Dell Weekly Recap: News & Customer Spotlight (Feb 1 Edition)

Welcome to the latest edition of Dell’s Weekly Recap, your guide to the week's Dell-related news and happenings.   TOP STORY OF THE WEEK Improve Your Social Media Customer Support: Meet the Dell S.O.S. Team  – Direct2Dell, February 1, 2013 Consumers, leery to engage with companies online in … READ MORE

Kevin Curry February 1, 2013

Key differences between a server and a desktop

Servers are designed to support multiple users and run a large number of different services and applications. Many small businesses can benefit greatly from the increased capacity, information sharing and security that a server offers. Check out Dell’s Cloud Computing solutions. Click on the image to seee a … READ MORE

Alan McMahon December 17, 2012

Dell Precision Welcomes Film Professionals to SXSW

With the recent release of Final Cut Pro X and rumors about the MacPro line, we know many video editors been left wondering what hardware and software to use for their editing workflow. In response to this, Dell and NVIDIA have put together a film and video editing … READ MORE

Lauren Mauro March 2, 2012

Humans vs. Computers Infographic – How smart is your Laptop?

We’ve grown up with pop culture images of computers taking over the world. The ever popular Terminator franchise showed us battles between Skynet's intelligent machine network and human resistance. HAL 9000 is the antagonist in Arthur C. Clarke's science fiction Space Odyssey saga and in Blade Runner, replicants … READ MORE

Kerry Bridge November 2, 2011

Alienware …it’s been a busy few months

The past few months have been very exciting for the Alienware team. Back in April, we officially announced how the company was redefining mobile gaming – again – with the addition of three new all-powerful systems, the M11x, M14x and M18x. You can read Arthur Lewis, VP of … READ MORE

Melanie Derome, EMEA June 24, 2011

Introducing New Greener, BFR/PVC-free Business Laptop and Desktop

One of the key focus areas for end-user computing is delivering great products with customer-inspired design. As part of that design standard, Dell continues to enhance its award-winning OptiPlex desktops and Latitude laptops.  We are now offering brominated flame retardant free (BFR-free) and polyvinyl chloride free (PVC-free) OptiPlex … READ MORE

Kirk Schell June 23, 2011
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