The Power of Being Informed

Transform, Connect, Inform and Protect are the four pillars of Dell Services solutions that define what we do for our customers. In my last post, we explored why seamless, trouble-free connection for an organization’s employees and customers across multiple platforms and devices is so important these days with proven … READ MORE

Suresh Vaswani June 4, 2014

Transforming IT, Transforming our Customers’ Futures

At Dell Services, we’re focused on delivering technology solutions that enable organizations to achieve the results that matter most to them by thinking about our customers’ future and how IT can help them get to where they need to go to achieve their business goals, as well as … READ MORE

Suresh Vaswani May 21, 2014

Around the World with ProSupport Plus

When we launched ProSupport Plus in April of 2013 (blog), we talked about going to the ends of the earth (video) for our customers and our “strike first” approach. Prevention is still the best support (blog), and we are looking for more ways to bring that level of … READ MORE

Jim Roth April 15, 2014

The Friction of Bureaucracy

What would your organization look like and how would it operate if you had no recourse to a legal system? For one, it would mean no enforceable contracts with customers, suppliers or even employees. It would likely mean little if any paper or data trail with all deals … READ MORE

Jim Stikeleather April 14, 2014

Using Social Data to Do More for Those in Need

Listening is a powerful thing. This simple thought has helped Dell to better engage with our customers, improve product lines and build out business priorities. But we knew there was so much more that could be achieved by lending our innovation expertise to the online community. The ongoing … READ MORE

Burk Buechler April 4, 2014

For Governments, Application Modernization Is Overdue

Legacy IT burdens makes tax time more costly for government agenciesI don’t know any individual who believes tax preparation is an easy task but I never gave much thought to the challenges of tax processing until I found this report from the UK Government and the National Audit … READ MORE

Matthew Mikell February 20, 2014

Dell Stronger than Ever with Windows Server 2012 R2

Dell and Microsoft have a long mutual history in delivering relevant technology and simplifying IT for our customers. In building upon the successful integration of Dell and Windows Server 2012, we are continuing to work  together to enable our customers to take full advantage of the advancements provided … READ MORE

Michael Miller October 16, 2013
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