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Social Film “What Lives Inside” Coming to Life


Last month I shared how Dell was bringing you the opportunity to play a part in creating a new movie from Academy Award Winner Robert Stomberg, starring recent Academy Award Winner J. K. Simmons.

This week the official trailer debuted giving you a preview of the final film:

Many thanks to everyone who submitted creature sketches for possible inclusion in the movie. Thousands were received – more user-generated content than our partner Intel’s two previous “Inside Films” combined.

“We’ve had over 6,000 submissions of art work, which is crazy! Stromberg told FastCompany. "I just think that’s a much better indicator of engagement than throwing a project into testing. I love how it lets people be an active part of the final product. Any time I can be a part of inspiring others to get in touch with their creative side, only inspires me more as an artist."

The winning drawings are being handpicked by Stromberg; and while the full roster is still being finalized, I was able to snag a couple of the finalists to share with you here:

In addition to Simmons, the movie includes actors Colin Hanks and Catherine O’Hara, and features a soundtrack created by James Newton Howard that is already drawing favorable comments on YouTube where the trailer is posted.

“Its other star is less Hollywood, if still creative in its own way—the new the new Dell Venue 8 7000 Series tablet with Intel RealSense technology,” notes Jeff Beer, senior writer with Co.Create.

In a more behind-the-scenes role than our Dell Venue 8 7000 has, our Precision M3800 workstation is also being used to make the movie. There’s much work to be done with the winning sketches to make them movie-ready. You can get a glimpse when you see what one of the characters above has now become:

While a few people will be getting a preview at this week’s SXSW Film Festival, everyone can see the first installment of the movie in just a few short weeks. It is premiering March 25th exclusively on Hulu. Find out more at and get ready to be taken to a world beyond your imagination!

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