Source Code Now Available for Dell Streak and Aero Products


I know there are several folks out there who have been asking for this. We heard from many customers at #dellstreak hashtag on Twitter and in other places around the web. Recently, we've posted the source code for Dell Streak as well as Dell Aero.

Not long ago, Chris shared this with customers on Twitter:


Like I said in my update to this Dell Streak blog post, we are committed to fulfilling all of our obligations when using open source code in our products. We are providing the source code to give developers access to Streak hardware, which is necessary for writing some types of Android apps for the Dell Streak. I understand this did not happen as quickly as some of you would have liked. Moving forward, we'll work to close that gap.

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  • Chris Almond

    Yehaw!  But why not make it available within a source code repo with version control?  (…looks like could be repurposed at this point)

    Or better yet, let's convert into a real source code repository.

  • DELL-John Hull

    @Chris: we'll talk to the mobile team to see if it's possible to provide some kind of source tree. We already maintain a git repo for our Linux/x86 projects:

  • SykePhank

    "I understand this did not happen as quickly as some of you would have liked."

    Posting the source code is not something you are doing because "we" like it. You are required by the license to post the source code when you distribute the product. Not at some random point in the future whenever you feel like it.

    "Moving forward, we'll work to close that gap."

    Either abide by the license or don't use the software. It doesn't matter why you didn't post the source code immediately. You were in violation of the license the day the Streak was made available (or any other product with GPL software on it) and the source code wasn't available. If you aren't ready to make the source code available, then don't ship the product.

    Next time, don't violate the license.