Raise a Glass to the New Dell XPS 13 Rose Gold

Thursday night was unlike most PC product launches I’ve done over the years. Rather than gather a bunch of reporters, bloggers and influencers in a ballroom or conference room, we hosted them in the Serge Sorokko Gallery and paired each new device with a delicious wine from Jackson Family Wines’ … READ MORE

Jennifer “JJ” Davis September 21, 2016

How One Dell Business Partner Has Grown Their Sustainable Idea Into Success

Business Insider and author Erin Brodwin recently reported how a startup founded by two college friends is turning mushrooms into furniture,  wall tiles, insulation and sustainable packaging —and doing business with major companies including Dell.  Co-founders Eben Bayer and Gavin McIntyre built the company on the breakthrough idea to use mycelium—“nature’s … READ MORE

Oliver Campbell, Procurement Director September 13, 2016

Instrumenting the Physical World Around Us

The following is a guest post by actor, filmmaker, entrepreneur and sustainability champion Adrian Grenier. As Dell’s Social Good Advocate, Grenier collaborates with us to promote healthier, more sustainable choices and actions through digital storytelling and advocacy. Dell also supports Adrian’s ocean conservation work through technology. You can follow Dell and … READ MORE

Carly Tatum September 6, 2016

Technology and Its Lead Role in Our Shift to a Circular Economy

This article can be read in full as originally reported by CIOReview.com. Dell’s Chief Supply Chain Officer Kevin Brown recently authored an article in CIOReview.com about the benefits of a circular economy and how technology can lead our shift to one. This is a change Dell strongly believes in. According to … READ MORE

Lauren Lee August 23, 2016
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