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Research and Innovation, Theme of Dell World Opening


Today at Dell World, Michael Dell announced several exciting things that I alluded to in my recent post about Dell’s first year private (again) when I said “But, there’s more to come, so watch this space!”

He kicked off the event speaking with press and analysts about the Global Technology Adoption Index examining the technology trends of security, cloud, mobility and big data.

Beyond that type of research, he talked about how privatization has enabled us to accelerate the pace of blue sky innovation. For example, Dell Research is now working on a project to create a software-based network switch using a standard server as the hardware base.

We’ve also developed a solution called High Velocity Cloud that can support all the mobile phone traffic in a medium-size city with only one quarter rack of Dell server and networking equipment.

Dell Research and our Enterprise Solutions Group are also investigating a unique immersion cooling strategy that will allow you to cool a rack with 100x more compute power than possible today. Today, we can cool about 60 KW/rack. With the new immersion cooling approach, it appears possible we can cool up to 6 MW/rack.

This type of long-term investment on behalf of our customers will help us accelerate our solutions capabilities. As Michael told the Austin American-Statesman earlier:

“Well, when you’re a public company, you have this 90-day shot clock. And what happens is, the people inside the company are very focused on the next reporting period. I’m sure that can generate some good things, too, but what I’ve found is that as we’ve moved our focus more toward the medium term and long term, we’re starting to see new opportunities that require investment today but yield benefit in six months — or a year, or two years or three years out. And so we’re seeing those; we’re not going to do them all, but we’ll do a fair number of them. And so we’re investing.”

And we’re also investing in our channel partners who help us deliver these benefits. We are bringing them a series of new and enhanced programs to continue to drive growth, which for the first time has passed 40 percent of total Dell revenues, reported.

We’re glad to have 600 of our partners joining us at Dell World this week, along with direct customers, media from more than 30 different countries, and a few more unusual characters like SpiceRex!


[UPDATE] Want to see more from Day One? We’ve now got video highlights!

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