How Dell IoT ISVs Are Winning

This guest post is co-authored by Jason Shepherd, Director of IoT Strategy and Partnerships and Katie Hamilton, IoT ISV Partnership Program Manager. ************** In Dell’s IoT team we’re building a multi-tiered, world class network of experienced Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Systems Integrators (SIs) to complement our broad … READ MORE

Sarah Richardson Luden December 3, 2015

Big Questions: Reflections on Dell World 2015

The following is a guest post from Susan Etlinger, industry analyst at Altimeter Group, A Prophet company.  ************ A couple of weeks ago, at Dell World, I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Ari Lightman, Director of the CIO Institute and Distinguished Service Professor of Digital Media and Marketing … READ MORE

Konstanze Alex Brown November 12, 2015

Is Your City Future Ready?

We just wrapped our fifth Dell World, a week-long series of engagements that celebrate the amazing things our customers are doing with Dell solutions. We are obsessed with helping them achieve success today and, even more important, prepare for a future that is ripe with massive opportunity. We … READ MORE

Karen Quintos November 9, 2015

Clear Creek ISD Recognized for Making a Difference

At this year’s Dell World, we introduced the inaugural Dell World Impact Awards to recognize Dell customers who are innovating in the areas of big data, cloud, the Internet-of-Things, mobility and security. We had six category winners, and I had the pleasure of announcing the “People’s Choice” award … READ MORE

Karen Quintos November 4, 2015

Four Key Pillars of Cloud Security

All of us, whether we are browsing YouTube (the world’s second largest search engine); sending Gmail to someone across the globe; watching movies on Netflix; or socializing over Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; are knowingly or unknowingly consuming cloud services. Similarly every organization—no matter the size and scale of … READ MORE

Prashant Jhingran November 2, 2015

How Dell World 2015 Expanded This Entrepreneur’s View

The following is a guest post from Natalie Zfat, a writer, entrepreneur and social media influencer. Dell frequently works with Natalie and her company The Social Co.  ************************ When I was invited to speak at Dell World about emerging trends that could potentially disrupt my business, I knew … READ MORE

Lauren Mauro October 28, 2015

Behind the Scenes with a Dell World Volunteer

I’ve never made it to Dell World before, but this year I volunteered to support the Dell World Live YouTube channel. Dell World is a dazzling event. I work alongside colleagues who develop Dell’s cutting-edge technologies, but seeing our solutions live and being able to speak with the … READ MORE

Meredith Harrison October 23, 2015

What You May Have Missed at Dell World 2015

Up and down the escalator they go. High heels, sensible flats, Oxfords and tennis shoes. Suits, khakis, skirts and blue jeans. Digital natives and those who remember punch cards. European, American, Asian, Latin American. These representatives from fast-growth businesses and global enterprises speak a variety of different languages … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse October 23, 2015
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