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Preview of Dell at CES 2016


It’s that time of year again. Just as we all start to recover from holidays, more than 150,000 individuals and more than 3,600 companies from around the world converge on Las Vegas for CES – including Dell.

CES is touted as the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology. But, over the years, consumerization of IT has meant that the impact of the show is felt in business technology, as well. We anticipate several announcements coming this week will showcase how we’ve parlayed the success and design innovations from our XPS line into our own commercial offerings.

Last year, Patrick Moorhead said Dell hit a home run at CES, where we were honored to win more than 50 CES and industry awards. Pardon me if I take a moment to remember them:

This year, nine of our products have already been named 2016 CES Innovation Award Honorees. That’s two more than 2015! So, I’m looking forward to sharing more great news in this new year.

If you’re attending #CES2016, I hope you find time to look us up. Dell will be at the Venetian in the Yardbird Southern Table & Bar’s space Wednesday, January 6 through Friday, January 8. We’ll have free high-speed wi-fi and charging areas to help attendees stay connected. And there will be a compelling, fully immersive and interactive experience.

Our Social Good Advocate, Adrian Grenier, has created a new underwater virtual reality experience, “Cry Out: The Lonely Whale,” which will transport attendees into the depths of the sea to witness underwater life and how pollution has disrupted it.

Other names you might recognize that will be joining us include Josh Brener, the actor known for his roles in “The Internship,” “Silicon Valley” and “Big Bang Theory;” Aerosyn Lex, designer and creative director of the UK-based label Earnest Endeavors; Indrani Pal-Chauduri, the award-winning photographer, director and digital artist known simply as “Indrani;” National Geographic explorer Mike Libickei; and Jon Gottfried, co-founder of Major League Hacking.

If you’re not in Vegas, you can watch it unfold via social media. I will be live tweeting from @Dell, as well as Periscoping highlights each day with Gottfried as our “on-air” representative. (I’m more comfortable behind the camera. We’ll also post on Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

And there will be more updates here on Direct2Dell. You can follow @Direct2Dell on Twitter to catch them all.

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