t be
    having the exact same problem as everyone else because my part number is
    different. Way to stick it to your customers’ dell. Maybe I’ll get lucky and
    one of my 5 other dell systems will have a “not a lemon” issue.





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    Well I guess I’ll pony up and buy another lease agreement
    for my lcd. Maybe this one will have a longer term before it expires. In any
    case I know one problem I wont have from now on, dell customer “support”. I’m
    going to get a local guy to build my rigs from now on. At least that way he can
    take me out to dinner before he gives me the shaft.  


    let me know if you decide to do the right thing dell


  484. Wow. More and more among us are posting here. I wonder now if Dell will ever open their vertical line email address again.

  485. Hi everyone,

    The Dell LCD replacement policy was limited to a series of LCDs built by one manufacturer using one specific subcomponent.   Those were only used in a certain percentage of the systems manufactured during that time frame.  I can understand the frustration but if your system wasn't built using one of those specific parts it won't be covered.

    There are a lot of reasons why LCDs can show vertical lines and one of our Community Liasons, Mike B, posted a good explanation of them here.  

    If your system was built using one of the affected parts, and you are experiencing the failure within the 3 year enhanced coverage time frame, our technical support groups are all aware of the policy at this point.  With the initial rush of customers affected by this policy it made sense to have a special way for customers to contact a specialized group for help, but at this time our front line support should be able to help our customers.   If your system was manufactured using one of the affected parts and you've contacted tech support for help within the 3 year time frame and were denied service feel free to contact me and I'll put you in contact with our contacts in the support organizations to get your issue resolved.

  486. Todd, 

    I'm thankful that Dell DID replace my LCD about a year ago. But…

    I am experiencing exactly the same issue all over again. The three-year warranty that you mention appears to refer to the warranty of my laptop. For us–those you mention that were affected by this issue–it is obvious that by this time all of us, our units, that is, are beyond three years. I am disappointed that the warranty you mention does NOT refer to the warranty of the part that Dell replaced. I hope you understand how disappointed those among us who had their LCD replaced that the "new" LCD barely lasted over a year. I think that by any one's standards, an LCD screen for a laptop that lasts beyond barely over a year is, to put it straight, ANOTHER lemon of a part. Shouldn't we who were affected by this issue deserve a part that is of a better quality? I understand that there are many reasons for a vertical line but I think that I am NOT the only one who has experienced this issue ALL OVER AGAIN. Frankly, a dud was replaced with a dud, a lemon was replaced with a lemon.

    I'd be happy to hear from you again. I'm sure others who have posted here, and many others who have yet to post here, are eager to hear what Dell has to say.

    Again, I appreciate that someone from Dell finally has posted here. For that alone, thanks. For TRULY resolving this vertical line issue is still my hope. And I will be very thankful. And maybe happy enough to purchase another Dell…

  487. My Recent conversation with dell awaiting reply:

    WC222 was not on the recall list but, this has the same problem and there are other part #'s with the same problem (http://en.community.dell.com/blogs/direct2dell/archive/2007/04/09/10675.aspx?CommentPosted=true#commentmessage) follow link and read on. The solution to this is replacing the LCD screen. Reseating does not resolve this problem, these parts are defective. What makes me more upset is the run around I got trying to resolve this issue. First, I was told there was a recall on this issue but no where on the dell site can you find such a recall. Then I was told there was a 3 year period from purchase invoice date to have this problem covered and mine fell after that date. Then I was told that my part # wasn't one that was recalled even though it had the exact same problem. I was finally offered a discount to replace this LCD screen but it would still cost me over $300 to have it repaired. I could buy a competitors of similar features for around that price. There are plenty of people with this same issue and Dell has given us all the business.

    I am happy to see that someone from dell has responded but if dell is going to continue to receive our business they need to replace our LCD screens. They should last a lot longer than 2.5 years especially since we paid almost $3000 for this product. The average life for a laptop back light is on the order of 30,000 hours that's the equivalent of running this laptop for 33 hours a day for 2.5 years. This is unacceptable and should be recalled and replaced.

  488. Their reply:

    DELL-Todd S sent you the following message:

    Subject:vertical line issue


    If that part was not built by the same manufacturer and, thus by default, built using the same subcomponent how can it be the same problem?   You, and others, may be experiencing similar symptoms but as Mike's post explains there are a lot of different reasons why an LCD can experience vertical lines.  That's probably the most common symptom of a failing LCD.

    I'm sorry, I can certainly understand your frustration but the term "average life" of an electronics component is just that, the average.   Some can last longer, others may not last the average length of time.  There are so many variables that go into life spans of electronics that it's impossible to definitively say "XXX component must last YYY period of time". 

    You may want to look into parts resellers such as http://www.discountelectronics.com here in Austin.   They sell a lot of component parts for Dell systems and you may be able to find a replacement LCD for much cheaper.  And that's just one that I'm familiar with locally.   There are probably other parts companies local to you that may be able to help.



  489. Todd,

    I understand Dell's point of view that the vertical line issue may have various causes. It's difficult to understand though that–given that you mention that parts have an average life–the "average" lifespan of an LCD screen that Dell uses…is ONE year? That certainly does not sound "average" to me. Again, I, and also maybe those among us that Dell indeed replaced our LCD screen, believe that Dell replaced a lemon with another lemon. And, in any angle that one looks at it, Dell did NOT really (and responsibly) resolve this issue.

  490. Todd, thanks for the reaction to my post. I was referring to the LCD that Dell replaced on my 9200. It lasted a year. And if you mention that Dell has a 90-day warranty for that LCD replacement then I guess my efforts here are futile. I still believe that that part was a lemon. And, as you say, that there are so many possible factors/causes of a vertical line on a Dell laptop LCD screen, I guess I was just "lucky" enough to experience a vertical line issue twice. And for the others here who posted in the past that experienced this "luck" twice as well were just as "lucky" as me.

  491. @perfect0   I did not state that Dell's LCDs have an average life of one year.  There are so many factors that affect lifespan of electronics that to make any sort of blanket statement about average life or expected life is misleading.

    We were covering those LCDs for 3 years from the date of the purchase of the system, and all our replacement hardware has a parts warranty, normally 90-days, to cover them as well. 

  492. Just to let you guys know part #J9676 is also affected. That is the 17" wuxga 1920×1200 screen. Mine was purchased in April 2005 and just yesterday, Feb 18th 2009, I got the first blue line about 2" in from the left hand side. Called tech support, warranty expired, gave me the "older than 3 years" routine and won't fix it without charging $500. Took the display apart, checked cables, etc. and nothing can be done. Guess it will just get worse now. Am sorry for those also with this screen who may have thought, like I, that they got a good one after all this time.

    Now I'm just gonna buy a screen from Ebay for $100 with a 120 warranty, fit it myself, hope it lasts past the warranty. Once that goes it's bye bye Dell, hello HP. No option but to vote with my feet. What's the difference between a screen that they will cover up to 3 years and a screen that goes after 3 years and 10 months? A faulty part is still a faulty part, just dumb luck as to how long it will last. If it was a part that would blow up and injure someone, it would be recalled no matter how old. Nonsense from Dell.

  493. Thanks for the post, toneman. I think we consumers should understand that when a company like Dell says their products or parts have a warranty, they actually mean a very short range of time for responsibility and accountability. In my case, putting a warranty of 90 days on a replacement part clearly means that Dell is a company that has nothing to do with its consumers after 90 days. That's what I call quality. I should note that the next time I even consider buying a Dell product.

    Warranty apparently protects the manufacturer rather than the consumer. Oh well…

  494. Hi perfect0,


    Thanks for responding. Note the post published today.

    Dell does have an issue. It is an 800 lb. gorilla. But like

    Carnegie and JP Morgan a century ago, they are merely a

    big computer trust that really needs to be BUSTED.


  495. David_and_Mark, again, thanks for sharing your experience, albeit a negative one. Dell indeed has a big issue regardless of the outsourcing of customer service. I must agree though that the decision to outsource manifests the quality of Dell, a quality similar to that of its LCD screens. Need I say more what level of quality? I am a Filipino. And it is very disappointing that a proudly American company such as Dell has such quality.

  496. David_and_Mark, thanks for the post. I am perplexed that Dell still denies that it has an issue. This is hoping beyond hope but just maybe that time will come when Dell will…

  497. David_and_Mark, yes, I do agree that Dell has an issue. The issue as well here is that Dell does not obviously see this as an issue. I think that the objective now is to make Dell admit of such an issue. Or simply, be responsible.

  498. I have just joined the group who are "lucky" enough to have the vertical line issue on my Inspiron 9300 for the second time.  Mine was actually replaced just six months ago and now it's having the exact same problem. 

    I have spent several days in a Customer Service nightmare — all I am trying to get is an explanation as to why, if it was covered outside of standard warranty the first time, it would not be covered this time.  It's the exact same issue.  Even if it was replaced with a part not included in the recall, shouldn't a new LCD last longer than 6 months?? 

    Each email I send and phone call I make has just made me more frustrated than ever.  The only response I get is that "it's out of warranty and you will need to call technical support".  I called them and they won't give me any explanation either –just the same "it's out of warranty" response.  Unreal……

  499. That's it, I will no longer buy anything from dell. I have spent a lot of money over the years at dell. Due to their lack of respect they have for customers like myself and not standing by their own products (Inspiron 9300) I WILL NO-LONGER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM DELL AND I SUGGEST THAT OTHERS DO THE SAME UNTILL THEY FIX OUR LCD SCREENS. THE POWER OF CUSTOMERS LIKE MYSELF AND OTHERS WILL SEND THEM THE WAY OF CIRCUIT CITY!!! No

  500. ksgarza, yes, I check this forum almost daily to see any development. Unfortunately, there hasn't been much. I'm back here in the Philippines and, yes, I'm still using my Inspiron 9200 as I write this, of course, using only about 2/3 of the screen as that's the only usable space left. I am so annoyed that, worse than refusing to admit that there's an issue, Dell rationalizes. Three cheers for Dell's quality…

  501. Perfect0,

    I'm doing the same — using my 9300 with multiple lines through the middle of the screen — which was supposedly "fixed" just 6 months ago. 

    I have purchased 10 Dell's in the past, going way back to 1996– I even brought the WebPc when it came out in 1999!  I considered myself a "Dell Person".  Even right now, between myself and my kids, there are 6 Dell's in my house. 

    This is how they reward their loyal customers? 

    I'm not ready to give up on this issue and I'm not ready to pay to have a 6 month old LCD repaired. 


  502. ksgarza, I'm still hoping beyond hope that Dell wakes up to all of this. I was in Houston for eight years in academe. The university uses Dells. I had 3 Dell laptops. I was even thinking of asking a sibling of mine in the States to bring in an XPS laptop for me. But after the experiences not just my own but yours and others as well, it is very disappointing indeed that we who have been Dell customers all these years end up with, well, a laptop with weird lines.

  503. Just received an email survey about my experience with Dell Support……needless to say, I didn't give them very good marks at all!

  504. Does anyone here who has a Dell laptop with a 17" LCD screen NOT have had a vertical line issue or who has had relative "success" in having his/her LCD replaced with a part that has lasted? If so, what is the part number? I am now considering purchasing a replacement LCD myself for my Inspiron 9200. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone posted here. Thanks in advance.

  505. Just had another one-inch-wide vertical white band on my laptop screen. Now they're two, and this second one is right smack in the middle of the screen. My Inspiron 9200 is practicaly unusable. Need I say more??? Well, I won't be able to very soon, this screen while be entirely white sooner or later.



  507. I started having  the problem with vertical lines 1.5 years ago, but couldn't find any inforrmation about a recall then. Now it is getting really bad.

    I have not received a letter from Dell about a recall like the initial Dell post says. Now my laptop is out of the 3 year warranty now and Dell wants to charge $500 for replacing the screen. This seems unreasonable. I didn't find the right blog post on the right forum within a few months window and therefore I have to pay? I have seen some posts on other parts of the forum from customers who have had their screens replaced after the 3 year mark so it doesn't seem to be impossible. Is it just a matter of who you happen to get on the line at the technical support call center?

  508. I have two Inspiron 9300's purchased on the same day during the time period in question (2005).  I never received a letter stating their was a problem.  Call to Dell withiin the 3 year time period have stated that they have not heard of the issue.  Calls later state that I have to pay upfront from them to proceed with the call.   The tech person today said that this blog was only for dell users and carried no weight with dell.  I read the post at the top and he only said he had never heard of the issue.  Since I have two computers and they are both failing at the same time, I'm really pleading for help.

  509. Ok, I have an Inspiron 9300 and after having my original screen dying after 1 year, the second one is now showing countless vertical lines (it started with 1 line many months ago).

    I guess Dell is replacing the defective screens with exactly the same model (I am not sure. If not, it means that the new ones are also defective). My ideal solution would then be to find a different model which would not be largely defective.

    I did some research on the internet and narrowed down my problem to this:

    – My screen model is LP171WX2 (LG-Philips 17.0" WXGA+).

    – It looks like this model is now referenced as "Dell Inspiron 9200/9300 LCD screen" on many websites selling LCD screens. It is a matte screen I believe.

    – It looks like there are also now different other models of "LP171WX2" called LP171WX2(A4), LP171WX2(B4) and LP171WX2(TL). I think they are not the same as the one I have on my laptop. First because they are more expensive, second because they are indicated as "glossy" instead of matte, which makes me think that they are more recent (newer technology). I don't know the difference between the 3 new models though, they are always the same price. Another confusing thing is that there is also another code following "LP171WX2(..)": from "(K1)" to I don't know where it stops, possibly "(K8)".


    Fact: I would rather purchase a new glossy screen than gamble with an old defective one and wait for the lines to appear.

    *** My questions are: Am I right and are these models compatible with the Inspiron 9300? Are they also compatible with the coaxial cable in the Inspiron 9300 or do I need to get a new one?

    What is the difference between all these additional codes?


    Hope this helps to bring forward a constructive solution to "unlucky" customers and thanks for any help from anyone

  510. News:

    – It looks like some websites also sell the model LP171WP4 under the title "Dell Inspiron 9200/9300 LCD screen".

    – It appears that when there is a (code) after LP171WX2, it's because they were built for other types of computers. It does not mean that these models won't work on the 9300 (and the screws should be at the same place for instance) but the screen inverter on the new screen may have to be replaced by the one already on your former screen if I understood well…

    That's all for the updates for now…

  511. We find similar issues in some third world Asian countries. At first when we buy laptop, everything seems to be ok. But later when we find problems, the sales assistant  simply says that the policy in the US doesn't apply here.

  512. With all the repeat problems here the faulty part must not lie in the LCD itself but somewhere else where the laptop keeps eating supposedly newly manufactured panels.

    I also have been affected with a 1920×1200 screen and while I had the 3 year warranty and never used it, now that I'm 3 years and 6 months into owning this it is so bad I can hardly read the screen.

    Bad form Dell.

  513. I guess I get to join this unfortunate club.  The replacement screen on my Inspiron 9300 is now developing vertical lines.

    Oh, and the SD card reader doesn't work.

    And the wireless card won't stay connected.

    And the DVD/CD-R drive no longer writes.

    And the headphone jack only has one channel.

    Absolute junk.  I'll never buy a Dell for home or work again.

  514. Thenk you for all the information.  My 9300 began experiencing this problem shortly after the expiration of my extended warranty.  I apparently had not received a letter because they went out when I still had warranty coverage.  After calling tech support 3 times and being transferred and disconnected 3 times by reps who said there was nothing they could do, I somehow reached a person in the desktop division who had his supervisor make a direct "live" or "warm" transfer to the laptop group.  The tech rep there actually listened to me and sensibly said they would send a box for shipping back the machine to get a replacement screen.  Assuming all goes well, you'll still have a satisfied repeat customer whose first machines were bought when the company was called PCs Limited.  Having actually purchased premium support, I was glad to finally have that recognized by someone prepared to treat a customer as an individual.  Thank you for your department's efforts to ensure that a problem repeatedly brought to the company's attention would be investigated and then treated as a recall.  That's the support that the company was built on.

  515. I am having the same issue with my Inspiron 9300. I started with one line anout 2 months ago & then a secon line appeared. I have the extended warranty so I contacted customer service who ran tests to try to determine the problem. He thought it might be the LCS screen, so they shpped a new screen and arranged for a tech to install it. Lo & behold less than 2 weeks later, the same porble – a line appeared on the NEW screen. I contated customer service again who ran the same tests & wanted me to ship my laptop to Dell for 2 weeks. Told him no can do since I work from home as a consulatnt & need my laptop. He decided to ship a new LCD and a motherborad (in case the problem was with the video card) and arranged to a tech to install. the tech only installed the LCD. it is now one week later & a yellow line appeared in the middle of my second new screen. However, this time after about 5 mins the line disappeared. I am at my wits end. Has this proble been resolved & why are't the techs at Dell customer service aware of the defect with these laptops? What is my next step???

  516. Sorry for all the typos in my last post. Well that yellow vertical line came back permanently. I just got off the phone with the Dell Rep. They are again sending me a screen for the 3rd time. I told then that I want a new screen and not a reconditioned one because obviously there is a problem with the screens. The tech's Mgr came on the phone & told me that they are well aware of this problem & they are sending me a different model this time. Supposedly I will have no problems. We'll see if they can get it right this time. If not I will be forced to escalate my issue with the powers to be at Dell and then Consumer Affairs. I am so done with this!!!!

  517. I have been going through the customer service nightmare all morning. I find it appalling that Dell has been replacing defective parts with defective parts. The saddest part of all is the fact that the vertical line issue doesn't happen until after the "so called" 3 year replacement period. Dell says they sent letters? I never received one…I've lived at the same address for 7 years. It kind of sounds like Dell will never stand behind the obvious so I'm moving on. Myself, my entire company, who have bought over 20 computers from Dell, and all of my friends (not a minimal number) are now boycotting Dell. As all of our computers die we will be replacing them with another brand.

  518. So sad that Dell is upsetting so many people and is loosing so many customers over just one cheap LCD display. THEY DESERVE IT!!! Over 500 unsatisfactory comments on just one forum and nothing resolved???? Just another example of big business sticking their customers in the back to make a buck!!!! So long Dell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  519. To all those with out-of-warrantee computers…don't bother getting the LCD or anything else repaired.  Save your money and buy a new laptop for under $800.

    (After my experiences with Dell, you can bet my next notebook will not be another Inspiron!)

  520. Just to respond to Lionel from Dell. Your company's customer service stinks. You sold me a defective computer. You knew about it, but won't do anything because you arbitrarily decided that I had it too long!  4 years! and my problem showed up a 3 years and 9 months. For one thing, I will check all my recourses including the Quebec Office de protection du consommateur, a couple of good TV shows that would love to take a bad guy like your company and small claims court. When a car company sells a defective product, it assumes its responsability no matter how long you owned the vehicule. I sure hope that your sales will go right down the drain and that Dell ends up the way a lot of US companies have gone lately. Hopefully, this will teach your greedy owners to be a little more generous to their loyal customer, which I don't think I will be again.

  521. I have the same problem: my inspiron 9300 start
    to develop the vertical lines issue. I'm French so I've contacted the
    French technical support that never have heard about the problem !!!
    They just recommand to buy another laptop since the price of a new
    screen is much expansive than a new computer ! (I have bought my
    inspiron 9300 for about 2300 euros)

    I've read many forum about this issue and it seems that obtaining a
    free replacement of the defective screen don't really depend on the
    purchase date (3 years after buying according this thead), but on the
    person you'll get on the phone and the time you'll spend arguing.

    My question is simple: Is there a reliable way to obtain a free
    replacement since I don't have had the "chance" my screen got the
    problem in the time Dell decide to support a known defective product ?

    How Dell can accept that the replacement of the screen is just a lottery ? I must admit that I'm quite diseapointed 🙁

  522. I contacted customer support 4 months
    ago and after speaking with a customer service representative for
    hours, the representative notified me that an upper level technician
    would contact me. They contacted me and left me a message stating
    that they would call me back and they never did. Four months later,
    I called to again state the problem that my Dell Latitude D820 had
    vertical lines appearing on the screen. But, to no avail, I was told
    that because my computer
    was not one of the computers listed, I
    could not receive a replacement screen. After hours of speaking to
    various Dell Customer
    Service Representatives
    , and being transferred
    to various departments and being placed on hold for various reasons,
    I ended up having no resolution, except to purchase a screen via a
    warranty. I wish that Dell
    could recognize that this vertical line
    screen problem is a pervasive problem on various models of Dell
    , not solely the ones listed above. I, as others in this
    forum, as well as many other forums, have recognized this problem. I
    just wish that Dell would.

  523. Dell still owes me a LCD replacment.

    Inspiron 510m is a "Recall" and it is a well known issue for vertical line. I can't believe Dell still refused to admit Inspiron 510m is a LCD manufacturing faulty.

    There are literally hundreds of people complaining about this model having the exact problem vertical lines issues, and Dell refused to admit it.

    For those who didn't know about this, in any businesses if any of their products has a well known faulty issue (recall), the company has to offer free replacement with no questions ask; and consumers has the rights to claims for "voluntary recall" even though the warranty may be over, and Dell refused all this. I guess this is somekind of Dell's bully to consumers who are not aware of this, isn't it? ask around any lawyers, you will get my facts I stated is true.

    Again Dell still "OWE" me a LCD replacement.

    My next laptop will not be a Dell laptop until they replace my LCD FOC.

  524. I got the replacement for the faulty LCD display a few years ago. The whole process was very smooth, except, the replacement screen developed stuck vertical pixels within a year and a half.

    I am hesitant to replace it again because I cannot afford for the next one to fail.

    My current XPS Gen II (with it's screen problem) generates much discussion as I take it around to engineering companies to use as my design review computer. Needless to say, I have turned many people off to the thought of purchasing any Dell product.

    Why take a chance. There are many superior products to choose from.

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