Stop The Race To The Printer (video)


Did you know that Kim in marketing made more than you? Did you know that Bob in accounting had to sign supplimental discipline forms because his kids were acting up at school?

How many times have you found something on the printer you weren’t meant to see? It seems like it happens every day, in every company. Watch the funny take on the things this company finds on their printers. While we can’t stop the alien invasion, Dell Printer security features ensure that your data stays secure and private. Not only that, but they can help reduce IT complexity by allowing more people to print to an efficient workgroup printer, rather than have individual printers on their desks out of security concerns.

Continue reading this post for more on how printers should be examined as part of your information security audit (including how poor printer security cost Marvel Pictures rewrites on the new Avengers movies): The Avengers and Fantasy Football: Why Printer Security Matters

Leave a comment below with any funny stories of things you’ve found on printers, or solutions your company has found to this problem.

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