The Reality of Today’s IT Infrastructure

The only constant is change! As vexing as this problem is for many functional teams, the IT department is where the constant of change is most evident. Today’s businesses run on an ever-changing IT infrastructure, requiring improved collaboration, communication and decision-making tools. This “consumerization of IT” relies on … READ MORE

Grant Byington February 11, 2015

Dell SAP Shop Floor Enables Best-in-Class Manufacturing

If you don’t work in manufacturing, you may not be familiar with the term “Shop Floor,” which typically refers to the assembly or production area of a plant. Most often, this aspect of manufacturing requires unique software solutions and processes, separate from core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. … READ MORE

Christian Schmidt February 4, 2015

Cloud as an Enabler of IT Transformation and Innovation

During the Executive Summit panel session at our recent Dell World conference last November, two of Dell Services Federal Government’s customers (a civilian regulatory commission and a defense agency) highlighted how they are moving away from legacy architectures and migrating to cloud-based platforms and updated business models that … READ MORE

Neil E. Seiden January 16, 2015

Research Shows Advanced Analytics is a Key CIO Priority

Petabyte, exabyte, zettabyte, yottabyte—some analysts predict it won’t be long before we’re talking about the brontobyte. With massive amounts of structured and unstructured data flowing through organizations at alarming rates it’s no wonder CIOs have placed advanced analytics at the top of their to-do lists. In the simplest … READ MORE

Grant Byington December 18, 2014

Dell Does Digital Launches at Dell World 2014

Wednesday morning at Dell World 2014, Suresh Vaswani, president, Dell Services, introduced digital business services that help customers redesign business processes to improve operational efficiency and engagement at every point in the customer experience, using digital technologies. “Customers have told us that in order to meet their goals … READ MORE

Grant Byington November 7, 2014

A Broader Vision for Variabilization of IT

Reduced risk is a key to many doors One of the most exciting trends sweeping the world of IT is also the hardest to say: variabilization. While it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, for many companies it has become a seven-syllable synonym for success. Specifically, the variabilization … READ MORE

Anand S October 15, 2014

Dell is Gearing Up for the Worldwide Partner Conference

It’s that time of year again for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) and Dell is excited to be participating alongside our longstanding partner. WPC brings together Microsoft’s top partners to focus on key trends that are top of mind for our customers including Cloud, Social, BI/Big Data, and … READ MORE

Michael Miller July 9, 2014

Can Cloud Power the Future UK Tech Economy?

Author Note: This is a guest post by Nick Hyner, director of Cloud Services for EMEA at Dell On 12th June, we held a cloud roundtable event in London. The aim was to facilitate a relaxed discussion around the question ‘Can cloud power the future UK tech economy?’ looking … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse June 24, 2014
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