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New Partnerships are Driving Innovative Customer Solutions

I always think it’s ironic that there’s only one letter in the difference between the words “IT” and “OT” when in reality they have always existed worlds apart –Information Technology  in the office and Operational Technology in industrial environments like the factory floor. Either way, those walls of … READ MORE

Joyce Mullen October 7, 2016

Dell Statistica Stands Out as Analytics Market Heats Up

So far, 2016 has been a year of product innovations, market validations and customer successes—a trifecta in most marketing circles. It is, of course, the latter part of that trifecta that matters most. To see organizations such as Shire, Sanofi, Danske Bank, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, … READ MORE

David Sw July 18, 2016

Fast Walking Wins the Big Data Race

We all know the saying: “learn to walk before you run,” as it’s applicable to so many things in everyday life. This sage advice is equally relevant in the business world. Over the years, I’ve been in countless meetings where the project lead advises this approach when rolling … READ MORE

Joanna Schloss June 7, 2016

In Search of Data Détente

Earlier this month, I was at Gartner’s Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit, which gave me a chance to talk with customers about how they’re empowering their end-users to access, integrate, prepare and provision data. Most interesting is the growing numbers of “citizen analysts,” “citizen data scientists” and even … READ MORE

Joanna Schloss April 7, 2016

Business First, Analytics Second?

This is a guest post by Thomas Davenport, who recently participated in a Twitter Chat sponsored by Dell Digital Business Services and International Institute of Analytics (IIA) on a “Business-First Approach to Analytics.” If you’d rather review the chat itself, instead of his summary, click here. ************* You … READ MORE

Vikram Venkateswaran March 25, 2016

Collective Resourcing Unlocks Universal Truths

One of the things I like most about Dell’s Toad community is how millions of professionals from all types of businesses and industries come together to solve database management problems. There is a common purpose that often goes a step or two beyond typical collaboration to unlock universal … READ MORE

Joanna Schloss March 3, 2016

2016: The Yin and Yang Year of Data Management

In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang describe how opposing yet complementary forces are interrelated—one cannot exist without the other. If Yin represents a contracting force, Yang balances it with expanding energy. Two halves that complete each other yet change continuously to seek a new balance. When I forecasted … READ MORE

Joanna Schloss February 8, 2016
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