Small Business Tech Tips: Smartphone for a smart business


Part of running a small business is the ability to be mobile.

With the launch of Google’s G1 and Nokia’s first touch phone, among others, there’s an opportunity to be truly mobile while running a business. As small businesses become mobile, it’s important they have the right device in order for them to access the most relevant information in real-time. With so many choices available to small businesses, here are some of the main features to look for:

  • UMTS/HSDPA and GSM/EDGE world mobile phone capabilities
  • Maps with GPS delivers driving directions, maps, and business directory information
  • Desktop-class applications, including calendar, rich HTML email, full-featured address book, and web browser
  • Ability to view Microsoft Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®, PDF, JPEG, and iWork® email attachments
  • Built-in Cisco IPSec VPN— provides the highest level of IP-based encryption for transmission of sensitive company information
  • East-to-use keyboard, Bluetooth and speakerphone
  • Reasonable battery life that can support a fair amount of talk time and web surfing
  • Sufficient memory to allow for the sharing and storage
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