Seven Layers of Protection from Hacked Websites

In January 2015, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver announced that his website, which attracts 10 million visitors per month, had been compromised. This followed an announcement by Forbes that a month earlier, in December of 2014, the highly visible “Thought of the Day” flash widget had been compromised as … READ MORE

John Gordineer March 30, 2015

What We’ve Learned from the Breaches of 2014

Due to the many recent cyber-attacks that have successfully infiltrated even the most fortified enterprise data centers, network security remains a top priority as companies continuously face unprecedented challenges in combating today’s more organized, highly skilled and well financed cyber criminals. What we have learned from the Home Depot, … READ MORE

Ken Dang December 22, 2014

Virtual Classroom Training coming to a location near you

Dell understands the challenges of committing a key team member to certification training, especially when factoring in the additional time and cost of travel to get that team member to the classroom.  In an effort to alleviate that specific point, Dell Security Products of Dell’s Software Group is … READ MORE

Hung Ha May 30, 2013
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