The Future of IT Security

In a few days, thirty thousand information security professionals from all over the globe will gather in San Francisco for the RSA Conference, the world’s largest information security event.  After a year that included a number of high-profile data breaches, this conference will give the best minds in … READ MORE

John McClurg April 17, 2015

Empower Your Business – The ‘Triple A’ Security Approach

Triple-A ratings are normally associated with chief financial officers  keeping a tab on John Moody’s bond credit rating. In the world of IT however, how can a chief information officer or information technology decision maker (ITDM) rate the efficiency of an IT security implementation? IT security is one … READ MORE

Florian M February 17, 2015

Security vs. Dancing Pigs

Thanks to ever changing privacy laws and increasing threats to personal and corporate data, encryption has become a critical tool in the computer security arsenal. Encryption ensures sensitive data can only be read by those authorized to see the information, regardless of where that data is stored. It’s … READ MORE

Sheila D September 25, 2014

Dell Acquires AppAssure

In a world of social media and real-time news, the world remembers businesses that lost their edge because they lost data or couldn’t recover data fast enough. This makes reliable data protection more important now than ever before, yet traditional backup solutions are not architected for today’s 24/7 … READ MORE

Darren Thomas, VP/GM—Dell Storage February 24, 2012

Dell DR4000: Demystifying Data Duplication for Small Businesses

There’s no way around it – we’re in the midst of a data explosion – an explosion many small businesses are struggling to keep up with, without ever-increasing budgets. By eliminating redundancies, organizations can maximize their storage capacity and see immediate results.. However, such technology has previously been … READ MORE

Antonio Julio January 11, 2012
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