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"Game On!" for Alienware Steam Machine Pre-Orders


It wasn’t too long ago that this labor of love began; Alienware and Valve started collaboration on an easy, open and simple way to play PC games in any room. The goal: take Alienware design innovation, performance, reliability – and then marry it with one of the most immense game libraries and gamer communities on the planet.

This past June 4th, for a limited time, customers had an exclusive opportunity to pre-order an Alienware Steam Machine from GameStop. Up until now only a select few inside the halls of Alienware and Valve had the chance to experience the Alienware Steam Machine in all its glory – now it’s exciting to finally share that experience with our community of gamers!  Tomorrow, those early access pre-orders will be shipping to customers weeks before the official launch on November 10.

If you didn’t pre-order with GameStop – it’s all good – I’ve got you.  Fortunately, we’ve created another pre-order opportunity to receive your system before November 10 by simply visiting the Alienware Steam Machine page. For this pre-order we’re offering the upgraded Intel Core i5 ($649) and the Intel Core i7 ($749) configurations and supplies are limited so click the link and get’m while you can.

When you purchase your Alienware Steam Machine you get 3 full games: PAYDAY 2 2015 Game of the Year Edition (available for SteamOS in early 2016), Screencheat and Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball. Additionally customers will get some awesome DLC for free to play games Brawlhalla and Warthunder including a branded skin and 200 Mammoth Coins (Brawlhalla) and an M18 Black Cat Tank and XP-38G Lighting plane (War Thunder). We are also including an Alienware exclusive demo of the game Coffin Dodgers. All in all it’s around $200 of added value and a great way to kick off your Steam Machine experience!

Alienware and Valve Software are both coming up on their 20th anniversaries and we’ve been testing boundaries from the start – what better partner to have when pioneering a new space for PC gaming? Together we envisioned a gaming system that combines the ease of a console with the freedom of a PC. With an incredibly small footprint, the Alienware Steam Machine offers the best balance between size, performance and aesthetics to bring the largest online gaming platform to the TV in virtually any room. We think it’s an incredible new and awesome evolution for gamerkind – but you can be the judge of that.

Steam Machine takes full advantage of the innovative gaming ecosystem coming to market from Valve Software; it provides an alternative to the traditional Windows environment with mouse and keyboard by delivering an easy, controller-based onscreen navigation for gaming and other media.  With support for up to four controllers, the Alienware Steam Machine is ideal for local co-op gaming, playing locally, online, or even streaming from your Windows Steam account. Tap into more than 1500 games (and counting) on the big screen TV! With faster boot and resume times with SteamOS, the performance is what you expect from Alienware: robust PC-class horsepower, great game detail, more game options, higher settings and a flawless system design.

Beginning on launch day, the Intel Core i3 configuration ($449) will join the Alienware Steam Machine lineup, plus we’ll offer additional configuration options for gamers looking for even more performance or storage capacity. Our base configuration offers Intel Core processors, a NVIDIA GeForce GPU GTX 2GB GDDR5, 4GB of memory, and a 500 GB HDD (7200RPM). Upgrades include more memory, larger/faster hard drives, faster CPUs including Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, and better wireless options.

We’ve been looking forward to launch day since that first meeting with Valve.  We are thrilled to finally unleash a new way to game on November 10 – and for those who chose to pre-order, a few weeks sooner.


Photo of Dell Alienware Steam Machine

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