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ServusXchange – 2008 U.S. Small Business Excellence Award Finalist Profile


“After Hurricane Wilma damaged my home, I had a fortune to spend with contractors,” said Brian Javeline, President and CEO of ServusXchange, LLC.
“During the repair process, I witnessed an unprecedented amount of
inefficiency between the various contractors working on my house.”

The unfortunate effects of Hurricane Wilma led Brian, experienced in
the software industry, to research how technology could help with some
of the problems he personally experienced with his contractors. Brian
met up with Paul’s Maintenance, Inc. (PMI)
of South Florida, one of the largest local remodelers to learn about
all the challenges they face when working with so many sub-contractors.
The result was,
a web-based solution powered by ServusXchange, targeted toward
small-and medium-sized residential property contractors in the
remodeling and repairs industry.

According to Brian, many contractors are overwhelmed by, or just
unaware of, technologies that can significantly help their businesses.
provides contractors with an easy-to-use online resource to manage
front and back office logistics. Especially designed for compatibility
with mobile technology like laptops and tablet PCs, MyOnlineToolbox
makes it easy for contractors to manage business operations including
scheduling, invoicing, general note-taking and even payment
transactions either on-the-spot at a jobsite or back at the office.

MyOnlineToolbox also allows contractors and sub-contractors to
effectively collaborate with one another through a business-to-business
communication portal. As Brian explains, “many workers will finish a
job like fixing a plumbing problem, and the plumber will then need a
drywall contractor to patch the hole he made fixing the plumbing.”
Using a mobile device while still on the job, MyOnlineToolbox allows
the plumber to submit a job request for a drywall contractor before
moving onto his next project – increasing efficiency and customer
satisfaction. Drywall specialists will see this ad and respond via the
MyOnlineToolbox network, cutting out many unnecessary and timely steps
for both parties.

From hurricane destruction to business success, Brian has
successfully introduced the benefits of technology to the remodeling
and repair environment. See for yourself what one contractor has to say
about MyOnlineToolbox at

If you have questions about MyOnlineToolbox or are a contractor
interested in becoming a MyOnlineToolbox member, please comment here or
contact ServusXchange directly. Brian has also been reviewing the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC. Check back here, or subscribe to our RSS feed, for his review and feedback in the coming weeks.

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