The M11x is Finally HERE!

I recall a time not so long ago I sat in the line at Quakecon and marveled at the gaming rigs devout fans brought with them to the BYOC. Some people’s systems were stock Dells, some folks had gargantuan XPS systems and Alienware ALX’s, and some folks had huge monstrosities … READ MORE

John Blain February 2, 2010

Good Things Coming in Small Packages

I may have missed going to CES this year, but it’s been difficult to miss the buzz about the upcoming Alienware M11x. When it is released, it promises to forever change the face of the mobile gaming landscape. It’s not surprise that it’s created the stir it has. Amidst the … READ MORE

John Blain January 26, 2010

The Area-51 and Area-51 ALX : Now Available for Gaming Domination

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve probably heard the hype surrounding the latest Alienware releases, the M15x and the Aurora. But not much has been circulated about their big brother, the Area-51 and the Area-51 ALX. Gizmodo recently did an Area-51 ALX Alienware Autopsy (read: photo shoot), their … READ MORE

John Blain October 20, 2009
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