Introducing the Inaugural Dell World Impact Awards

At Dell, we work hard to provide our customers with solutions that solve problems and help them tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. From client to data center products, each Dell solution is crafted with important input and feedback from our customers to better meet their needs.  … READ MORE

Marius Haas October 16, 2015

Face to Face, From Around the World

I’m grateful to live in a time when technology makes it so easy to stay connected over across distances – oceans, even! – but as Brené Brown points out, “Just because we’re plugged in, doesn’t mean we feel seen and heard.”   One of the great things about … READ MORE

Brinda R October 14, 2015

Dell IoT Gateways in Action at Intel IDF

A pleasant surprise for us at Intel Developer Forum 2015 last week was seeing our Dell IoT gateways in action, powering a number of demos at the show.  SAS shared a demo based on sensors placed throughout the conference floor, capturing data around motion, sound and light. This … READ MORE

Kirsten Billhardt August 27, 2015

Austin City Limits Relies on Dell to Enter the New Media Era

Watching Dell establish our strongest-ever end-to-end solutions made something click for Ed Bailey, the vice president of brand development for Austin City Limits, the longest running music series in American television history. It was in watching our growth and development that Ed realized Dell was a company he … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse August 6, 2015

Software is Eating Dell Support

I’ve just returned from Mobile World Congress, and one of the most interesting things I noticed was that Oral-B was at the show.  The show has definitely become far more than a mobile and wireless show, but I was still surprised to see a toothbrush company.  Like the … READ MORE

Jim Roth March 12, 2015

Truly Complete with Proactive and Predictive Automated Support

When I started at Dell 12 years ago, one of our biggest selling services was called CompleteCare. Our sales teams understood that this offering covered notebooks against spills and drops, but based on the name this wasn’t always as clear for our customers. The word “complete” implied that … READ MORE

Jim Roth February 10, 2015
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