Register of the UK socialise, mobilise and capitalise your business for success webinar


with how social media can work for your business? Worried about losing data?
How can you better enable productivity in a mobile workforce? If you own a
business or manage IT systems in the UK, then this free Dell webinar may interest you. Hosted by the
British Chambers of Commerce,
three top Dell speakers have been lined up to present on three hot business

10.00am to 11.30am, Thursday 7th July 2011


10.00   Introduction from our hosts: British Chambers
of Commerce

10.10   Mobilising your workforce

Speaker: Cherian Mathews, Marketing Manager –
Mobility Products & Solutions, Dell. Outline the solutions to help mobilise
your workforce to drive productivity and efficiency. Cherian will highlight the
practical steps you can take. Q&A

10.35   Leveraging social media

Speaker: Marta Obrebska, Senior Manager, Social
Media Strategy and Programs, Dell. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – great
experience for the consumer but difficult for businesses to capitalise on and
manage effectively. Marta will spotlight simple actions to get the most out of
social media Q&A

11.00   Managing a data explosion

Speaker: Gerry Kenny, Server & Storage
Marketing manager, Dell. As a business expands so does its knowledge, stored in
the minds and local hard drive of key personnel is risking disaster. Gerry will
outline the risks and make recommendations to avoid overload. Q&A

11.25   Final questions and closing remarks from our
hosts: British Chambers of Commerce

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