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We’re always looking for ways to incorporate customer feedback into our products. Figuring out how to make it easier for customers to provide that feedback tends to be a challenge. In numerous studies like this one, it’s clear that customers continue to use the web to research and recommend products and brands to other people.

One way we’re trying to make it easier for customers to share feedback is through our Product Ratings & Reviews functionality. We’ve launched this feature initially in the Electronics & Accessories areas in both the Home and Small Business pages. We want you to share your experiences with products you’ve ordered from Dell.com. If the printer you ordered gets the job done, let us know. If you were disappointed with your monitor, share that too, and let us know what you didn’t like about it. You can rate both Dell and non-Dell products. As we build up more reviews, our hope is that it will help all our customers make more informed buying decisions based on customer feedback.


When you click Write a Review, you rate the product overall from 1 to 5 and then also rate on a variety of unique category attributes. You are then asked whether or not you would recommend the product to a friend. From there, you can share Pros, Cons and Additional Thoughts in comment fields—all based on your experience with the product. Customers who read your review will also see your level of technical expertise. Finally, if you spot a reviewer who provides particularly helpful details, you can click on their name when browsing reviews to see every review they’ve written.


In the future, we’ll look to expand the Ratings & Reviews functionality to additional areas of the Dell website.

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22 thoughts on “Ratings & Reviews on Dell.com

  1. why dont you help Alienware out since you purchased them? There customer service is probably the worst its been in years, and its getting worse. it took me 5 RMAS to get a properly working DVD drive and faceplate for the drive. Ridiculous.      

  2. I notice your example was a positive review.  Will you edit or censor negative customer reviews?  Amazon.com has some value in its reviews, because they aren’t just trying to show positive reviews to get you to buy stuff.  You read it all, the good, the bad, the ugly.

  3. Mark Graban: Thanks for your comment. The answer is no, we won’t censor negative reviews. As long as they are reviews of the product in question and don’t contain profanity or offensive remarks, they will be published. 

    Case in point, take a look at this link of the 2306C LCD TV. If you click on the Product Details link in any of the three options, you’ll see a couple of negative reviews and a low overall score.

  4. gijs: The ratings are basically one step back from where you are. You can view ratings from the 2407WFP product page (click on the More Details link instead of the Customize It button)  Just under the picture of the monitor you’ll see the Read all Reviews and Write a Review links. You’ll be asked to log in (or to create an account if you don’t have one yet), then you can write a review.

  5. I’m really enjoying the new Dell website, especially the configuration pages. It makes the purchasing experience for my clients much easier than ever before.

    In addition, I found it interesting that whoever took those screenshots is using Firefox and not IE.

  6. Ethan: Glad you like some of the improvements to the configurator—there will be more to come.

    Some of us do like Firefox around here :).

  7.     Does Dell offer to send people products to review and send feedback to dell? If so how do you sign up to do this?

    Thanks, Ryan

  8. I’ve been checking dell.com for months and waiting for Vista to come out so I could buy an XPS 710 w/Vista Home Premium.  Finally, when they became compatible, Dell took away the QX6700.  Shortly, the QX6850  will be coming out.  Will that CPU be available on the XPS 710 (or a newer model) within the next 3 months, or do I need to look elsewhere?  I am getting desperate, trying to keep my old Dell with Windows ME running until I can find a suitable replacement.  I am ready to BUY.  Make a computer for me!  PLEASE RESPOND -this is my 4th email to Dell who just ignores a long time customer trying to buy again.  Thank you.

  9. Sure looks like Dell censors reviews.  I put in a negative review about a month ago regarding cartridges for our Dell printer.  I guess with five other mediocre to poor reviews, they don’t really need any more, but with an average of 3/5 stars, their average would be a bit lower with a few more negative reviews.

  10. I have had no satisfaction with my order from dell, I ordered 2 PCs, and I received 1 damaged one, I have wasted time and money with dell customer ‘service’ over the over priced phone lines and internet, I have neither received the completed order nor a replacement for the damaged item – in short, an absolute shower, so my business will be purchasing all other PCs and laptops from Compaq / HP.

  11. We ordered a computer from Dell on August 30, 2007.  I originally called to order a $699 computer just to surf the internet and my children to play games on. The salesman said that the computer that I wanted would be way too slow to play (simple) games on, that I should upgrade.  I ended up purchasing a $3400 computer at 27.99% interest…big difference from the original plan of $699!  We received the 32′ lcd monitor and printer (which is a fax, scanner, printer and photocopier all in one) on Sept 5th.  The monitor was completely smashed in, so we called Customer Service and had to wait to receive the UPS sticker and then bring it to the UPS store ourselves to return it.  A few days later we received the mouse and keyboard.  When we finally received a new un-damaged monitor we tried to hook it up to the system and found out that we did not have the power cord that attaches from the monitor to the tower.  Again we called Customer Service to have a new cord sent to us.  I thought I made it very clear which cord we needed (as I specified a few times that it was the one from the tower to the monitor).  We were sent the wrong cord again – they sent us the one that went from the tower to the wall! We phoned back and spoke to a Supervisor (Katrina) – she assured us that she was sending us the proper cord this time (and gave us a $100 discount on the computer for all of the hassles).  I received an email the following day stating that the (proper) cord had been sent.  We waited a few days, and did not receive the cord.  We called back only to find out that the cord was actually back-ordered until Sept 28th…we wondered why we were sent a confirmation email telling us it was on the way. We demanded that we be sent one overnight because the whole experience has been incredibly frustrating.  With it being almost a month after we ordered the system, we finally received all of the pieces for it – we have been trying to get the printer working for the last week, only to find that it does not print. We called Customer Service again who put us through to the tech. dept. the guy we spoke to there informed us that the printer we bought (through Dell) was not even compatible with our system! He said that he fixed it all up for us remotely.  We tried to print again, and it still does not work.  I phoned Dell back this morning and she actually told me that I cannot return the printer because it is past their 30 day return policy (we received the printer on Sept 5th)…Are you kidding me?  My other issue is that I was given a $1,000 limit to use before Sept 30th to buy more products.  I called to place an order for two Nintendo DS Systems (each with a game) and I ordered two extra games, two cases and an MP3 player as well.  The man I spoke with (Praveem I believe) spent almost an hour on the phone with me – I gave him all of the Dell numbers (doing his job for him) and then we get disconnected.  I thought since we finished the call, that I should receive the games in a few days – they never came.  I called back to check on the status, only to find out that the order was never even placed!  I ordered all of the same items (through the same sales guy).  He told me everything would be shipped in 2-3 days.  We received one DS sytem with the two games and that is it.  I called again on Oct 9th to find the status of the rest of my order, the Customer Service woman I spoke with said the remaining games and covers would be shipped on Oct 11 and she had no idea when the MP3 player would be shipped.  I would like to know why (in Sept) I was told it would be 2-3 days, and on the 9th I was told on the 11th and an unknown date.  I really do not know how so many incompetent people can work for your company and how you expect customers to put up with all of the nonsense.  I am wondering now what we are supposed to do with a printer that is not compatible with our system?  And on top of everything – Dell took the first payment out on October 9th – I only had the full system for about two weeks before that payment came out!

  12. Denise: Sorry to hear that the OS is causing some problems and that you haven’t received satisfactory support.

    I’ll ask someone from Technical Support to follow up with you.

  13. The first time I’ve bought a Dell computer, and in less than a year my operating system is corrupt.  I’m told Dell can only give support for software issues over the phone.  My one year support is for hardware only.  Not only does the technical support over the phone not know what to do to fix the problem, but I have to ask for them to constantly repeat themselves due to poor grammar or English skills.  So since I can’t understand the telephone support, I guess I have to pay the Geek Squad to repair my system, even though it’s still under warranty.  By the way, my last Gateway computer lasted 7 years without a problem.  You know it’s slimy business when they won’t give you the Dell Corporate Headquarters number.  No support contact information outside of their sales, technical and customer care support.  They’re on their own island, literally.  I will share this information with my company whose corporate discount with Dell led me to this purchase.  Now I know why my company only purchases IBM and HP products for the office!!!  I work for a LARGE Corporation.

  14. Why don’t you make it easier for someone to reach tech support?  All I get is the run around with your company.  Dell is supposed to be customer friendly, well you aren’t.  I am having trouble with my printer and monitor.  How can I fix it if I can’t get a hold of a technician? Dell, bah hum bug.  Will never ever buy another dell product.

  15. Always check your system and receipt from DELL  DO NOT RELY ON THEIR WORD… I received a computer and a printer that was defective and between their slow IT support as well as return policy I now have a computer and printer that don't work and I am being given a refurbished product!  Make sure you do everything within 21 days… or BUYER BE WARE!!!  DO NOT TAKE THIER FINANCING AS THERE IS NOT WAY OUT!!  THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ATROCIOUS!  All in all DELL is a substandard product!



  16. Dell used to offer good service and good quality products. I just ordered a laptop computer from them and have been very dissatisfied with the sales and customer service reps so far. It took a very long time to order the laptop I wanted because the sales person wanted to build it for me instead of letting me tell him what I wanted. It sounded like a party was going on in the background and laughter and talking was so loud he had to tell them twice that he was on the phone with a customer. After completing the order I called back to change the color of the lid and couldn't get through to anyone who was capable of doing that. It is now 6 days later and they still have not called or emailed to confirm that the change was made. The sales manager, Mary Grace Guillen, sent me a confirmation email after the initial order and included her phone number and 5 digit extension number. When I tried to contact her to tell her about the trouble I'm having with getting the color changed, I got an automated message stating that only 7 digit extensions are accepted. A person from Dell called to ask if the salesperson had called and made the change and upon learning he had not, told me he'd have the salesperson call me right back. That was two days ago. After being transferred numerous times to non-functioning numbers and people who say they can't change the lid color on the order, I sent Ms. Guillen an email. That was a day and a half ago and she has not responded.

    I will not order anything else from Dell and recommend that others avoid ordering from the them.

  17. I ordered a Dell XPS M1330 along with Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro in mid May.  I purchased this rather than a comparable Sony VGN-SZ series (my ususal laptop choices) to give Dell a try.

    I like the computer a LOT although a tad heavier than the Sony.  I like that Dell did not bundle crapware with the new comuter (unlike Sony) and kept the speed up as a resulty of not advertising.

    I HATE Dell customer service — needed upgrade for Acrobat 8 to 9 Pro, got connected to a call center in India? then Phillipines, totally incomepetent, unhelpful, burned about an hour of my time then placed on hold for 25 minutes before I hung up.  I will NOT buy a Dell again if I even reomotely anticipate needing customer support!!

    Called Adobe next, spoke to an educated helpful stateside support person, problem was appropriately addressed and resolved in less than 10 minutes – a very pleasurable experience.  I WILL do business with Adobe again.

    Buyer beware if you need Dell — they will not respond.  India, Phillipines operators/automatons maybe but at Dell no one is home (except for taking your order and money).


  18. I am a first-time Dell customer, and I have to say that I will never purchase another Dell, and I haven't even recieved it in the mail yet.

    The customer service is a complete joke.  I can't even understand the person that I am speaking to, and that is when I am not disconnected after being on hold for 1 hour and 23 minutes.  The woman on the phone assured me that my computer would be sent out within 24-48 hours, and here I am 72 hours later without a computer.  I even paid extra for overnight shipping.  So I have been waiting for a total of2 weeks for my computer to arrive.  I am a student, and I don't have another working computer.  That is obviously why I had to order another one.  I had to opt out of a grade for my final paper, because Dell couldn't get their acts together enough to send the computer to me when they had promised.  This is a complete disaster.  The only reason I ordered a Dell, was because I get a discount through my school.


  19. I have purchased two wireless laptops from Dell and have been very pleased with both.  I purchased my first one in 2006 and it still works perfect.  The only problem I have ever had is the Caps lock button came off right after I started using it.  I purchased another wireless last year for my Grandaughter and she is very happy with hers also.  I recommend Dell highly.  They make quality products.

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