Solar Powered Labs Take Tech-Enabled Learning Off the Grid

According to a recent UNICEF report, there are almost 121 million children worldwide that are not enrolled in school. These children lack access to the facilities, teachers and technology they need to receive a quality education, which is critical to global economic stability and access to opportunity. Research … READ MORE

Trisa Thompson March 9, 2015

Big Data is Big Business: You Just Have to Get Started

As a marketing leader, I’m always interested in understanding trends and what’s keeping our customers up at night. According to the recent Dell Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI), which uncovers how organizations are truly using disruptive technology, big data is a big missed opportunity. While 61 percent of respondents … READ MORE

Bryan E. Jones February 2, 2015

Why Advancing the Circular Economy for IT Matters

Today, we live in a mostly linear economy, one in which we take, make, consume and dispose of natural resources daily. The end result? Trash and diminishing natural resources. This model is not sustainable. Over the next 30 years, three billion people will enter the middle class, which … READ MORE

Trisa Thompson January 21, 2015

Up in the Air: Why Technology Matters

In my sixteen years at Dell, I have racked up more hours of flying time than I’d care to admit. Finding the best possible flight experience is critical – it helps reduce the stress and strain that travel can impose on your body and your life.   When … READ MORE

Bryan E. Jones November 24, 2014

Zagreb Balloon Club Takes Tablet Tech to New Heights

You’ve heard it said by us, and by others, that helping women move up is very important to Dell. Sometimes, we mean that in the very literal sense! Recently, the Croatian hot air balloon team with pilot Marija Petric Miklousic and her crew, participated in the first Women’s … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse November 12, 2014
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