Fantastically Fun Film Fest – Powered by Dell

On Monday evening I had the pleasure of attending the Fantastic Fest filmmakers spotlight.  For those of you who don’t know what Fantastic Fest is, let me offer a quick description.  Fantastic Fest is the largest “genre film” festival in the United States and it’s the creation of … READ MORE

Pat Kannar September 26, 2013

Dell and AMD: A powerful combination for the cloud

At Dell we continually listen to our customers and enhance our PowerEdge server portfolio with new features and capabilities.  Today, we’re excited to introduce the latest processor improvements from AMD – both the high value 4300 series processors and the high end 6300 series processors. Our ongoing collaboration … READ MORE

Brian Payne November 5, 2012

A Little Clarity

After several days in Beijing, I flew on to Taipei and experienced a massive change in weather. Or more specifically, in air quality. The Beijing air quality index hit 420 in the evening that we were leaving, giving the air a foggy quality that reminded me of the … READ MORE

John Fruehe November 29, 2011

Screaming for Virtualization… and More

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, Dell introduced new PowerEdge C servers that support AMD’s latest Opteron processors like the 4200 and 6200 families. Below is a guest post from AMD’s Paul Struhsaker, AMD’s Corporate Vice President and Commercial Business GM. ———— On Monday, we celebrated the launch of the highly-anticipated … READ MORE

Paul Struhsaker November 15, 2011

Unlocking Multi-Core Opportunities in the Virtual Era

The legendary Peter Allen once sang, “Everything old is new again.” At AMD, we echo the singer’s thoughts in relation to technology. We have continually witnessed history repeat and refresh itself – the server market is no exception.   Every few decades, a new technology arises that fundamentally … READ MORE

Annie Flaig October 13, 2011

Studio XPS 7100: AMD 6-Core Processors in a Dell Desktop

For those of you who have been reading about AMD's new 6-core processors at sites like Anandtech and Tom's Hardware, you already know that they are the most affordable 6-processor processors available. If you use a desktop to handle multi-threaded tasks like video encoding or editing multi-layered, high … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca May 12, 2010
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