Four Key Pillars of Cloud Security

All of us, whether we are browsing YouTube (the world’s second largest search engine); sending Gmail to someone across the globe; watching movies on Netflix; or socializing over Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; are knowingly or unknowingly consuming cloud services. Similarly every organization—no matter the size and scale of … READ MORE

Prashant Jhingran November 2, 2015

Journey from Digital Competence to Digital Transformation

A central philosophy of Dell Digital Business Services is that the latest business cycle is driven by digital. Even though digital is primarily associated with customer experience, the concept of digital also takes into account new business models, enhanced employee engagement and enriched operational capabilities. Industry experience is … READ MORE

Raman Sapra October 28, 2015

Begin Your Journey To Data Center Transformation With Dell Services

Many of my recent discussions with CIOs are centered around data center strategy. It appears CIOs continue to struggle with outdated data center infrastructures, methodologies and processes. More and more CIOs are concerned about how to align their data center investment, strategy and architecture to business goals and … READ MORE

Tim Ma October 27, 2015

Dell’s Automated Full-Time Equivalents Won’t Get Tired or Bored

The following is a guest post by Reena Milton with Dell BPO Services Marketing ************ The movement sweeping the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) world is called Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This movement involves software agents (or robots), which are programmed to perform repeatable, rules-based tasks in business processes. … READ MORE

Grant Byington October 22, 2015

Multisourcing Made Easy by Dell

Of late, I have seen an increase in adoption of multi-sourcing or multi-vendor engagements by organizations across the globe, in order to achieve various goals, ranging from heterogeneous business requirements management to overall risk reduction and vendor lock-in avoidance. Even a recent study by IAOP & Information Services … READ MORE

Bogdan U October 19, 2015

The Six SAP HANA Value Categories

How many times have you heard somebody say, ”HANA is just a database.”? The underlying premise of such a statement is that SAP HANA is a fast database that allows large organizations to run reports quickly, especially if the report is based on big data. The statement also … READ MORE

Sebastian G October 16, 2015

5 Guideposts to Digital Transformation

Consider this: Every organization—no matter the size and scale of operations—is on a digital transformation journey. The power and potential of a business-first approach to digital has captured the attention of every business owner. Businesses are no longer tied to brick-and-mortar locations, and the scale of digital operations … READ MORE

Khirodra M October 14, 2015
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