Dell Partner Krome gets top marks at leading UK school

PartnerDirect is Dell’s global channel partner program. Here’s another great success story which demonstrate the true value-add that Dell partners bring to the table. I’m not a fan of buzz words, but I can’t help feeling that the phrase “digital natives” is spot on for describing today’s children. … READ MORE

James Wright August 15, 2012

New Alienware Announcement: Just Hype, or No?

Before the unveiling of the new Alienware Aurora and Aurora ALX systems at the Tokyo Game Show, we were told that the upcoming announcements would shake the very foundation of PC gaming. Did the announcements live up to the hype? Folks at Engadget, Joystiq and Crunchgear seem to … READ MORE

John Blain September 25, 2009

XPS 625 and 630 Get a Cool Makeover

It was two years ago that Dell announced the release of the XPS 710 H2C, and with it a water-cooling mechanism designed specifically for the XPS itself. Designing a cooling solution for a specific chassis and component set has added advantages over the generic cooling sets you can … READ MORE

John Blain April 9, 2009

Dell’s Global Green Packaging Strategy

We’ve all heard of the three R’s, “Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle,” but have you heard of the 3Cs? The Dell packaging team, led by Oliver Campbell, has translated the three Cs (“Cube, Content & Curb”) into new packaging designs and innovations that are driving new efficiencies and financial … READ MORE

Todd D December 16, 2008

New OptiPlex Desktops & More

Just a day after we unveiled the Inspiron Mini 12 to the world, I figured we shouldn’t let all the consumer mobility products have all the fun. Today, we’re introducing several new OptiPlex business desktops: the OptiPlex 960, our most powerful and serviceable OptiPlex yet, along with the 760 … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca October 28, 2008

Dell XPS 630 and LightFX

The Dell Gaming team includes a large contingent of gamers and nothing delights us more than being able to bring systems like the XPS 630 to thousands of our closest friends. We always hear a lot from our gamer customers… they tend to be some of the most active … READ MORE

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