Getting Ready for the CIO 100 Symposium

I look forward to participating in the CIO 100 Symposium this weekend, an annual gathering of hundreds of the world’s smartest IT leaders who share best practices and advice on how they continue to thrive in the face of a severely competitive marketplace. Innovation, the theme of this … READ MORE

Sameer Kishore August 12, 2016

Three Reasons to Transition to Windows 10 for Business Now

For every company, making the commitment to transition to a new operating system can be intimidating, especially for IT teams with limited staff and resources. But the time eventually arrives when the benefits of transitioning can no longer be ignored. On this one-year anniversary of the release of … READ MORE

Raza Haider August 8, 2016

IT Modernization – Get Help Deciding the Best Way Forward

You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. This old adage certainly holds true for new technology. And when it comes to modernizing your applications — albeit through cloud, optimizing business processes, re-architecting or re-hosting — chances are you've been mulling it over, with no … READ MORE

Cameron Jenkins July 1, 2016

Dell’s Support Helps Diverse Suppliers Scale

This post is co-authored by Erica Hess Last week, I was surrounded by female entrepreneurs at the largest conference for women business-owners in the U.S. Their enthusiasm and determination assures me that these women will not let obstacles deter them from their entrepreneurial goals. But those obstacles remain: … READ MORE

Jennifer Allison June 27, 2016

Cloud: An Enabler of Business Growth

According to the 2015 revision of Dell’s Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI), companies investing in cloud are growing up to 51 percent faster than organizations not investing in cloud technology. It’s hard to tell if these companies are growing solely because of the advantages of cloud, or if … READ MORE

Ozan T April 27, 2016

Why Seattle is a Future-Ready Economy

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of hosting a roundtable discussion with public and private sector leaders, technologists and local media representatives in Seattle. The robust discussion, which included Microsoft as well as a representative from Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s office, was centered on Seattle being well-positioned … READ MORE

John Dietrich April 13, 2016
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