Real People are Here and We’re Listening


Yesterday was the first official day of Dell’s one2one weblog and already Jeff Jarvis and Steve Rubel were kind enough to tell us what we’re doing wrong. Thanks for the feedback, guys.  We'll keep working to get it right.

Shel Holtz weighed in a bit more constructively.  Our intention with this blog is to address issues that are important to our customers. Give us some time and we'll prove it.  Robert Scoble told us to listen, and to link to the folks who don't like us. First step was to launch Dell's one2one. Check. We’re excited to be here, and we welcome your ideas.

Four links and counting.

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224 thoughts on “Real People are Here and We’re Listening

  1. Hi guys,

    Welcome to the blogosphere and kudos on responding positively to a bit of snarkiness. Well done thus far. Now let’s hope you’ll allow negative comments from customers (if you get any) and that you’ll respond publicly on this blog!


  2. Hi and welcome, from one corporate blogger to another. I don’t think I included any links out on my first day of school either, so don’t worry. I, for one, don’t take that as necessarily an indicator of future link-stinginess.

    Couple of quick suggestions — how about posting your video bits in a more mac- and share-friendly format like quicktime or an embedded player? On a Mac, having Windows Media Player launch as a separate app is no fun. And WMV clips are harder to pass around and show your friends than some of the alternatives. Just because Scoble does it that way on Channel 9 doesn’t mean you have to as well ;).

    Also — don’t just talk straight, but talk engaging, and entertaining and to your audience. A blog is content as much as it is conversation, and you need to consider what your audience might want to read as much as if not more than what you want to say. If you want to reach regular folks who happen to read blogs, I think the content needs to work hard at engaging a broader swath of people. Let a little more hang out; let your personalities, humanity, and the everyday life over there shine through a little more. Take some snapshots that aren’t necessarily of your products. And feel free to call me on it if I’m not practicing what I preach over at Earthling.

    Or alternatively, if you specifically want to reach people obsessed with the specs of graphics cards, server architecture, and CPU/case design, (I know a few of those) you might want to make it even more focused and specific.

  3. Well, I think both of those guys are providing you strategic blog marketing advice, so I’d say it actually is "constructive."

    But if you were asking me, I’d point out that when I go to your website to buy a server, it’s totally broken. The rollovers for the product categories pop up weirdly formatted text, and clicking them doesn’t work. Platform: Mac OS X 10.4.7 with Safari. Check out this thing called – it will let you test your site in all the combos you don’t own. Then you won’t be shutting new customers out just because they don’t browse with something you already sell.

  4. Another suggestion… put your full posts in your feeds.  

    Your blog isn’t setup to make money off of page views, you just want people’s attention, so make it easy for us to read it…  I’d like to see the whole thing in my feedreader instead of having to click through to your site to "read more".

  5. I’ve had 2 dell laptops and a Dell desktop. I built my own desktop PCs for the past 2 desktops and now I want to go back to a Dell desktop.

    It is about time to replace my Dell 600m laptop.

    What do I want?

    A Dell Tablet PC with the same quality of design, support, and build as a Macbook Pro along with the backlit keyboard, built-in webcam, and bluetooth support.


  6. This corporate blog is a great idea but I think you are going slightly in the wrong direction.  Instead of using this blog as an avenue to advertise your latest products, why not talk about Dell as a company, what it’s like to work at Dell, why people choose to work at Dell as opposed to competitors.. etcetera – stuff that people don’t find out from the reviews at Tom’s Hardware or in a Dell direct store.

    You also might want to reconsider the use of a creative commons license.   That is to be considered bad marketing practice for the corporate blog of a huge company.

    BTW, there is a footer padding problem in Opera 9.  

  7. "We’ll keeping to working to get it right."

    Excellent. I’ll keeping to reading your blog until you do.

  8. is Dell thinking about making an UMPC device? Dell in the PPC world means cheap Pocket PC with good quality. An UMPC made by Dell with the lowest price in the market would be very welcome.

  9. glad you’re having fun on this pr campaign. i’ve never used a Dell, and most likely never will give up my macs… 🙂

    but since both this blog and the following link are so high on, i guess it’s a good opportunity to bring up the topic:

    is this true?

    what’s Dell’s take on this?


  10. Glad you’re here. But Scoble is right: The first step is to listen to the conversation about Dell that is already going on in blogs. You want constructive advice? Let me repeat…

    This is what I advised on my blog more than one year ago, on July 1, 2005: I said Dell needed to learn "…about how their customers now have a voice; about how their customers are a community — a community often in revolt; about how they could find out what their customers really think; about how they could fix their customers’ problems before they become revolts; about how they could become a better company with the help of their customers. If they’d only listen."

    Your blog policy at the time, the Houston Chronicle’s Dwight Silverman found out from your spokesman, was "look, don’t touch." But now you’re touching. Well, that’s good. But giving us a blog that just tries to sell us the wonders of Dell is not entering into the conversation.

    Someone there should have the guts to deal head-on with the now-renowned customer service problem your company has. Be brave. Be direct. Be transparent. Blog about your hold time. About your customer service satisfaction ratings. About your return rate. About your reliability. Go out and quote the blogs that are writing about you every day and then answer their problems, concerns, and questions. Best yet: Ask your customers what we think you should be doing. That would get you respect. That would be a real conversation.

    If you want more advice about what a Dell blog could be and could accomplish, I know I’m one of many who’d be happy to oblige.

  11. Good for you!  I’m no fan of Dell (sorry, folks) – but this is a positive step.

    And, yes, we should all remember there are real people on both sides of any transaction (or blog).

  12. I applaud your using a Creative Commons license. I think it’s appropriate that the site overall would not permit derivative use, but it would be interesting for you to provide some content that was explicitly intended to be hacked up, mashed up, and repackaged. Dell has few opportunities for passionate users – take advantage when you can!

  13. Welcome to the Blogosphere. Please excuse those that think they’re entitled to tell the rest of us how to blog. Most of us are just excited to see you joining the conversation. The best of luck!

  14. I think it’s so cool to see you using social software. I would love to hear about how the talks are inside Dell about the new competition from Apple, after their switch to Intel, which allows Windows to run natively on their computers.

  15. Looking at the posters, is the One2One.Dell.Com BLOG really (Multiple)2One BLOGs? Blogs that keep me engaged and that I stay subscribed to have a personality because one person is writing all the entries usually, have an open and honest exchange and can be trusted. The reason Scoble has such a huge following is for all of those reasons stated above. The other "issue" with this blog is that it is a corporate URL and prone to PR restrictions. Can you link to Dell employees who Blog or Dell groups that have group blogs? Don’t get me wrong, this is a good start. I just want to know the ground rules before I subscribe.

  16. "Your comment or rating has been received. However, due to caching and moderation, it may not be displayed right away."


    Oh yea, to really have a One2One discussion, I’d turn off comment moderation. It doesn’t look open and honest. If you have good comment spam filtering there shouldn’t be any issues.

  17. My main computer is a Dell and even though I experienced no major problems with it, I have to say that when I had to deal with customer/ tech support, I got mostly rote answers.

    Other things that could be improved is such simple things as an e-mail letting the client know that their customer has been shipped and give then a tracking number or code.




  18. Good start. But linking to people people who are critical of your blog shows that it’s not being run by your PR department and that they are not controlling your content. That seems to be half the battle for a corporate blog. Subscribed.

  19. The one request that I would like to make is LESS software preinstalled on the home computer. I have frequently ordered as a business user so that there wouldnt be any preinstalled software.

  20. Nice, the marketing drones have already decided this would be another great channel to sell more stuff…

    I was hoping this would be an interesting blog, asking for customer feedback, and was hoping to say why I am now an ex Dell customer, due to the junk software overload that is supplied with their systems, badged as "added value", but in reality "more money from product tie-ins for Dell".

  21. I think this blog is a representative of the behavior of the company. Not listening. Signing multiple software and hardware licencing contracts with corporations for their benifit at the expense of the customer. Why did I have to uninstall 20 (mostly trial) applications that were completely useless on my sister’s brand new Dell computer. Nobody wants that stuff, we’ve been saying it. Some are saying it louder by buying Macs.

    This is a good start, but how you use this tool will be the true test.

  22. Congrats! I commend Dell for doing this. It’s a great method to put a face(s) to a large, not always loved corporate name. It is also a perfect method to obtain feedback that would otherwise never be gathered in traditional surveys. It also is a great way to evangelize the company and expose the world to parts of Dell that would never otherwise be seen.

    Finally, it’s a great tool for employee motivation. Many people would love to tell the world about their job and how it provides meaning to Dell and the Dell customer base. What better way to channel a person’s pride in what they do?

    Just keep doing what you are doing. Make mistakes and learn from them. You will only get better at it. However, don’t do this half-heartedly. Get in and stay the course.

    blog on!

  23. I was cruising around the internet just now and I came across this new Dell blog. I currently use an Inspiron 9200 (at least until September, when my boss has decided that we will all switch over to macbooks and minis) and have used Dell in some form or another in business for the past 5 years so I know a bit about your products. As a customer, the thing that instantly turned me off was the first line of your second paragraph. After I read it I went over to Jarvis’s and Rubel’s blog to see what kind of rants they were spewing that could be so unconstructive. I hate it when people nitpick and complain just for the sake of complaining. Every person who has ever had to deal with a mega-corporation has moments of blinding frustration (for the record Lionel, your companies tech support is abysmal but I digress). Yet when I read their posts, I did not see ranting. Instead, I read frustration. The point Jarvis was trying to make is that Dell as a company does not listen to their customers. What is not constructive about that? It is obvious from the rest of your post that others have told you to listen as well, but what makes their posts more constructive? The first thought I had after reading everyone’s post was that Jarvis and the others are probably correct in their feelings and Dell probably won’t care because they do not consider them "constructive" in the delivery of their message. I know it is your first week as a blog and I am sure that you are going to grow, and mature and get exponentially better as time wears on. Heck, just go back and look at the first season of Friends or Seinfeld and you will wonder how that ever survived. Just remember, you can’t learn anything about yourself or the others around you while your lips are moving. Best of luck, Geoffrey

  24. Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager  

    If you mean for this blog to have value, why don’t you tell us where you are in the Dell food CXhain and what will happen to matters discussed here. Digital media manager is a title with little substance. Someone working in say Barnes and Noble who has that title could be in charge of a section of one store in a chain.

    Dell already must have recordings of extended exchanges with enraged customers. So far your answers have sounded like a Rogerian shrink.. gee thats interesting tell me more..

    So maybe tell us how what we say here has any more weight then what we have already been cut off by your support teams because many of your policies are so enraging.

    We will keep working to get it right you say. Who is the we and are you willing to spend money to get it right.

    I am sure that Dell has sophisticated models of Cost/ Benefit analysis. That is how much you will spend to keep a customer – or better put how many customers are you willing to lose to save X dollars.

    Without some change in that model this website is just a cheap PR stunt.

  25. I, for one, would prefer getting the $200 Dell rebate due me (18 months and counting) rather than read a self-congratulatory blog. Pay attention to the execution details and the marketing takes care of itself.

  26. Apparently I’ve arrived too late to see the "fiasco" everyone’s talking about.    Anyway, since you’ve offered to listen, I’ll take you up.  Any possibility of PCs with AMD processors in the future?  I know AMD is in a bit of a weak point at the moment with Intel releasing Core 2 soon, but I’ve been unable to seriously recommend Dell desktops for the past couple of years since the Athlon 64 had such a huge price/performance advantage over the Pentium 4.

  27. What you’ve done is brilliant.  You’ve created a place for people to vent about Dell-Hell stories, but I doubt that you’ll ever deal with them.  By corporatizing your blog, you’ve effectively polluted the blogosphere as well.  

    Good luck, and may God have mercy on your souls.

  28. I can’t play any of the videos because I am on a Mac.  The new industry standard for online videos is Flash video.  Can I suggest that you switch to Flash video?  You could even put your videos on YouTube or Google Video and embed them back in your blog.  The next best cross-platform option is Quicktime.

  29. This could be a great blog for letting customers know about the benefits of Dells direct model.  As we move forwards quarter on quarter and realize the incremental fiscal conservation from Dells improved processes I will find myself taking a helicopter view of this blog to be informatized to what the latest happenings are.

  30. Y’know, I may be in the minority in the blogosphere on this, but I don’t think you have to blog directly about the criticism you’re hearing in the blogosphere any more than I (or any other blogger) have to blog about my own shortcomings and failures.

    If you choose to do so, however, you at least have the ability to show that you have heard the users’ frustrations and that you are taking steps to address the problem (if you indeed are) and/or explain why the problem happened in the first place.

    While you should read and learn from user feedback, like any blogger it’s up to you to choose what to write about. Of course, the jucier the topics the more likely the rest of us are to read it.

    Personally, I’m happy to see you blogging, and I like the tone of voice you’re using. I haven’t watched the vlogs, but I think it’s great that you’re trying out multimedia on your site. Keep it up, and don’t let the criticism get you down.

  31. You guys want to blog? Great. Catch up with the other bloggers. You can start by telling us what the latest is on the Dell laptop that caught fire at the conference in Osaka, Japan. Now when I pull out my Inspiron, people get nervous. I just tell them that I think that one was probably a Latitude that went supernova, the Inspirons haven’t done that yet.

  32. – This is blog is Dell’s HUGE opportunity to complete the consumer experience and service package they have been known for…everything starts out rough, but I have hopes for this blog.

    – For the videos, I love, but hate the fact I cant fast forward, or rewind. Please give me this ability.

    – One2One, why did I have to hear about it through the news, why not a link from the Dell front page?

    – If hidden for a reason, I think there is a golden opportunity for DELL to get allllll the consumer issues in one site, HERE. Otherwise, I’ll be scanning cnet, and various other forums as usual to find solutions.

    – best of luck.!

  33. Welcome to the blogosphere. We have added you to our feeds and the storage Wiki, to ensure you are part of the storage conversation. Great introduction and reception.  

  34. Awwwww folk are just worked up and upset cuz one of your laptops went up in flames. How many Mars landers has NASA lost? *shrug*

    I notice 11 comments. To put that in perspective: after seeing that Bono’s question in YahooAnswers had received something like 23.8K replies (yes, over 20,000 … that was after 1 day, when I dropped in with a line or two … I imagine it’s well over that now.) I dropped in to the site he had linked to. Guess how many comments there were in the post about making poverty disappear? ZuluEchoRomeoOscar zero 0 naught nada. So, it’s an odd time.



    p.s. any chance of salvaging the HD on my Latitude XPiCD? Hurricane Juan punched me right in the chin. (Only 1/2 kidding; I had a CD’s worth of music almost finished.)

    p.s.2 a "Preview" function for comments would be nice … fundamentals, yaa?

  35. Given that you are allegedly listening, would you mind explaining to me why it is that despite years of the best support money can buy from Intel, you guys still can’t get an ACPI BIOS right?

  36. I wonder what is so big in a company that doesn’t create a screw, but takes advantage from the poor guys who don’t know how to put together a mobo, a CPU and a handful of RAM. And, boy, the world is full of them, so stick to them and give us a break. Is it true that you sell the AC adapter for the laptops as an optional part, just to make the starting price for custom configs *apparently* (let’s avoid “misleadingly”) cheaper?

  37. I dont understand why Dell has a blog. So far everything that has been posted is an ad or defending why its blog is so great. Our company has Dell machines (at least 75 + servers) servers are fine. Desktops are trash. They are complete throw away machines. Dell here is your chance to listen and to respond.

    ray at

  38. The following link above is my review of my newest Dell PC.

    Where are the trackbacks? This isn’t really a blog without trackback functionality.

  39. I may be wrong, but I don’t imagine that "citizen journalist" Rubel is a rank-and-file Dell customer, given the client relationships of the PR firm he works for. Same for most participants in this thread.

    I really hope the heavy presence of the buzz marketing community in this thread is not an augury of things to come.

    MY constructive advice to you is not to waste time you could spend listening to customers on listening to Jeff Jarvis telling you how to listen to your customers.

    Come to think of it, I AM a Joe Schmo Dell customer, by the way, though I don’t even think about it much. Me and the wife have a reconditioned desktop running Ubuntu, a high-end laptop running Ubuntu, and a more down-market Windows laptop for the Mrs.

    There seems to be a fairly active online cult of Ubuntu users for the high-end laptops, which helped steel my nerve to try a dual-boot before going for the full Penguin — a process which had its vexations, but not for hardware-related reasons.

    I actually have very little else to say about the customer experience, though. The price seemed right — though we didn’t submit Dell to a really ruthless competitive pricing analysis. We ordered them online, they arrived by parcel service, we cranked ’em up, they work.

    I think I’ve used the self-support system for info on drivers and things like that — found it without too much trouble, thanks — but I don’t think I’ve ever interacted with your help desk humans, so I can’t really contribute to the conversation on that score either.

    Believe me, if I ever do have reason to complain, I’ll be sure and let you have a piece of my mind. Until then, I’d much rather be using the things for other purposes than blogging about their branding!

  40. Thanks Dave for sharing your Earthling experience.  Good stuff.  Please stay tuned for MP4 video format that is Quicktime friendly.

    Tim and others who have asked, we now have full-text feeds.  

    Serge, we do provide confirmation e-mails on orders through

  41. There was a time not long ago, when if a $60B company that happened to be the (or one of the) largest PC manufacturers in the world started blogging, Jeff Jarvis, Steve Rubel, and Robert Scoble would have had to excuse themselves to go get fresh linens. But when Dell started blogging yesterday, our boys wasted no time in throwing tomatoes and heaping on the criticism. (rest of post at )

  42. Dude,

    I put Debian GNU/Linux on my Dell. Its way more dudely now. With windows it was 6-14 reboots per day and now I’ve got uptime of 202 days.

    You dudes should sell them with Linux pre-installed. Dudes like me would be much happier with the stability of Linux and KDE and none of the insecurity of Windows.

    Then way more dudes would say, "Dude, I’m getting a Dell!"

  43. Great response!  I am looking forward to what you have to say here.  I too just made an agonizing decision between a Dell and an HP Pavilion laptop to replace my desktop.  I went for the HP, but my husband just went for the Dell.  We will be able to compare over the next year or so.  Convince me I should come back to Dell.

  44. Instead of using this blog as an avenue to advertise your latest products, why not talk about Dell as a company, what it’s like to work at Dell, why people choose to work at Dell as opposed to competitors.. etcetera – stuff that people don’t find out from the reviews at Tom’s Hardware or in a Dell direct store.


    Ditto.  People buy Apple as much for the cutlure as they do the product.  Apple builds its culture into its products, that’s how they get away with it.  If Dell’s product symbolizes its culture…ick.  

    Make a blog about the culture of Dell, that would be interesting, even to this guy, who will swear of computing entirely before he buys a Dell.

  45. Its good to read you are listening.  The blogosphere seems quick to condem corporate blogs especially when they (the blogosphere) want these corporate blogs to come out in the first few posts and air all its dirty laundry.  On the flip, corporate blogs can’t be effective if they aren’t honest.   So, welcome to the conversation.

  46. Lionel,

    As I stated in a comment on one of the other posts on this blog, let me first thank you and the other members of the Dell engineering team for chosing a blog as an avenue of communications with your customers, suppliers, peers, and others.  I think we all have a pretty good idea of how effective a tool a blog can be…so lets put these feedback loops to work.

    Specifically, I posted a comment to Ken Musgrave’s post on the XPS 700 (You can’t get this off the shelf…) It hasn’t been approved yet, so I’m copying it below so you can see as well.   I hope that you are serious about listening to customer opinions and making a concerted effort to respond in kind.  

    As a Dell customer of 8 or 9 years now, I’ve consistently recommended Dell to both family members and friends and have probably been responsible for a dozen or so purchases.  I was also pleased to see Dell computers in use when I started my job with my current employer (to remain unnamed, but my guess is that there are probably somewhere around 12,000 -15,000 Optiplex and Latitude computers in use around here).

    What isparticularly disheartening is the inconsistent and nebulous responses that would be XPS 700 customers have been getting recently. If you are really serious about inviting customer feedback and questions on this blog, then I encourage you and the other contributors here to open a discussion on this topic.  

    —-comment to Ken Musgrave’s post

    I realize that this may not be the proper forum to vent frustration about the current XPS 700 delay, I’d invite you to post your thoughts on what’s going on with the XPS 700 right now and offer your customers some insight as to why everything seems to be up in the air with the XPS 700.   If you take a look at the Dell Community forums right now, specifically the XPS 700 – General Hardware forum, you’ll see a thread about 280 posts long speculating on the causes behind the delay (everything from an aluminum shortage, to Nvidia shortages, to speculation on compatibility with the upcoming ‘Conroe’  processor…and on the list goes)

    I do hope that you’re aware of all of the commentary and not-so-idle speculation going on in the forum, if not, its disheartening to see that such a loud and (admittedly garbled) message isn’t making its way to you.

    I’m patiently awaiting my own XPS 700 and, like others am curious to know about Conroe compatibility (or whether or not i’ll be able to change my order once you make an official announcemnet…)  I respect Dell’s priveledge to determine its own marketing and sales strategies, but as a Dell customer of 8 or 9 years now, I must admit I’m growing a little weary of the nebulous and inconsistent responses regarding the delay.  As a point of fact, there are 6 different ways for a customer to receive an expected shipping date, and for some customers, all six give different dates…this is worrisome, to say the least. (1. one date in the Confirmation email; 2,3. two different dates on the online tracking site, 4. one date from sales reps, 5 one date from the customer service rep; and 6. a different date from the community forum moderator). "

  47. As Apple gets bigger (and maybe a just a little full of themselves) and hardware differences recede between the mac and pc, I’m keeping my eye on you guys.

    If you prove yourselves to be truly listening, you just might one-up Cupertino. When the time comes, I’ll be ready to make the switch to a better, more customer-centric company.

  48. There we go. It is always nice to know that not only you are paying attention to what people are saying about you, but that you are also willing to honestly and openly respond to your critics. Just be sure that you know how to switch from writing the average communication content, and blog content.

    If you write a blog like you write a brochure, people will treat it like a brochure and throw it away.

    You may be a mega corporation, but humility is always key. I look forward to seeing how the blog evolves in the future.

    Jameson Bull

  49. I know some folks have come down hard on you guys already but I’m going to take a wait and see attitude on things. I’ll echo what others have said, though, and suggest that you engage your critics early and often. They’re going to be the ones that will really show you where the company needs improvement.

    Don’t let the PR department put a stranglehold on the content. If your employees are free to be themselves then you’ll be able to connect with your customers in a much more constructive fashion.

    Finally, publish a full text feed. Your readers (customers!) want it so give it to them.

    Good luck!

  50. To: Dell Inc.

    We the owners of various Dell Axims (X50, X50v, X51, X51v) feel that the upgrade to WM5 is not well supported. We enjoy this product but we can no long sit by and let our words go unheard. We collectively agree that the update to Windows Mobile 5 is not properly working on our systems and we would like quick and detailed action in response to this problem. We are well aware that this is a problem on a multitude of handhelds because your company has even released a rollback program. Some of us paid for this upgrade, while others obtained it free with the purchase of the unit. Your product has been well received by the media for its style, form factor and ample product abilities. We feel that unless this is handled in a prompt manner we will take higher action to not only report this to the media outlets, but also going as far as legal action. We don’t feel our demands are unjust but we do feel your treatment of loyal and trusted customers is very unjust. This petition has been circulated throughout various Pocket PC forums and members and it is sure to catch the eye of a media outlet. We ask that you fix this problem before your customer service level goes south.

    It’s now 3238 Total Signatures….. and counting!!!!

    DELL, Please respond!

  51. I am new to this whole uproar. I have a Dell at work and Gateway at home. I am neither for or against Dell. But I’ve been reading the pro and con posts and am getting an idea of the issue. I can’t personally do anything about the wait time or idiocity of certain reps. What I CAN do is personalize the service for myself. I’ve done this repeatedly at Dell and others with tremendous success. Troy Brown, a rep at Dell was really good with me because I was really good with him. So why do I remember a name of a rep who was actually good? Think. BTW, Dell/others don’t realize that there is no such thing as a "customer".

  52. What’s my advice to Lionel and Dell?  As stated in a July 11, 2006 post at my blog, The Blogging Journalist, Dell has to be open, honest, engage commenters without being defensive and even respond occasionally to posts on other blogs. And don’t do it anonymously.

    Above all,  listen to those who’ve bought your computers and those who may be inclined to buy them. Listen even if they never buy a Dell.

    Secondly, depending on the vibes I get from the blog, I may be convinced to buy my first Dell machine. For years, I’ve resisted it. On several occasions, just before I bought a new computer–I’ve bought eight in the last 15 years–, I asked people what they thought of Dell. Generally, I got positive answers.

    Yet, I couldn’t hit the send button after filling out an order form on at least two occasions. There was always the feeling that all Dell cared about was selling computers and customer service contracts. I couldn’t feel the human element the way I could with Compaq, Hewlett Packard and Toshiba.

    Finally, maybe someone will emerge at Dell who can do for the company what former Microsoft Technical Evangelist Robert Scoble did for Microsoft. That is bring out some of the humanity in the company. I’m sure it is there.

  53. I have a few questions. I want actual answers not Dell propaganda.

    I have had an extremely bad time with earlier Dell computers. I have even had problems with most laptops that have been bought recently. (but they were cheap).

    Have Dell computers improved in their stability? or do I have to buy the more expensive XPS line?

  54. I have several Dell computers at home and at my work we use Dell, I’ve never had any trouble with my XPS machines at home, and at work if we have a prt go bad, we have a brand new part the next day to replace it with, how can you top that. Good luck Dell, from the looks of some of the comments, you will need it.

  55. Goog luck with the blog. It’s great to see you respond already to the feedback here and I’m looking forward to reading in future. Looking  forward to any of those nice 2407 FPWs you may want to raffle on this blog too :O).

  56. Christopher:

    Regarding the XPS 700 shipping delay—wanted to first apologize for any frustration this has caused.

    At this point, I don’t have any newer information than what’s been posted on the Dell Community Forum.  Stay tuned.  I’ll provide more substantial details as soon as I can get them.  

    Thanks again for your patience.

  57. I have to say that the deals i receive through the post for dell equipment are amazing – i have no idea how high street chains dare sell equipment that i know i can get from dell for £££ less.

    The once critiscism i have is the indian call centres… having attempted to place an order for around 30 minutes, having to spell every sillable, havign to ask the operator to keep repeating themselves… it was a complete nightmare. How about either training the staff to speak english and understand dialects better, or just move the callcentres back into native countries.

  58. Congratulations on starting the new blog.  I’m very happy to see you guys opening up a little to your many customers.

    As someone who has spent well over a hundred hours dealing with your customer service, I know the frustration many of your customers feel.  I worry that this blog will fail in its mission due to the many people wanting to vent, and seeing this as their best place to do so.  My advice:  Start a seperate customer service blog.  Give people a place to vent, and they will, and they will also hopefully stop venting as they see that you just want to help.

  59. Oh please! this Blog is pathetic, it’s a sad sad sad attempt to show customers you care? you listen? I’d like to see this comment gets approved and posted.

    Why are comments moderated? afraid to hear the truth about how much people hate Dell? it’s easy to filter out post that contains vulgarities for the sake of underaged readers and if you have qualified e-commerce people on the team they would know that and have implemented the filter here.

    Your entire e-Commerce team is a mess, you hire people who are totally NOT qualified to do the job, especially in Dell Asia.

    A corporate blog was ‘the thing’ to do like… umm.. 2 years ago! if you had qualified, and I mean qualified e-Business (Online) people you’d know this 2 years ago!

  60. Great to see Dell interacting with potential customers out here! On my second Dell (6400) after several years and no major problems yet. Almost jumped ship to Apple but they seem to be having major heat problems with the Intel Laptops (great case design from cosmetic point of view but poor cooling engineering which will lead to early life component failures, random shutdowns etc..). My only problem with Dell is the amount of third party software loaded onto a new PC, when I order a PC I want a great out of box experience plug in and away not spend hours getting rid of stuff I do not want. Please give at least an option when ordering to get a clean OS! Good luck with the site.

  61. Congrats on joining the Blogosphere.   Here is a trackback from my blog today:

    Corporate Bloggers – Evil or The Next Generation Loyalty Tool?

    Filed under: Business — darrenkelly @ 3:36 am Edit This

    So Dell launched a blog today, joining the ranks of Earthlink and other leading-edge companies who have decided to interact with their customers in a new way.  After a few harsh words from a couple of bloggers, it seems the vast majority of the blogging community is willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and see how they do.   The bigger question is whether “corporate blogs” are merely another marketing channel for companies, or is there something more here?  I’d argue there is MUCH more here.   In fact, this is a glimpse of the future of customer loyalty management.

    Marketing 101:  1975 – 2005

    I recently sat in a lecture at Harvard Business School by one of the “old school” marketing strategy pundits of the last 30 years – Ben Shapiro.  Shapiro dutifully put up slides showing how companies should understand their customer base by slicing & dicing data about how much profit potential each group of customers represents today, and their growth prospects in the future.   As usual, he is the king of the one-liner –  ”The problem with older customers is that they tend to die more often.”   The presentation reminded me of Bain’s Fred “Customer Loyalty” Reicheld approach – use lots of data to make decisions about which customers are the good ones.    This has been a powerful way for a generation of marketing strategy MBA’s to analyze what makes their customer’s tick.  However, it is an approach that was built in the pre-wired world.    Even the emergence of the Internet only prompted companies to create smaller segments of customers (direct marketing to a “segment of one”) and improve customer service.

    Marketing 101: 2006 – ???

    The blogosphere changes everything.  Now, as Dell has already proven 24 hours into its launch, companies can create A DIALOG with customers.   Not feedback from surveys.  Not customized marketing campaigns.  Not automated email responses or “press #2 to reach a Spanish-speaking salesperson”.  We are talking about creating respectful relationships – heck even friendships – between employees and customer “mavens”.    Already you can see bloggers willing to provide frank and helpful feedback to Dell’s IR & PR people about site design, product improvements, and they’ve cleared up a hoax about Dell’s keyboard loggers.    These types of feedback are a marketers dream, because not only does the company get good, honest feedback, the feedback is coming from influential customers who themselves are connected to thousands of other customers and potential customers.   The impact of one friendly interaction between Dell and a blogger is amplied exponentially, in near real time, and without advertising expense.  

    Just when you thought productivity couldn’t improve any more (after email, the web & Blackberries have driven dramatic gains for the past 10 years), here is a development that will allow companies to quickly react to customer concerns and diseminate their responses instantly to vast interconnected groups of their customers and prospects.   Marketeers rejoice – a world of real-time feedback is here and you no longer have to make product decisions in a vacuum.  

    Poor Ben Shapiro.

  62. I really like the idea of hearing directly from Dell, and look forward to keeping up with this blog.

  63. Remote access? Remote control? Where have you been? This has been available for a good number of years, and you’re just bringing it out now? And ah yes, have you hired any AMERICAN people lately? I doubt it.

  64. You listen ? Dell listen ? good heavens,  shame I will never a a client of yours, darlings go dump the microsoft tax and crud windows spyware and we might consider buying dell in a couple of years.

    Until then i hope your billing dell marketing for your time your spend here.

  65. I recently had occasion to deal with your Customer Support personnel.  Although I have a hearing deficiency, I would have still had a very difficult time understanding the person with what soounded like an east indian accent even if I could hear perfectly.  

    He was most patient with me and worked with me until a resolution of my situation was achieved.  Outsourcing has always bothered me (although I understand the economics of it) because I feel that every job given outside the U.S. is taking one more job away from one of our own citizens.

    Hopefully, this blog will be a direct link to the manufacturer of our computers.  

  66. Welcome Dell.  Congrats on the entry — Have you seen Robert Scoble’s post, he suggested that new corporate blogs get 2 weeks fair play to get up and running –I second that.

    Also, my CTO at Hitachi Data Systems has welcomed you to the Blogosphere –We’ve even created a Wiki for the Data Storage Industry and we’ve a page devoted to bloggers and added your blog to the growing list

    Good luck, and welcome

  67. I just wanted to make a comment that I am very disappointed in DELL. At this point I have made up my mind that I will look somewhere else when purchasing my next computer. Let me tell you why.. Everytime I call customer service I get people from another country that I can’t even understand. I try to be patient with them but when I ask for someone who might be able to speak English I start to get attitude. I hate having to sit there and try to figure out what they saying. a 20 minute call turns into a 1.5 hr call. The first time I called I got someone in the United States and that call was quick and easy. Maybe Dell should invest more in keeping jobs in this country than making new commericials. Commericials that were made Prague and not in the United States.

  68. To all those who will be posting to this blog: read a few blogs from companies that are engaged with their customers. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Dont worry about sounding stupid. Don’t worry about showing your warts. If you want people to get involved in the conversation start talking to them like the people you meet in the grocery store not like you met them at a trade show.

    In the first couple of posts, there was little more than a robotic chant about product. The best corporate blogs will open themselves up and ask the hard questions — even if it means being shot at repeatedly.

    I don’t think that Mr. Dell needs to be blogging. It is much better for the people lower in the ranks to be posting — to be learning about what people think of Dell, what people really want from Dell. In addition, I would suggest that Dell open up different blog channels for different divisions/departments and allow people a direct interaction with the people who are developing, supporting, marketing and managing.

  69. Hahahahahahahaahaaaaaaa !

    what is this joke ? first you have to learn how to make

    a simple natural and gadget free design computer… you’re actual designs s**ks.

    i preffer simple, clear and gadget free designs.

  70. I think the thing that needs to be most addresses by you folks at Dell is your installation of spyware like software on your machines.  My Way Search and others result in your machines running slower than the machine you are upgrading from.  It is an extremely bad practice and results in the customer spending more money to have it cleaned off and to remove the 20+ startup programs from the computer.  Please comment on this as I think many would appreciate some honest dialogue regarding this.


    Lee Dickey

    North Carolina

  71. How about commenting on the fact that anyone in IT absolutely hates having to call Dell support.  Because you know someone will answer that doesn’t speak english natively and doesn’t know the product.  And then when you tell them that something like a hotplug drive has failed, they’ll start on a hour long time wasting scripted session before just sending you a new drive.

  72. Welcome to blogoland! Great step toward conversing with your customers and fans of your product.

    Hang in there. It’ll be OK you’ll see.

    Now to business. Why does my Dell keep hanging?

  73. Lionel,

    Thanks for your response; I was beginning to get worried about comments not appearing and all…but I’m happy to see your acknowledgement of my (and a few others’) comments.

    I suppose that in a way all of the attention that this issue has been getting means that consumers really want this computer…I know I do. In some sense, Dell should take that as a complement.   But, that said, I think that  all of the feedback that the forum and this blog have generated presents an useful tool for Dell to set things right on the right track.  

    The main contributors to the forum thread all seem to be level headed customers not out to lambaste Dell, rather just informed buyers who’s qaulified criticisms merit some attention from Dell.  

    I’m personally really looking forward to getting my XPS 700 – I would hope that the Core 2 Duo issue is resolved in a manner that makes sense…(let me pay a little extra to upgrade or make sure that I’ll be able to upgrade in the future…) and I’d like it to come in a reasonable amount of time.  

    Thanks again for your attention to this issue; it clearly means a lot to your customers.

  74. I am so proud of Dell…

    I so believe in doing the right things for the right reasons… it is core to who we are… as people.

    people want you to care… to be more than a xyz billion $ company…

    it’s all about knowing me… and really caring… and be able to look at the holes in the fabric of ourselves…

    you kicked it up a notch…

    so rock on!

    all the best –  hat

  75. I am a long time customer of Dell and have been most satisfied with the reliability of the Dell PCs I bought over the past 12 years. However, I have never been happy or satisfied with the tech support. I simply stopped asking for it because it was too depressing and frustrating to not get an answer to my problems.

    Suggestion: Please indicate very clearly just what one would get in the specified PCs for the specified prices that Dell advertises in its emails to me. I become confused as to just what amount of storage or ram,et al are offered for the price. Once I know that info,I can customize more accurately.

  76. Dell treats employees poorly and that is one of the major reasons Dell’s service is so poor.  My spouse is on assignment for Dell and Dell has been unbelievably cheap.  They have a "tax equalization" program, but my spouse is taxed in the assigned country as well as the original country.  Dell has yet to reimburse the overtaxation from 2005 and it is now July 11th.  This is theivery and of course it hurts morale at Dell.  Dell needs to wake up and stop treating employees so poorly if it wants to provide a better customer experience.

    Angry employees = bad service

  77. My immediate comment is "WOW"! It’s great to see Dell tackle this blog thing.

    Many smart people have already offered great suggestions so I’ll limit mine to this:  Don’t let this blog be the only child. There are so many topics that a person can engage on with Dell and that variety will quickly turn a  single blog into an unfocused potpourri.

    Anyway, you have already made the  most  important and most difficult  step. Should be an easy ride from here on.

    Congratulations, and welcome to the blogsphere.


  78. I have had nothing  but grat service from Dell.  When a little strap that holds the cords to my brick broke, I called in and was told that I needed to order the entire brick there were no replacement straps.  I asked to speak to the supervisor and one day later for FREE two of the small straps arrived FEDEX.  Where else do you get that kind of service.  Two days ago my hard drive started to show signs of wear.  I called in and got a great lady Armida (011 270 20) she immediately helped me run a diagnostic and then shippped a drive overnight.  It arrived DOA and one call got me another one the next day.  That is service.  There will always be problems and failures of mechanical parts.  What matters in life is what DELL does about it.  For me they are the best.  We bought an additional laptop today just to say thanks.  DELL cares and the tens of thousands of people that are DELL work hard to help us.  NO WHERE else do you get that, NO WHERE.

  79. I have purchased a number of Dell products over the past 10 years and have noticed a pretty significant decline in the customer service over the past several years. I purchased some equipment (a digital camera) that wasn’t in stock when they promised it. It dragged on and on, they promising it would be available this week, a few days, etc.  (I really felt it was a bait and switch deal). I got a pretty cheesy throw in/make good product (camera case) because I had to wait so long, and then a coupon for my next Dell purchase (which was in a fairly short time frame and has since expired). I sent an e-mail to Dell’s CS complaining about the delay, but didn’t receive anything back.

    Since then I have held off buying any other Dell products. If I get the sense that your company really is trying to improve its service I may reconsider, although I am pretty sour on the company right now.

  80. Cool, so Dell is delving into (pun intended) the blogosphere for some much needed feedback. Will Michael Dell ever put finger to e-paper and give us some insightful background to the history and vision of Dell?

    Speaking of technology, what are Dell’s plans for a Windows Mobile 5 device akin to the iPaq hw6915 with GPS? Rumour has it you are planning upgrades to the X30 and X50

    A bit slow off the mark..?

  81. I am a old Dell user an I got I a little bit disrupted with what had happened lately. So, you are now on an example of how to handle what  Craig Hickman had called ‘Management Malpractice’.  Keep up with this blogging thing and mostly pay close attention what your smart and no so smart costumers has to say.  

  82. Just posted this on ZDNET yesterday. Here would be a more appropriate place for it so here it is.

    “DELL’s image?

    Buy a DELL XPS600….Blue screen (driver?)problem, call DELL 12 times!…troubleshoot on the phone .DELL technician help with reformat+reinstall still blue screen.I want a working PC which i paid lots of money for you say…No let’s troubleshoot more. What about my warranty ? it expires in two months. All This from someone who this year alone purchased XPS600 fully loaded 30inch LCD 24 Inch LCD 20 Inch LCD Wireless Cam bluetooth Headphones, 400$ separate videoCard , Linksys wireless radio from DELL…

    DELL’s image problem is Money-Product-people and it should be People-Product-Money. Think twice before buying from Dell.

    Posted by: rayray109 Posted on: 07/11/06

  83. Glad to see this blog.  We are big Dell customers and while our company loves the Dell products, the customer service could use some improvement.  There are a number of different suggestions / observations I would make, but it is better to put each in a separate post.

    I will start with the most immediate.  Our company has just initiated a joint venture in Africa in selling some of our software systems and tools.  One possibility is that we could resell a substantial number of low end PC desktops by bundling it with software and high speed Internet access which is available in most of South Africa and some other parts of the continent.

    So I called my Dell representative to get some quotations for South Africa.  He had not a clue, but after putting my on hold for a while came back and said that there is Dell Operation in South Africa and they would be the ones to talk to.

    "Fine," I said.  "Please transfer me."

    "I can’t.  We don’t have that capacity."

    "OK, what is their phone number.  I’ll call them directly."

    After some hold time.  "We don’t have a number for them."

    "OK, give me the Dell VP’s office for International Sales."

    More hold time.  "We can’t tranfer from here."

    "OK what is the number, I will call directly."

    "We don’t know."

    "Who is in charge of International Sales.  I’ll get his/her number from the operator."

    "We have no idea, etc…."

    "OK transfer me to Mr. Dell’s office.  I’m sure they know."

    "We can’t do that, etc."

    So I hung up and went to Google and found a website for Dell in South Africa.  I called the number for 4 hours and got nothing but a busy signal.  So I used the "Con tact Us" and sent them an E-mail asking that someone call me in the United States to discuss this opportunity.  That was last Thursday.  I have not recieved either a call or an e-mail."

    Yesterday, I called HP and was talking to their South African operations in less than 5 minutes.  Quotations are on the way.  And in addition to honesly thinking that Dell Computers overall are the best buys on the market, and being a significant Dell stockholder, I am about to cut a deal with HP and Dell never could respond to anything.  It is sad.  Our primary business is running highly sophisticated health information call centers and know that this is a warm systems and training problem that companies like ours do every day.  We marvel at Dell’s design, engineering, supply chain, but we are so far ahead in customer service that it is inexplicable to me.

  84. Hooray! I can finally gripe and know that someone is listening. 🙂

    I was frustrated by being forced to go from the front of the line to the back. I once logged into your support chat (my AC adapter wasn’t working). I had to wait 10 minutes for a Dell technician to join the chat. While waiting, I switched to another task. I glanced back to my computer to discover that the Dell technician had joined the chat, waited a few minutes, and then left the chat. I had to wait in line again! I wished that he would have waited as long for me, as I did for him.

    Thanks for listening!

  85. The best way to communicate and build a relationship with customers is to consistent deliver on your brand’s promise: high quality custom built pcs, with good after sales support.  If you deliver on your promise, everything else is just noise.  I suggest spending time on delivering high value machines to your loyal customers.  Don’t deliver and there is hell to pay.

  86. Today’s post is a good start.  Welcome!  This can be a great forum for engaging with your customers, or a rat hole that pulls you down.  I hope for the former.

  87. I live in Austin, Texas, and my organization does businees with you through your government division.  What I do not understand is why you have some of the most arrogant sales force and tech support teams around.  With your stock taking a tumble and your new business acquisition becoming stagnant, your sales force and first line of tech support continually bloats its own ego.  

    A little humility will go a long way in customer service, retiention and acquisition.  

    This blog is a good idea, but only if you take what your customers are saying and apply it to preserve your business and reach out to customers who are burned by the people who have the most ‘face time’ or contact with your customers (potential and existing).  

  88. At this point I haven’t seen anything helpful to PC users.  Perhaps such will come.  Nor have I found a spot where I cab get into it.

    [email protected]

    AND the SUBMIT just stood there and looked at me!  After I "moused" it/

  89. Dell’s listening? Perhaps you should listen to your HDTV customers. Those with TVs unable to use main brand devices. Unable to use even modern game systems in cases. Machines less than 5 years old have problems. Composite, s-video and component. 80% of the game consoles I own don’t work on my new Dell 3201C HDTV. No ETA or progress report on a fix. Not even a solid answer as to if it will ever be fixed. Every other HDTV I tested worked flawlessly with everything from a Nintendo NES upto Sony PSX,PS2 and Dreamcast… except Dell’s.

  90. Good luck to you guys.  I handle all the "one2one" communications for Sling Media, and for the most part, I really love it.  But it has its trying moments too.  And we only have one product so far!  

    My only advice is take everything personally (the bad and the good) and be absolutely straightforward.  It’s better to be silent than to be dishonest, and it’s better to get the ‘real’ answer from your product/engineering team than it is to just try to answer something incorrectly.  


    Jeremy Toeman

    VP, Market Development, Sling Media

  91. The first few posts to the Dell blog were disappointing, but this one gives me hope that it might get better.

    Good luck, and thanks for listening.  Now, if only you’d come out with a Tablet PC notebook so I can finally justify upgrading from my aging Dell C840 … (which I had to just buy a new battery for, as the old one is *completely* dead, now).

  92. You’re starting to listen to your customers! – definately a step in the right direction.  Now you need to start actually *helping* your customers.  Dell’s customer service is abysmal.  Dell management knows this – the question is what is Dell *doing* about it?

    The PC business has been reduced to a parts aggrigation model and is now a comodity business.  Service, I believe, will be the differentiating factor between companies.  I’ve been a Dell customer for many years now.  I have two Dimensions, a Dell laptop and an Axim.  Its time for a technology bump, but based on my last 2 experiences with your support organization, I’ll probably look elsewhere.

    So please use this blog to tell us, *specifically* what is Dell doing to improve in this area?  When will we, as customers, see significant change in this area?  Is there light at the end of this long dark tunnel?

    Suppport technicians that speak english as their native language and know more about computers than my wife would be a good first step.

  93. Is anyone listening?  No new posts ‘approved’ in the last day?

    If you really want to communicate with your customers, remove this silly moderation scheme you’ve implemented on this blog.  I know there is fear about what might get posted here, but believe me, it won’t be anything we don’t already know.

    Next, please go beyond listening and DO SOMETHING.  Your customer service is horrible.  We all know it.  You know it.  Fix it – fix it right now.  Be bold and announce your intent to close the call centers in India.  Your customers hate, HATE dealing with these people.  We all know it.  You know it.  fix it.

  94. Many questions from those that purchased the XPS 700 vaporware recently, but a question that also should be answered is, since the Conroe cpu is coming out soon, and those that are buying today and weeks ago, selected a none Conroe cpu ( Since they are not out ), will they have to cancel their order, and re-order to get the Conroe cpu instead  ?  Will they loose there place in line  ?   I’m sure you will not automatically bump them up to a Conroe, since they did not select it, so an answer to these two questions would be nice for all those that purchased their systems already

  95. I have been wanting to buy a dell laptop with linux installed and supported on it for the past three years.  I finally gave up on the idea, and bought a Macbook Pro.  While I’m happy with the Macbook and the software, it did cost me about $400.00 more than an e1505 would have.  I would have bought the e1505 if DELL would support Linux on it.  Since Dell doesn’t want me, or other unix geeks as customers, I bought from Apple.  When are you at dell going to realize that there are people out there who want some type of unix on a laptop?  Not everybody wants windows, and the hassles associated with it.

  96. Lionel,

    You indicated that you didn’t have any more information on the XPS 700 delay but that you would try and get more. Perhaps while you are doing so you could consider providing an explanation as to why customers who were/are ordering XPS 700s weren’t made aware of this delay before they ordered so that they could make their decision accordingly. Delays happen, we all understand that. However, in my opinion, it is just poor customer relations to not tell customers about any known delays up front before the customer orders a product.

  97. It’s about time that Dell started to take notice of it’s customers.  It has not been a happy life for all of us out there. After 6 years of Dell it will not be hard for me to change to another brand name.  To many defects, design flaws and a customer service that does not know what service is.  Just to name few of my problems:

    Optiplex GX 240:  Failure of CPU cooling fans and to much noise from it.  MOBO PCI extensions failed.  HD failures. Bad design of USP ports on front of the machine, unusable!

    Optiplex GX 280: Same design flaws with the USB ports, only 2 CPU fans noisy but still not good.

    The computers come with a "DELL XP" CD and with many programs that I had to uninstall. Don’t put this crap on new machines without asking the customer and please include a original XP Pro CD not some "Dell modified one"

    Latitude C600.  Had to buy new batteries after 10 months…no warranty. Supports only 512 MB memory, else OK.

    Latitude D600.  MOBO flaws, had to replace 3 because of Bluetooth failure. DVD drive failures, battery is getting soft (after 14 months)

    Power Edge 2500, this is a realy good server.  Here I complain that when I bought it I was told that an extra CPU was possible and it would be easy and cheap to upgrade.  The reality is that I can nearly buy an new server for the upgrade price so it will go to.

    Service has been bad, took me 2 days to get a new DVD drive for one of the laptops because they wanted to check it and repair it.  MOBO exchange did take 4 days…my staff was not happy,  wrong info has been given many times and the service staff is sometimes rude and talk to you like you know nothing about computing!

    In less than a year I will renew my hardware and I don’t think Dell will be one of the candidates unless some drastic changes are made.  But why complaining, I’m just a small customer with 10 desktops, one server and 6 laptops.  Dell has bigger fishes to catch.

  98. Listing to customers is good.  Having a blog is trendy.  Acting on what the customers tell you is what will turn Dell around.

  99. Nice start. I hope you listen here and actually act on it because you sure didn’t listen in your Community Forum.   There are some really irrate customers out here. does not have a link to your blog. That would be nice.  I got here from the Sunbelt Blog because I couldn’t find it on the site.  (You might want to check it out. A little humor there.)  It took me forever to find this link on your site before the only link left  was "About Dell".  There was the link to your blog.  Duuh.

    I sure hope this blog helps to improve something about Dell, one big area, SUPPORT.  First get the techs back in the US instead of people you can’t even understand and respond with supposed solutions way out in left field somewhere that don’t even relate to the issue. I really like my Dell and recommend it, but NOT the support.  Maybe take some lessons from HP.  I’ve always had Excellent support from HP.

    I’m looking forward to an informative and friendly blog and will be awaiting Dell’s actions in response to your "listening".

    Also, tt would be most helpful if there was a link to "View All" the computers available to purchase rather than only catagorized as "Home and Home Office", "Small Business…", etc.  Its like are the Small, Large Business, etc., categories not for the Home.  What do they get that Home can’t get.

  100. Maybe im just speaking for myself here but i dont expect to be able to buy a decent pc for next to nothing. If Dell are simply doing what big businesses do by trying to price all other companies out of the market then theyll have to cut down on the quality of their support and outsource it  to somewhere like India as well. I agree with many of the other users in this blog in that something needs to be done about it but id also like to add that i wont holds it against Dell if they actually charge a realistic price for a decent product. Most users wont expect something for nothing. If they do then they deserve everthing they get (or dont, as the case may be).

    Anyway, welcome to the ‘sphere.

  101. Hi.  I am not a Dell Customer currently.I did previously buy a Sony Digital Camera from, but have not purchased a Dell branded item.

    I am interested in your Inspiron 1405/1505 series laptops.  Now, as a potential customer and not one who has something to gripe about now, I wanted to know what you can assure me with that I will not have a repeat of the experiences that many of the bloggers elsewhere write about.  I am one who does his research before buying a long term investment like a laptop.  I hope you would admit though that a decent percentage of those complaint-blogs have merit, and they shouldnt have had to go through that in the first place.  What have you done or what are you doing NOW to make sure that ME, buying a new laptop from this point forward, will not endure the problems and pain that they have had?  I really do write this to get an open and honest answer.  Convince me, why I should buy a Dell with what seems to be a growing # of customer service complaints, as opposed to HP which has growing customer satisfaction rates.

    Thanks for your time in advance.

  102. Can’t understand why it takes 7 weeks to get a 9400 laptop – I can go to my electronics store (2 miles away) and purchase an HP and take delivery same day. Mine ordered June 21, delivery set as June 28; a phonecall from Dell about upgrading battery and soundcard on June 28; new delivery date July 8/9; delivery date then changed to July 13. Finally got through to someone who speaks English and told that that ther order should now be received July 28. I’m changing residences on July 24 and wanted to transfer all data from my 4600 desktop before giving this unit to my granddaughter. Please no more excuses just deliver.

  103. I doubt that it will be displayed — but what I really want is delivery.

    I have decided that this is my last Dell product – I don’t need the aggrevation.  WJK

  104. Who reads the comments and emails from this blog? who reads the emails from the contact us form on this blog and from Do you have a team of people or customer service reps to filter through the thousands of emails from all over the world ?

    I’m in Asia and as far as I know no one is actually assigned to read the emails sent in through Someone in Marketing sometimes looks into the comments otherwise it’s left unread. Most of the time the person reading the comments isn’t even a native English speaker.

    Other times, some emails are routed to Customer service reps who doesn’t know what to do with the emails.

    Unless you have a team of people who can read and write English reading these emails, I don’t see how users comments actually gets to top level management to do something about it

  105. Congratulations. You went through hell but emerged stronger. I have no opinion regarding your products as we in Portugal do not have access to them. Few people will understand how brave a major brand must be to change it’s "culture thinking" to initiate this type of communication in unchartered territories. Many other large brands will be watching but Dell took the move regardless of the reasons or pressures behind it. Through just listening and transparency the consumer will win as will Dell and the ones that complain the most will no doubt be the most satisfied at the end – most of the time we just want to be heard and understood. Nothing worse in life than being ignored. Good luck!

  106. To poster Dell User in Asia,

    I’m in Asia too but I can confirm to you that they read message received via "contact us" at Dell’s AP website.  I did report and contact them thru it months ago and I’m happy to receive a reply from Dell Asia Pacific.  As for the "contact us" in this blog.. I have no idea.  Maybe they are reading it too.

  107. I know that no one at Dell is actually listening to tis customers, because I began trying to post things over a week ago, but my posts and opinions are of no consequence to this company.

    I agree with Alex, only he or she should ocnsider themselves lucky- the "customer Care" reps call my house up to 9 times in one day. Three would be a blessing!

  108. FIRTST Note: Conversation is encouraged and expected. However, moderation of comments is necessary to prevent spam, profanity and off-topic commentary.  Comments related to specific product support or customer service issues will be addressed separately rather than posted here. (A fix to this section is being worked on to capture your e-mail.) Please use the links in Contact Us for product and customer service assistance.

    THEN: our comment or rating has been received. However, due to caching and moderation, it may not be displayed right away.

    OR ever??

    I have offered constructive critcisms such as do not tell your customers there i sno coproate office and do not transfer your customer to the customer service line of their personal banks while waiting to talk with a supervisor. However, these must not be good enough because it has been a week and there have been no posts. I’m glad I bought a Gateway and get to return this Dell.

  109. Hi Patricia M. if you would please send another comment that contains your e-mail address (I won’t publish it), I will contact you directly, and look into it.  I did see your customer service related comment on July 15 but was unable to take further action without your contact details.  Thanks.

  110. Regarding Dell Credit:

    I have purchased a half-dozen Dell computers, but I will purchase no more.  I am sick and tired of receiving waves of phone calls from outsourced, third-world Dell "Customer Services" reps, who call and call any time a payment is a day late.  They are inappropriate and don’t understand a simple response, like "The check was mailed a week ago. Quit calling here."  They are culturally clueless and unable to deal with such minor day-to-day interactions.

    Worse than telemarketers, a different caller with a Bombay accent will call each time — sometimes three in one day, wasting my time and the time of my staff.

    Get rid of the dirt-cheap labor, and hire Americans to deal with Americans.

  111. better design could get you past the box and screen mode – a system like the i-mac with Dell components could be the best item in the dorm; all the I-mac really is is the guts of a laptop without the battery with a screen mounted on top; the guts of the e-1405 or 1505 are more than adequate for any but the most wiereded out gamer, and without the battery they could run cool, no fan noise, and take up no space.

    my e1505 is by far the most useful item i’ve ever owned; stripping the battery from it and using it’s ourside vga port for a 2nd monitor has given me a silent, cool-running workstation which is lightyears ahead of the best of only 2 years ago

  112. I find it odd that you say Real People are here and listening, yet when I submit a new topic suggestion I get no response.

  113. You get what you pay for…. Everybody moans about "overseas" tech support and Dell are not the only company providing this.  

    If you run a business and want to run it using home pc’s simply becuase they are cheap, you will get consumer level support because that is what you paid for …. for a few extra bucks buy business support (it will save you lots should something happen).  If you buy a server that your company depends on and it goes down – dont moan about next day support buy the gold level support !!!

    I have had issues resolved by very competent people, I have normal technical conversations and only once I had to escalate – in the 3 years I’m using Dell.

    I’m staying with Dell

  114. There are thousands of broken Dell 5150 laptops out there that break under normal conditions. Is Dell going to offer any kind of compensation to these people?

  115. As a home-based business consultant, I’ve been buying Dell products for the past 10-12 years, and some time in the next 6-8 months plan on buying a new desktop for my work.  Although I’ve never been a heavy user of tech support (been a power user for 20+ years), due to deteriorating level of tech support over the past 4-5 years, I had been considering changing to another brand.  However, if this initiative–one2one–is an accurate indicator of Dell’s strategy and reflects a sincere desire to be responsive and improve as a company, then I may reconsider and stay in the fold.  I will continue tracking this site to see what develops.  Meanwhile, keep up the good faith effort.

  116. I Had a Diminesion that would power on without video.

    I called Dell, after some easy troubleshooting, it was determined a videocard might be faulty.  Service tech came to my home, discovered that it was the CPU which had failed.  Then 2 days later, tech returned to my home, replaced the CPU and all was fine.  I found it remarkable that the service was in-home.  Also, my warranty was expired when I made the call, but the tech allowed me to extend the warranty for a nominal cost.  That way, I did’nt pay for parts, labour, etc and I still got the balance of the warranty.  I thought that was remarkable service.

    Thank you Dell.

  117. TO:  cyber_rigger, DELL already sells Linux preinstalled on the Precsion Workstations.  Check "Open-Source" desktops on the small biz web site…. I have seen it there… I know…

  118. Hi Gord, I will direct your case numbers to the support team.  Unwanted software was discussed in this post.  To be published, comments need to be on topic to the blog post.  “Off topic” suggestions are always welcomed via the Suggestion Box.  Thanks for visiting.

  119. I am happy to see this blog. However, I wondering if this is going to improve customer service.  Language is a HUGE problem…every person I spoke to had a very heavy accent and the connection was horrible.  I spoke to 3 supervisors at customer service and spend 5/6 hours on phone trying to resolve my issue with my Inspiron 6000 which was over 10 days old!!.  The experience was so horrible that I am not sure if I want buy anything else from Dell.

  120. I am not sure what a blog is (or even what a URL is) so I am clearly novice in many ways.  However I am a Dell customer and have been for well over 4 years (desktop for me, laptop as a gift for parents, printer and Axim for me).  My elderly parents want a new computer and I would like to finally go wireless with a laptop.  We are waiting for Vista (or a current offer that includs upgrade to Vista when available) and I also am CAREFULLY researching computer manufacturer customer feedback.  I have had mostly good but also had two really bad experiences with Dell support for both my and my parents computers.  I also am alarmed with how many folks out there freely share their nightmares with Dell support.  I want to remain loyal to Dell and will watch these posts carefully.   Thank you for this vehicle for repairing, enhancing and building customer relationships.  

    Sandy of NJ  

  121. On a positive note, I have had good experiences with warranty hardware replacement for my current Dimension and the last couple of Dell computers and a Dell Axim.  

    I suppose this is mixed praise because it could be argued that the hardware should not have failed so quickly.  However, computers aren’t perfect and in all of my cases involving hardware, Dell came through "next business day" as promised.

    Keep up the good work in this category, Dell!

  122. to:    cyber_rigger

    Currently Dell is only doing the Workstation desktops not laptops.  I should have been more specific, sorry…

  123. "Currently Dell is only doing the Workstation desktops not laptops.  I should have been more specific, sorry…"

    You do realize that Dell

    is taking a public relations hit because of this.

    There are enough Linux Desktop/Laptop vendors now

    that the "Windows Refund" issue doesn’t matter anymore.

  124. Does anybody in Dell head office know that the courier company shipping Dell’s stuff in NZ is hopeless? First they courier the wrong laptop to me. The other party rang to inform us that they got our laptop. Then we rang and email support office informing them the error. They said they have informed the courier company about the error. Everyday we inform the support office that the courier company have not come to collect the wrong laptop. It’s hard to get support on the phone (esp’ly NZ is 4 hours ahead), but they did ring us back later. We are not interested for them to ring us back only, WE WANT OUR PAID LAPTOP DELIVERED TO US ASAP. Can sombody in America look into the inefficient courier company that ship Dell’s computer to customers in NZ? What’s is the point of Dell advertising endlessly to get new customers when they can tap into their pool of current customers. Dell must sort out the shipping problem in NZ!!! I am scared to buy a desktop from Dell now. Dell has lost my next purchase.

  125. Hi Joy, apologizes for the frustration.  Please send another comment with your e-mail and order details (not to be published) and I’ll alert my NZ colleagues.

  126. <Realize- the software preloaded allows Dell to sell at a lower price. >

    The MS Windows preloaded at Dell has  HIGHER maintenance cost

    than Linux.

  127. Lionel Menchaca (MZ, Jane, Jay Turley),

    Re:  Keyloggers installed in keyboards.

    We may all be a little paronoid at this point with the government "invading our privacy" with its eavesdropping….which a Federal Judge today has struck down as Unconstitutional.

    But that’s a little off topic, sort of.

     Anyway, back to keyloggers in Dell’s keyboards.  Maybe Dell is not installing them, but my Dell keyboard is made in China and it appears China is installing them in keyboards.,126680-page,1-c,topics/article.html?tk=nl_cxanws

    Dell, are you checking out your keyboards to be sure.

  128. Mr. Menchaca,

        I have an idea.  I think it may be more appropriate for one of Ms. Bosworth’s threads — but I have this feeling (see my other posts) that she isn’t listening.  On the other hand, I get the impression you are — so with your permission:

        Dell should set performance standards, publish those standards, provide the customers with a means of reporting failures to meet those standards.  **And, then go the extra step:  when the customer reports the failure ,,,respond in two ways: (1.) Contact the customer and communicate that you care, and (2.) Contact the ‘unit’ that failed to meet the standard and (a.) administer the appropriate consequences and (b.) tweak the system so the standards are met or the standards are changed.

        I understand failure — I don’t understand continuing to make the same mistake over, and over, and over

       I explain to my clients that the warranty on the hardware is simply an admission that making the hardware perfect is simply too expensive — "if it fails,we fix it" and we do it within these "performance standards" (e.g. next-day-on-site, gold support, standard support)

        *** interestingly, I’m not seeing complaints about the hardware or warranty (battery recall excluded) — what I am seeing is complaints about the "performance standards" (e.g. unintelligible techs, messed up orders, failure to enter into a dialogue)  —- I think what I’m suggesting is a "Performance Standards Warranty"

         A example would be:

    "FAA announced that Lockheed Martin had won the contract to run the flight service system"

    "…pilots are going to get a contractual guarantee that a live briefer will answer their phone calls within 20 seconds and acknowledge their radio calls within five seconds. Flight plans will be filed within three minutes. It’s in the contract."

    "First and foremost, pilots — the "customers" — must be satisfied with the "quality, timeliness, accuracy, customer service, and relevance of overall and specific services received." The FAA is requiring the contractor to regularly survey pilots to make sure.

    A senior Lockheed manager told Boyer, "We want to hear from AOPA. Anytime your members have a problem, let us know. We want to fix it. You have my pledge."

    p.s.  I have two ongoing "performance standards" issues with Dell — I have reached the point that I am reluctant to purchase any more equipment from Dell until they are resolved — I have exhausted what I consider to be "normal channels" and this site has failed so far to demonstrate its sincerity and its "performance standards" ("24 hours" –Rules of Engagement)


  129. I live in Melbourne, Australia, but this is no reason for Dell tech support to keep me waiting for 15 minutes listening to a recorded message telling me how busy the techs are.

    When a human finally answers, listens to my problem, which is a malfunctioning sound card, he promptly asks me to call back in half an hour, because the techs are busy. Is this because he was hoping I was buying, or it because there is big incentives to keep the call queue down??? Am I being cynical?

    I have paid up front for tech support extended for 3 years, by the time I get an answer from Dell my support will have expired and they will tell me they can’t help me, because I have no cover.

    Will I ever buy a Dell again. For the machine, yes, for the service………..well, what do you think Mr. Dell.

  130. It’s funny you’d say Jeremy. I’ve never had any trouble with the Dell support staff. I’ve rang and rang and rang and i’ve always recieved top class service. But that could be just cooincidence, not sure. One thing i can fault the support on is a lack of understanding of international heritage. E.g. Someone rings up and would like to know how to connect their NTL directly into their new computer. As the support staff are primarily based in India, it is close to impossible for them to know what NTL is. Also, i’ve heard Dell Support in Australia are offering a remote support solution in which the support staff takes control of your machine and fixes the issue remotely, give that its not a hardware issue. Will this be rolled out worldwide???

  131. I just got off the phone with DELL’s Escalation group.  After a month of frustration sitting on hold with customer service and not having my problem resolved I decided to research further.   I came across two very useful sites: 
    1.  The “unresolved issues” section of DELL’s website and
    2.  Jeff Jarvis’ website with his DELL letter from last year. 

    The unresolved issue department resolved my issue within a four minute conversation.  Go figure.  And Jeff Jarvis’ website made me realize that I’m not alone in DELL hell!  And it made me laugh.  The problem I have is WHY…Why do I have to escalate issues?  Why do I have to ask customer service to repeat themselves three time before I understand what they’re saying?  Why do I have to waste two hours?  Why can’t things be done right the first time, or even the second time?  or maybe the third, fourth or fifth time in my case?

    Oh and if any of you are wondering what my DELL hell issue was?  I needed my power cord replaced.  End of story!

  132. Valerie: Glad to hear you got your issue resloved, and sorry that it was a difficult process for you.  As far as customer service is concerned, we’re focused on improving solving our succes rate on fixing problems the first time.  A couple of examples this is Laura’s post Prevention is the Best Medicine, and Downs’ post Above All Else–Fix My Problem

    Also, just to remind you, the Contact Us section of the blog provides several options for Direct2Dell readers who need help resolving hardware problems.  The Outstanding Issues link is listed there, and so is the Customer Advocate e-mail address, which includes both Tech Support and Customer Care agents.

  133. Hello…I have bought two Dell PCs  in the past 9 years and the first one was perfect, (except for the OS WINME.)

    I am permanently disabled and have been unable to resolve a problem I have with this until now. 

    The PC takes 8 to10 minutes for the Add/Remove option page  to come up.  This is minor compared to the following.

    The current PC I have is a Dell Dimention E310, approximately 6 months old.  When I ordered this one I specified an 80gb hard drive.  What I got was and 80gb partitioned into 50/30gbs

    I contacted Dell Customer Service (India, I believe) and had to speak to 3 different “techs” (?) to ask why the drive was partitioned and could it be un-partitioned  I was told by all 3 (curtly!) that it was impossible to change it and that I had ordered a partitioned drive using the 30gb for back-up. (Not to my knowledge).  I have an 80gb external hard drive that I use for back-ups.

    I then asked to speak to a supervisor.  He said: “Yes, it can be all reverted back to one partition”.  He instructed me as to how to resolve the partition problem.  I printed out all of his detailed directions and when following his directions, the PC crashed and I couldn’t get it to boot at all for four days. 

    I hired an MS tech to come and repair it ($65.00) and he was able to get it to boot and suggested I leave it partitioned until I could resolve this with Dell.  When I re-booted it later that afternoon,  it would only boot to DOS, with the following message:

    Drive 1 not found serial ATA, Sat, A2

    Drive 3 not found. Paralell ATA, PATA 1 (PRI IDE Slave)

    Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run set-up.  So now…I power up my PC and have to hit the F1 key to boot each time.  The drive is still partitioned into 50/30.

    I purchased an extended warranty for this PC, but I don’t know how to schedule a Dell Tech come to my home to repair it.  I never had to have any repair done to the first Dell (Dimension 4100).  I loved that PC and encouraged family and friends to puchase one..because it was a quality product.

    Please respond ASAP..I’m 75 years old and my time waiting for Tech Support and/or Customer Service limited.

    Sincere thanks…Ms Koye Goodrow

  134. I really enjoy reading these blogs. It seems most of the people who comment are ignorant when it comes to working with a computer. Seems like most of them can not tell the difference from hardware to software. I have bought a few Dell’s and let me tell you that with a maintenance and software clean up, these computers are still running like brand new. Its like buying a car, if you run out of gas you shouldn’t complain to the dealer. Its your own fault. Mabye someday people will catch on and quit complaining.

  135. If the (non-english understanding) Dell Indian agents at customer service would listen instead of reading a flow chart of what to do next, I wouln’t be so frustrated. I have spent lots of time on the phone spinning my wheels going nowhere. Problem not fixed!

    I have purchased many Dell computers over the years but have only recently had trouble.  When I needed help, almost none (understandable) was available. I couldn’t even communicate via email.

    It’s a good thing most of my Dell systems don’t need fixing.

  136. I have never in my life sent a thankyou letter to a company I have had my computer a couple of months and it has changed my life I am a Merchant Marine on a oil barge in NYC I spend half my life out here and it gets quite boring Since i bought your product i have not watched a tv show and other sailors tie up next to me to use my computer thankyou for such a nice product keep up the good work

  137. 1. what type of sub contracting arrangement is available with Dell

    2. who are the major participants in Dell international operations?

    3. Dell representative in central Africa

  138. Dear Michael Dell,

    Congratulations on moving back and up to the CEO suite! You absolutely deserve a round of applause for having this web blog built in order to create the Direct-to-Dell customer experience. However, I am rather pessimestic about the effectiveness of this blog. In my view, it is likely another way for a company (as big as Dell) to bury herself with humangous amount of information, on which her team will never find the time and resource as needed to review and take correpsonding actions of sufficient effectiveness.


    I hereby propose a Web-2.0-like solution, adopting the method that has worked out OK for many people—pay the whistle blowers! Give a couple of hundred dollars to anybody who managed to come up the best standalone and yet integration-ready solution to each and every Dell customer service problem! Who decide which solution is the best?! Poll the crowd! …

    Good Luck! And I wanted to get paid!


    Still Looking,

    Michael M. Liu


  139. i have posted here before, but can see it was never posted.  it makes me wonder why have such a forum, but not post or even respond to very real, very terrible dilemmas many dell customers are now facing.  i am a prime example of being treated badly by this huge corporation.  my story simply will not fit here, and no, it isn’t simply a customer care issue, so i’m not sure why it wasn’t posted.  my post was and isn’t spam, profanity, or off-topic.  far from it.  it is exactly the kind of horror story dell corporate officials need to hear.  i have wasted, all tolled, almost 2 mos. of my life attempting to work my way through the dell maze.  i have been hung up on 12 times, and spoken to over 200 dell employees, honestly.  i have had my order processed incorrectly, repeatedly.  sadly, what i’ve experienced doesn’t begin to compare to some of the awful stories i have read, and yet, my useless attempts to be heard continue.  it’s just so very sad that dell is either unwilling, or unable to “hear” the voices of their customers.  i was recently told something by a dell employee, that finally made me realize that all i have tried to do to effect change, at least for those to come after me, is futile.  i was told, the upper executives simply do not have the time or energy, running such a huge company to personally address the issues of it’s customers.  i find that sad, and unfortunately, makes me realize there little hope of change in the company at this time.  i realize i was trying “his” patience, but honestly, “he” cannot begin to understand the plight of the customer without going through it.  “he” is a good and well-meaning person, i am sure, but totally indicative of the bigger problems in this all powerful company.  finally, the conversation ended, with me saying “i am at the mercy of this company, and i do realize that”.  that is just so sad.  for the couple of people who have actually kept their promises, tried, and had a heart, thank you, thank you.  you know who you are.  i finally realize i’m fighting a losing battle.  i also know this won’t be posted.  “maybe”, i still hoped.       

  140. Eddie: Appreciate the concern, but it’s simply not true. Dell does not install keyloggers on any of our machines.

    Take a look at an earlier blog post from me on the subject.

  141. Are you really here?  Really??

    I have noticed lately that posts aren’t getting responses from Dell.  Dell sure hasn’t been slow to announce new ventures (ie., Dell 2.0, Green computing, Plant a Tree for me, Linux, etc).  I am becoming concerned that Dell is trying to go in too many different directions at the same time and that things are falling by the wayside.  Direct2Dell was great in the begining, but now posts that contain questions go unanswered….why?

    I have posted several questions/comments regarding the Dell environmental iniciative but have not seen a response from Dell on my posts….where are you?

    Some of my posts:

  142. Craig: You raise a fair point. I take responsibility for not responding to you on these posts. My apologies for not doing that. Will work to address the comments you reference soon. It will take some time for me to get caught up, but I will address them in place when I have updates.

  143. Raymond: Sorry to hear about the problems you’ve faced with your XPS 600. We beed a way to contact you. If you can please submit another comment and complete the e-mail address field, I can have someone from Dell Canada tech support follow up with you directly.

  144. I purchased a XPS600 Dell in Oct2005 (Approx18months ago).Paid 3100CD$

    This pc never worked properly causing blue screens regularly (the type with error messages 00000000X1 etc etc)

    I opted to take a one year warranty with this PC thinking that if it were to have ‘issues’ that they would likely show up sooner rather then later…and show up they did. However solutions did not come easy…I passed many days !! on the phone with Dell tech support trying to trouble shoot and we tried everything from reformat re-install OS and re-everything practically.

    After the 10th month and having only 2 months left on my warranty and a lot of insisting Dell support finally accepted to try to replace the HD….but then more blue screens then they replaced the ram and again more blue screens then the mother board and more blue screens and finally my warranty ran out and the blue screens go on requiring reboots but the last blue screen brought with it a error relating to Memory and DIMM3 and after several attempt to reboot it finally refused to reboot altogether…So considering everything that was already done to try to make this PC work I.E. replacing HD ,RAM,MOBO…SO should i go spend hundred of dollars to purchase new RAM not even knowing if either that is the real cause of the problem or if it would fix it any more then for a short time as it occurred previously….i see no solution to my problem and i fell frustrated.

    My XPS600  DELL is now used as a stand for a DELL notebook which screen is not working but running an exterior monitor a DELL 24inch model.

    What is wrong with this situation, i understand that Computers are fragile technical complex machines and given that they are built from parts from a multitude of manufacturers and requiring software to make them all communicate intelligibly that they are bound to occasionally not work as intended that is acceptable to me What is not acceptable is that after giving my trust to DELL and willingness to Pay 3100CD$ for this PC that DELL did not fix or replaced this pc. Yes DELL tried to fix it (after many months of trouble shooting on the over the phone) but once it became clear that changing the MOBO RAM and HD and seeing the problem persisting would it not have been a reasonable decision to recall this pc and give me one which work after all i paid to get a pc which works especially so when they should have considered the huge amount of my working time that went into trouble shooting a PC which is rightly the job of paid technicians to do.
    Please take this PC back it is in the same condition you gave it to me and give me one that works…i paid for it.
  145. Lionel, still no word from DELL Canada….I really need a replacement  fast; i need it for my work,,,is there no way to just make this happen fast…i mean at this stage when Dell support aleready did everything they could to fix this pc i see only replacing it, as a solution…it won’t even boot up since the last blue screen. I can hardly beleive that this is still going on….Help


  146. Raymond: This was my fault, not Dell Canada’s. My sincere apologies
    for not ever getting you e-mail address back to them. I have done that
    now, and you will be hearing from someone soon.

    Again, really sorry for dropping the ball here.

  147. Hey Lionel-

    I was wondering how Raymond’s issue turned out and if the Blog helped expedite his issue?



  148. Dear Dell Representatives or Customers,

    Can anyone please tell me how to contact someone at Dell regarding a sales experience? I’ve tried phone & e-mail, receiving no response, then found this forum and tried the Customer Advocate address, but have received no response after 10 days. I tried posting here last week but have not seen my post show up and have not heard back from anyone, although I’ve provided my e-mail address.

     Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


  149. This may be a redundant message as i wrote one a little while ago but there was a glitch and i am not sure it was here i do it again.

    Lionel someone did contact me via email this afternoon. Thanks.

    I will return here later and let you know how my issues are dealt with.


  150. Chuck,

    For what it is worth;

    I did get feed back here at the forum twice from Lionel but it has so far been only lip service…Lionel sounds like he means to help based on his typical response to the above posts…but it has produced nothing here in my case so far and if it ever does i will mention it here and give Lionel due credit to facilitate this. It is not easy to know how effective this blog really is unless people using it post the result of their inquiries. This may sound cynical but it is possible that this blog is not really intended for anything more then polite responses to people who have not been served to their satisfaction, after all providing a forum for costumers to express the frustration they feel from either having gotten faulty products or inadequate technical support would be the politically correct thing to do…however is this forum intended to ‘help’ solve problems? i am starting to doubt it now that i have been told twice by Lionel that someone would get back to me to discuss how to proceed with my particular issues….So given that i see no evidence of anyone having found ‘real’ help here i would like to simply ask this;

    LIONEL are you hired to give real help or just polite answers?

    I understand that if you were hired to give lip service only that in fact you would have no power to do anything more then that and of course it would likely be part of your job to not reveal this presumed fact.

    IF you cannot give me any help can you at least; based on my original post above, let me know who i should call to get what i paid for?


  151. Raymond: To answer your question, my job from a customer perspective is to educate and serve. My last reply to you was an honest one—I simply never did forward your e-mail address to our support team in Canada. I apologize for the oversight on my part.

  152. From DELL:

    We do not have enough evidence to support the blue screen error messages you are receiving as a continual issue. “

    “However, please be aware that Dell Canada will not provide a system exchange, per your request, nor will we make exception to your warranty expiration date.  “

    Thank you,

    xxxx xxxxxx
    She says this because after the MOBO and other parts were changed i got blue screens once or twice a week on average i would say and basically had decided to ‘live with it’ (my alternative was to pass more time on the phone and ‘troubleshoot’)..Now some will be inclined to think here ‘well it is your fault for not calling DELL and letting them know you still had problems’ THAT may be technically correct but keep in mind that i already have passed so much time on the phone trying to fix is an example….with a technician Lady in the USA we reformatted after doing the whole series of tests she could think of (this took the whole of an afternoon of my time! with follow up calls) and then i was told that i were not to connect any peripherals at all  for the first day or two and if i did not get a blue screen that during that time that i should connect only one peripheral at a time over a one month period (the point was ; i was told, to identify which peripheral ‘driver’ caused the blue screen.SO I WHO PAID 3100$ FOR and XPS600 PC FROM DELL WAS NOW ASKED TO PARTICIPATE IN A MONTH LONG TROUBLESHOOTING EXPERIMENT TO DETERMINE WHAT COULD BE THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM; WHICH I DID!!!  SO IN THAT TIME I WAS NOT ABLE TO USE MOST OF THE XPS600 FEATURES for example i was not to use the USB ports  (One of my programs require a USB KEY to work at all) such as a router or printer etc (this in spite of the fact that i told them that the pc’s blue screens were not occurring daily, that is was intermittent and that at times it would be ok for a week or then that it would occur ten times in one day) I WAS NEVER TOLD BY DELL THAT I WOULD BE PART OF THEIR ATTEMPTS AT FIXING THE PC ONCE IT HAD PROBLEMS< IS THIS IN THE WARANTY ANYWHERE?>>MY TIME to do THEIR WORK? WHY, HOW CAN THIS BE RIGHT..NOT ONLY DO I NOT GET PAID BY DELL TO TROUBLE SHOOT THEIR PC BUT I HAVE TO DO IT ON MY OWN TIME AND LOSE WORK TIME>>>>SEE THE POINT…DELL SELLS A FAULTY PC ME I PAY FOR THE PC, THE PC NEEDS REPAIRS DELL TELLS ME WHAT TO DO AND THAT THIS ONE ATTEMPT WILL TAKE ONE MONTH AND IF THAT FAILS TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE THEN “WE” WILL LOOK INTO IT FURTHER…IS THAT WHAT TECHNICAL SUPPORT IS SUPPOSE TO BE? WELL AT DELL IT IS!!
    I would think that most problems end user encounter are relatively easy to fix over the phone but there has to be a point where you step out of doing everything ‘by the book’ and use your intelligence, and intelligence would seem to make clear that in the case of my particular CP’s issues there comes a point where you consider that the cost in money and wasted time trying to fix such a problem no longer makes sense using the ‘usual’ avenues…a simple recall of this pc to DELL’s hands-on technicians where they have the equipment and replacement parts at hand could have come up with a solution to this but instead after a year and a half i am here with a broken PC which DELL gave to me with some flaws from the start and to top it off now i get excuses….
    If you read this and think , oh this guy is just venting his anger and frustration, well you would be missing the point i am trying to be as even as possible under the circumstances…the whole body of evidence they have on record to clearly show that this PC was problematic from the start.
    I have no doubt that his is occurring to others…just hope it does not occur to you it is a huge waste of time and very frustrating to pay good money to buy yourself a ongoing problem…it feels very wrong.
    If you buy from Dell , keep this in mind…..and if you think; technical support is the same with all these companies…well it is not true..look into it, some do not take this wasteful winding road to nowhere they , I will not give a name here because they would not post this but a friend just visited me in Montreal and his small notebook had a screen replaced in spite of the warranty having expired by one day, he had told them about the problem prior to the expiry so they fixed it in any case because of that,,,that is human way of doing business..not just cold stance as you can feel from the statements…sure you work for a company and you do what they ask of you….You see from a legal point of view DELL opts to not solve my issue as it may give hope to others and then my case could be used as an example so you see it is not really DELL’s fault it is you people out there who won’t let DELL give me what i paid for, for if DELL were to; you may all line up and ask justice for the same and that would not be good for DELL would it , so you are all rotten and i resent the fact that you have denied DELL that chance to be nice to me and do the right thing 😉
    Have you seen the share price of DELL company lately (ticker symbol DELL), did you know that ‘service’ is the weakest point which comes up when people are asked….


  153. Raymond, after reading your posts, I just have 1 question for you. Since you bought a $3100.00 computer, why did you settle for the cheap warranty?

     Seems like this is a case of (You get what you paid for).

  154. Greetings;

    I am a former Dell technician from the Dell On Call department. Expect to see a few posts from me in the next several days regarding my own experiences with Dell. I just wanted to write a post after reading Raymond’s post on March  27 (I’m reading the website from the bottom up, as the top portion of the website just seems to be a lot of praise that this website exists. You might want to reverse the site so the latests posts display first)


    Just to let you know even though you are outside of your warranty period Dell HAS to honor your computer as being under warranty as this was an issue that was identified & recorded in Dell’s database prior to the expiration of your warranty. With that being said – they have to help you until your case is resolved. Even if your case # is marked as Closed  

    In response to

    Ms Koye Goodrow
    October 20, 2006 12:47 AM 

    Her statement:

    I contacted Dell Customer Service (India, I believe) and had to speak to 3 different “techs” (?) to ask why the drive was partitioned and could it be un-partitioned  I was told by all 3 (curtly!) that it was impossible to change it and that I had ordered a partitioned drive using the 30gb for back-up. (Not to my knowledge).  I have an 80gb external hard drive that I use for back-ups.

    Just to make everyone aware the NTFS partition is the the partition that all your data is being saved on, the smallest of the partitions is the ‘tools’ partition (I believe this is accessed via F11 or F12) and the 3rd partition is your image restore partition (On all computers from October 2004 – January 2007) to access the Image restore partition you hold down control and press F11 or F12, can’t remember which) by doing this, once you click restore it will take your computer back to the first day that you bought it.

    I’m sure you will hear from me again. 

  155. Craig: My apologies for falling short here. I know you’ve been reading Direct2Dell for a while now, and I appreciate that. I’ll try to do a better job on my end.

    Before I wrote this response I have sent e-mails to he respective groups to get answers for all the comments you reference.

    I did answer your comment about flash-based hard drives here at this link.

    Update: Tod Arbogast just responded to your inquiry regarding the “Plant a Tree for Me” program.

    No question this job keeps me busy—it requires a mix of managing the overall content for the blog, moderating comments and following up on them, and paying attention to the blogosphere to have a sense for what broader discussions are happening. Truth is, sometimes I do better at balancing those duties than I am right now. 

  156. You said in your post on March 14th that you were going to work on answering the unanswered questions out there.  The links that I provided you to my posts that have gone unanswered are still unanswered.

    Hmm…I’m beginning to wonder if this Direct2Dell is more like Marketing4Dell. 

     I know I’m not the only one that is not getting answers.  Raymond doesn’t appear to be getting answers either.  If you are too overwhelmed to answer the post you would think Dell would get you some help…that is if Dell is really starting to make a big customer service effort.  The worst thing Dell could do is create something like Direct2Dell as a customer server avenue for customers, and then ignore the customers when they post questions.

  157. Lionel,

    On 4/12 I forwarded the e-mail to you per your directions. I have not heard back anything from anyone. Did you receive my e-mail? Have you forwarded it?


    – Chuck

  158. Chuck: My apologies for missing your follow-up e-mail. I’ve forwarded it to our small business sales support team. You will be hearing from someone soon.

  159. Shawn F….Thanks for your comment.

    Firstly; i again emailed Dell tech support and to no avail they are intent on dismissing my case instead of looking at it and fixing it. I sent along with the last email ‘proof’ that the blue screen issue was present within one month of receiving the DELLXPS600,and was still there in Jan2007 which is one month before the DELLXPS600 FAILED.

    Regarding the possibility of continuing using DELL technical support to resolve this ongoing problem well that becomes a new problem for me,

    as i have already stated DELL tried in vain to fix this lemon of a pc by changing many part (only after many months of ‘troubleshooting’ that is) and did not manage to fix it, what this leads to now is that if i were to ask for their ‘help’ again they are likely to keep on the same course of changing more parts (already MOBO RAM and other parts have been changed) but require me to pay for each part being ‘tested’ on this failed system.IF they could not find the source of the problem after all that trouble shooting and part replacement would it be wise of me to ask for their help…what if they want to keep replacing more parts until all the parts have been replaced and the problem persists..i  already paid more then 3k$ for this plus so many days of my life….i appreciate the idea that i could insist on getting help to fix the pc but knowing that they don’t know how already and that i would be asked to pay for parts i would likely be better to bring it for repairs someplace where they can fix it. It is a real shame that DELL allows this to occur..i just want a fair deal..i give money they give a pc and all is good but i get a lemon while they get good money and on top of that i get a dismissive attitude from a ‘senior technical support’ lady…

    If anyone reading this know what my ‘rights’ are in this and would be willing to offer suggestion it would be good.


  160. ((((J.J. said:

    Raymond, after reading your posts, I just have 1 question for you. Since you bought a $3100.00 computer, why did you settle for the cheap warranty?

     Seems like this is a case of (You get what you paid for).

    JJ  i hear what you are saying and i have no problem with that.
    However the problem here is a case of not getting what i paid for in the first place….Having a part break after the warranty expires is one thing but having a flaw with the pc such that it does not work the whole year that you have it under warranty and having Dell tech support failing to fix it during that period is an entirely different problem,,i think most people would agree with that. To be clear; if the XPS600 had worked for the whole time it was under warranty and then something failed after i would have it fix and not waste my time asking for something i am not entitled to but i consider my issue to be one where i never got what i paid for in the first place….i do not want something for nothing nor would i ask DELL to make an exception for me and extend my warranty i am a big guy i take care of my problem but this is Dell’s problem and they fail to see that which is not good business for would think someone at Dell would grasp this simple point but unfortunately they miss the point and don’t live up to their obligation.
  161. Lionel,

    Thank you for motivating SMB sales to respond to me. The SMB sales representative called me yesterday, I sent him a PDF of the unit I had had in my cart, he reviewed it and completed my order & sale. In my case, I am optimistic the process of engaging customers through the Direct2Dell blog works.


    Food for thought: I had been unable to complete this transaction since January 29th. At that time, Dell completely stopped communicating with me, and I was never told why. I went through many steps; departments; phone calls & e-mails trying to get a response or reason for this. No one has said why. I believe in the Amish community this is called “shunning”. In some circles, it is actually considered cruel punishment.


    Finding this blog and communicating with you has resulted in (anticipated) success. While speaking with the SMB rep, we spoke about Vista compatibility with a very expensive application I have currently running on XP. He noted my company name and asked if I do business process improvement, to which I said yes, and noted how ironic it is I do so in light of this experience with Dell. He concurred, and spoke about having experience with process improvement in college. Nice guy. Reminds me of the “old” Dell I knew, trusted and respected.


    The bottom line is, while the blog engagement process appears to have worked in my case, I had to intrepidly spend many hours and over twelve weeks to complete the transaction. As I mentioned to the sales rep yesterday, I have a saying I’m partial to when I see clients and their customers struggling to conduct business:

    “It’s like they’ve got you down on the ground, with their knee on your neck, trying to stuff cash in your pockets, and all you can do is scream “NO! STOP! I DON’T WANT IT! STOP!”.”

    I’ve never obtained an explanation for my having “fallen off the edge of the earth” with Dell. I’ve worked to climb back on, and struggled to give Dell my business, yet it’s taken over 3 months for me to do so. It appears the issues are pretty obvious. As Pogo says, “We have met the enemy, and they are us!” Please pass on to your peers and management to try not to punish us and make us work so hard to give you our business. It does not foster appropriate engagement management, nor does it promote the transformation Mr. Dell is back to accomplish with all of you fine folks and your customers.


    I appreciate your help in facilitating this transaction. Thank you.


    Best Regards –


    – Chuck

  162. Chuck: I’m really glad to see we finally corrected that issue. I’m sorry it happened in the first place. Now and in the future we really do want to make it easier for customers to do business with us, and to get service that fixes problems—whether they happen before, during or after the sales process.

    Obviously, we have further to go in this regard. We’ll keep working toward that goal. 

    Thank you for sticking with us.  

  163. Dell must provide full flexibility to the customers for choosing & customizing their notebooks.
    Like for instance, the Inspiron series offered by dell has no option for choosing a webcam and a t.v tuner card.

    This leaves the customer with lesser option and the customer is bound to see other companies for his/her requirements.

  164. When a DELL  technician came to replace the RAM on my XPS600 he noticed that one of the RAM stick was from a different manufacturer (3 Sticks from Samsung and one from a company named  NANYA).

    Today i opended the box to see if anything ‘obvious’ would stand out as a possible cause of this PC demise.

    I ran ‘BARTPE’ boot disk and manage to run Dell diagnostics and the error messages all relate to RAM and also to CMOS battery failed…does it make any sense that a pc 18 months old would have a failed CMOS battery?

    I noticed that this RAM stick from NANYA was in the 3rd slot and that when the PC failed with a blue screen the error messages were about DIMM 3..Does anyone out there know if these RAM sticks can ‘conflict’ with one another or cause such a failure?   Dell sent those 4 sticks to a technician here in Montreal and when he installed them he noted that one was of a different make ,could this be the cause of the failure..any help would be appreciated thank you!


  165. Real people are here and they are listening but I am guessing they are cherry picking what they will respond to. I have been posting what I believe to be reasonable, helpful posts, intended to initiate a conversation with people who have claimed they are here to help me.

    So far (one month in) I have heard NOTHING from Dell on this blog or from the forums… just silence. How can we, as consumer and seller, have a dialogue to try to solve my problem if it is a one way street?

    I might as well be talking to myself for all the help or guidance I have gotten from Dell on this issue. I have been stonewalled, lied to, had posts removed because I mentioned organizations and options for resolving problems that Dell finds objectionable and now finally, I am just being ignored… A member of the Executive Escalation Team told me to write him an email because he “wanted everything in writing” so I did…. you guessed it, never heard from him since… seems it is “business as usual” at Dell.

    Does anyone at Dell have the integrity to try and do the right thing or is this just a colossal waste of time and energy? I would challenge ANY executive at Dell to contact me (call collect if you like) and discuss this with me person to person. I am a reasonable, fair person and I expect a reasonable and fair TWO WAY conversation when I contact Dell for help.

  166. Duffrey: I understand that you are frustrated by your situation and I am sorry that you do not agree with the option that Customer Service offered.

    A Dell representative contacted you because of the initial comments and e-mails you sent to me. I will forward your request for support to Customer Service to ask them to follow up with you a second time.

    I do not publish every comment that comes into Direct2Dell per our Terms of Service.

    Further explanation is in the following text which is posted just below the comment box that all readers use to submit comments:

    Note: Conversation is encouraged and expected. However, moderation of comments is necessary to prevent spam, personal attacks, profanity, mentions of legal action or off-topic commentary. Comments related to specific product support or customer service issues will be addressed separately rather than posted here.  Please use the links in Contact Us for product and customer service assistance.


  167. Thank you Lionel, I appreciate the response believe me! And I am sorry if I seem confused here, but to my knowledge I have not been contacted by anyone from dell via or as a result of this blog. The one contact I had with the Executive Escalation Team (mentioned in my last post) came about as a result of a complaint to an organization that oversees business practices. There was no mention in his reply to them about you, this blog or my comments herein.

    Beyond that one footnote inviting my daughter to email him, to which we have never received a response, I have not had any communication from Dell for quite some time. I, of course am acting with her permission in this matter and am on record with Dell to speak for her.

    In any case, this is one difficult case among many, and with the help of the blog here we can hopefully sort out the mess. I expect that as it becomes easier to communicate effectively WITH Dell, problems such as mine will lessen and make your job much easier and much more pleasant!

    I won’t be upset if you don’t publish this on the blog as I realize I might have broken the terms of use by referring to the outside organization above, but I wanted you to know that the contact came from elsewhere and was not initiated by Dell.

    regards, duff sigurdson 





  168. Hello Lionel: I am hoping you might spur your Customer Service people to shine some light on my ongoing saga… after dell cut communication with me and refused to deal with my daughters ailing Inspiron 9100, we looked for other solutions to the problem. (see my numerous notes on this blog).

    To our surprise, Dell initiated a contact on July 9th and a service technician made an appointment to meet with my daughter and see what he could do to fix the problem. As she is very busy working and studying for a commercial pilot’s license, a meeting was difficult, but finally set. Sadly, the tech failed to make it to the appointment and although he promised to contact her via email to arrange another date, he has never called back!

    So, can you tell me why Dell initiated the contact and what they hope to achieve by doing so? Last I knew of our relationship with Dell was they refused to discuss the matter any further… now they want to send a tech around, but he doesn’t show up? Very odd, yes? 

    Please note, we did not ask for this service nor expect it and so we are very puzzled as to why it is happening and what the point is? Obviously we would love to have it fixed but equally obvious is the fact that we are not interested in being put through another round of dell’s customer service shenanigans.

    Any explanation you might provide as to why this is happening and what the point is would be appreciated.  

    regards, duff sigurdson

  169. I’ve been a Dell customer for over 10 years now both personally and with Dell Servers in our Data Center. I have watched  with dismay, the level of service that set Dell apart from others, wane to an intolerable level.

    What kept me a loyal Dell customer all of these years is gone and it’s a shame. I guess in an effort to cut costs, you contracted your technical and customer support out to foreign entities. I used to rely heavily on your server support and now, I’m amazed if the person on the other end can speak English.

    I read from time to time how Dell is losing it’s ground in the PC market and is trying to figure out how to regain it’s momentum. It’s not Rocket Science Dell, get back to what you did best. Offer simply the best support out there as you have in the past.    

  170. Well, here we go again, I try to communicate with Dell via this site to see if I can make sense of what is going on. Real people may be listening but they are not responding… DELL made the contact, DELL did not follow up and DELL is now not responding… WHY would you contact us, make an appointment and then not follow through? I am absolutely flabbergasted! This whole thing makes a mockery of your claims to be sorting out customer service. What is it that makes it impossible for you to reply to my last post? What makes it so difficult for your staff to follow up on a service call? Why would you contact us if not to find a solution to our problem? We are still waiting to hear from “real people”…  

  171. Duffrey: I thought this issue ws supposed to have been closed since your daughter’s system is out of warranty. I will see what other person tried to follow up with you.

  172. Hi Lionel: Yes I too thought the issue was dead vis a vie Dell and my daughter’s problem… and hence my latest contacts on this forum (above). All is not lost…I am learning to blog as a result.

    To my knowledge the latest contact was initiated by Dell as an “unresolved issue” (probably from the Canadian branch of Dell ??) and it was a tech trying to set up an appointment to troubleshoot the 9100 with her over the phone. Because the computer was at my apartment awaiting either a mob from ebay or a rebuild from scratch, and I was in New Zealand, she played a bit of phone tag with the tech to set up a time when she could be at my apartment, then he disappeared with a message he would contact her. End of story as we know it.

    I am now back in Canada and in a better position to fix the problem, and of course I still have my daughter’s consent to be speaking and acting on her behalf in this matter.

    I appreciate any clarity you might be able to shed, we would still love to have a solution that gets my daughter back online (with something other than our own 1501 which we have been lending her all this time!).




  173. I have bought my first and last Dell printer due to when you need supplies for the printer Dell uses the worst package carrier service DHL. Let me give you an example, I ordered toner for the printer from Ohio. It was put on ground shipment from Ohio to California and then into Dallas, Texas. Very efficient! Wait there’s more. When you call customer service to deal with problems in the United States, your call goes to INDIA!!!! First I know no one from India that is named Steve, Paul or Joe. I’m sure they are of U.S. decent by the accent. Never did I get a problem solved through customer service. Thank you Dell for absolutely nothing! Dell takes your money and then turns you over to the SACRED COW bunch.          

  174. Hello again. I just wanted to provide an ending (??) to the saga above. A nice fellow did call today, spurred on by Lionel’s response to my notes above, and while he was likely based in India, he was knowledgeable and spoke great english, plus he tried hard to listen.

    Bottom line though, is he is from technical support and he had no authority to do anything except have me sit though a 30 minute session with him reviewing the file… at which time he told me he could sell me a refurbished motherboard! I had opportunity to explain to him that we had been through all this, from the depths of the Dell forums to [email protected] through [email protected] and onwards and upwards… and that we (Dell and ourselves) had dropped the matter as a point of discussion between us, untill they contacted us again in early July.

    The poor fellow had to consult his manager on what to do next and he came back with a line I consider a classic… “We will make a note on the file that Dell will not contact you unless they have a solution to your problem.”

    I had to laugh, what else could I do… if Shakespeare were alive he would have a field day with this story.

    Thanks anyway Lionel, I didn’t have hopes to dash so no harm done. 

  175. I was given this site, told that it was read by Mr. Dell although he never answered anything, and that this was the appropriate place to post my comments. This is the first space I’ve been able to locate on this site that HAS anywhere to post a comment…so here goes: I know NOTHING about computers…listened to a lot of opinions/advice….and walked into a Dell station and ordered everything the salesperson offered/recommended…things I’ve never used/don’t even know what they are….extended warranties….special support contracts(which guaranteed I’d wait no longer than 5 minutes for help)….service contracts that still have YEARS to go on them…and I wouldn’t give you two cents for ANY of it. Your first problem in getting support if something goes wrong/you have a question…is finding someone who speaks the same language as yourself. I would imagine the Dell customers in India, South America, Jamaica, the Eastern Bloc are quite content with customer support…but as hard as these poor souls are trying, I cannot understand them….so I get nothing….except frustrated and angry. My understanding, verified by a an employee in the Dell Corporate Office, is that all the English-as-first-language employees are assigned to the American BUSINESS customers (I’d heard some time ago about their threats to withdraw their business from Dell because they couldn’t understand the support team and had asked for one of THEM to speak to). I suppose Dell saw the business sector as being more important than the individual/home user…they just failed to understand that all of us individuals make up a great BIG pile of customers…and that WE are important, too. It took me TWO WEEKS (with my Special Customer Support contract) of trying to understand what was being said to me over the phone before I got frustrated enough to print out maps of every place in the phone book that had the Dell name attached to it(this is AFTER dialing every single number and getting NO ANSWER AT ANY OF THEM) and driving into Round Rock, Texas to the Corporate Headquarters to get an appointment made for a technician to come to my home. THAT got a quick response…but, after the motherboard was replaced, I discovered that I had no SOUND….and, after being informed by Dell that the system I bought from the Dell store contained 3rd party equipment that had nothing to do with them….and then calling that 3rd party….I was told that Dell had sold me an extended warranty on 3rd party equipment that WAS ALREADY SO OLD it couldn’t BE under the warranty I was sold. Now…what exactly do you think my already low opinion of Dell did upon hearing THAT piece of news??? At this point, all I can do is use every resource available to keep anyone else from making the same mistake I did….and that I intend to do….in spades. The children’s centers, new hospitals, etc with the Dell name on them that are up/going up in Austin, Texas seem like a splendid thing for someone to have done….until you come to the realization, like I did today, that all that money got made the WRONG WAY. And….Mr. Dell…if you really DO read this….please study the work of Edwards Deming while you are re-structuring your company and trying to save it from going down the drain it is currently circling…especially his 14 Points and an account of his Red Bead demonstration….it might be the only chance you have left. Deming was the man who put Japan back on it’s feet after WWII and made it the undefeatable and innovative business leader it still is today(and probably always will be). Nobody in American wanted to listen to him at the time….because what he had to say was too hard for them to accept(that the fault lies with management and the system rather than the employees/training)….and by the time the first American company (Ford) DID begin to listen, they had already been long left behind in the dirt. When I got out of my car in Round Rock and approached 4 Dell employees who were walking towards the same building to ask if I was in the right place and said “I wonder if you could help me?” and the first response I got was “Are you looking for an Apple?”, I recall thinking how strange a response that was to get from a Dell employee in a Dell parking lot….but, now….heck….knowing what they know working there….they probably all OWN Apples!!!!

  176. I am very satified with the lady that helped me troubleshoot my computer problem.  Please look her up and give her a raise!


  177. Just read an article about Michael Dell in Reader’s Digest – Nov. 2007- of Indian Edition.  Quite an interesting article !  Glad to know that he has again taken over the management to keep the DELL going from strenght to strength.  Hats off to him.

  178. Look at what is happening to DELL shares. There is a reason why DELL is not doing well….but the worse part is that DELL does not listen when you tell them what is the problem…bad service=fewer sales ; i think the share price is going to 9.40.


  179. I do not know how these blogs work. I see lots of them but hard to follow what is going on.

    I do have a question and would appreciate somebody’s opinion. I have a Dell Dimension 3000 and would like to upgrade the power supply. I was told by a Dell support that it was not possible. Any way around it?

  180. Hello I just need to download drivers and applications about the AXIM X30 for one of my customer. Would you please tell me where can I found them? I make a research yesterday but I can not find any drivers for it.

    Thank you,Jean.

  181. This note is a second try – the first went off before I completed it…

    I just returned a Dell monitor after four days of use.  It was a 30" widescreen flat panel, model 3008 WFP, that cost about $2000.  I had very high expectations for the monitor, but I was disappointed.  I used the monitor for about 10 hours for editing digital photos in Photoshop.

    In many respects, the monitor is great.  The color and contrast is beautiful.  The large size is great.  The stand works very nicely. 

    I had two major areas of concern.  The first is that the monitor has subtle, vertical banding in brightness across the screen – as if I was looking at an image presented on a curtain instead of a flat surface.  This effect is strong enough to be a distraction in about 10% of the pictures I was working on – most often on images with light, even skies.

    The second concern is more critical.  The screen had a non-uniform, "sparkly" appearance that varies with head movement and is different as seen from the left and right eyes.  My explanation for this is that the protective screen in front of the actual LCD has too coarse a texture such that the texture acts as miniature magnifying glasses.  The scale and spacing of these interact with the LCD pixel spacing in such a way that you see a mottled surface instead of a smooth, uniform one, and this mottling changes with head movement and from eye to eye.  This makes it hard to judge and enjoy high quality digital images.

    I have a Dell M90 laptop at work.  Its monitor is very smooth and even.  I have a Dell 24' LCD monitor at work of recent vintage and it is smooth and even.  Based on this, I figured the top-of-the-line Dell monitor would be fantastic.  But it is not.

    Not to be nasty, but this monitor makes me wonder if anybody from engineering actually looked as this screen before approving it for sale as a Dell product. 

    I made a couple photos of the screen that show these effects.  Please (Dell) let me know if you would like to see them.

    Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback to engineering. 

    PS:  On the Dell website, the "specifications" tab for this monitor is not working. 

  182. Hi I have a 2407 and I slid it down to it's lowest position and now it is stuck. Is there an easy way to get it to slide upward again?  Thanks in advance.





    I am writing to request that you do
    something to improve your customer support.

    Two weeks ago I purchased an XPS 720 will
    all options together with one of the latest 3008 monitors. After a couple of
    days the monitor died.

    I have spent hours and hours on hold with
    technical support, being passed from one person to another and getting nowhere.
    Eventually someone called Jessie promised me that a replacement would be
    delivered two days later (as per the terms of the warrantee). Of course nothing
    happened and I was forced to go through the hell of hours on hold until I could
    get through to someone who would acknowledge the problem.

    So here I am a week later with a brand new
    machine sitting dead on my desk because the monitor failed.

    Is there any way someone in your company
    could take an interest in my plight and help me out without expecting me to
    spend hours on hold or talking to people whose knowledge of English is sketchy
    at best?



  184. I was just wondering how much memory can be used ont he C840 laptop.  Also does it matter what speed the memory chips are?

  185. Hi! I'm a tech coordinator for a school. I'm trying to figure out why the sound is not working on an older Dell computer that runs windows 98.

    I've checked all the usual sound issues to no avail….

    Is there a way I can check the sound card to see if it is bad???



  186. I like Dell products, even this ancient Dimension C521 I'm "renovating."


    John Bumgarner 

  187. my dell AIO Printer 926 has german language. How do I   change  the language  to English?

  188. Dimension E310 powers on, fan starts, and diagnostics lights 3 and 4 stay on–no monitor activity; changed memory cards and upgraded to Dell 1GB each.  Still, powers on and lights 3 and 4 stay on.  The monitor will not display and stays in standby mode and it will not boot into Windows XP.

  189. After having my Dell Optiplex Gx270 unpluged for a day when I plugged it up again and pressed the start button it only flashed amber and would not start…  Finally after unplugging it and pressing the start button several times I saw a little pin button next to the start button and pressed it and then the start button and it started???

    What happened?

  190. To Martin Spencer (Feb 16 2008).  I understand what you are saying re customer services I have had same problem for last 3 days, hate to think what my phone bill will be.  At the end they told me to purchase a new monitor.

    I'm having trouble with monitor, on/off switch won't work customer services said reboot but didn't work now they say it is broken and I need a new monitor.  I have only had this one 21 months.

  191. Am in kenya.. This blog will realy help me solve alot of problems with my DELL AXIM X51v. Since i bought my dell axim, i have used alot of passwords and now i have forgotten the last four digits that i used..! Which software am i supposed to use in unlocking it.? And where can i buy it while using E-bay because i live in kenya…! I will appreciate if you sent me suggestions of how to deal with my DELL AXIMS X51v problems because my AXIM is not working at tha moment.. Thanx for listening to me..

    John Khisa. H

  192. Phew! after reading all of the prior posts I.m not sure what to make of it all.

    Over the last ten years I have always purchased Dell equipment. I have only ever had two problems the first an exploding Server was fixed next day under my repair contract. (2001) The second a smoking  inspiron power pack, under warrenty a replacement was sent within three days. (2009)  Being non technical I find all of my problems are not with the quality of the equipment but the software and all down to my own ignorance. One one occation I contacted the Dell Forum with a query and was answered with a solution within 24 hours. So Thank you Dell you do get it right most of the time.

    And now to my next issue can someone help me I have a latitude C840 that has worked fine for 9 years. On starting up I get a warning before the laptop freezes.

    STOP: C000026C Unable to load device driver systemroot system32 Drivers   ptserial.sysdevice driver could not be loaded Error status 0XC000012f 

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this please ( I run Windows 2000)

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