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PowerEdge Servers Are Feeling Refreshed


Innovation that matters to our customers matters to us. That's why we've built innovation in three critical areas for customers in our refreshed PowerEdge servers featuring Intel's new 5600 series Westmere processors.

With today's launch of Westmere, our teams were focused on delivering enhanced performance, improved energy efficiency and better virtualization.

Customers can expect system performance increases of up to 69 percent over our previous servers and up to 47 percent greater per-watt efficiency. And in virtualization, the new servers consolidate capacity in virtualized environments up to 33 percent better than earlier servers.

The net benefit to our customers is that they'll be able to run more workloads faster on Dell PowerEdge servers with Intel 5600 series processors, embedded hypervisors and balanced memory architectures.

 We've refreshed our entire line of two-socket PowerEdge servers, including two blade servers (M710, M610), four rack servers (R710, R610, R510, R410) and three tower servers (T710, T610, T410).

We're enabling our 11th generation of PowerEdge two-socket servers to use the most advanced and current processing technology on the planet. Before the month is out, our customers will be able to order up to 16 new processor options for 2-socket PowerEdge 11G servers, replacing the previous Nehalem EP processors.

In addition, Intel continues to push the technology envelope to deliver significant processor performance and feature improvements including:

  • 50 percent more cores (up to 6)
  • 50 percent more cache (up to 12M)
  • For customers concerned about security, Intel's Trusted Execution Technology and AES encryption instructions are a nice complement to the 35 other security technologies that we have built into PowerEdge servers.
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