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Savvy and Stunning New Latitude Line-up: Now Commercial Customers can have it All


We’re very proud that our trusted Latitude line of Ultrabooks, laptops and tablets are the most secure and most manageable devices on the market with outstanding reliability. And, while function has historically ruled over form when it comes to commercial PCs, we’re changing that…

Today we introduce the Latitude 7000 Series, 5000 Series and 3000 Series. These new Ultrabooks and laptops combine seductive design and touch capability with business-level security and manageability that’s unmatched in the industry.

The new Latitude 7000 Series completely redefines the commercial laptop. Designed to be loved by IT professionals and end-users alike, these thin, light and beautiful Ultrabooks successfully combine consumer-inspired features with commercial performance.

This video sums it up:

In addition to the Latitude 7000 Series Ultrabooks, we’re also announcing new Latitude 5000 and 3000 Series laptops, designed to help businesses of all sizes adopt secure, manageable and reliable notebooks. The Latitude 14 and Latitude 15 5000 Series are designed to meet most workforce needs with 14.1-inch or 15.6-inch display options and other key features, such as:

The Latitude 3000 Series is Dell’s newest line of entry-level commercial laptops for education and small business customers designed to give more people access to powerful IT solutions. The Latitude 14 and 15 3000 Series laptops offer:

Dell has also worked to make technology more accessible to more people. We’ve done just that with these products. No longer do customers have to choose between security, manageability, mobility and style. It’s all here, plus touch capabilities for better interaction with customers, better student engagement, improved patient care and collaboration among knowledge workers.

We hope you’re as excited about these new commercial Ultrabooks and laptops as we are. The Latitude 7000 Series starts at $1049 and the Latitude 3000 Series starts at $599; both will be available September 12th. The Latitude 5000 Series will be available in October.

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