Machine Learning Moves into Pharma Manufacturing

In mid-June, I attended a fascinating conference on statistics for measuring, analyzing, and optimizing the validation process for Good Manufacturing Practices compliance in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. The second annual Statistics in Validation summit brought together organizational stakeholders to examine how best to implement FDA … READ MORE

Tom Hi July 11, 2016

In Search of Data Détente

Earlier this month, I was at Gartner’s Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit, which gave me a chance to talk with customers about how they’re empowering their end-users to access, integrate, prepare and provision data. Most interesting is the growing numbers of “citizen analysts,” “citizen data scientists” and even … READ MORE

Joanna Schloss April 7, 2016

Business First, Analytics Second?

This is a guest post by Thomas Davenport, who recently participated in a Twitter Chat sponsored by Dell Digital Business Services and International Institute of Analytics (IIA) on a “Business-First Approach to Analytics.” If you’d rather review the chat itself, instead of his summary, click here. ************* You … READ MORE

Vikram Venkateswaran March 25, 2016

An Inflection Point for Dell Statistica

When Dell acquired StatSoft and its Statistica advanced analytics platform back in early 2014, we knew it was only the start of a journey toward something bigger. Certainly, StatSoft had every reason to be proud of its accomplishments up to that point. The company and its leaders spent … READ MORE

John K Thompson February 18, 2016

Predictions for IoT Adoption and Analytics

The following is a guest post by Joseph di Paolantonio and Clarise Z Doval Santos who recently attended Dell's 1-5-10 Series discussion on the Internet of Things (IoT). ************ The Internet of Things, and Data Management and Analytics are the basis of our research. We were very excited … READ MORE

Konstanze Alex Brown January 28, 2016

In Search of the Data Scientist Unicorn

There seems to be a common thread in all my customer conversations lately—whether it’s during business meetings, casual lunches or following the recent big data and analytics press summit I moderated at Dell World. The people tasked with doing more with their data to solve business problems are … READ MORE

Darin Bartik December 7, 2015

Statistica and Medicine: Q&A with Dr. Steven Melemis

In this post, I share highlights of a fascinating conversation with Dr. Steven M. Melemis, a long-time user of Dell Statistica and recognized expert in the field of addiction medicine. After earning a Ph.D. in statistics, Melemis went back to school for a medical degree and has merged … READ MORE

John Whittaker October 13, 2015

Living on the Edge: How to Ease into IoT Analytics

At the recent IoT Evolution Conference & Expo, I experienced a few deja vu moments that returned me to my early days with data analytics. A decade ago, companies often struggled with a lack of data, so they were forced to make decisions less on data-driven insights and … READ MORE

Joanna Schloss September 16, 2015
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