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The Evolution of the Gaming PC

The Commodore 64 was introduced in January 1982 with a CPU of 1.024 megahertz and 64 kilobytes of RAM. These specs seem very small by today’s standards, but they were enough to make the Commodore 64 the best-selling single personal computer model of all time*. Today an Alienware gaming pc can reach CPU … READ MORE

Alan McMahon June 8, 2012

Ideas in Action Update—July 13, 2011

It has been a while since the last update and I would like to share some things that have happened over the last couple of months. We have added new Idea Partners from the Alienware team, marked several ideas as Under Review, Implemented or Partially Implemented and have … READ MORE

IdeaStorm July 13, 2011

Alienware …it’s been a busy few months

The past few months have been very exciting for the Alienware team. Back in April, we officially announced how the company was redefining mobile gaming – again – with the addition of three new all-powerful systems, the M11x, M14x and M18x. You can read Arthur Lewis, VP of … READ MORE

Melanie Derome, EMEA June 24, 2011
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