Reaching Out for the Light Switch

It is our desire to progress and grow, both professionally and personally, which helps us succeed and make our mark on the world. To say “I was here,” This is who I am,’” and, when things go right say, “Yes, that was me.”  But what if your mark, … READ MORE

Brian T September 10, 2015

How Dell Supports Millennials’ Careers

Millennials are the hot topic in recruiting these days – how to attract them, what interests them when considering a job and how their unique experiences are changing today’s workforce. Millennials are essential partners in change and Dell’s goal is to hire at least a quarter of our … READ MORE

Meredith Harrison August 26, 2015

Dell’s New Green Building Earns LEED Gold Certification

You probably don’t think about your physical work environment very often, unless something is making it uncomfortable. But facilities management professionals put a lot of thought into it, and our Dell Facilities team has been working hard to not only help employees like me more productive, but to … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse July 6, 2015

Creating a Competitive Advantage Through Embracing Diversity

We’re helping to kick off the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) national conference and business fair this week in Austin, and I can think of no better time to reflect on our continuing mission to bring diversity and inclusion into Dell’s business practices around the world. At … READ MORE

Kim Brown June 24, 2015

Looking Back on Our Legacy of Good [Infographic]

To borrow a line from Bob Dylan, the times they are a changin’. Last year was the hottest year on record (since 1880) and climate change is increasingly linked to extreme weather that’s happening today—not 50 years in the future. And change wasn’t just around the climate, year-on-year … READ MORE

Trisa Thompson June 22, 2015

Dell Launches First Report to Customers

Today Dell unveiled our Annual Report to Customers, our first progress report as a private company. We are privileged that our only stakeholders are our customers, and we measure our success by their success stories. So appropriately, the entirely-digital report focuses on the stories of our customers and … READ MORE

Karen Quintos May 27, 2015

Supply Chain Responsibility is a Journey

At Dell, our customers are at the core of everything we do. We know it’s important to them that we drive social and environmental responsibility in our supply chain and across the industry. We’ve been working diligently to demonstrate full transparency of key issues within our supply chain … READ MORE

Mark Pringle May 18, 2015
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