Cloud, Big Data and Mobility are much more than IT

Technology has had a renaissance over the past few years, and it now seems that we are at a tipping point where the implications of technical advancements are no longer limited to a few new product features or the CIO’s staff meetings.  Instead, mature businesses are transforming into … READ MORE

Josh Neland July 10, 2012

Dell Precision workstation line is a game changer for OEMs

The new Dell Precision workstation line bring a robust design, scalability and adaptability for our OEM customers in Industrial Automation, Healthcare, Control rooms, CCTV, Simulation and Defense. Extensive field research combined with invaluable OEM customer testing and feedback drove the development of the new tower series including the … READ MORE

Anthony Sayers July 9, 2012

How secure ARE lifesaving medical devices?

As you might have noticed already, our life expectancy is growing, and it’s growing fast. Improved medical care and better studies to cure diseases have led to extended life expectancies of our community. Experts predict that when life expectancy grows by three years, as a result hospitals medical … READ MORE

Jeffrey Volkert July 2, 2012

Drive Efficiencies Through Hybrid Storage Arrays

It's always important to provide examples of how specific storage solutions can be utilized in an OEM environment.  My last post covered reasons why our OEM community might want to consider adding storage but this blog dives deeper into one particular product/technology. The EqualLogic PS6100XSis a hybrid storage array … READ MORE

Sheryl Koenigsberg January 30, 2012

Gartner: Dell Tops in Supply Chain for 2011

Gartner released its annual supply chain report for 2011 last week with keen insights applicable to our IT-powered, OEM marketplace. Dell moved into the #2 spot ahead of Cisco, HP and IBM. One comment that struck me as immediately congruent with what we are hearing regularly from OEM … READ MORE

Josh Kivenko June 23, 2011
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