How to Gain Agility in the Fluctuating World of Financial Services

Today, customers want banking and insurance services at their fingertips. Literally. They’re mobile, savvy, connected and knowledgeable, and financial institutions need to ensure that they match their customers’ needs—and swiftly, or else their competition will. While past imperatives for success included low-cost solutions, efficiency and service level agreement … READ MORE

Cameron Jenkins February 5, 2016

Why Cloud and Automation Can Take Your Business Global

Transforming into a global supply chain solutions company For years, Owens & Minor, the nation’s leading distributor of name-brand medical supplies, has been committed to delivering vital medical and surgical products such as bandages, syringes and IV fluids to healthcare provider customers as fast as possible. “Through a … READ MORE

Sid Nair February 1, 2016

Re-Hosting Reduces Costs While Preserving Legacy Applications

Numerous federal CIOs continue to wrestle with the complexities and costs associated with cumbersome legacy applications. Many of these applications have been in production from the early days of the mainframe era, and rely on legacy languages, including COBOL, Assembler and others. There are millions of lines of … READ MORE

Sanjeev Nehra January 21, 2016

Leave Your Legacy: The Benefits of Application Simplification

Today companies are under constant pressure to perform better, faster and grow while lowering their operational costs. Not an easy task given the many challenges — increasing global competition, newer technologies, changes in regulation, high costs of supporting and maintaining IT — and the inherent complexity of IT … READ MORE

Cameron Jenkins January 19, 2016

The Rules of the Road in Digital Transformation

We all know the tremendous potential of digital transformation. We also know that companies of all sizes and ventures are embarking on transformative projects in one form or another. In fact, technology investment related to digital transformation projects is expected to represent the majority of growth in IT­related … READ MORE

Raman Sapra January 18, 2016

Meet Digital Transformation Challenges with Customized Testing Solutions

Legacy technology management processes can restrain an organizations’ capability to plan, improve and deliver innovation. When combined with changes in consumer behavior and expectations — spurred on by technology enablers and increased adoption of new devices and platforms — there is a modality shift powerful enough to redefine … READ MORE

Abhijeet K January 15, 2016

Three Ways to Prepare Your Marketing Team for the New Year

As 2015 came to a close, it’s likely you started planning your marketing strategy for 2016. A creative campaign, forays into new digital channels, and updated KPIs are all well and good, but is your team truly prepared for the New Year? We’ve identified three areas that all … READ MORE

Valerie G January 12, 2016

Four Things to Consider for Your Successful Digital Transformation

If there’s one thing IT experts can agree on, it’s that digital transformation should rank among most organizations’ top priorities. Competition demands that companies take advantage of digital business strategies to improve their customer experience, boost employee productivity, bring innovations to market faster, and grow in new directions. … READ MORE

Suresh Vaswani January 11, 2016
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